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many fish that triple hookups are common, and it’s a mix of joy and chaos on the boat! Fortunately, Swabir has a real gift for untangling three rods hanging from amberjacks all twisted together in no time! These fish are real brutes from the depths and they made all our reels onboard sing in harmony. At some spots, a few small boats and small commercial fishing boats target the same fish as us. They fish using live bait on handlines, which often appeals to fish more than our jigs. We even caught the same fish as one of the com-

mercial fishermen. An amberjack had taken their live bait and one of our jigs at the same time! However, it was the commercial fisherman who brought the fish up, and politely put the jig back in the water! After this fantastic day, it was time for us to return to the lodge, with tired backs but a smile on our faces for everyone. Despite the presence of the boats, the fishing remains excellent. Swabir explains to me that what protects this ecosystem is the rainy season, called «khareef». For several months, the sea is im-

Saffar with a healthy amberjack. Did you notice the bent jig ? 58


For several months, the sea is impassable and almost no boat can go out, which leaves a little peace and quiet for the different species of fish.

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019