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MOTO TECH Words: Mark Rozemo Image: Courtesy of Motion Pro



: What’s the best way to adjust my front and rear suspension? Is it something I can do by myself or should I take it to a shop?


: Suspension tuning is an art. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to do it correctly. I highly suggest taking this one to a shop, a shop with certified suspension technicians. It makes a huge difference. Modern sportbikes have fully adjustable suspension. That means your suspension has spring preload, high and low compression and rebound adjustments. In addition to changing spring rates and fork oil. Fork oil can be changed with height and weight so add that all together and that’s seven different variables that can be changed to fit your specific weight, riding style, and riding environment. If you’re absolutely dead set on doing this yourself, here are a few extremely basic pointers. First off, compression and rebound are measured in clicks, preload is measured in turns. next you need to know which way to turn them, preload the positive stop is taking away preload, so turning left or loosening, compression and rebound are the other way, right or tightening is the positive stop. Positive stops gives you a consistent way to count turns or clicks. The smaller amount of turns you put on preload, the softer the spring rate. The more amount of clicks the softer the compression or rebound. So now you know how your suspension adjusters work. Do not go turning them all crazy amounts and go rip down your street. I suggest you first note what your stock settings are and write them down. Next, make small adjustments in the direction you want to go... 2 to 3 clicks, 1to 2 turns. Now, you’re a suspension apprentice….not an expert. Leave that to me!


SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014  

SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014