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thursday, april 10, 2014

Bach to set out Rio action plan

warning: New AIOWF President Gian-Franco Kasper

Kasper in ‘snow and ice’ pledge G

ian-Franco Kasper insisted yesterday that the Winter Olympic Games should remain exclusively for sports on “snow and ice” after he replaced René Fasel as the President of the Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF). Kasper, the President of FIS, the global governing body of skiing, was named as the new President late on Tuesday during the AIOWF General Assembly. On his first full day at the AIOWF helm, Kasper told The Daily that he was “100 per cent opposed”

issue 4

to the recently-mooted idea of some summer Olympic sports switching over to the Winter Games programme, and warned against the danger of “gigantism”. “There will be no changes whatsoever regarding the basic philosophy that Winter Games are sports that are on snow and ice,” Kasper said. “Maybe some sports would like to come over [to the Winter Games] from the Summer Olympics, but we oppose that 100 per cent. “It would completely change the identity of the Winter Games, and secondly we would struggle to find an organiser.

“The Winter Games take place in small or midsize cities near mountains. Those cities could never afford to build another four or five new stadiums. We would create white elephants.” Kasper said that the issue was the main topic of discussion during AIOWF’s joint meeting with the IOC Executive Board yesterday morning. “I said that we need to be very careful,” Kasper added. “We have reached – in my opinion and in the opinion of my colleagues – a certain limit.” Kasper added that he was not surprised by the  Continued on P2

IOC President Thomas Bach will reveal more today about special measures to be introduced to get Rio de Janeiro back on track with the 2016 Olympic Games. Mark Adams, the IOC’s Director of Communications, said a clear action plan must be followed to overcome delays. However, Adams said any suggestion that the Games might be moved to another venue were “far too premature” and he added that there have been no discussions about a “plan B” for any of the venues. Speaking after an IOC Executive Board meeting, Adams said the measures which Rio must adopt would become clearer during the night, but that the broad principles are closer monitoring and reporting with the setting up of task forces to address specific issues. He said: “We have only just started talking to Rio about some of the measures that we want to take with them. You can ask the President.” Adams said it was not unusual for such concerns to arise ahead of an Olympic Games. He added: “What we can say is that there is talk in Rio about ensuring finance for the Games and there is a real sense of urgency within Government as well as within the Organising Committee. “The clock is ticking and every day is crucial but they can still deliver and the President has said that today. It is within their means to be able to do this. There is still time if action is taken now for us to deliver a great Games.”

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host city partners

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‘Natural’ place for women in sport P

arents and primary school teachers received much of the credit for helping to launch the careers of three successful women in sport, who joined a Panel Discussion to examine the equality issue at SportAccord Convention yesterday. Amanda Bennett, Head Coach of the England Women’s U-20 Team at the Rugby Football Union, credited her father for introducing her to the game. For Lisa Lazarus, Chief of Business Development & Strategy at the FIE, it was her mother who set her on the route to a senior role at the global governing body for equestrian. However, Marzena Bogdanowicz, Founder and Managing Director of b-focused ltd and a former Director of Marketing at the British Olympic Association, said she was inspired to teach sport by her time at primary school, although she eventually decided to start on the business side. Lazarus is now a major influence on her son when it comes to promoting awareness of women in sport. “I raise him to think that girls involved in sport is pretty cool, as they’re capable of being just as competitive as guys,” she said. “We have to raise a generation to think of women in sport as natural.” Awareness was the recurring theme during the session, with Donna de Varona, President of DAMAR Inc and an Olympian at the age of 13, giving an American perspective.

progress: Panellists discuss women in sport “Women in sport are diamonds in the rough,” she said. “At first it was all about women in college education and not sport, but since then sport has gained its reputation in education. If you don’t educate for implementation, things don’t progress.” Bogdanowicz added: “There is a lot of pressure on women to deliver and we don’t have the confidence to claim the success. “That for me is motivation for women to show that if you are good, you have to tell people about it. Believe in yourself.” Neşe Gündoğan, Secretary General of the Turkish National Olympic Committee, believes her country is

making real progress on the issue. “In Turkey 50 per cent of our youth participants in sports are female,” she said. “We see the importance of overcoming the cultural barrier and including an equal amount of participation from both genders.” De Varona spoke of the difference women can make. “Studies have shown that if you have more than three women in an organisation, you’re more diverse and creative, and the resulting impact is greater,” she said. Bogdanowicz recalled that creativity carried more weight than knowledge of the game when she broke into the management ranks at the ECB, the governing body for English cricket.

“I didn’t know anything about cricket, but to them I was a breath of fresh air, as I saw the game in a different way and they saw that as an opportunity,” she said. However, Gündoğan believes there is still work to be done, saying: “We need to go back to the grassroots. “We need to give more opportunity to girls to participate in sport, give them the skills to be a better participant or coach and give them more opportunities.” Bennett feels women will earn their place in sport. “Get women in sport because they can participate. It isn’t about involving women for the sake of women,” she said.

AIOWF future is bright turkey’s sporting aims  Continued from P1 invitation to become the new head of AIOWF, although he refused to be drawn on whether he would allow Fasel to remain on the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee – a position granted to the head of AIOWF. Fasel served as President of AIOWF for 12 years. “No, I wasn’t surprised at all, as it had been discussed for years,” Kasper added. “Four years ago I was a candidate (for the Presidency). There were some discussions during the Sochi Games that made things quite obvious. “I stayed out of the discussions myself, but I knew that the Winter Federation members had discussed it. “They told me that they wanted to propose me, and I said ‘okay’. “I had a discussion with Mr

Fasel a few hours before the meeting and in the end he stepped down and wasn’t a candidate for re-election, which made things easier. It was a very smooth transition from one person to another.” Kasper, buoyed by the success of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, believes the future for AIOWF and its Members is bright. “This group has a lot of potential, and that was shown in Sochi,” he added. “I am happy with the situation that we are only seven sports. It is much easier than having 28 in the Summer Games, of course. “I am convinced we can be a very strong and powerful partner of the IOC. “We want to make the Winter Federations and sports more important.”

