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Big fight on Noukhada’s second boat.

passable and almost no boat can go out, which leaves a little peace and quiet for the different species of fish. The next day, the sea is a bit more agitated. We leaving anyway in good hopes and the fish are still there! The amberjacks again make our reels scream for our greatest pleasure. A few days before, the group explained to me that they had been able

to witness an amberjack feeding-frenzy on the surface, unheard of here in Oman. Unfortunately, nobody had the time to bring their lines up and change to an adequate lure but the videos are incredible! We then try for a popping session near a rock formation where the waves break, a good spot to fish GT and other trevallies. The popSPORTFISHING ADVENTURES | Q4 2019

pers are flying towards the foam of the waves and you can already see some curious fish behind the lures. On light equipment, the small crankbaits are attacked at each launch by blacktip and bigeye trevallies; it is a treat to see them chasing your lure in crystal-clear water. The GTs don’t not show up however. After half an hour on the spot, I see a school of 10 elongated fish on the 59

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019