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March 24, 2011

Gallery East features 50 years of Shakespeare

photos courtesy of Gallery East

Photos taken from the play featured in the Shakespeare festival throughout the years. Exhibit runs from March 16 through April 7.

USU Eastern—Gallery East presents We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On, an exhibition celebrating 50 years of the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Running from March 16 through April 7, this exhibit features photographs from years past and provides an educational history of the award-winning festival. This commemorative exhibit celebrates 50 years of the Utah Shakespearean Festival as seen through

the eyes of its artists, audiences, and community. From its beginnings in 1961, to an internationallyknown professional theatre company which received the 2000 Tony Award for “Outstanding Regional Theatre,” the Utah Shakespearean Festival has provided education, enrichment and entertainment for Utahns and thousands of visitors. The pieces in this traveling exhibit trace the evolu-

tion of this internationally-recognized theatre company. The exhibit features some thirty photographs documenting history of the festival and includes a number of images showing the colorful productions which have been produced on the festival. The title of the exhibit is taken from the character Prospero in The Tempest, and it suggests the kind of creativity and dramatic spirit that has fueled the work-

ings of the Utah Shakespearean Festival for decades. The images in the exhibit illustrate the many talented actors and participants in this widely enjoyed festival. Attendance at Gallery East is free and open to the public during the academic year from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Mondays-Thursdays. Contact Noel Carmack at 435.613.5213 or e-mail at for additional information.

New residential life coordinator is welcomed with open arms Kristen Zarucchi-Mize staff writer

Blaney Hanvey has replaced John Haky as the residential life coordinator. She is excited to be working with the students living in the residence halls. She says it gives her an opportunity to see the different side of students, apart from how they run their academic lives. She heard about the position through the college website and applied in January. She graduated from CEU and wanted to return to a comfortable working place.

Hanvey thinks that since USU-Eastern is a smaller school, it provides a lot of opportunities to students and gives everyone a chance to be involved. She is looking forward to going to the resident hall activities to get to know students living there. Since she has started the new job, she has learned a lot about regulations and rules to make residential life run smoothly. All departments such as the housing directors and residential advisors have to work together in order to deal with the concerns of students. When she first started working here, Alex Herzog, Sharon Jones and the rest of the staff welcomed her with open arms. She said that the opportunity to call the previ-

ous residential life coordinator, John Haky, for any questions about her new position is available to her at all times. Hanvey has a master’s degree in student affairs and was a residential advisor at Southern Utah University’s campus, which she attended. She says that not a lot of students know her yet. She feels that because she came in half way through the year, students are already set in their routines. She added that she would like the students to know that they are welcome to come in to her office if they have any concerns or ideas. Her office is located on the second floor of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center.

Book signing with author, James C. Wilson Mae Goss

editor in chief

Signing will be on March 28 in the JLSC.

Who says life is fair? James C. Wilson, author of a book titled Who Says Life Is Fair?, knows all about the unfairness of life. Wilson has become friends with a devoted and loving father, whose relationships with his adult children are lost to him, but who leads a rich and rewarding life in spite of that fact. Wilson was intrigued by this man’s unique story and undertook to chronicle the drama of his life, as well as the uplifting victory he has had over misfortune and loss. He believes that there is no more important role in life than parenthood. Loren Temple, the father of the main character in Wilson’s book, believes the same thing. Temple’s marriage survived 20 years before it ended. However, he realized this after six years, when the realization hit him that it would never work out between him and his wife, as he felt like he was finishing raising his wife rather than being married to her. Though the marriage had

complications, both cared for their two children, unconditionally. Wilson said this book was written to, first of all, get on the record for all time what really happened and, secondly, as a contribution one life can have for the world. He has been writing for many years and has loved expressing himself with writing. Wilson started writing Who Says Life Is Fair? because, as the story goes for Temple, “There’s not too much worse that can happened to a person than to lose your children. But it doesn’t have to wreck your life.” As advice to aspiring writers, Wilson said to, “Keep at it! There can be some really mean people . . . criticism is a good thing, but brutality is not. Suck it up and tough it out.” In response to his book title, Wilson said, “No, it’s not. But none of that really matters as long as it’s possible to be happy.” His marriage is a successful one, with 15 happy years on the books and many more anticipated. Wilson will be selling his book on the USUEastern campus on Monday, March 28, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the JLSC. His book is also available on

Price Floral Inc. 44 West Main Price UT 84501 (435) 637-2731 Jackie Davis, Owner

West Price Exit 240 111 No. 800 W. (Gopher Blvd) 637-1840


“They’re not just flowers, they’re feelings.”

Laughed enough today?

6 p.m. every other Wednesday Next show is March 30th Little Theatre located in the SAC building. It’s free!

photo by Sammie Fugate/The Eagle

Hanvey is excited to be working with the students.

Battle of the Bands: Attack at the BDAC VI

Kelton Wells guest writer

The sixth annual Battle of the Bands took place in the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center on the Price campus of USU-Eastern Saturday, March 19. The brain child of Associate Professor of Communication Troy Hunt, the Battle of the Bands is sponsored each spring by the campus radio station, 89.7 The Edge, and was cosponsored this year by Castle Valley Entertainment. Several community businesses were also responsible for the success of the event. “We had a wonderful outpouring from the community,” stated Hunt. “Numerous local businesses including A Cut Above Salon, Bicycle Works, Charlie’s Pawn, Lee’s Music, Marsha’s Sammich Shop, Price Floral Group, Skin Ink Tattoo, and Supreme Auto Center all provided support in the form of cash and material donations

to 89.7 The Edge.” This year saw, for the first time, the participation of 11 bands (the event is normally limited to 10), and also for the first time, the participation of a solo artist, Mark Swink. Each band is allowed to play a 15-minute set and are then judged based on the following criteria: overall presentation, artistic impression, talent and musical expertise, overall sound and mix, visual presentation, crowd response and adherence to time constraints. This year’s four-member judging panel was comprised of Carl Potter, Tammy Erikson, Mallery Dunn from Mornings with Mallery on KRPX The Peak and Jordan Buscarini from Drive Time Sports on KOAL. Winners at this year’s battle were First Place, Snap Whistle Scream; Second Place, Mark Swink; and Third Place, Ember Ridge. The winners received $500, $300, and $200 prizes respectively. see Battle photos page 2

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Price Theater King Koal Theaters

04-March 24-2011  

6 p.m. every other Wednesday 44 West Main Price UT 84501 (435) 637-2731 Jackie Davis, Owner Mae Goss Kristen Zarucchi-Mize Kelton Wells page...

04-March 24-2011  

6 p.m. every other Wednesday 44 West Main Price UT 84501 (435) 637-2731 Jackie Davis, Owner Mae Goss Kristen Zarucchi-Mize Kelton Wells page...