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roon tigers hit hard and unbelievably fast. They don’t settle in the same way that the Tanzania tigerfish do and they learn very quickly. On a new stretch, that I’d not seen before we settled in to observe. The water was very clear, moving through at good rate but not too fast to be able to effectively strip. I cast and stripped, recast and stripped faster. Nothing. Recast a little higher up and stripped then repeated the process again. We changed fly as the original obviously wasn’t flavour of the morning and repeated the process. Moving forward slightly, I recast and on a somewhat bored strip, had an almighty BANG. It went off like a rocket, keeping the rod low as the line tightened, I prayed that this one would stay attached. After some heart stopping moments, I finally managed to

land my very first h.brevis and what a beautiful fish it was. The colouring is more subtle than h.vitatus but no less eye catching. I tried to be cool about it but inside, I was leaping about, yelling and hollering in delight …. Stu just grinned at me, gave me a hug and a high five; he knew there was a party going on in my head. Would I go back? Yes, I’d pack up and go back tomorrow if I could. It was a truly special experience, a pocket of hope in conservation terms and one that I can only hope others will want to experience. These rivers already offer so much to a travelling angler but the reality is that there is so much more to discover as there are species there that we have no idea yet how to target. Now with access to more water, there will be even more to discover


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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019