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Happy Holidays

December 6, 2010 Volume 68 Issue 4



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Editor -in- Chief Ivoree Myles

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Happy Holidays

Photo by Tionah Lee Hello Readers,

As the year 2010 comes to a close, we reflect on the accomplishments of the year. To start off, Professor Allissa Richardson has done a dynamic job as adviser for the Spokesman. If she’s not purchasing equipment to help us launch our News and Brews Fundraiser then she’s busy forwarding me emails about prospective stories from people in our surrounding community and abroad. With her diligence, the Spokesman has re-established its branding and professional development. The support of our President David Wilson, who recently congratulated me on the Spokesman’s success thus far, is always a great accomplishment that we can be proud of. After speaking about the upcoming plans and mission of the Spokesman at several faculty meetings this year, we have gained the much needed support of Morgan State professors and academic departments. I would like to thank every department that sent me emails to cover their upcoming events and to those who thanked us for the work we are producing at this publication. Some of the people I mentioned may not even realize how important their kind gestures were which makes it that much more exciting to acknowledge them. We faced many challenges this year as well. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the article concerning Ms.Antia Gillard’s transfer this year; which was an important story to the students as well as the faculty. The pertinent documentation that was required to complete the story accurately was requested numerous times but never received. Hopefully, by next semester, the parties involved will be forthright with their documentation so that I can produce the factual account of the situation which the Morgan community deserves. This is our last issue of the fall semester and we want to leave this year with a bang! Check out the best holiday gifts to give, our top 10 hottest songs of the year, the recap of the Bears football season, our introduction to the Bears basketball season and so much more. The Spokesman reporters and editors worked very hard to produce this last issue right before finals week. I commend you all for your commitment! Much thanks to you, the reader, for picking up our last issue of the year. Be sure to send us your feedback and also check out our website for updates during the break. Have a wonderful winter break and a happy new year!





Four Loko a No-Go in Maryland

NEWS Photo by Malaika Clements

by Alexandria Langston The popular 12 percent alcohol, energy drink, Four Loko, also known as ‘blackout’ in a can, has been banned in several states. Washington (State), Michigan, Utah, Oklahoma, New York, Arkansas, and Indiana have all permanently taken the caffeinated malt-liquor off its shelves. Before Oct., Four Lokos sat quietly on the shelves of many liquors stores across the country, but after nine college students who consumed the sugary alcoholic drink were rushed to the hospital after a party at Central Washington University, Washington became the first state to ban the beverage. Recently the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a letter to four beverage makers including Four Loko, calling the caffeine in the beverage an “unsafe food additive.” The deadly combination of alcohol and caffeine in the drink has been linked to cases involving blackouts, alcohol poisoning, and even death. On Nov. 16, the makers of Four Loko, Phusion Projects, announced that it would remove caffeine, guarana and taurine, from the popular drink and that they are trying to work with the FDA so that the drink won’t be banned from all shelves. “Over the last several months we have been more than willing to talk with regulators and policymakers on the national, state, and local levels. Our company has a history of being as cooperative as we possibly can to ensure that our products are consumed safely, responsibly and only by of-age adults,” said Phusion’s three co founders and managing part-

ners, Chris Hunter, Jeff Wright and Jaisen Freeman. According to the Baltimore Sun, on Nov. 17, Maryland’s Comptroller Peter Franchot, convinced two of Maryland’s largest alcohol trade groups to stop selling the highly caffeinated alcoholic beverage. “For the sake of all Marylanders, we need to get this products off the shelves as soon as possible,” said Franchot. His efforts couldn’t come at a better time. With the Nov. 7 death of 21 year-old Maryland native, Courtney Spurry who crashed her vehicle into a tree after drinking two cans of Four Loko’s, Maryland became the most recent state to ban the intoxicating party drink. In an interview with WJZ, Maryland’s attorney general,

“Black Jack” Johnson Jack Johnson the county executive of Prince George’s County and his wife Leslie Johnson were recently charged with tampering with evidence. The FBI believes the evidence they allegedly tampered with was proof of a bribe Jack Johnson received. Whether or not this is true will be determined in a going investigation. Should Jack and Leslie Johnson be found guilty they both may receive twenty years in prison. The phrase “politics is a dirty game,” is often used. Could Johnson just be a playing a role in the game of politics or is he a mastermind in a devious plan to bamboozle his county?


