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Crop Tops: I’

ve been seeing this fashion style all over the streets of Melbourne (plus shopping centres) and from what I’ve gathered so far most people can’t pull this 80’s style off. Some people say, “If you got it, flaunt it.” Well this goes with this kind of fashion. If you know you’ve got the body for it, then what you need to do next is find the right pair of pants or skirt to go with it.

What about trying to pair it with, erm, I don’t know, maybe a high waisted pant just like this girl from chictopia. That way you don’t show too much skin and look more ‘classy’ as opposed to ‘skanky’.


She’s one of the examples of someone that can pull off both the cropped top and the high waisted pants. These girls also pull it off by choosing the right accessories:

Fashion Trend or Crime?


She also pulls it off really well in the first picture even with that neon flat, but not so much in the second picture, it looks like she’s trying too hard, it could be the skirt that doesn’t go with the top. (Via Alisa M @ lookbook)

Cute! She pulls off the pants really well too. We all know that not many people can pull of high-waisted pants/ skirts, but let’s not go too far on this topic because we want to focus on the cropped tops rather than highwaisted fashion.

Even Rihanna can’t pull it off: The combination between the brown harem pants (I’ve written about this fashion fad back in issue #3) and that cropped top makes her look big and she looks like she has droopy hips and bottom.

What about on Daisy Lowe? It’s acceptable, but then again I can’t see people on the street wearing that and actually pulling it off. She needs to replace the furry vest with something else I reckon.

I personally don’t like this trend (or should we call it a fad?) because MOST, I repeat, MOST people I see on the street don’t look good with it. Mind you, I know I’ve got the body to wear them (I doubt I can pull it off) - but if I really had to wear it, I would only wear it at the beach as a cover up or as a layer. This means I’ll have something underneath that cropped top instead of showing off my belly too much. - Hannah Kim

You still need the right body to pull it off. It doesn’t matter if you’re confident wearing it, because honestly you can look pregnant wearing high-waisted jeans. Bad example of pairing both:

She might not look skanky but the top and the pants (and the hats plus the clutch) don’t compliment her body at all. I can’t even tell what type of body shape she’s got.

Oh God no.

Mischa Burton (far left) looks like a junkie! Especially with that eye make up and the hair! She needs a better stylist! While the rest, uhh, not sure - but I know you wouldn’t see me wearing THOSE kind of clothes on the street.

Talk about being skanky and trashy at the same time… 6

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