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Issue Three 2012


Sportaloosa International -

COME TO SPARKING ACRES! You’re invited to meet Sparkling Acres’ imported Appaloosa stallions, mares and young horses at our open day. All welcome!

OPEN DAY 11am - 3pm Sat, January 12th 1165 Whangaripo Valley Road, Wellsford

09 423 9552 |

Avenlee Dualling Thunder

Stunning dun leopard stallion competing well on the tough QLD reining circuit Produces athletic, good minded, well built progeny Sportaloosas always for sale

Stud fee: $1100 lfg Contact Heather Lee PO.Box 43 Helidon,Qld.4344 Ph:0407788184

Cayuse Dark Enchantment Sire: Tall, Dark N Radical (QH imp USA) by Radical Rodder Dam: Cayuse Mighty Enchanting by Mighty Gay Bar GG (imp USA) by Mighty Bright

STUD FEE $800 + agistment, vet and collection/transport costs, please ask for details

Standing at Three Vee Appaloosas Lara, Victoria. Chilled semen available. Val Hogan | Photo by Sportaloosa International


Issue Three, 2012

What a year! 2012 was jam packed full of activity for these volunteers, so we look back on what we achieved with pride. We... - launched a brand new web site - ran our first Ride A Sportaloosa competition - ran our third $1,000 video foal futurity - attended Equidays - attended Equitana - completed a whirlwind video trip of South Australia and Victoria - put Sportaloosas on TV in Australia and New Zealand - achieved more than 31,000 views of our online videos - grew to 2,796 Facebook followers - as well as welcoming new members, new registrations and helping people to find what they need. It was also the year that the DNA test for the appaloosa gene LP finally became available, in a giant leap forward for the spotted horse industry worldwide. This vital test removes a significant amount of guesswork for breeders, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on maximising the odds of a coat pattern, not just characteristics. As we speed into 2013, we’re preparing for our online auction (entries close 10th January), another video trip for NSW and Queensland and of course the final tallies for our variety of 2012 awards. Happy New Year everyone! Until next time

Petra and Sa mantha

Contacts In Australia, USA or Europe, contact Samantha McAuliffe Post PO Box 101 Manilla (near Tamworth) NSW 2346, Australia Phone In Australia: 02 6743 3533 Outside Australia: + 61 2 6743 3533 Email In New Zealand, contact Petra Davidson Post 1165 Whangaripo Valley Road RD2 Wellsford 0972, New Zealand Phone In NZ: 09 423 9552 (evenings) Outside NZ: + 64 9 423 9552 Email


2013 web auction


Sportaloosas at Equidays


Stallion video trip and Equitana


Lessons in lateral work from Portugal


2013 foal futurity


Welcome to new members


Stud prefixes


Let’s Ride club members


Holding the Chamerlain’s Key


First spotted Olympian


Catchin up Cover photo - Cayuse Confewsion, photo by Sportaloosa International We always need great photos; please email to or post to one of the addresses above. Thank you.

Schedule of fees

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Issue Three, 2012

Sportaloosa International proudly presents the 2013 Performance Horse Web Auction, to be held 25 - 27 January This web auction represents a singular opportunity to put your Sportaloosas in front of an enormous pool of potential buyers. The advertising and promotion Sportaloosa International supplies means that each auction garners thousands of views from Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world... more attention from truly interested buyers in a short space of time than any other form of available promotion.

No entry fee

In 2013, you have the opportunity to enter your good Sportaloosas in our auction completely risk free. That’s right, there is NO ENTRY FEE and we are selling on commission only! No sale, no cost to you!


Sign up on our homepage for updates and to know when the catalogue is available. The web auction catalogue will be available in mid-January. We’ll have photos, video if supplied and plenty of information available. You’ll have time to travel to inspect horses personally and you’ll register to bid in advance.


Enter now

Entries are open now to Sportaloosa, Appaloosa and Knabstrupper youngstock, ridden horses and broodmares (broodmares can be of an accepted outcross breed, in foal to a registered Sportaloosa stallion). All horses must be registered with Sportaloosa International.

