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Hotbed of Human Life Science Technology

Synchronicity.’s member companies are composed of local and global key players, from small and middle-sized companies to research institutions associated with and independent of universities in southern and south-eastern Austria. Through the combination of world class competencies in technology, medicine and clinical practice, our members develop integrated products and services of the highest quality to deliver to the market.

Synchronicity. The goal of the cluster is to effectively integrate the economics, science, politics and the world of finance with the life sciences industry in Styria. The cluster actively supports collaborative agreements and business development.

Styria is one of the most attractive economic regions in Europe for technology investments. The core competencies of the region include:

Therapeutic Indications:

Areas of Industrial Research & Centers of Excellence:

- Inflammatory and metabolic diseases - Neurological diseases - Cardiovascular diseases - Cancer - Hardness of hearing, hearing impairment and prevention

- Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering - Research Center for Applied Biocatalysis - Biometric identification & security - Sensor technology and blood-gas analysis

Research Areas: - Molecular mechanisms of lipid-associated diseases - Neurosciences - Cancer research - Sustainable health research - Cardiovascular research - Nanotechnology - Biomedical engineering & simulation - Biotechnology - Process engineering & pharmaceutical technology - Functional MRT

Technology Park Reininghaus

Enabling Technologies: - Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) - Bioinformatics, telemedicine, e-Health - Logistics - Non-invasive diagnostics

Steirische Wirtschaftsfรถrderungsges.m.b.H.

Surging Ahead. Within the network, we have the ideal conditions to take products from discovery through development and testing and continue to the point of market introduction. Optimal conditions throughout the entire development process have made the region Europe’s medical ‚race track‘.

Surging Ahead. From fundamental to applied research, and from testing facilities to the possibility of extensive clinical studies, the region combines all necessary components to bring products and services to market-readiness as quickly as possible. Through the interaction of our basic resources with organized communication and unmatched conditions for cooperation, the development process can be accelerated to completion at an astonishing pace. We take seriously that the saving of time ultimately saves money. Styria forms an ideal marketplace for the introduction and testing of products and services within Austria. The internal market may be small, but Styria sees itself as part of a much larger European whole.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH, one of the largest research facilities in Austria operating independently of the universities, has majority owned by the Federal State of Styria.

Thanks to responsive decision making at the governmental level, it only took 18 months to take the initial idea for the Center of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Engineering right up to foundation meaning that network partners now have 30 million Euros available for their research.

The Competence Center for Applied Biocatalysis has been active since 2002 and is among one of three hotspots in Europe for the field of industrial biotechnology.

The Cluster Ethos: Personal contacts, conversations and cooperations are encouraged through FF Workshops, national and international trade fairs (Medica, Bio, etc.), cluster information systems, PR and marketing actions, contact brokering and management, etc.

The Ideal Framework. Styria, home to the network, is currently the region with the second-highest share of research in the whole of Austria at 3.9%. Within Austria, Styria has the highest number of national innovation prize winners. Some of the most creative minds in Europe study and research at the numerous universities and research facilities in Styria.

The Ideal Framework. No less than five universities and two non-university institutions are dedicated to the training of a new generation of highly committed students. Research and development efforts are concentrated in three non-university research facilities, 24 centers of excellence, and in Central Europe’s largest clinic. Within these, outstanding interdisciplinary teams operate and evolve between institutions boosted by open communication and an atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork. For example, NANONET-Styria supports and concentrates nanotechnology skills in Styria and coordinates their activities throughout all of Austria. The governments of Austria and Styria both fully support the idea of clusters and their development. In Styria approximately 7,500 people are currently employed by the 130 organizations in

the network sector, a number that is expected to increase to 12,000 by the year 2015. In addition, over the same period the economic value of the cluster is expected to double.

Core Facilities: - At the Center for Medical Research (ZMF; Zentrum für Medizinische Grundlagenforschung), the facilities and procedures meet internationally agreed standards. The core facilities of molecular biology, microscopy, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry/lipidomics and proteomics as well as ultrastructural analysis, support excellent projects focusing on a broad range of subjects from diabetes and liver research to stem cell research. - Biobank at the Medical University of Graz carries out fundamental research in the biosciences and medicine. - The Clinical Research Center is concerned with the development and testing of medical products, new medications and their modes of administration. - Artificial Vision Center in the Center for Medical Research – giving hope to the visually impaired.

Center for Medical Research (ZMF)

- The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging specializes in the latest imaging techniques for the objective evaluation of forensic problems concerning living individuals.

