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Night fly fishing for big nile perch !

always have an ear open for exciting new fishing opportunities and whispers of something new, something different came to me in Tanzania in 2016. Back in Tanzania in 2017, those whispers had more form, a West African river, home to three species of tigerfish. H. Vitatus, H. Brevis and H. Forskali. Possibly Nile perch. Possibly Niger barbs. Possibly many things.

In early 2018, I knew it was Cameroon. The fire was lit; I wanted to go. Escaping Co104

lobus, farting tribesmen, majestic headsmen with many wives ‌ years of Durrell pushed to the fore and pushed all practical considerations well and truly to one side. By May 2018 I had my week. In February 2019, I was packed and ready to go. Sadly going to Cameroon meant I had to miss Tanzania but the lure of two new species of tigerfish to target was too great and H.tanzaniae were sacrificed for the greater good. I had no idea what I was getting into. SPORTFISHING ADVENTURES | Q4 2019

I stepped up my casting practice, entertaining the evening dog walkers on the local school football field and snuck in some casting lessons to straighten out the wriggles.

Profile for Sportfishing Adventures

Sportfishing Adventures - Issue 8 | Q4 2019