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every trip. Quick shower at hotel, and you can go down for drinks and dinners within walking distances of any hotel in Hurghada. City is small if you compare it with Cairo and Alexandria, but man it’s alive, and that’s almost round the clock live! This is the kind of experience that I want to share and make sure that our guests will get what they paid for. Fishing is fishing, it takes a lot of hard work and Anglers get rewarded but on

top of that creating happy fishing memories, sharing of ideas, and friendship in such a short period are the valuable ones. Due to popular demand from our previous guests, we have recently launched a new package called «Tough One», 3 days 3 nights glamorous fishing experience in the Red Sea on board our 4 bedrooms Mothership and our experienced crew along with two 38ft fishing boats. You read it right! It is 3 nights in one of the prettiest seas in the world

Dogtooth tunas are common on the Red Sea. 142


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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019