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spots, down south is a perfect spot for Kite surfing too, the amazing fresh food, the experience, the culture, the immense beauty of nature and that includes the famous Red Sea of course which is the base of our charter. Hence, KBE Team Expeditions was born offering a professional sports fishing mainly for jigging and popping. Every trip is like a new adventure for me as I am joining most our groups, call me hands-on or stage owner all you want but there is nothing more satisfying seeing those smiles, the excitement and hearing the laughs and

screams of our guests every time they caught a fish. Witnessing it happening right before my eyes? that is a very fulfilling moment. Welcoming rookies and legends from different parts of the world are always beyond awesome experience for me, sharing fishing techniques, building new friendship and making it a memorable learning experience for them. Not to mention that we have our KBE Jr Academy, influencing the future fishos not just the proper technique but as well as conservation. So let me share the most recent adventure that for me is one of



Profile for Sportfishing Adventures

Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019