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ride was slaying the dragon at Deals Gap. It is a road in the mountains of North Carolina that has 318 curves in 11 miles. A rider’s dream road!  The thrill is addictive which is why I take my bike on the drag track and road racing track to release the beast as well as learn new techniques to improve

my riding skills. As the saying goes… Ride or Die! 

I am originally from Columbus Mississippi, but I have been residing in Birmingham, Alabama for the past 16 years. I started riding motorcycles 32 years ago and started drag racing 27 years ago. I’m a member of Prophecy MC of Birmingham Alabama since 2006.  I enjoy the thrill of the ride because that is the one place that I feel I am totally free and at one with nature.  Anytime I can, I would prefer to be on my bike than in my car.  I can’t

say that I have a “favorite” event or road to ride but one of my most memorable road trips has been riding “The Tail of the Dragon” in North Carolina. Not only is it exciting but it is also challenging to a rider while allowing you to experience beautiful sights. I also would have to place my most memorable track experience as being the day I raced the great Rickey Gadson at Rockingham Dragway, aka “The Rock”.  - Tobey Hamilton AKA T.L.

I was watching the movie trailer “Why We Ride” which is a story about who we are as motorcycle riders and I thought I would ask some other riders that exact question.


SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014  

SportBikes Inc Magazine April 2014