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only a little more than 15lbs, but it was as short, deep and solid as you would ever want a salmon to be. After the fight it had given me, I would have doubled its size if I had lost it! The Voronya has only been fished over the last 3 seasons and much remains to be understood about it. Like any large river, when it is not producing on a regular basis it can be dispiriting. When salmon fishing the mind plays tricks like few other sports and the mix between sight-fishing on the Belousiha and then casting a long-line on the Voronya, especially when the former was showing and producing, and the other less so, is an interesting combination. Having caught two fish on the Voronya on my first day I was mentally reinforced to cope with a blank


period. Like a flood, confidence returned on my final day and with luck it will stay with me until my return in July 2020! I unashamedly love exploring new locations and the challenges of a new river (s). Belousiha lodge has much to recommend it. It is well run with diligent ownership and a mix of good guides, both Russian and Argentinean, all with good or excellent English. It is easy to get to; the accommodation and food is good and for those who dislike Russian helicopters a welcome relief to travel by road. Our fishing week was better than some but less good than others. By contrast to the 2017 season it was poor when both rivers were on fire, but fishing is a long-term game and you cannot expect to pull the lottery winner on


every draw, especially when fishing a new river! Above all, for good quality salmon fishing, on rivers with a track record of producing some very large fish, it is also exceptionally good value

TRIP CONTACT To book a trip at Belousiha Lodge contact, Justin Maxwell Stuart: justin@wherewisemenfish.com wherewisemenfish.com

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019