Missing out on the chance to host the 2020 Olympics has merely increased Turkey’s determination to host worldclass events in future, according to Akif Çağatay Kılıç, the country’s Minister for Youth and Sports. Kilic (pictured) told The Daily that the Turkish bid drew confidence from reaching the final three candidates in spite of the nation’s relative lack of Olympic experience. “Losing at the finals whipped our desire to organise such major events, rather than discouraged us,” he said. “We are planning to maintain our progress towards Turkey successfully delivering international and world-class events. We are determined to do this.” Kilic said the powerful economic structure which prompted the bid has been augmented by an ongoing commitment to gain experience and to improve infrastructure and facilities further. He added: “We successfully delivered the 17th Mediterranean Games by completing the construction of 11 new sports facilities as well as the transportation infrastructure within a short period of time, 18 months before the event. This shows the ability of Turkey to deliver major events and it is also proof of the huge progress made by Turkey in the development of sport.” Kilic added that Turkey’s priorities are clear and hinge on major investment in infrastructure, anti-doping measures and involvement of young people. He said: “Turkey attaches great importance to anti-doping. Zero tolerance against doping is our core principle and we will maintain our war against it. “Turkey will strive to be recognised as a sports nation for our investment, facilities, training system and the events we have already delivered. We are also working hard to encourage young people into sport and I believe in this wholeheartedly.”


news Combat group talks strategy Presidents, and Secretary Generals from the 15 participating International Federations of Martial Arts and Combat Sports came together to review the key event data, media coverage and exposure of the second edition of the World Combat Games at SportAccord Convention yesterday. The Federations also discussed strategic priorities for the next edition of the Games. Aikido, Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kendo, Kickboxing, Muaythai, Sambo, Savate, Sumo, Taekwondo, Wrestling and Wushu made up the sports programme of the 2013 edition, which took place from 1826 October in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to a media report concluded by Repucom, over 660 hours of broadcasting time and 1.5 billion event contacts were reached in 11 selected territories, including key media markets Brazil, Japan, Middle East, Russia, Spain and USA. “All participants were happy to unite once again and to show how martial arts and combat sports can work together to promote a multi-sports event that showcases the values of their individual sports,” SportAccord Director General Vlad Marinescu said.

no standing still


he desire to build audiences by harnessing new media and technology is pushing sport into making the changes which will enable them to offer a more dynamic product. Adrian Christy, Chief Executive of BADMINTON England, explained that the need to create a successful product for television was at the forefront of his organisation’s thoughts in launching the first ever national league, which will be shown live on Sky Sports. Vlad Marinescu, Director General of SportAccord and a former Director of the International Judo Federation, pointed out that his sport “made changes fast” to increase its appeal to the masses, while Brett Hasell, Marketing Director of the FIH, hockey’s global governing body, felt it had identified opportunities online. The trio’s comments came during the Panel Session, ‘The Rulebreakers and Game Changers’, which also featured Sarah Lewis, Secretary General of the International Ski Federation (FIS), and Andrew Craig, President of The Craig Company LLC. Christy said: “We were concerned about TV broadcasters turning away from badminton, so we thought ‘how do we create a successful product for TV and how can we get to critical points sooner?’ “The changes have been radical, but we didn’t change the fundamentals of the sport. We pulled back on some of the changes to get where we are. It was very important that we understood what TV wanted from us. It’s about what our fans want and giving badminton fans more on TV is

build: Experts discuss the need to make changes to keep a sport growing game-changing for us. Marinescu revealed that judo had made its changes to make the sport more interesting for the masses. “There were changes made to the structure of the sport and to the field of play,” he said. “We implemented technical changes to make judo faster, more dynamic. We have modernised the sport, but kept its roots.” He felt new media was “definitely important”, but added: “We should never forget about TV. It reaches different types of people and the majority are interested in more direct and faster information, and a more dynamic sport. Sport is definitely becoming an entertainment industry.” Hasell explained that changes to ice hockey had been made to make it more entertaining, with the online market of particular interest. “Anyone who is watching online is more engaged and more communicative, so we want to increase the value of our digital rights and create

new opportunities within the digital market for sponsors,” he said. Lewis stressed that the “key element” of TV coverage was sponsorship. “The underlying effect is to promote and earn money,” she said. “It’s up to us to deliver value. We don’t need to be relying overly on a particular sector. “Until now there has been a strong reliance on TV income and now with more opportunities coming up, maybe we can increase what we are doing.” Craig believes sport has to start looking at things differently, reasoning: “The old system doesn’t tell the audience enough. “There is a progressive change about the way we watch TV. People are watching more TV than at any time in history, but the TV market is growing very differently and we are not measuring what is happening correctly. We don’t measure engagement.”

Your Partner for Power For over 50 years, Aggreko have been a solid partner of sports federations in delivering temporary power and temperature control worldwide. We provide a comprehensive commercial and technical solution from event conception through design to installation and operation by highly skilled and experienced staff. Whether it’s for prime, additional or back-up power and temperature control for the field of play or uninterrupted broadcast or event venue support, Aggreko’s track record of energy rental services is second to none.

Aggreko, Power and Temperature Control Specialists in Events Head Offices Americas (USA) T: +1 281 9858200

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Aggreko operates from over 190 locations throughout the world. For all global locations, please go to:

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Cookson: We will not fail Brian Cookson, President of UCI, cycling’s global governing body, admitted in his Keynote Address yesterday at SportAccord Convention that there is still a “huge” amount of work to do to rebuild trust in his organisation, tainted by a string of doping scandals. Elected last September, he and his team have been focusing on delivering the six “core pillars” of his manifesto, namely the UCI’s reputation, anti-doping, the sport’s growth, women’s cycling, elite road cycling and the sport’s place in the Olympic movement. “We are making progress – but of course, there is still a huge amount to do,” he told delegates. “We have to have a sport where a parent can bring their child, and know that their son or daughter can go all the way to the top if they have the ability and dedication - without having to lie, without having to cheat, without having to do things that will risk their health, without having to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder. “If we cannot do that as a governing body, then we have failed our members and our sport. But we are not going to fail. We are going to succeed.”