Download the consignment form at

Entries close 10 January 2013... the earlier you enter your horse, the more promotion you’ll receive and the more opportunity buyers have to view it in person To allow you the best possible promotion of your horse, we’ll load up to 10 photos, full pedigree, and a YouTube video if supplied.

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Registered Sportaloosa pony stallion Sportaloosa Pony Studbook Two # 216

Sire Elder Moonbug (Palouse) Dam Limelight (Palouse)

This eye catching Palouse Pony stallion has a temperament to die for and he passes it on to his foals. Not available at public stud but please call or visit to see foals available for sale.

CONTACT Sandy Beardmore - Stony Downs Stud, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Phone 06 752 4039



Issue Three, 2012

Sportaloosas @ Equidays 2012 The question of the moment... can one person remember to pack everything, put up a stand, man the stand for 3 days, manage a Sportaloosa, exhibit in the breed displays, talk to everyone who comes by, promote stallions, sign up members, take entries to the huge ‘count the spots’ competition, remember to pack everything at the end of the event, drive home safely and get on a plane to Melbourne first thing the next morning?

Petra reads the commentary in the breed display and Mighty Enchanting helps to turn the pages

Happily the answer is yes... if you have the right Sportaloosa and if you swap use of your very cool fridge for occasional minding of the stand for a few minutes with the miniature horse breeders next door! The second-ever New Zealand Equidays was a memorable deal for Sportaloosa International. We first prepped Skip’s Supreme to be our ambassador until the event organisers decided stallions couldn’t attend the breed village. Our next pick was the young and extremely spotty Just An Illusion (imp Aust), who was the perfect candidate for our ‘count the spots’ competition. In the end though we took the wonderful mare Cayuse Mighty Enchanting, who had 10 days’ prep after 10 years of being a broodmare and she was a star. Her eyecatching looks, unusual colour and incredible temperament and patience made her the best ambassador we could have had. Being able to hand her to a complete novice for some extra grazing was a wonderful bonus from time to time as well! Our goal for this Equidays... get the Sportaloosa name heard loud and clear and associate it with athetic spotted horses, so it was brilliant to overhear visitors passersby explaining what a Sportaloosa is to others, without any prompting. Our count the spots competition was conducted using photos of Cayuse Just An Illusion from all angles and guesses ranged from a couple of hundred to 5,000. Just one person got the count exactly right... she has 2,053 spots with a difference of just one from one side to the other. Congratulations to Krystle Bennett of Walton, Hamilton who took away our grand prize of an iPad worth $700! We had interviews with the roving radio reporter, talked ourselves hoarse 3 days straight, caught up with dozens of people we haven’t seen forever and were thrilled to sign new members who had come to Equidays especially to see us. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by, it was great to see you. For Equidays, our special thanks go to the volunteers who did such a wonderful job looking after us. Having help transporting valuables including our Sportaloosa, backpack, laptop, plus the not-very valuable poop sack back to the horse pens at the end of the day was really nice, thanks guys! Next day, off to Australia for the video trip to include Mighty Enchanting’s son Dark Enchantment....

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Lewisville Appaloosas

Warren & Ann Lewis - Woodend,Victoria Phone: (03) 5427 1681 - Fax: (03) 5427 1856

LV Lane Frost

Lane’s first foals are here! See them on the foal gallery at

Palomino fewspot leopard stallion carrying a sensational combination of leading bloodlines. Lane offers balance, sweeping movement, genuine beauty and 100% appaloosa colour. Sire Skip’s Supreme (imp USA/exp NZ) by Skip Of Stars Dam Cayuse A Little Confewsed by Cayuse Fewsion

and the ever young... Cayuse Confewsion Cayuse Fewsion (dec) x Tiny Drift (QH) Photo at 22 years old. Book closed from 2013, progeny available

National, State and Futurity Champion R.O.M. Reining R.O.M. Trail R.O.M. General Performance


