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he perception of what today’s modern street rider is varies, pending to whom you ask the question. Perception however, pales in comparison with the weight of reality. Talent and ability at speed is what truly matters. Jeff Ford AKA Bad Karma exemplifies the reality of today’s modern street rider. Interstate on and off ramps are his chicanes as the metal sparks fly from his titanium knee sliders ignite against the asphalt. I’ve witnessed Bad Karma set off sparks rounding Eakin’s Oval in front of the Art Museum for no other reason besides the fact that it’s there and that he can. He’s fast and smart. Smart in the sense that his scope of vision is broader than the average. While some are relegated to perhaps 3 or 4 mores ahead of themselves... Bad Karma uncannily appears to read 7 to 10 moves ahead of him... dipping through traffic as if there was no traffic. I can only imagine that his level of play on the classic arcade game must be super expert or whatever is above best of the best. He’s fast in the sense that he and speed know one another intimately. The combination is a thing of beauty, resulting in a smooth, transitional, highly adaptive method of riding. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Straight line, meet Bad Karma.


SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014  

SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014