katinka wants to inspire all S erial world record-breaker Katinka Hosszú is drawing on the traditions of her native Hungary to try and inspire people of all ages to transform their lives through swimming. Hosszú, who broke six individual medley world records in four days at last year’s FINA Swimming World Cup in Eindhoven, told students at Antalya College that the secret is to start young and never stop. Today she was planning to modify that message slightly for an older audience as SportAccord Convention delegates joined her for early morning training at the Susesi Luxury Resort. She said: “There is a huge tradition of men’s and women’s swimming and water polo in Hungary, and a lot of the older people in the country are still swimming to keep in shape. “We want to encourage people to swim. It is a good gateway to sport and good for developing life skills. A lot of people don’t realise how much they learn from the process of swimming.” Hosszú’s focus is on winning, with the LEN European Swimming Championships in Berlin in August a key part of her preparations for Rio in 2016. However, beyond that she holds a determination to use her success to inspire more young people to take the plunge with swimming. Today she will join a panel to discuss why so few

‘A lot of people don’t realise how much they learn from the process of swimming’

star: Swimmer Katinka Hosszú younger people are watching sport on TV. Her visit to Antalya College was all about inspiring emerging swimming stars aged between 10 and 16. She said: “I want to talk to them and see what their hopes are, try to help them and inspire them, and tell them how to reach their goals. “That is the age when they have to decide if they are going to do it. “It is great to think that I am a role model for the young, and I try to be a really good one. I am focusing on getting better at swimming and competing, which means visiting a lot of countries where I can meet with the fans instead of them just

contacting me on the internet. They can watch me swim and I can inspire them.” Hosszú was taught to swim from the age of two by her grandfather and was competing from the age of six. Her success, along with Budapest hosting the FINA World Championships in 2021 and the FINA Junior World Championships in 2017, is generating interest in the sport, and she said the challenge is for facilities to keep pace. “It is good that a lot of young people want to swim but sometimes we don’t have enough lane space,” she added. “But I would tell any aspiring swimmers not to give up. I have had times when I was not doing as well as I wanted to, so I just kept at it. The results will come, you just have to be patient.”  Katinka Hosszú will be speaking on today’s Panel Session, ‘Youth Club’, from 11.00-12.00.

City impact by Sport has the power to transform communities. And a well-executed event has the power to redefine a city or even a nation.

Universiade: Powerful accelerator for Kazan

Juventus Stadium / September 8th 2011, Opening Ceremony - Turin, Italy.

Kazan, Russia, host of the 2013 World Summer Universiade, compressed an entire decade of development—new roads, rail, airport terminal, and telecommunications infrastructure—into a few years. Vladimir Leonov, the former Head of the Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate, said: “A key component of Tatarstan’s development strategy is to transform Kazan into a major hub for sports: Russia’s ‘sports capital’. Thanks to the accelerated pace at which sports facilities were built for the Universiade, Tatarstan already has what it takes to host major international sporting events, which can only help facilitate economic growth and an inflow of new investment.” Source: It’s how you play the game: Matching a region’s

Stadium Openings Donbass Arena / August 29 2009, Grand Opening Ceremony - Donetsk, Ukraine. th


priorities with the right mega – or not so mega – event, PwC, April 2014

System to aid athletes Athletes at risk of inadvertently falling foul of anti-doping rules are to benefit from the introduction of a new online research system. GUARD – Global Unified Athletes Research Database – will enable athletes to conduct their own simple investigations into whether a medication contains banned substances. It was unveiled by the SportAccord Doping-Free Sport Unit (DFSU) at a behind-closed-doors presentation to SAC Members in the Press Briefing Room. Françoise Dagouret, Director of the DFSU, said GUARD had its roots in the recognition of the need to improve education and information for athletes and their entourages. Davide Delfini, the Project Manager, added: “Ignorance is largely the

first cause of doping violations and there is a huge difference in anti-doping knowledge between athletes, sports and countries.” GUARD will publish details of medications marketed worldwide. It will be available in a wide range of languages and it will provide targeted information for each sport. The system will also embrace other media, with a telephone help-line, a social media programme and the development of apps. “We will promote GUARD through the IFs, many of which attended the presentation along with WADA,” Delfini added. “Our goals have not changed – we want to minimise the risk of inadvertent doping, increase knowledge of the anti-doping rules and provide support for athletes regardless of their sport and country.”

news we must be accessible Delegates at the Convention heard yesterday that sports need to be as accessible as possible to avoid slipping into irrelevance. On the panel session, ‘The Rulebreakers and Game Changers’, SportAccord Director General Vlad Marinescu insisted that “sport is the one essential component to being a healthy human being, and without it humanity will go into a dark age”. Ladies European Tour Chairman Helena Alterby Nordstrom added: “Golf is a sport for everyone, but we have to keep working on trying to get children active.” International Paralympic Committee Vice President Andrew Parsons highlighted the need for support to be given to those implementing the strategies. “We need to give National Federations the tools to engage with athletes that have an impairment at the grassroots level,” he said. International Rugby Board Secretary General Brett Gosper noted that rugby is becoming the “fastest growing team sport in America”, and added that in order to implement successful development strategies, the right team needs to be in place. “Employing people from a variety of backgrounds, from retired athletes to businesspeople, is beneficial,” he said.