Issue Three, 2012

The 2012 Sportaloosa stallion video trip In November, kiwi Sportaloosa jumped on a plane - trusty video camera in hand - and set off on a whirlwind tour of Victoria and South Australia. The main goal was to capture the natural beauty and terrific abilities of participating Sportaloosa stallions. Goal number two was not to see any snakes and three, to see at least one kangaroo, alive and hopping. Goals one and two - easy! Perfect weather, top quality horses and lots of cooperation combined to show off each stallion’s best features so the results are simply spectacular. First stop: Adelaide and a couple of days sightseeing, then a short drive south to make the acquaintance of Cayuse Skip ‘O The Moon and Michele, Jo and Michelle Harvey. ‘Cosimo’ was a very easy subject to photograph and a lot of fun to video. This impressive and massive boy is a truly athletic and balanced working horse... we completely lost count of the number of lead changes he managed and his stops and turns are worth seeing. Sadly, there were no kangaroos in evidence. A great dinner and lots of laughs later, stallion one was in the bag and it was off to Ann and Warren Lewis at Lewisville Appaloosas north of Melbourne.

balance and maneuverability. Between them, Lane and Cosimo have just 3 spots, world class bloodlines and a heap of ability so when you need guaranteed appaloosa colour, they’re the boys to go to in Victoria and SA.

Cayuse Skip ‘O The Moon

We then spruced the 22 year old Cayuse Confewsion up for a photo shoot and got some beauties. This bloke can still turn it on when he’s asked! Having established that Ann’s orange cap was by far the best piece of equipment for getting alert expressions and great performance, we set about photographing every horse on the place. Serious kangaroo hunting was conducted on several occasions with absolutely no success. My ability to clear kangaroos from the area held up and even Ann’s guaranteed ‘200 kangaroos always sit on this hill’ spot was no good! In between times, it was a quick side trip to Lara for the incredibly handsome Dark Enchantment, who shone in every sense of the word. He’s a classic western type horse with a flat top line, easy riding movement and plenty of agility and a really super cross with a wide variety of mares.

On day one, we managed a series of beautiful photos of the classy young fewspot stallion LV Lane Frost, then crossed all fingers and toes for a cloudy day for his video. This boy is so white, it hurts to look at him in bright sunlight!

His photos, with the picturesque You Yangs in the background, are some of the very best in our collection. He couldn’t really understand why he should have to run around in the heat of the day but all the sweat (from everyone involved!) was well worth it in the end.

We got exactly what we needed a couple of days later and Lane really showed off his sweeping movement,

The next day, Vince and Samantha McAuliffe finished the 800km trip from Manilla to Woodend with helper

Cayuse Confewsion

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LV Lane Frost


Issue Three, 2012

Chelsea and Cayuses Chatta Lena and Flash McMighty in the truck all ready for Equitana. They got settled in while I jumped back in the car and headed off to Bonnie Doon (yep, it’s a real place!) to meet Debra Bawden, Vikki Smith and CA Encore. Fortunately, I arrived just after Vikki had finished dispatching a snake and my kangaroo clearing abilities seemed to work well on snakes too, so I avoided seeing any live ones although there were plenty around. This worked on the kangaroos too, sad to say, though apparently the place is usually teaming with them! CA Encore is a huge, big striding and very cruisy boy who really made us work to get his ears up. It was a different story when his horse ball came out though, and he put on a stunning show. Deb and I got some great photos to be saved for special occasions. It was so hot we decided to tackle the real videoing the following morning when everyone had plenty of energy. It was a good plan but a late night with lots of hilarity meant no one was bouncing out of bed at the crack of dawn.

We organised the 3 person ‘keep him moving’ team and got to see his fabulous flowing movement and huge extensions, followed by some ridden work so in all, it was a job well done. If you’re in the market for a sire of dressage and jumping types, this boy is an excellent choice. The classy Sportaloosa brochure holders Deb had made for us to use at Equitana were packed in the car, plus some spare portable feeders to help with fundraising (thanks again Deb!) and it was off to the Melbourne Showgrounds to help set up the stand. We got it looking good and set off home, ready for an early start. At 4 the next morning we were all up and with the horses loaded, we headed back to Melbourne.