“Attorney’s generals are working collectively to ban these products from the market. We’re also working with the federal government, the FDA, to get them to ban it nationally,” Gansler said. While the FDA is looking into banning heavily caffeinated alcoholic beverages like Four Loko and others, the drink hasn’t been effectively banned all 50 states yet. Even with Phusion Projects removing caffeine from Four Loko, it still does not make up for the people who have been hospitalized and lost their lives due to this easily accessible intoxicating ‘blackout’ in a can, but it is a step in the right direction. real estate developers were paying Johnson for contracts. Such behavior is corrupt and is clear defiance of his responsibility to enforce the law of his county. What he and his wife decided to do together is what the FBI plans to use against them in the court of law.

by Folasayo Onireti

In Nov. 2002 Mr. Johnson was elected as the County Executive in Prince George’s County. His responsibilities include enforcing the laws of Prince George’s County; proposing the annual operating budget for the county; and overseeing more than 30 branches of county government. Not a single one of his duties include him accepting bribes for contracts. This case goes as far back to 2006 when the FBI learned that certain

Doug Gansler, mentioned that the incident with Spurry could happen to anyone if Four Loko stays on the market.

On Friday Nov. 12, Jack and Leslie Johnson engaged in a conversation that landed them handcuffed. They were unaware that FBI agents were listening to their conversation. According to the Washington post “Johnson ordered his wife to find and destroy a $100,000 check from a real estate developer.” Johnson and his wife were released. “I’m innocent of these charges,” Johnson said. “I just can’t wait for the facts to come out. When they come out, I’m absolutely convinced I’ll be vindicated.” This investigation is ongoing. The fate of Leslie and Jack Johnson will be decided in court.





Haiti’s Cholera Outbreak by Makeba McLeod

A confirmed case of cholera had never been seen in this Caribbean country before last month when it suddenly killed several dozen people and spread across the agricultural heartland of the Artibonite Valley. Damage to Port-au-Prince already miserable pre-earthquake sanitation and drinking water systems make the city “ripe for the rapid spread of cholera,” Dr. Jon K. Andrus, the organization’s deputy director, told reporters Tuesday. The disease has been found in 6 of Haiti’s 10 provinces and is most severe where it originated, in Artibonite, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the deaths. The Ministry of Health reported that there had been 917 deaths and more than 14,600 were hospitalized with cholera like symptoms. Following the confirmation that a 3-year-old boy from a tent camp near Cite Soleil had contracted the disease before Oct. 31 without leaving the capital, the Pan-American Health Organization said the epidemics spread from river towns in the countryside to the nation’s primary urban center. Cholera is a contagious bacterial disease that affects the intestinal system. Symptoms include severe vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration. It can cause death within four to twelve hours after symptoms begin if untreated. Spread though consumptions of infected food and water, or feces, the cholera disease is treated with fluids and antibiotics. Hospitals in the lower Artibonite region have been filled to capacity, as well as the main hos-



Photo by

pital in St. Mary’s. Meanwhile, hundreds of patients await hospital beds as they are taken to urban area along the coast of Haiti, the Associated Press reported. South Florida-based Food for the Poor also announced that it was shipping in antibiotic, oral dehydration salts, water filtration units and other critically needed supplies to several cities and rural villages near the outbreak. The U.S Embassy warned U.S citizens that they should only drink bottled water, avoid undercooked or raw seafood, and seek medical attention if symptoms occurred. The reports spurred interest among some of Haiti’s candidates in the Nov. 28 presidential and legislative elections. Both presidential hopefuls Jude Celestin and Charles Henri Baker spent the day visiting rural communities impacted by the outbreak and said they went as concerning citizens. “I don’t even feel like campaigning anymore. It’s unbelievable when they tell you the number of people who are sick,” he said, describing the problem as “pretty widespread at the moment.” “I don’t see anybody really taking charge…the government needs to be here, take some sample, run some tests and see if it is the water. We need confirmation, not hearsay. The urgency is to save the lives of those who are already sick,” Baker finished. The Pan American Health Organization also warned against concluding too soon that cholera as the source of the outbreak. “ MORGAN’S OFFICIAL NEWS SOURCE”

