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I stepped up my casting practice, entertaining the evening dog walkers on the local school football field and snuck in some casting lessons to straighten out the wriggles. It never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t practice before they head off on a trip. Tackle wise, I had what I needed. My much loved Hardy Zephrus 9’ 9# with its predecessor, the Proaxis 9’ 9# coming along as a spare would take care of the tigerfish. Nile Perch were covered with my Hardy Proaxis 9’ 11# and as a backup, a Hardy Zephrus 9’ 11#. I also packed a Hardy


Jet 9’ 5# for the Niger Barbs. Reel wise, I packed my Hardy Fortuna X2 for the 9# and my Fortuna X3 for the 11#. The drag on those reels is nothing short of phenomenal and while they are heavy, I’ve not yet found anything I’d like to replace them with. I’d borrowed a Hardy Ultralite 5000 #5 from the office Chalkstream kit and a Hardy SDSL as my spare 11# reel. As we were targeting Nile perch at night, I had both reels set up; one with an intermediate line and the other with a Scientific Anglers 450 grain sinking line. I personal-


One thing I wasn’t comfortable with? Casting in the dark.

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Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019