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It was 20 years ago

that I started building paddles on my parent’s lanai in Kailua. My one-person paddle shop generated a lot of noise and dust; the only relief for the neighbors was rainy windy days when my blue tarp walls failed to protect me. Our neighbors must have thrown a block party when in August of 1992, a Matson shipping container, filled to capacity with my tools, headed off to Bend, Oregon. Twenty years later I realize I am one of the lucky ones. The curiosity that drove me to build the first two paddles as wedding gifts remains and I still get up each morning excited to get into my shop and work on my next project. It seems an impossible task to thank everyone who has been a part of our KIALOA family all these years. In the words of JFK, “…we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.” Each day at KIALOA we live like we paddle by following our guiding principles and understanding that it is the entire community, together on the water, that makes this 20th anniversary possible. Aloha and Mahalo,

Dave Chun

6 - 10 inches

SIZING YOUR STAND-UP PADDLE As a general guide, add 6-10 inches to your height to determine paddle length. If you plan to use your paddle predominantly in the surf or in downwind conditions, go to the lower end of the range. For flatwater conditions, where you are standing in a more upright position, go to the higher end of the range. Cover Photo: Kevin Voegtlin

IKAIKA SERIES KIALOA's IKAIKA™ Series draws its strength from revolutionary Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRT®) technology which adds the performance benefits of carbon and glass fibers to the strength of thermoplastic polymers, creating amazingly lightweight yet virtually indestructible paddles at an incredible price.


CFRT blade/Fiberglass shaft The Pupu is the foundation of the IKAIKA Series. It features a solid blade utilizing CFRT® technology, a 100% fiberglass shaft and a comfortable fiberglass palm grip. The impact-resistant green blade also features KIALOA's PowerARC™ design and a dihedral on the powerface. The Pupu is an excellent paddle for those who are new to the sport of stand up paddling. Surface Area: 97 sq in Blade Width: 8"



CFRT blade/Carbon and Fiberglass shaft The Hapa is the mid-range paddle in the IKAIKA Series. It features a revolutionary cored CFRT® blade which enhances strengthto-weight ratio. The blade also features KIALOA's PowerARC™ design and a dihedral on the powerface. The shaft of the Hapa is a blend of carbon and fiberglass, providing a balance of strength and stiffness, and the comfortable palm grip is fiberglass. The Hapa’s impact-resistant blue blade is available in small and large sizes.

CFRT blade/ Carbon shaft The Lau Lau is the premier paddle in the IKAIKA Series. It represents the ultimate in strength-to-weight ratio with a cored CFRT® blade that is engineered with a blend of carbon and glass fibers, a 100% carbon fiber shaft and a carbon T-top. The Lau Lau's black blade is designed with KIALOA's PowerARC™ for a superior catch and a dihedral in the powerface. The lightweight and impact-resistant blade is available in small and large sizes.

Blade Length: 16 ½" Weight: 28 oz

Hapa Large

Hapa Small

Surface Area: 100 sq in

Surface Area 89 sq in

Blade Width: 8 ¾"

Blade Width: 7 ½"

Blade Length: 16 ½"

Blade Length: 16 ½"

Weight: 26 oz

Weight: 26 oz

Lau Lau Large

Lau Lau Small

Surface Area 100 sq in

Surface Area 89 sq in

Blade Width: 8 ¾"

Blade Width: 7 ½"

Blade Length: 16 ½"

Blade Length: 16 ½"

Weight: 25 oz

Weight: 25 oz

* CFRT is a registered trademark of PMC



FULL CARBON PERFORMANCE SERIES During the past 20 years, we have become known for our top-of-the-line high performance paddles. Our full carbon paddles are still the ones to have when only the best will do. Engineered with an ideal strength-to-weight ratio to perform for our top athletes, each paddle features an ovalized tapered carbon shaft, a carbon PowerARC™ blade design with a 10-degree bend and a carbon Ergo-T. With each stroke you will feel a clean sharp catch and energy efficient stiffness to power you through the water.




The Pipes is the first stand up paddle built with women in mind. Female athletes have always been a priority at KIALOA since half the company is made up of women paddlers. The Pipes is light and quick with a narrower blade profile that better fits the biomechanics of the female paddler. This paddle is ideal in the surf and will keep you fresh and strong in a long distance race.

The Methane remains the bestselling surf paddle since it hit the market two years ago. The 8" wide blade is perfect for the quick starts and turns necessary for maneuvering a SUP board in the surf.

Versatile like legendary waterman Mel Puu, the Shaka excels in all SUP disciplines: racing, surfing and flatwater paddling. The Shaka Puu has been Chuck Patterson's paddle of choice for the last three years.

