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proofs me that they’re different to the 100s I’ve seen around the World; healthier, stronger, not sure about the exact reason, but their fights are pound for pound POWER! So back to this trip, on the way back first day, we checked the weather forecast update, just to find out that wind will change to southerly second and third days, and that’s the worst fishing condition in this part of the World! So comes second day, I let them enjoy

their lunch on board on a nearby scenic island and let them experience the beauty of the Red Sea as they can go for snorkelling using our standby snorkelling gear to relax a bit before we resume with our fishing program for the day and head back to Marina at 4.30 pm. Oh well, couldn’t do much other than enjoying the calm seas on the second day, covering a round trip of 200Kms, and man did they stop casting and jigging?, HELL NO!. We have changed a

Mean GT landed by this angler ! 138


Profile for Sportfishing Adventures

Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019