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CBS (Sponge Original)

An original creation from the Sponge team, formally known as Carpet Beer Soccer but once we realised the name was lame it was changed to CBS. What you will need for this game are 4 willing players, 5 empty beer cans, an odd shaped soft ball (The Sponge team uses a plush Aussie Rules football) and a large rug or a large imaginative rectangle. Each player chooses a corner of the rug and places an empty beer can there and someone places the remaining beer can in the centre of the rug. Play is simple- you aim and kick the ball towards a player’s empty can and if you are successful in knocking it over they must drink. Or if you fancy you may aim for the middle and if you knock that can over everyone except you must drink. You cannot attempt a shot at the middle 2 times in a row or you must drink. Other rules include not stepping onto or over the rug while kicking the ball and not being able to try block your can. Rebounds off objects and other people still count if they knock over a can.


Waterfall (A.K.A Kings)

This game is best played with a mid to large group of people. Some preparation is needed before playing but it is worth it in the end. You will need a deck of cards, a beer carton/slab box, a jug, some shot glasses and plenty of alcohol and creativity! The game is quite simple. Spread the deck of cards face down around the table and take it in turns to pick a card and perform whatever rule is associated with that card. Here’s a set of rules the Sponge team like to use:

Waterfall Card Actions:

2: Pour A Shot – Pour a shot of whatever drink you are drinking into the jug in the middle. 3: Pour A Shot – Pour a shot of whatever drink you are drinking into the jug in the middle. 4: Skull – Finish your drink as quick as possible. 5: Drink - Drink for five seconds. 6: Toilet Break – You can leave the table to go to the toilet. Only one person can have a toilet card at any one time. 7: Thumbs – This person at any time can put their thumb on the table and the last person to catch on and copy the action must drink. 8: Rule Card – Possibly one of the most exciting cards in the game. This card allows you to make up a rule, which all players must abide by for the remainder of the game. Some that the sponge team have enjoyed include: drink with your opposite hand, refrain from using people’s names and taking off a piece of clothing on certain card pickups. 9: Box Head – A Sponge favourite, you must wear the beer carton on your head until someone else picks up a 9 or you drink. Get creative with the box and cut it into a helmet. 10: Silence – You are not allowed to talk, if you do you must take a shot. Only one person can have this card at one time. J: Guys Drink – All males must drink. Q: Girls Drink - All females must drink. K: The Jug – The most damaging card in the game. The terrifying jug card means you must drink whatever is in the jug, no matter what it smells like! If you are lucky there may be nothing in there, but it’s always a crowd pleaser to see someone drink a concoction of beer, vodka and whatever else people are drinking.

A: Waterfall - Everyone drinks, starting with the person who picked up the card but you cannot stop drinking until the person who started drinking before you stops.

Sponge Magazine #5  

Sponge Magazine Issue 5

Sponge Magazine #5  

Sponge Magazine Issue 5