Full Carbon

Surface Area: 87 sq in Blade Width: 7 3/8" Blade Length: 16 1/2" Weight: 21 oz Colors: Black, Pink Monstera, Blue Monstera Made in USA



Full Carbon

Surface Area: 97 sq in Blade Width: 8"

Full Carbon

Blade Length: 16 1/2"

Surface Area: 100 sq in

Weight: 21 oz

Blade Width: 8 5/8"

Colors: Black, Pink Monstera, Blue Tattoo

Blade Length: 16 1/2"

Made in USA

Weight: 22 oz Colors: Black, Yellow Tattoo, Blue Tattoo Made in USA

HINALEA ADJUSTABLE SERIES KIALOA's Hinalea™ Series is our answer to the adjustable length stand up paddle. With a telescoping adjustability you can find the perfect height to fit your entire family or various paddling conditions. The Hinalea line features a foam core composite blade edged in Dynel, our bomber black anodized shaft made of seamless 6061-T6 aluminum and a hand shaped bass-wood Ergo-T™.


Full Carbon

The Nalu has the largest blade profile in the KIALOA SUP line-up. The large blade provides maximum power for downwind racing and flatwater sprinting. If you are strong, fit and fast the Nalu is the paddle to put you on the podium. Surface Area: 108 sq in Blade Width: 9 1/4" Blade Length: 16 1/2" Weight: 26 oz Colors: Black, Blue Monstera, Yellow Tattoo Made in USA


Composite blade/ Aluminum shaft

This Hinalea has 19 inches of infinite adjustability allowing a range from 67 to 86 inches. Covering such a large range of sizes makes this the perfect paddle for rentals, families and multiple water conditions. Surface Area: 100 sq in Blade Width: 8 1/16" Blade Length: 16 1/2" Weight: 34 oz Made in USA


Composite blade/ Aluminum shaft

So that no one is left out of the fun, we created a shorter version of the Hinalea Adjustable with a range from 50 to 69 inches. This SUP for kids can grow with your little surfer and can be shared with friends and family. Surface Area: 100 sq in Blade Width: 8 1/16" Blade Length: 16 1/2" Weight: 30 oz Made in USA

KIALOA highly recommends rinsing your Hinalea Adjustable paddle after each use. Pull the telescoping shaft entirely out and rinse with fresh water, inside and out. KIALOA 2011


NEOPRENE BLADE COVER KIALOA's Neoprene Blade Cover was designed to fit all of our SUP blades. The cover protects your blade from sun damage and insulates against the heat of direct sunlight. A unique protective flap inside also protects your paddle from direct contact with the zipper and cushions against impact. With a front zipper pocket you have a great place to store your keys or an energy bar. Color: Blue



Protect your board and your car with KIALOA tie-down straps. The cam is covered by a protective pad sewn onto the strap which prevents it from scratching the finish on any of your toys. The strap is 1-inch wide by 9-feet long providing enough length to strap down an OC-1, OC-2 or stand up board.

Our 100% preshrunk cotton T-shirt features our large KIALOA logo front and back.

Color: Blue



Sizes: S, M, L, XL




Size: 9" x 5" | Colors: Pink, White or Natural on clear vinyl

Size: 5" x 4.25" | Colors: Pink, White or Yellow on die-cut vinyl



Size: 12" x 4" | Colors: Blue or Black on clear vinyl

Size: 3.5" x 5.5" | Color: White and Grey on clear vinyl

6" KIALOA LOGO STICKER Size: 6" x 2" | Color: Blue on clear vinyl

Photo: Dave Chun







We strive for excellence

We honor the traditions of the past

Our employees

In our product and our service

And dreams of the future

Our customers

Through the pursuit of innovation

By caring

And our business partners

And commitment to quality

For people

We are all in this together




And our environment

Photo: Dave Chun

KIALOA® Paddles 747 SE Business Way, Ste 6 Bend, OR 97702

Ph: 541-382-5355 Fax: 541-382-5552

KIALOA WARRANTY: Our products have a one year warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and craftsmanship. If you experience any problems with a KIALOA product please contact us directly. Proof of purchase is required to qualify for a warranty repair or replacement. Defective products will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of KIALOA. Damage due to wear and tear or misuse can often be repaired at a reasonable cost. For more information please visit or call 541-382-5355. Catalog ©2011 KIALOA PADDLES, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Images and photographs ©2011 KIALOA Paddles or their respective owners.

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Catalogo Pagaie KIALOA

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