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pose made hole in the body of a tube fly. The end result is that the leader is attached to the fly at right angles in the upper 1/3 of its body. The result, when cast, is that as the fly swings it skates across the water surface with a seductive V wake. Salmon, which may have been totally unresponsive to any other means of presentation, can rise up and deftly sip at the fly, as a Trout would take a size 16 dry or react angrily with a pronounced take or swirl. Very often a salmon will move at the fly but not always take. In such a situation, after having tried again, reverting to a swung wet fly may result in the take, having

enticed the fish into action with the hitch. On a river as small and as intimate as the Belousiha, at this stage of the season, Icelandic fishing tactics can rule the day. The river runs clear throughout the season and will never significantly colour up. Over our week the clarity was mesmerizing and although it carries a hint of the peaty tannins typical of all rivers on the Kola, on a sunny day, from a vantage point, you could count individual fish where they lay. That said, cloud cover will always benefit a salmon angler and that was what we had on our first day and the fish behaved

The end of the fight is near for this salmon ! 36


accordingly. I landed 4 fish and lost two more. Above all I had the rare pleasure of first rising a salmon on a small hitched sunray and then having it launch at the fly a second-time, leaping several feet out of the water as it took, somersaulting in the air and then tearing off downstream, all within the confines of a gorge. Spectacular to say the least. There are two distinct beats on the Belousiha, with the river typically being fished by two pairs of rods. The middle section below the camp has a much slower section, although it also has some quite distinct holding

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019