SportBikes Inc Magazine June 2016

Page 138


All I needed was the Lauren!

used it to carry the things I need that a fanny pack couldn’t. So in addition to what I may normally carry in my purse, I also was able to bring a jacket, carry my sunglasses and hair brush, bath suit or change of clothes for that pool party. And I was able to switch up the outfit a little bit for that night party! I mean this bag only looks compact from the outside. There are enough nooks and crannies inside for my life! One day my club hosted breakfast and I packed eggs, bacon, my pink flask (of juice for later) along with my stuff for the beach and hair reconstruction after the ocean’s salt water was done with me. Mannnnn I fell in love with that bag. The straps clip securely across my chest so nothing flaps in the wind while riding. And then they tuck away for a tote look when I get off my bike if I don’t want to do the “backpack look” while walking around. I wasn’t inconvenienced at all this year by our full schedule. No more pit stops at home between events for me. I found exactly what I’ve been missing.

This year’s trip to Myrtle Beach Bike Week was a last minute decision for a getaway. When I say last minute I mean on Tuesday we decided to leave on Wednesday. That Rating: 6 (out of 6) meant instead of the beach house rental that we usually do, my hubby and I packed up the RV bus and trailer then we hit the road. Once we got there, it was the usual grab my bike and go go go routine that I love so much. Heading from event to event. Visiting club members and bouncing from BBQ to pool party to the highway. Normally all I have is a fanny pack on my waist which means I gotta come back to house between events to be dressed appropriately. This year I heard about MotoChic’s Lauren Bag. And after seeing how swaggalishous the bag looked, because your fashion editor can not be seen tore up, I knew I needed to at least give it a try. I took this bag with me everyday. I