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getting during the drive lost (cursed GPS!), I also discovered first-hand the incredible hospitality of the Omanis who are quite welcoming and always ready to help and assist. After a series of happy and less-happy car adventures, I finally arrived at the gas station of Ash Shuwaymiyyah, where Jamil, one of the captains of Noukhada, awaits me, and who kindly escorts me to the lodge. Started in 2002 by Ali Dashti, this organization is one of the pioneers in sport fishing around the Hallanyat islands, which are located an hour by boat from Ash Shuway-

miyyah. Here, the lodge is immaculate, the boats and equipment are top-notch, and the food is absolutely delicious. It’s a real pleasure to find yourself in the dining room in the evening with pictures of trophy fish on the walls, and to recharge your batteries with the chef’s excellent cuisine. At the lodge I meet the group with which I would go fishing, a friendly bunch of Kuwaiti jigging fans who do not lack humor. They are all experienced fishermen with whom it will be a real treat to fish with for a few days. I also meet Swabir, the second


captain of Noukhada, who explains to us the next day’s fishing plan over a tasty hot tea. The group will be separated between two boats and for jigging off Hallanyat Island, the largest of this small archipelago comprised of five islands. Fast jigging works very well here. Rods that can handle jigs between 200-300gr are pretty much the norm. Long blade-shaped jigs are very appreciated by amberjacks, whilst smaller models are perfect for trevallies. The next morning, on the short drive to the boat ramp,


Profile for Sportfishing Adventures

Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019