CA Encore

This year, the breeds village was in a wonderful spot, easily seen as people queued to get in and laid out in a variety of small and inviting stable blocks. The lines of people waiting to enter as the gates opened were truly impressive and we hardly had a quiet moment from start to finish! A new format for the breeds village included not only an individual breed display every 2 days but also participation in a series of interactive displays Cayuse Dark Enchantment

13 of 41 Crowds waiting to enter


Issue Three, 2012

demonstrating suitability for various disciplines. Chatta Lena and the yearling filly Flash McMighty were selected to illustrate 2 very different types of Sportaloosa; one stock horse and one fine, long striding english type. Flash had been working hard at her liberty lessons but sadly couldn’t take part in any displays as a small cut on her leg suddenly developed an infection.

with the sheer quantity of people around, he needed a cool head! You can see some of his performance on Sportaloosa TV -

That meant her job was to talk to visitors in her stall while the tough stuff was left up to Chat.

In their best stock horse gear, Vince and Chat also took part in the suitability for english disciplines displays, standing in for Flash, and impressed with even paces and excellent manners, especially when viewers learned Chat had been breeding mares until a day before Equitana!

He didn’t think his job was very exciting until he found that if he stood close to the stall walls, visitors would happily give him scratches so he made it his business to hug the walls as closely as possible!

Over the 4 days of Equitana it was wonderful to catch up with plenty of Sportaloosa members and to meet many new members. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, it was great to see you.

On the first day, he got to show off his paces twice. Firstly in the individual breed display with kiwi Sportaloosa on the mic, then in the suitability for western display. His manners were impeccable and

Our special portable Sportaloosa feeders (from Cinco Park) proved extremely popular and we’re happy to say there are now a lot of Sportaloosa shirts being worn by a lot of people!

Special thanks to our wonderful helper Chelsea Johnson from Narrabri, who tirelessly mucked out, groomed and talked her heart out to visitors. Chelsea, you did a wonderful job and we hope you enjoyed all your samples! Last but definitely not least, sincere thanks to Ann and Warren Lewis who opened their home to all of us, endlessly helped with transport and helped out with the stand. Their hospitality is second to none and we couldn’t have done it without them! Petra (aka kiwi Sportaloosa) PS. if anyone needs their kangaroo population moved somewhere else, just ask me to visit!

Cayuse Flash McMighty

Cayuse Chatta Lena

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y z z a J g n i h t ome


Now at stud in Londonderry, NSW Contact Derek Reed Phone 0407 894 706 Email

CA Encore - colt by Something Jazzy from First Audition

4 times Appaloosa National Reining Champion 2008 National Grand Champion Appaloosa halter stallion Proven sire of champions including champion foal 2009 Sportaloosa video futurity Stud fee: $850, plus vet, shipment or agistment, costs will vary. Shipped semen prefered, frozen also may be available.

CA Entourage - colt by Something Jazzy from First Audition - winner of the 2009 Sportaloosa Video Foal Futurity

e s u

y a C


Ric O’Lena x Cayuse Skip N On Ice by Skip’s Supreme N/N for HYPP, Herda & PSSM1

Ice’s pedigree is full of names to brag about and he is a looker to boot. Being a Palomino fewspot, we expect Ice will produce loads of colour including dilutes in a full range of coat patterns. Blessed with a stunningly thick, wavy mane & tail, Ice really looks like a fairytale horse when all scrubbed up. He’s quick on his feet and can turn on a dime. Ice is now freshly broken and is showing promise for numerous sports including reining, cutting and campdrafting. Ice has a kind, gentle nature and a relaxed, sensible disposition. He is handled by the whole family and is an absolute pleasure to own.

Shoshoni Appaloosas - Tamworth, NSW

Jason & Natalie Wilkinson 02 676 42331


Issue Three, 2012

Lessons from Portugal Rebecca McDonald

In June of 2012 two friends and I travelled to Morgado Lusitano Classical dressage school in Lisbon Portugal. We spent 8 days in heaven with their classically trained Lusitano stallions, riding high schooled dressage 3 hours a day. The only thing missing were the spots which were unfortunately bred out of the breed in the last century. The following are my notes to myself on some of the movements we used and their place in Earl’s (Cayuse Global Warrior) training.