ICSS in call for new cross-sport group


commercialisation of sport, and that new cross-sport efforts to find a solution must be organisation needs to be similarly relentless. established to tackle the “While it is difficult to make scourge of corruption in a direct link between the rise sport, according to Chris of corruption in sport and the Eaton, Director of Sport Integrity with commercialisation of sport, the logic the International Centre for Sport is inescapable,” he said. Security (ICSS), who will today take “The international sports betting his place on a panel to address the issue market is now estimated to be worth at SportAccord Convention. solution: Chris Eaton between $700 billion and $1 trillion. Developing a theme that was This figure alone highlights the prominent at last year’s SportAccord Convention, Eaton said that more action is needed, astonishing sums of money now being gambled on sport on a daily basis, and in my view, it was only with all stakeholders working together. Specifically, a matter of time before organised crime started to he urged the establishment of an independent, target sport to manipulate the betting market.” cross-sport body to lead the way – with the support Eaton added that the symptoms of the problem of governments. are clear as sport now sanctions more players, more Eaton, whose career has included senior roles referees and umpires, and more administrators for at FIFA, INTERPOL and the Australian Federal integrity breaches than at any time in its history. Yet Police, told The Daily: “While great strides have such penalties do not extend to the criminals, whose been made, more still needs to be done externally activities are therefore not seriously disrupted. to support International Federations, in order to He said: “The reality is that match-fixing inspired enhance their existing integrity practices. by betting fraud continues, almost unabated, to “My judgement is that an independent, crosscorrupt sport globally. sport organisation is necessary to develop a unified, “More must be done to coordinate the global solution to regulating sports betting and preventative actions of all the big players – police, preventing match-fixing.” betting regulators, monitoring agencies and sports Eaton said that the growth of the problem bodies. Only a globally coordinated effort can match had been inevitable given the increasing


the scale and scope of the threat.” Eaton said that sport itself works hard on preventative education and on monitoring to detect unusual betting patterns, while the ICSS promotes and pursues multi-sport and cross-jurisdiction investigations to map and counter the evolving and changing tactics of matchfixers and betting fraudsters. However, he warned that such efforts are not enough in a field plagued by criminal ingenuity feeding off the enormous sums involved, and the ICSS is committed to finding the truth and supporting International Federations. He said: “The creation of specialist units, like SportAccord’s Integrity Unit and FIFA’s Security Directorate, and the recent IOC initiatives that focus on the fight against match-fixing and what they term irregular and illegal betting are certainly very important steps forward. “But in practice they remain too disconnected, not only from each other, but also from key external agencies such as police and betting regulators. The real power to develop truly effective international regulations lies with governments, and this is the position from which sport must operate if it is to holistically combat match-fixing and illegal betting.”  Chris Eaton will discuss ‘The Integrity Issue’ in a Plenary Panel Session from 14:00-15:00 today.



news kevin brownhill

Major Account Manager – emea Events at Aggreko

Aggreko, the world leader in the provision of temporary power generation and temperature control solutions, is a Silver Partner at SportAccord Convention and, for the sixth consecutive year, has been hosting the event’s media suite – a dedicated area for accredited international sports media that serves as a hub for interviews and press conferences. For more than 50 years Aggreko’s involvement in the sports industry has gone far beyond the simple provision of rental services. They have a solid understanding of the sports world’s often complex structures and have worked with nine Olympic Games, five FIFA World Cups (including FIFA World Cup 2014) and numerous Formula One races. The Daily caught up with Kevin Brownhill, Major Account Manager – EMEA Events at Aggreko, to find out more. The Daily: Why is SportAccord Convention an important event for Aggreko? Kevin Brownhill: “We are a Partner because Aggreko is able to gain access to and time with some of the most influential personnel and bodies in world sport. It also allows us to interact and demonstrate our previous experience and global reach to bidding cities and governing bodies involved in major sporting events. “It is important to Aggreko that our existing and

prospective customers can see Aggreko and interact with our global major event personnel. It is one of the very few events where all three of Aggreko’s regional businesses attend. It allows us to promote our recent successes within a global sporting platform and discuss future opportunities with high-level, decision-making delegates. “Aggreko exhibit at SportAccord Convention because we are a truly global organisation that provides a critical service for major global sporting events. As the leader in our field, it is important we highlight our global expertise and that we provide a service and support structure that can work with all aspects of a major sporting event from bidding, through design, cost analysis, delivery and deinstallation. “The sooner that Aggreko becomes integrated within the organising structure of a major sporting event, the potential for cost savings, reduced environmental impact, long-term sustainability and a sensible approach to legacy can be discussed.” The Daily: Tell us a bit about your experience as a Silver Partner... KB: “Aggreko have been a Partner of the SportAccord Convention for many years. Along with the event itself, Aggreko’s involvement has grown and developed where we now have a conference stand and the Aggreko Media Suite. “This relatively recent addition of the Aggreko Media Suite to Aggreko’s presence at SportAccord

Convention allows us to host the attending sporting media of press and television, and allows the most high-profile delegates to make announcements or carry out interviews in a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere away from the glare and hustle of the main conference.” The Daily: What projects are you working on at the moment? KB: “Aggreko is involved in many major sporting events around the world. These include the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, FIFA 2014 World Cup, 2014 Ryder Cup and Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.” The Daily: Do you have any recent insights about working on major events that you would like to share? KB: “It is a standard answer, but one that is very relevant. Early integration between an organising committee and a critical supplier such as Aggreko can ensure that the event is both commercially and technically excellent as it can possibly be. Ensuring Aggreko is involved in any design concept ensures that when event delivery takes place, there are no unexpected costs or technical failings. “Aggreko is as committed as the event organisers to ensure that environmental and sustainable elements are included within our delivery scope, as well as active considerations and long-term planning around the important consideration of legacy.”

Anti-doping session open Today’s ARISF-WADA Anti-Doping Coaching & Training Session has been opened up to non-ARISF Members. The event, which is a joint initiative between ARISF and WADA, will take place from 1.30-17.30 in the Press Briefing Room. The inaugural edition of this Session will include discussions and presentations from ARISF IF anti-doping practitioners, WADA representatives and other anti-doping experts on various areas of the fight for the protection of clean sport including prevention, information sharing, doping control, results management, co-operation with National Anti-Doping Organisations and more. The Session will be opened by WADA President Sir Craig Reedie and ARISF President Dr Raffaele Chiulli. “It was decided that this event should be opened to non-ARISF Members in order to enable all individuals and organisations interested in this matter to benefit from this Session and contribute to the discussion,” said Frédéric Donzé, WADA’s Director of the European Regional Office and International Federation Relations. “It is an opportunity to share expertise and experience in a spirit of openness and partnership, with the objective of further enhancing the quality of the protection of the integrity of sport worldwide.”


