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This game is also fun when played sober but it’s a great drinking game. It is best played with 4-6 people. All you need is a deck of cards and a good poker face. The deck is dealt out to all players and the person who has the three of clubs starts by placing that three of clubs and whatever other threes they may have face down. The next person must put down a card/s higher or lower than a three, (so a two or a four) and this rule follows for any other card placed down. If you don’t have either of these cards, lie and be convincing dammit! For if you’re not and someone calls your bluff you must drink and take all the facedown cards in the middle. On the odd occasion, when someone falsely accuses you they must drink and take the cards. The winner is decided when a person has run out of cards, play can still continue but once it gets down to 2 people the game is over.

It’s a Saturday night, you have a few friends over, you’re all drinking but everyone’s getting bored and you need something to liven up the party… well have no fear because Sponge has recommended their top 5 drinking games.



This is a classic, which I’m sure anyone who has ever been bored while drinking has played before. All you need are players, beer and a shallow glass. All players sit around the table with the glass in the middle and try and bounce a quarter into the glass. If successful, the player who bounced the quarter into the glass may choose someone to drink and will get an additional turn. If a player can successfully bounce the quarter 3 times before it falls into the cup they can also make a rule, like my favourite, “drink before each turn”. If the rules are not followed the offender must finish a full beer without stopping.


Sponge Magazine #5  
Sponge Magazine #5  

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