Lateral Work

Lateral work is to be used to relax the horse. It is the action of him moving away from the leg. All lateral moves are from your seat and leg, your hands are there to support the leg aids, not the other way around. There are several levels of lateral work, each a stepping stone to the next. Start each movement in walk first before moving onto trot and canter. To start each of these moves you are best or ask for only a few strides at once initially. It is better to have 4 perfect strides than 20 incorrect ones.

Leg yield

First is the leg yield. In the leg yield the horse moves away from the leg while still moving forward in the walk. He will be flexed away from the direction of travel. Using the arena come off the outside rail onto the centre line and go straight first (this helps stop the horse anticipating the movement) flex the horse to the left and ask the him to move away from your left leg at the girth, right leg behind the girth to support only and open the right rein to help him get the idea of the correct direction of travel.

A photo of leg yield. Bend is away from the direction of travel. A bit too much bend in the case of this young stallion.

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Issue Three, 2012

He should then move diagonally across the arena back to the rail.

Shoulder in

Next is the shoulder in. In the shoulder in, the shoulders come in from the rail, so that the horse is travelling on 3 tracks with the inside hind and the outside fore on the same track. The horse is bent around your inside leg as though on a circle but is moving forward down the rail at the angle.

Counter shoulder

Counter shoulder in is the opposite to shoulder in. The horse is flexed around your outside leg on three tracks with the outside hind and the inside fore in the same track.


Travers, the horse is flexed to the inside on 4 tracks with the hind quarters coming to the inside. As with the shoulder in, the horse is flexed as though on a circle, but travels up the rail with the hind quarters to the inside. Opening the outside rein can help the horse understand and keep his inside bend while the hind is moved to the inside.

Half pass

Half pass the horse is flexed in the direction of travel around the inside leg, but moves diagonally across the arena. As with the travers opening the outside rein can help the horse understand and keep the inside flex.


Hints when training lateral work, make sure that it is interspaced with working strait as well, down the 他 line or centre line, without changing cadence. It is also important in all lateral work that the horse keeps his forward momentum. If at any stage he starts to lose it go straight for a few strides then try again. A photo of half pass. Bend in direction of travel.

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Issue Three, 2012

Spanish Walk


st from the ground lift the inside rein and jiggle to lift the forehand and move the weight back so free the shoulder, then tap the inside foreleg as he lifts it.

Move a couple of strides forward and repeat. You keep him walking forward so that he learns that he has to keep moving forward. You keep training this for a few weeks until well established then switch to the other side for a couple of weeks until he does that side then practice both. It is important that you walk always a few strides so that he understands the forward is as important as the lift.


nd Now that he is established on the ground you move it to the saddle. Use the rail to help train initially.

Lift your inside rein and jiggle a little to lighten forehand as per the ground work, it also helps him it understand what is coming next. Use the whip on the inside shoulder and have your heel supporting the outside to keep him straight. Tap the whip while lifting the inside rein. As soon as he lifts move forward, ideally while his hoof is still in the air, a few strides then stop and repeat. As with the ground work only do one side for a few weeks before moving to the other side then repeat with the other side.


rd Once the lift is established on both sides you can start joining the steps. One or two at a time initially then three etc. This is where the moving forward is important. Otherwise you have a horse who will paw each leg on request but leaving the hind legs behind.

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Cayuse Paratrooper

s s o r C uces e l b u o D ly introd proud Cayuse Paratrooper is a full and half brother to national/ state champions. A very athletic calm minded stallion, used for rough country stockwork. He has plenty of cowsense and great paces to ride all day. He’s a champion stallion in the showring and an ideal sire for an allrounder for all the family, pony club, campdraft, timed events, dressage and jumping with a calm easy to train nature.