baku2015 BakuGames2015

THE FIRST EUROPEAN GAMES will take place in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, in June 2015. All 49 National Olympic Committees of Europe will participate in the Games – more than 6,000 athletes will compete in 20 new or refurbished competition venues, across 19 sports

+Baku2015 baku2015



eurosport looking to the next phase


ith a quarter of a century of experience at the heart of international sport, Eurosport is a veteran of this rapidlyevolving global industry. However, as the international media company celebrates a landmark 25th anniversary in 2014, Chief Executive Officer Jean-Thierry Augustin is keen to look towards a bright future, as well as reflect upon a groundbreaking journey that has allowed Eurosport to forge relationships with IFs and sport stakeholders worldwide. “Eurosport is in robust health, drawing on 25 years of experience and expertise built through high-quality production and coverage of live sports events,” Augustin told The Daily. “For many years we have been Europe’s sleeping giant, reaching more homes than any other channel and broadcasting more live sport than our competitors. We have a sustainable business model. “We are ready for the next phase in our development and naturally intend to continue the strong partnerships and long-term relationships we have built across the sporting world. “SportAccord Convention gives us a unique opportunity to meet our friends, network with our contacts and the broader sports field, listen

‘Our distribution network is the largest in Europe and growing in Asia’

development: Jean-Thierry Augustin to what they are saying and get a sense of where their future is heading. It’s a place for us to share the Eurosport story. There is no better place to do this.” Earlier this year, Discovery Communications announced that it was accelerating an agreement to become a majority shareholder in Eurosport.

The deal has opened up further exciting opportunities for Eurosport, which broadcasts more than 5,000 hours of live programming every year via its main channels and is hoping to set a new benchmark this year by reaching eight million fans online every day via combined web and mobile platforms. “Our future is opening up right now with the arrival of our new majority shareholder, Discovery Communications,” Augustin added. “What they have seen is that we have successfully developed over the past 25 years a business that is efficient, effective and unrivalled for audience reach and depth of live sport content in Europe. “The new opportunities open to us now with Discovery’s arrival mean we are well placed to apply our live sports production expertise on a local level and to any headline events that may be

acquired for the channel on a pan-regional level. “Our distribution network is the largest in Europe and growing in Asia, and we will draw on the compelling content and expert presentation we use to explore new markets.” As a Silver Partner of SportAccord Convention, Eurosport is keen to keep its finger on the pulse of the industry, leveraging its extensive knowledge to discuss new approaches, projects and innovations with existing and future partners. “Our coverage results from detailed discussions with our rights partners to understand how sporting action can be presented in the best possible way,” Augustin said. “The IFs know their sport and the competition. We know TV and that fans want the clearest, fastest route to the heart of live action and as much access as they can get to the sports they are passionate about. “Our role is both about delivering an experience that immerses the fan in the event with compelling and engaging content across all screens, as well as promoting an event to a very wide audience. We have the experience to turn each sport into great TV and cover it on all media and devices. We work with commercial partners to innovate with technology and enhance the viewer experience.”


ASOIF is on the look-out for partners that will help to deliver the next phase of the ISIS (International Sports Information System) project. Over the past 18 months the ISIS database has been collecting vital information in order to create the only existing sporting database with historical results and biographies validated at source by Olympic International Federations. The project is now ready for the next stage – the development of the front-end user experience for a variety of clients. ISIS, which received public endorsement from IOC President Thomas Bach at SportAccord Convention yesterday, will provide media companies with data on more than one million individuals and all 41,000 competitions hosted by ASOIF’s 28 members since 1877. ASOIF has developed a prototype of the database with the help of

IT services company Atos, which has a stand (No.83) at SportAccord Convention this year. “The project has the full endorsement of ASOIF’s IFs and now the full endorsement of the IOC,” ASOIF’s Head of Projects, Tim Goethals, told The Daily. “It is a project that could potentially involve International Winter Sports Federations and National Olympic Committees too. The technical aspect of the database is in place, but we are now looking for partners to finalise the project.” The prototype of the database has shown that the number of international competitions involving ASOIF IFs has increased from 161 per year in 1975 to 2,191 in 2013. “The idea is that all of the data will be accessible from one place. It will be validated by the IFs and of a consistent quality,” Goethals added.

Minas Gerais has hosted national and international sporting events over the last years, as well as providing excellent training locations for athletes and teams from around Brazil and the world. In addition, the British team has chosen Minas Gerais as its training base for 2016. 16 sporting facilities in 9 cities of Minas Gerais have had the support of the Minas 2016 Program, created by the Secretariat of Tourism and Sports. Not only does it provide all the support to the delegations but it also contributes to the exchange among the different sports in 2014, 2015 e 2016.

M I N A S 2 0 1 6 . M G . G O V. B R



news azid rahimov

Minister of Youth and Sport, Azerbaijan Republic

The Daily: You are serving as the CEO of the Baku European Games Operation Committee. Tell us about how the Baku 2015 European Games is involved in SportAccord Convention this year… Azad Rahimov: “The Baku 2015 European Games is a historic event for Azerbaijan and Europe. The Convention is a timely opportunity to provide an influential audience with an insight into our preparations for the Games. “The Baku 2015 European Games is a Delivery Partner of the Convention. We are hosting the Welcome Reception and we have also created and launched an official Event Application in partnership with the Convention. “Delegates can download and utilise the app to network, plan their schedule, engage in social media activity and to learn all they need to know about the European Games, which will unify 49 European nations in a passionate celebration of sport.”

‘We are determined to be innovative and to try new concepts’

The Daily: Who are you looking to meet at SportAccord Convention this year? AR: “The Convention is a wonderful opportunity to meet IFs, National Olympic Committees, IOC members, Government Ministers and sports media representatives in one location.”

AR: “The Baku 2015 European Games will be a major event in the sporting calendar with top-class sporting action in first-class venues. It will be a Games like no other – providing a lasting legacy for the people of Baku and Azerbaijan. “It will feature more than 6,000 athletes from the Olympic nations of Europe. Eight of the 19 sports have already been confirmed as qualification events for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. “Competition will take place across 20 venues, including newly-built venues for gymnastics, BMX, aquatics and shooting, and a purpose-built 65,000seat stadium for athletics and the opening and closing ceremonies.”