“We just need to confirmation of further investigation before we change the labeling and we have a precise diagnosis of the underlying cause,” said Dr. Michel Thieren, senior program management officer with the PAHO Haiti office. “No one can say for sure. We are assisting with all sorts of rumors.” Health officials said that cholera will be part of the Haitian landscape for a long time, taking its place among the other challenges in one of the world’s most difficult places to live Advice for Travelers -At this time, CDC and the U.S. Department of State maintain travel warnings for Haiti. These warnings recommend that U.S. citizens avoid all nonessential travel to Haitiv Drink and use safe water v Wash your hands often with soap and safe water v Use latrines or bury feces v Cook food well, eat it hot, and peel fruits and vegetables v Clean up safely in the kitchen and bathroom areas



2 Minutes and Running by Blake Bryson

Photo by Morgan State Athletics

The final minute and 42 seconds in Morgan State’s last game of the season against the Hampton Pirates proved to be the very last moments of action for the 2010 football season. After Morgan State scored a touchdown on a one yard sneak by Quarterback Delonte Williams, the game looked as if it was in Morgan State’s hands. The only issue is, that is exactly what the Bears were thinking too. The mental lapse of the defense and not being prepared

for a late comeback by Hampton, Morgan State showed that they were not able to contain Hampton’s offense, thus leading to a game winning touchdown for the Pirates. Morgan State Head Coach Donald Hill-Eley said, “It was just a minute and 40 seconds of guys just packing it in early.” Although Morgan State managed just 10 first downs throughout the entire game, the 23-yard touchdown pass from Hampton Quarterback David Legree to Receiver

The Beginning for the Bears Hoops

season, especially with the high hopes that come with it.

Morgan State Bears Prepare for a 3rd straight Tournament Run

by Blake Bryson After being the MEAC champions for the past two years in a row, the expectations for Morgan State’s basketball team to keep the ball rolling and the wins coming are extremely high. Although it will be a tough task to make it to the NCAA tournament for a third year in a row, Head Coach Todd Bozeman is more than capable of leading his troops to a successful season. The Bears are returning with the MEAC’s Defensive Player of the Year Kevin Thompson, and with the assistance of Forward DeWayne Jackson, it should alleviate some of the struggle with getting acclimated to life without Reggie Holmes. Due to the graduation of Holmes, Morgan State is missing their leading scorer from the two previous seasons, and one of the best senior basketball players in America. But that will hopefully go unnoticed with the leadership of Bozeman and whipping his team into tip top shape and getting them prepared for the rigors of the start of another basketball WWW.SPOKESMANNEWS.COM

“We’ve been the preseason No. 1 team before,” said Bozeman, who was named the Hugh Durham MidMajor Coach of the Year in 2009. “Those are just preseason predictions. We don’t get carried away with that type of thing. We do get everyone’s best shot. And when people try to go to the tournament, they do want to have on their resume that they beat a mid-major tournament team. The reality is if you want to be successful, then you have to be comfortable with that and you have to accept that. I think the guys have accepted that.” Thompson spent part of the offseason working out with the football team and said he is prepared for the difficulty of the regular season. “We come out every game the same way,” said Thompson, who is the MEAC’s Preseason Player of the Year. “We’re prepared. I’m trying to talk to the newcomers about what coach expects.” The “newcomers” will hopefully be able to follow the lead of Sophomore DeWayne Jackson, with hopes to claim the same award the he achieved last year: MEAC Rookie of the Year. Jackson, was an explosive player last year who accumulated averages of 10.1 points and 4.3 rebounds “ MORGAN’S OFFICIAL NEWS SOURCE”