First year at public stud, introductory fee $500, agistment and vet at cost. Mr Chairman Mighty Storm Song (USA - dec) Mighty Wind Song Cayuse Fewsion Cayuse Few Moon Pablos Legend

Now at stud in Bobinawarrah, Victoria - Contact Sue Bond - Phone +61 3 5727 3449

Palousa San Sebastian


Location UK Contact Elsa Strandberg Email

Phone +44 7 7330 98831

Champion British Sportshorse Grading 2009

Nnamtrah Appaloosas/Sportaloosas ion als p ham ation C d ran oosa N G rve ppal e s Re lion A l Sta 1 201

Yallawa Timeless Dream

The Test Of Time (USA) x Bar Vee Montoyas Dream

Ron and Kerry Hartmann • Tamworth, NSW • Phone 02 67670370 • Email More photos, pedigrees and video on our web site


Issue Three, 2012

$1,000 video futurity - entries close 30 April This prestigious event is open to all registered Sportaloosa foals by a registered Sportaloosa stallion, or out of a registered Sportaloosa mare and entry is free. Entering a foal into the video futurity gives you the opportunity to have him or her compared with the rest of the year’s foal crop by a well respected performance horse person. For breeders, it provides exceptional publicity for your breeding programme and for everyone, it offers the chance to obtain part of a great prize pool. This year, we’ll be publishing tips and tricks to help you to produce the most professional looking video possible at

2012 winner Buckledown Hollywood

What do you need to do?

- Wait until your foal is looking extra good: sleek, shiny and about 6 months old - Film him/her at liberty, showing walk, trot and canter as well as views from either side, front and back - Make sure you have your back to the sun and use your zoom, so the judge gets a good, clear view - The best time to film is in the early evening, when the light is soft. - Edit your video to include only the best bits; a maximum of 5 minutes long - Send it on DVD or CD to your nearest Sportaloosa office before the closing date (above) along with your foal’s registration if not already done

* FINE PRINT AND REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY - entry is free to eligible foals - futurity is open to foals born between 1 August 2012 and 30 March 2013 that are registered with Sportaloosa International - foals must be by a registered Sportaloosa stallion and/or out of a registered Sportaloosa mare - the stallion or mare can be registered with Sportaloosa International up until entries close - the registration application for foal can be received any time up until entries close - the person submitting the entry must be a member of Sportaloosa International and must be the registered owner of the foal - the video can have been filmed by anyone but the person submitting the entry must have the videographer’s permission to use their work - the video can be submitted on DVD or CD - there is no limit to the number of eligible foals that can be entered by any Sportaloosa member once submitted, the entry becomes the property of Sportaloosa International and may be used in advertising, promotion and publicity

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Ace High Appaloosa Stud presents g n o s ind

W y t igh


Mighty Windsong is a black roan, snowcap blanketed Appaloosa stallion. Athletic and active with very quick responses, he is the ideal sire of performance Appaloosas. At 14.3hh he is a superb cross with Thoroughbred mares for added height, while retaining the athletic ability and fabulous temperament he shows in abundance. A multi-champion at halter, Mighty Windsong’s conformation, presence, versatility and teachable temperament are just what you’re looking for in a stallion. His colour producing ability is an added bonus. An information pack, including a service contract, is available on request, and his service fee is just $360 plus GST. Live foal guarantee.

For more information, contact Dave and Jean Gant 214 Bruce Road, Levin Phone 06 368 1988 E-mail

NZ’s ultimate working bred Appaloosa


Imp in utero

Roc O’Lena (QH) by Doc O’Lena Ric O’Lena (dec) Shiloh’s Trinity Sue by Trinity Day Mighty Gay Bar GG (USA) by Mighty Bright (Hall of Fame) Cayuse Mighty Enchanting Cayuse Mighty Bobsong x Mighty Storm Song (USA)

Photo at 3 years by Sportaloosa International

At stud in Wairoa, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Contact - Sheena Martin Phone - 06 838 6949

Email -

Cayuse Mighty Outrageous Multi National and State Appaloosa Champion Halter and Performance. Bronze medallion in halter & Hunter Under Saddle and Registers of Merit in Hacking & Bridle Path Hack. Silver Medallion in dressage. Stud fee: $800 + agistment, vet costs etc. AI available

At stud in South East Queensland, Australia Contact OUTRAGEOUS PERFORMANCE HORSES - Tom and Leane Williams Phone+ 61 7 5426 8825 or 0423 317 826 Email outrageoushorses@bigpond com

Double A Ariki Pii Hui Born in 2003, this brown blanketed stallion stands 16hh and has an exceptional temperament.

