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some line back and bring it towards the surface. This fish was notably rounder but only a little heavier. Measured in at 113 cm, it moved off into deeper water, not even leaving a wake behind it. The downside of catching at night is that once you are wet, you get cold and I am eternally grateful that I was in the cab as we eventually called it a night. The next morning, we split up and headed our separate directions. The target again today was tigerfish, yellows if we saw them feeding but tigers were on our menu and it was with that in mind that we


picked our way across what looked like a moonscape. From ground level you really don’t get the scope of this river system; deep pockets of water are well hidden and whilst you think you are heading to the main river you can see in the distance, in reality you are fishing your way to that. Greg put Gordon up high in a gorge with fast flowing water pushing hard down the inside, leaving calm pockets behind the rocks, perfect resting spots for an ambush predator. I was a little further downstream, on more friendly terrain, fishing up and across,


working my way down river. My second cast had a bit hit but I failed to connect and I stripped in, checked my fly and cast again. Working the pool on the far side, opposite the line that Gordon was fishing. As I stripped fast, trying to keep tension in the fast flowing water, I had another big hit. So big it made my fingers tingle. No connection; was I just not quick enough to react? Was it an uncommitted strike or tail slap? Who knows. Greg just laughed and said the h.brevis conversion rate was about 16:1 so I had a way to go. Just then, Gordon shouted and from his very lofty perch, high above

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019