The Daily: What can we expect from Baku 2015?

The Daily: What will be the impact of Baku 2015 on the future of the sports industry?

Come and see us at stand 121 Federation of International Bandy

AR: “The Baku 2015 European Games will be a transformational, sustainable and innovative event for athletes and fans, and a new model for continental multi-sport Games. “No major Games has ever been delivered against such short deadlines. “We are determined to be innovative, to try new concepts and deliver an event that makes all of Europe proud. “Our experience of hosting the Games will also leave a lasting legacy in Azerbaijan, creating worldclass sports facilities and developing the expertise to establish our country as a genuine world centre of sporting excellence.” The Daily: How can delegates find out more about what Azerbaijan has to offer? AR: “The most immediate way to do so is to download the free Event App where they can discover everything that they wish to know. “I would also invite delegates to visit the Baku 2015 European Games website at www.baku2015. com.”

The FAI, the global governing body of air sports, has appointed Susanne Schödel as its new Secretary General. Schödel is a world-class glider pilot and a two-time winner of the FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships. “I can contribute my expertise in the management of non-profit organisations, as well as my knowledge of air sports in general and gliding in particular,” Schödel said. “It will be a pleasure for me to work with all stakeholders of the FAI and to ensure a good strategy and structure within the whole Federation.”

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has signed a groundbreaking partnership with Loughborough University in England to establish a dedicated ‘innovation centre’. The FIH will look to utilise the expertise and resource of Loughborough University to drive its strategic objectives and expand its delivery capability. The two organisations will work together on developing a “new and dynamic”, entertainment-focused complementary game designed to help hockey reach new markets. Loughborough’s acclaimed School of Business and Economics will also assist the FIH in developing a strategic 10-year plan that will run until 2024.


Contemporary Group’s success


new deal: Stephen V. Mirabile

portAccord Convention Gold Partner Contemporary Group has announced further major event success with its Canadian entity, Contemporary Security Canada (CSC), being awarded the contract to provide private security services at the Pan/Parapan Am Games to be held in Toronto, Ontario in 2015. Following Contemporary Group’s successful work on the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games as the Official Supplier of Event Services, this latest appointment by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) underlines Contemporary Group’s credentials as a leading service provider for major events. “We are very excited to work with our client on this important project,” Stephen V. Mirabile, President of Contemporary Group, said. “We will bring our experience from past Canadian projects

The addition of the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) to the Membership of the International World Games Association (IWGA) will encourage closer ties between the sport’s National Associations and National Olympic Committees, according to WAKO Acting President Espen Lund. There are hopes that kickboxing will be introduced to the World Games as an invitational sport for the next edition of the multisport event in Wroclaw, Poland in 2017 after WAKO was welcomed into the IWGA family earlier this week. “Being a Member of the

IWGA will strengthen relations between our Member Associations and their respective National Olympic Committees,” Lund told The Daily. “Ninety-four of our 122 National Associations are recognised by their National Olympic Committees, with the remainder in the process of applying.” WAKO’s breakthrough with the IWGA was confirmed on Monday in a country of particular importance to the sport. There are now 150,000 Members of the National Kickboxing Association in Turkey, making it the second largest national body in the WAKO family.

astana draws stars An array of Olympic champions delivered a statement of intent from a fledgling sports club which has ambitions to blaze a trail of success with its member teams. The Astana Presidential Professional Sports Club was only founded in December 2012, but it has already secured the involvement of some of the world’s best athletes and is making strides towards adding expertise and investment from sponsors. Darkhan Kaletayev, Chairman of the Club’s board of directors, spoke of an annual budget for the Club of $100 million as he addressed a media gathering in the JTA Business Club at SportAccord Convention. He added that more investment is expected as Multisports Club ‘Astana’ develops its offer to athletes and to businesses. Based in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, the Club is owned by the country’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna, of which Kaletayev is Managing Director. He said the Fund, which owns more than 500 companies, has a history of supporting sports projects and the decision was taken to bring them all under one organisation. Alongside Kaletayev were Club ambassadors Alexander Vinokourov, a London 2012 Olympic cycling gold medallist, Ilya Ilyin, who won weightlifting golds in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012, Yuriy Melnichenko, winner of a wrestling gold at Atlanta 1996, and Valeri Tikhonenko, a member of the Soviet basketball team who won

including the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and the G8 and G20 Summits.” Contemporary Security Canada will recruit and train more than 5,000 Games time staff to protect 51 venues in the Greater Toronto Area. CSC is currently deploying a team of event professionals to kick off the planning effort in coordination with the OPP and Toronto 2015 Integrated Security Unit. “Contemporary Group has been a SportAccord Convention Gold Partner for 10 years in a row, during which time they have secured contracts to deliver services to the largest and highest profile events in the sport and political calendar,” said SportAccord Convention Managing Director Nis Hatt. “Their track record is second to none and we are certain the 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games in Toronto will benefit greatly from their involvement.”

gold at Seoul in 1988. Kaletayev said Multisports Club ‘Astana’ is home to nine elite clubs and two individual projects – the 25-year-old Ilyin and Denis Ten, the 20-year-old who followed up a silver medal at the 2013 ISU World Figure Skating Championships with a bronze at Sochi earlier this year. He added that while the Club will not focus on one particular sport, 75 per cent of the budget will be allocated to three teams – cycling, with Vinokourov as the Astana Pro Team General Manager; football, with the team due to compete in the Europa League next season; and ice hockey, with the team currently selling out their matches in the Russian KHL days in advance. Kaletayev said: “Sport in Kazakhstan is growing at all levels. At London 2012 we achieved our best ever performance at an Olympic Games by winning seven golds and 13 medals overall. The ‘Astana’ brand has already played a huge part in that success. “Bringing together these teams into one club will benefit all our teams. Centralising world-class facilities will allow us to exchange best practice, improve our performances and make the most effective use of our resources. “Our teams are already well established thanks to a long-standing partnership with Samruk-Kazyna, but we are aiming to grow even more. “In two years we want the Club’s brand and ambitions to be known globally, and we will be looking to attract international partners from big companies investing in Kazakhstan.”