Colida Lad Colidas Jet Set Hazel Hancock Southbound McCue Sunrise Southern Cross

Sunspots Goin To Be An Ace

Sunrise Personality

Colida Lowry Girl Hancocks Pepper Bo Mitze Dominos Speckled Prince Sheila F

Wiley’s Mt Baker Flicka Plaudit Flash Fox Deck O Lisa

Ara Awa Delta Ace

Morgans Jaguar Bonnie Ann R Plaudit Silver Fox Saguaro Quick Step Deck Bar Tacos Moana Lisa Hollywood Plaudit

Ara Awa Apusski Dusky

Plaudit Silver Fox

Miss Hancock

Jacobs Sunset Princess Hancocks Pepper Sunkiss

Double A Appaloosas David & Lynne Adkins

Amberley, New Zealand

Phone 03 314 8412

Mobile 0274 325 889



Welcome to new members Courtney Thompson Tracey Brook-spong Summer McDermott Virginia Blanch Jessica Hutson Cat Baird Niki Southwell Michelle McDermott Kim Howard Tameka Ridgeway Abbey Johnson Samantha Fitzsimons Emma Morton Janine Brullo Jodie Morton Megan Jackman Sam Watson Melinda McEwan Jessica Jephson Eveonne Boyd Ruth Riley Leigh Maloney Tom Paton Estelle Low Ruth Riley Kristina Hulme-Moir

Registered stud prefixes Ace High - Jean Gant AP - AP Performance Horses Apache - Dianna Nelson Arabec - Rebecca Leet Araluen - Dee Byrne Arawood - Arawood Appaloosas Ascot - John D Noble

Issue Three, 2012

Avenlee - Heather Lee BL - Max Schofer Blacklaw - Jon Firmin Blackwatch - Lisa Bell CA - Debra Bawden Cayuse - Cayuse Appaloosas Centennial - John & Robyn Twaddle Clearview - Sheila Dandy Crystal Ridge - Eveonne Boyd Danneker - Tamar Baker DayDream - DayDream Stud DC - Double Cross Sportaloosas Double A - David & Lynne Adkins Double S - Pat Simpson DPH - Katrina Lewis Elleon - Noelle Krooks Fairisle - Diane Johnston Frog Rock - Kirily Rimmer GAB Horses - Allison Alderton Geralee - Tracy Allender Hexcell - Sam Morrison JCJ - D & S Lindley Kerrinna - Karen Fischer Khesan - Natalie Fries Leatherfoot - Jenny Baker LV - Lewisville Appaloosas: Warren & Ann Lewis Mc - Flying Horse Stud Mighty - Sparkling Acres Appaloosas MVA - Lee Mannix NN - Nikki Robertson Nnamtrah - Ron & Kerry Hartmann OPH - Outrageous Performance Horses Oregon Park - Ev Lagoon Rocking M Stud - Amanda McHugh Rocking Spur - Shane Plowman Savannah - Valmai Jones SD - Sandy Beardmore Shady Glen - Sue Todd Shawin - Shawin Appaloosas

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The fascinating Knabstrupper filly ‘Brunhilda’, revealing what’s really under her foal coat! Bred and owned by Australian Coloured Performance Horses in SE Queensland. 28 of 41

Kerrinna Sweetin My T Studbook Two stallion Prince’s Tyson Kemal Tysons Pride Kemal Kopys Kutie Leo Geronimo Sweet Georgia Brown (AQHA) Miss Tequila Stud fee $650

Classy youngsters for sale now; take a look at

Contact Phone Email Location

Wayne Lacy 03 5855 2581 Merrigum, Victoria, Australia

Proud sire of the 2012 $1,000 Video Foal Futurity Champion Buckledown Hollywood!

