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Swabir asked me if I had a raincoat with me. Amazed by his question given the total absence of clouds in the sky, I understand that the boat trip to Hallanyat is going to be ...wet! The boats are launched at the Ash Shuwaymiyyah boat ramp and we leave the cliffs and the arid and rocky coast behind us. Fifteen minutes later, I was literally wet from head to toe, as the boat was bounced about by the rough sea. Luckily for me, I was equipped with my Thunderhead backpack from Fishpond. I had all my elec-

tronics, passport, and important papers safely protected by the product’s excellent waterproof construction. We were all sopping-wet, but the contents of my bag were not. Highly recommended for wet conditions! Once we approached Hallanyat island, the sea was less agitated and we arrive at our first spot, an underwater structure above which we drift several times. The jigs are dropped and disappear into the water and almost everyone is immediately harnessed to a fish on the first drop, incredible! A bo-

Captain Swabir with a nice emperor. 52


A bonito, an emperor, a snapper and an amberjack; the first fish already testify to the variety of species here.

Profile for Sportfishing Adventures

Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019