The Cluster Ethos: The cultural ethos of the Styrian cluster together with leading scientific and research institutions, ideas, visions and projects creates ideal conditions for the development of a wide range of eye catching projects.

Partnering. The cluster’s potential cooperation partners include both large and small companies in addition to research facilities and universities. Through interactions between a broad spectrum of participants, impressive synergies have the potential to emerge.

Partnering. More than two thirds of the 130 organizations and institutions work in the field of biomedical engineering, while the remaining third is active in pharmaceutical engineering or focused on specialized services. In leading companies in the pharmaceutical, cell therapy, medical devices and health management fields are just as active in business development as are providers of active ingredients, engineering, modular-component systems, intellectual property and specialized services. The broad spectrum of companies, combined with the close proximity of university-oriented and independent research facilities, leads to an unusually high degree of innovation. The adherence to international standards and regulations is essential in order to foster cooperation within the cluster and for competitive capabilities worldwide. The cluster’s information systems and experts serve to bring you together with the right partners.

Roche Diagnostics Graz Ltd. – One of the cluster’s key players

The Cluster Ethos: Cluster employees acquire industry-specific knowledge through a GxP training program, promotion workshops, ISO training, and intercompany learning or training (concerning quality, promotion, evidence adjusted engineering, etc).

Optimal Environment. Economic conditions in Styria have provided the impetus to form this network of human life science technology businesses. Already half of all resident companies in the industry have recognized the advantages of such a move and have decided to become members of

Optimal Environment. The cluster is the hub for companies in the field of human life science technology, establishing the mutual contacts necessary for B2B, B2Science and B2Business development. Although economy, science and politics have managed to maintain an effortless relationship, the tax environment also plays an essential role in the establishment of an organization. With a 25% corporate

Graz Tourismus/Hans Wiesenhofer

Approximately 1.2 Million people live in Styria, a beautiful landscape with endless possibilities: the Alps, Styrian Tuscany, and a vast series of lakes are part of the scenery.

income tax, the state offers attractive incentives for investors. In contrast, the tax rate in Germany is close to 40%. Additional exemptions from corporate income tax for research & development and for training costs effectively reduces the corporate income tax to approximately 22%. Graz-Reininghaus is the scene of one of Europe’s largest and most innovative central urban development projects. This new central district covers some 550,000 square metres and will meet the ideals of living and working in the future. is the property databank for Styrian business development and for the city of Graz - the perfect resource to find possible locations your company offices.

The Cluster Ethos: In common with related industry branches, plans for the future are continuously being drafted and evaluated. As part of this, future business is planned through something as simple as a fireside chat as well as discussions with industry experts, market research, market and trend analyses, etc.

Affirm Your Place in the Market. The Styrian cluster is on its way to becoming a leading network in the field of human life science technology. In order to achieve this goal, the cluster facilities and institutions support continuous network expansion by striving to attain new companies and new collaborations in the region. This expansion ultimately strengthens the region and positions the cluster as an international competence center for integrated healthcare solutions.

Affirm Your Place in the Market. The individual strength of a company or research facility is generally amplified through use of a networking partnership.

International Market Potential

Informational Advantage

- Professional, international market entry without additional costs - An improved image brought about by belonging to a cluster with a quality seal-of-approval - Improved accessibility through web resources

- Direct exchange with important organizations and persons in the specific field of industry - Access to information for developments and trends in the field - Exclusive access to premium, branch-specific seminars and workshops

Integrated Solutions - Access to a large network of potential partners - Automatic Screening-Participation for allocating large-scale projects - Promotion to a potential supplier for integrated health care solutions

Innovation and Competitive Capabilities

Cost and Time Advantages - Short information and transport routes through an ideal regional infrastructure - Low expenditures in searching for partners through the support of the cluster - Branch-specific, on-site continuing education

- Access to new assignment opportunities - More international orders through new industry contacts - Special cluster programs

The Cluster Ethos: Personal interactions provide an opportunity to learn about innovative solutions from other companies or regions, for example through benchmark journeys, benchmarking, etc.

Contact. Interested in an investment, a business opportunity, a partnership or perhaps the solution to a certain problem? Please contact us!

Dr. Robert Gfrerer, Engineer, MPH Cluster manager, together with his team


Salzburg, Munich




Graz A2





H SLO CRO I Styria Ltd. Reininghausstrasse 13, A-8020 Graz T +43 (0)316 587016 F +43 (0)316 587016-16

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