9 atos sets targets Sport represents an increasingly important market for IT services company Atos, according to Fabrice Doreau, Head of Strategic Business – Atos Olympics and Major Events. In February, Atos, which is an exhibitor at SportAccord Convention (stand No.83), extended a Worldwide TOP Partnership deal with the International Olympic Committee through to 2020. “It’s a 10-year vision, and the deal provides a good indication of the importance of the sports market to Atos,” Doreau told The Daily. “Atos is the only major IT company that has a sports department. We started with the 1992 Olympic Games and it was such a success the sports unit was established.” Doreau added that Atos is targeting more work in the industry. “We are now targeting all multisport events and also we work with International Federations and have solutions for single-sport events,” he said. “Data is an asset for a Federation as it can be easily exported. We don’t only work on events, but also on the daily activities of the Federations. “Our products range from B2B to B2C and, above all, we drive innovation.”



news robert gruman

Managing Partner, PwC Global Sports Mega-Events Centre of Excellence

The Daily: Looking back at Sochi 2014, how was it for PwC? Robert Gruman: “It was fantastic. PwC is really proud to have played a significant, behind-thescenes role in helping Dmitry Chernyshenko and his team to make Sochi 2014 such a success. We carried out over 200 projects alongside the Organising Committee in our five years of partnership leading up to the Games – such as being involved in all the planning, test events and operational readiness exercises – so we were confident that things would go well. But Sochi 2014 actually exceeded our expectations. We brought over 300 guests down to the Games and their feedback was very positive.” The Daily: Could you tell us about the ‘Sochi model’ - is this something you hope to apply to your involvement in other events? RG: “One of the key decisions we made as consultant to the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee in the early stages of planning was to introduce the concept of a project-based organisation. We also applied an integrated, clientoriented approach to preparing the Games. “These two elements – project-oriented organisation and client-oriented approach – are at the heart of the ‘Sochi model’ that we created along with the Organising Committee. “This model helped to manage the many standalone projects and activities that went into

‘We brought over 300 guests to the Games and their feedback was very postive’

planning the Games. It helped ensure that the Organising Committee’s activities were integrated into one complex of interrelated programmes and projects – all pointed towards implementing the overall strategy of the Games. “We actually used a similar approach in our role as consultant to the Kazan 2013 Universiade. Given the success of both Kazan 2013 and Sochi 2014, we are really excited about the possibility of applying this approach on upcoming major events – both in Russia and beyond.” The Daily: Looking forward, what are PwC’s

next major projects in sport? RG: “PwC is a sizeable global professional services network and we have colleagues around the world involved in lots of projects in sport. “To name just a few in the major events space, our colleagues in China are serving as financial services provider to the Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games, our colleagues in several of the 2022 Olympic Winter Games candidate cities have done work in support of those bids, we’ve recently been engaged by the Brazilian Ministry of Sport to carry out consulting for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and in Doha we’ve begun working with the Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy on planning for 2022. “I would just add that PwC is extremely pleased to be serving as a Gold Partner to SportAccord Convention for the second year in a row, allowing us to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones!”

The SportBusiness Ultimate Sport City Awards 2014 will take place this morning from 09.0009.30 in the SportAccord Convention Café. Thirty cities on the shortlist have been evaluated by Head Judge Rachael Church-Sanders according to the size and volume of events they have hosted or will host over the eight-year period from 2010 to 2018. Winners in various categories will be announced, plus an overall winner. SportBusiness International is a Media Partner of SportAccord Convention.

It looks like the networking at sport’s No.1 global gathering may have worn out SportAccord Convention’s youngest ever delegate. Two-month-old Leonora Jost (pictured) has been attending the Convention in Belek/Antalya with her mother Ingrid, who is an Executive Board Member of the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA).


dmittedly, John Amaechi’s weekend research project was something of a social media straw poll rather than an authentic scientific study, but his Twitter challenge to identify the top five issues in sport produced some interesting results. “Big, meaty sociological challenges” are what the towering figure asked his 18,000-plus followers to flag up. They responded with such concerns as safety, expense, lack of opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds and disconnection between elite athletes and the grassroots. However, the list didn’t include doping, illegal betting or other forms of cheating, which should make Amaechi’s presence at SportAccord Convention thoughtprovoking and potentially explosive. Amaechi is a psychologist, organisational consultant and high-performance executive coach. He is also a New York Times bestselling author, a former NBA basketball player and a senior fellow at the Applied Centre for Emotional Literacy, Learning and Research. On Thursday he will discuss ‘The Integrity Issue’ alongside Chris Eaton, Director of Sport Integrity at the International Centre for Sport Security, Gianni Merlo, a journalist with Gazzetta dello Sport and President of Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive, and Friedrich Stickler, President of the European Lotteries. The session will tackle the scale and breadth of cheating in sport, “from doping to match-fixing to gamesmanship”. It comes a year after outgoing International

‘We should address poor leadership in sport governance’ Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge told SportAccord Convention that doping and illegal betting were two of the biggest issues in sport. “The responses I received were not even close to Rogge’s perception,” Amaechi told The Daily. “One of the reasons I sent the tweet was to find out people’s opinions. I have always been convinced that the perceptions of the major federations are entirely out of touch with what people really feel are the main problems.” Amaechi’s priority is to give kids a sporting chance with good facilities and tuition, with action to remove the barriers that prevent inclusion and with improvements to safety. “This idea that the issue is doping or gambling is just not what people really feel,” he said. “What they feel is that there are practical things in the way of their involvement in sport – things like the invisible crisis in coaching. The idea that young people are having devastating experiences with poorly-qualified, poorly-skilled and, in some cases, poorlyintuitive coaches – that’s more important than whether somebody is gambling in Singapore.”