Delatite Park

APPALOOSAS Mighty Storm Song (imp/dec) Cayuse Mighty McJames

presents Cayuse Bradford

$800 plus vet fees Progeny for sale

Bendigo, Victoria Merv 0428 510 152

Damy Glen Jim Beam • Winner of 10 Supreme and 20 Champion Awards • Supreme Exhibit A&ASP State Show 1998 • Grand Champion Stallion A&ASP State Show 1998 • A&ASP High Point Stallion 1996/97 & 1997/98 • Produced Multiple Royal Show Champions 12.3hh Contact: Debbie Keogh Phone: 02 654 83128, Merriwa, NSW


Issue Three, 2012

Holding the Chamberlain’s Key QUESTION What does it mean to “Hold the Chamberlains Key” in relation to Knabstruppers? ANSWER It’s an historic thing. At the Knabstrup estate they said the foals held the “Chamberlain’s Key” if they were born almost solid with a few spots (or hairs) on the loins to indicate they would color up later. With our genetic knowledge today of course it meant that the horse had the LP gene but not the PATN. That was actually very typical for the early day Knabstrupper – they were not loud leopards.... Do you know the chamberlain’s uniform? The key is actually attached at the loins. Metaphorically of course it means the key that opens the door to colour. Thanks to Ena Sparre of the KNN for this fascinating snippet!

The first spotted Olympian? The resourceful Ben O’Sullivan has hunted down what looks like the first ever spotted horse at the Olympics! This is Zalamero, ridden by the Marquez de los Trujillios from Spain. The pair helped to secure gold in team jumping in 1928.

LET’S RIDE 500 HOURS CLUB Karen Fischer On Kerrinna Sie My Affair, Oregon Park Sophie Stekat, Kerrinna Sweet Shakira, Kerrinna My Shakin Affair

Diane Johnston On Yallawa Playful Times

LET’S RIDE 250 HOURS CLUB Diane Johnston On Yallawa Playful Times

LET’S RIDE 100 HOURS CLUB Tamar Baker riding Skipa Clu Betty Boop and Danneker I See Spots Louise Dalby riding Etched In Time Beatrice Foster riding Jake Lee Mannix riding MVA Ideal Dier Samantha McAuliffe riding Cayuse A Grand Illusion, Sign of a Storm, Slow Lopin Joe, Ruby’s Song Susan Sargent riding Magic Sun Dancer, Yallawa Fashion Princess Lisa Oswald riding Zippers Dynasty, Jack Suede, McDreamy Eileen Oswald riding Jack Suede Melanie Torr riding Cayuse Isobel Anne Barbara Woods riding Arny’s Bad Moon Arizin Abbey Wooster riding Cayuse Global Warrior

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n a z z u Wap now standing in Platteville, WI, USA 15.3 hh true coal black, snowcap blanket stallion Sire: Wap Spotted (deceased) ApHC Hall of Fame Dam: JustGotMePuzzled

CONTACT Joy Carr Sunset Ranch Appaloosas Phone (608) 732-6855

Cayuse A Grand Illusion

Now standing in North East Victoria Contact Anita Prowse 0409 953 345 Photo courtesy Petra Davidson


Catchin up

Issue Three, 2012

Courtesy of Maurice Potter

Haven’t been around the horse industry of late, did holidayed at the McAuliffe Sportaloosa establishment awhile back. Heard Sammy Jillaroo done dressage on an Elephant, bottle fed a baby Jumbo. My oldest granddaughter has been running 400 metre races with big success and has caught an airplane to Dubai and Abu Dhabi to race a car then back to Australia to run another 400 metre in Melbourne. Took after grandma I chased “Nan” for two years before I caught her; we had our 48 years anniversary this month. (Only get 5 years for murder) We celebrated at 5,100 feet Mount Kaputar just short of the mile high club. Have been told about an old mate, haven’t seen him for years. Retired gentleman has been eating “Pal” dog tucker on toast, but his wife leads him by the hand on outings, because he’s took up barking and chasing cars. Saw a couple of nice Sportaloosa Warmbloods the other day would definitely be dressage or eventing prospects under saddle. Any way I heading down south of the Murray River soon, hope to meet people breeding the Sportaloosa horse, the lady with the anteek camera and a shawl over her head. Was photographing a saddle bronc ride back in the fifty’s (couldn’t judge the distance) and the bucking horse ran right on over her, anyway she still has the camera intact.

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Issue Three, 2012


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Sportaloosa magazine, issue 3 2012  
Sportaloosa magazine, issue 3 2012