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tion that discharges the water from Lough Conn and Cullin and therefore it only seldom has problems with high water in the season. The river here holds a number of pools that are suitable for fly-fishing, but also slower sections where lures and natural bait have their place. Wading has to be done with great care, there can be deep holes in the bottom at some places, but other sections are very easy to wade with only gravel and small stones. With a thirteen foot fly-rod for a line class #8 or 9 and a floating fly-line you can fish this water thoroughly. This set-up is completed with either nylon, fluorocarbon, interme-

diate or sinking polyleaders. From the parking area it is just a short distance to the first pools and while we were still getting dressed, a salmon was caught on the fly of some ten pounds in weight; a very promising start of the day! The same local fly-fisher managed to land a second salmon that day. We decided to walk to the top of the beat, a distance of some 2,5 kilometres and after going only part of this distance we came across no other anglers any more. The first pools below the bridge we could fish on our own. Despite the fact that we covered the water thoroughly, by putting the salmon flies and

The rainbow trout of the Mount Falcon lake are strong and critical. 90


tubes close to the other shore whenever there was room for it, we had no takes of salmon this day. MountFalcon The Mount Falcon Hotel, where we stayed for the duration of our trip, is surely one of the best known sporting hotel of Ireland. Mount Falcon is the ideal base for fly-anglers who want to fish in this part of Ireland offering a very central location and a huge variety of different species to fish for. Beautifully situated on an estate along the River Moy, with private beats on this river and even a trout lake on the property with gin clear water and

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019