Amaechi’s athletes of the future also need help with funding and encouragement to remove obstacles presented by race and gender. He said: “If you want to play basketball, it will cost £40 to hire a court for an hour and, even with 10 of you, how is that possible five times a week if you want to be any good at all? “There is a hidden conversation about which kids are deemed to fit into which sports. Everybody knows what type of kids play football. It’s upper-middle class white and black boys and some girls; it’s not Asian boys and girls. In cricket, white and Afro-Caribbean boys play together and Asian boys play together – but they don’t all play together.” Amaechi’s concerns on safety extend from the crashes in the intensity of the action to the crippling force of depression. “There is an unfortunate list of professional athletes and former professional athletes who have killed themselves due to those pressures not being handled well,” he said. Amaechi’s answer is a call to action aimed at sport itself, which he also blames for fuelling doping problems. “We can talk about performanceenhancing drugs, but from the perspective of sport having questions to answer because they have developed an arms race between doping and anti-doping,” he added. “Sport is complicit in the taking of performance-enhancing drugs. Sport knows that a certain level of achievement is possible without enhancement, yet it demands more than that. Did anybody really think that you could ride through the Alps for two weeks every single day without any help? Did anybody believe that? Does anybody still believe that?” Ask Amaechi about the part to be played by the media and the funders, and he gives a flavour of what to expect when representatives from those sectors join him on the panel. “The media want the sensational scoop, but they don’t want to have to go through the due diligence that highlights the issues. That’s the domain of the one-hour TV documentaries,” he said. “But I honestly don’t think the majority of people think betting in sport is the problem. That’s borne out by the UK Government’s position on betting, by the fact that every poor neighbourhood high street has two or three betting shops. “Sport talks about itself as this global entity that can change the world, creating global peace for the two weeks of the Olympics, but when it comes to its responsibility to use sport for the furtherance of human dignity, they fail again and again. We should address the poor leadership in sport governance, the hypocrisy of sport going to places and supporting regimes that kill, and that don’t use sport for the furtherance of human dignity. “I am entirely at odds with the perspective of doping and gambling being the biggest problems. I am not suggesting they are not important and in an ideal world when sport itself has taken care of its own business they would be important issues to get hold of, but not until it’s taken care of its own internal business.”   John Amaechi OBE will speak on the session, ‘The Integrity Issue’, from 14.00-15.00 during the Conference Programme today.


integrity: John Amaechi

looking at sport’s big issues

Picture courtesy of Amaechi Performance Systems

the big interview


social Today at a glance

jump: Convention speaker Sébastien Foucan demonstrates freerunning at Susesi Luxury Resort

ALL DAY – SportAccord Convention Exhibition 10.30-16.30 – SportAccord Convention Conference (Main Auditorium) 10.30-11.00 – Re-Discovering the Soul of Sport (Sébastien Foucan) 11.00-12.00 – Youth Club 14.00-15.00 – The Integrity Issue 15.00-15.15 – Conference Closing Remarks


09.00-17.00 – IOC EB (IOC EB Meeting Room) 10.00-13.30 – SportAccord Council Meeting (IF Meeting Room) 13.30-17.30 – ARISF/WADA Anti-Doping Coaching and Training Session (Press Briefing Room)

foucan’s giant leap


ébastien Foucan, the founder of the breathtaking art of freerunning, will provide ‘a perspective from 007 to the inner city’ to kick off the final day of the Main Conference Programme for SportAccord Convention 2014. Foucan, who achieved global fame for his escapades in the ‘Casino Royale’ James Bond 007 film, will explain to delegates how his movement has captured the imagination of youngsters worldwide from 10.3011.00 in the Main Auditorium. Foucan, pictured above displaying his art on the site of Susesi Luxury Resort and Convention Centre yesterday, offered a brief insight into freerunning in an interview in The Daily on Tuesday, but there is so much more for delegates to learn about this captivating movement and how it taps into urban youth markets. The second session of the day, ‘Youth Club’, will feature a panel of young people sharing their thoughts on sport. FINA Swimming world champion Katinka Hosszu, who is interviewed on p4 of today’s edition of The


on the water: The Sports Demo Zone included stand-up paddle in the Susesi pool Daily, will participate in the session alongside IAAF high jumper Alessia Trost. Also on the panel will be AIPS young reporter Petr Sedivy, Paralympic athlete and former Bath rugby player Megan Harris, and Nick Butler, a reporter at, which is a Media Partner of SportAccord Convention. The panel will be moderated by Prof. Andy Miah, Director of the Creative Futures Institute at the

University of the West of Scotland. The Main Conference Programme will wrap up after a final Plenary Panel Session on ‘The Integrity Issue’. In an unmissable session, a panel of experts in the field of integrity will offer their insights into the challenges facing sport. John Amaechi, OBE, Managing Director of Amaechi Performance Systems, who is ‘The Big Interview’ on p11 of The Daily today, will take part in the panel alongside Chris Eaton, the Director of Sport Integrity of International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), who is featured on p5. Andreas Krannich, Managing Director of Strategy and Integrity at Sportradar AG, who offered a glimpse into his company’s work in the integrity sector in yesterday’s edition of The Daily, is also on the panel, alongside AIPS President Gianni Merlo, WADA President Sir Craig Reedie and Friedrich Stickler, President of The European Lotteries. The conclusion of the Main Conference Programme will precede the official Closing Ceremony, which will start at 19.00.


09.00-09.30 – SportBusiness Breakfast with Ultimate Sport City Awards 2014 (SportAccord Convention Café) 16.00-16.30 – IOC President’s Press Conference (Main Auditorium)


Aquatics, Draughts, Taekwondo, Sambo


13.00-14.00 – Lunch (Exhibition Area) 17.00-18.30 – Exhibition Showcase cocktail (Exhibition Area) 19.00-22.30 – Closing Event for all participants 19.00-23.30 – SportAccord Convention After-Hours Official Bar


TODAY: 06.30-07.30 – Group Run/Walk (lobby of official Convention hotels at 06.15) TOMORROW: 06.30-07.30 – Group Run/Walk (lobby of official Convention hotels at 06.15)


The Daily - Issue #4 - Thursday 10 April 2014  

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