Jarvis Brown to end the game was symbolic for the Bears entire 2010 season. Finishing with an overall record of 4-7 and a conference record of 3-5, the Bears had hopes of competing with Bethune Cookman for the top spot in the MEAC, and had intended on battling for a playoff spot. This is the Bears first time finishing below a .500 record, after finishing the past two seasons with 6 wins. With the fourgame losing streak that concluded their season, Morgan State had no chance of obtaining either one of those goals. “It was just not giving them the opportunity to scramble and extra time to throw that ball. We could have pressured them a little better,” Morgan State Linebacker Brian Saunders said. When Morgan State regained the lead late in the fourth quarter, Hampton kept themselves poised, although they just lost the lead, and rode the back of Legree, who was 16-34 for 243 yards, while rushing for another 52. He is the one who led them in their stunning come from behind win, which Morgan State thought was impossible. “We practice [two minute] drills all the time,” Pirates coach Donovan Rose said. If only Morgan State knew they were that efficient with their two minute drill, maybe there would have been a different end result to the game. Despite the losing record that the Bears compiled, there were a few highlights of the football season. Morgan’s own Kicker Kemar Scarlett and Defensive Back Nico Scott were selected to play in the 2010 Russell Athletic HBCU Bowl. It is held on Dec. 18 in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is the Nation’s premier all-star game for the top 100 draft eligible seniors. Although the season did not go as planned, the football team is still able to focus in on a some achivements, and hopefully they will be able to build off of that with motivation for next season. with 30 steals, 28 blocks, and 26 assists in 37 games. He also led the MEAC in 3-point field goal percentage (.458) and scored in double figures 21 times. “The goal is we are just trying to win,” Jackson said. “I’m looking to do whatever coach wants me to do on the floor and be a leader for the team.” With suming it, one for the

the mindset that Jackson has, and asthe rest of the team has that same spircan only imagine that the sky is the limit Morgan State Basketball team this season.

“We have more guys than we ever had before who are on the same page and have experience,” Bozeman said. “When you have those guys with that experience of going to the post-season, they come back with an expectation level. They have a different swagger, a different demeanor. That is what we are experiencing right now. Hopefully, we can build on that.” When talent and experience collaborate, it almost always creates a team with unbeatable chemistry. This will be a fun and entertaining season for the Bears to say the least.




Simply Put: College Football Needs a Playoff


by Blake Bryson

The bottom line is, until a playoff bracket is implemented, college football will never be completely sure which team is deserving of the championship crown. To understand the problem of selecting a national champion in college football, one first has to understand the system responsible for awarding teams the right to play in the big game. It is known as the “Bowl Championship Series” also known as the BCS system. It was implemented in 1998 with one main goal in mind: to ultimately select the two best teams in college football to play against each other in a National Championship Game. Before 1998, the national champion was determined by a vote. Now, the BCS uses computers and poll data to set the stage for the championship battleground. Matching up six other excellent college football teams to play in three other bowl games is another determining method for the BCS. The four bowl games that comprise the BCS are the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl. One of these four bowl games is designated as the National Championship game, which changes each year. The other three bowls offer some very good, competitive college football entertainment among teams that are excellent but not ranked high enough to reach the BCS National Championship game. The BCS ranking system is a definite improvement over the old system Today, a team has to not only win the respect of the coaches and others who place the votes, they also has to perform well enough and play a tough enough schedule to achieve a high computer rank-

ing and make it to the BCS championship bowl game. “I know this is not completely popular, but I believe in it,” BCS executive director Bill Hancock told reporters at a Football Writers Association of America awards banquet. “I believe it is in the best interest of the universities.” This year is a prime example. The Texas Christian University (TCU) Horned Frogs did everything right and they ended with a perfect season with no losses yet they still will not get to play for a national title unless Oregon or Auburn loses. Since TCU plays in a weaker conference than most of the other BCS teams, its strength of schedule was not enough to earn it a place in the national championship. Also, it failed to garner enough votes in the two polls to overcome the statistical shortcomings. So, even with a perfect record, TCU cannot be crowned the national champion. The same thing happened in 2007 when Boise State also amassed a perfect record but was still denied the right to call itself the national champion. Former University of Southern California and current Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll stated, “I

don’t know how the computer [BCS system] works,” Carroll said. “I don’t get that part of it. I don’t know how the computer knows how good another team is. I don’t understand that. I don’t know how they can evaluate who you’re playing and all that.” A playoff system would eliminate this problem. With a playoff bracket, a team that achieves a perfect season would have a chance to prove itself by going head to head against other high-ranking team. “I think it stinks. I don’t think it’s the way [College football] should be,” Carroll said questioning how college football crowns its champion. “But all we can do is keep talking about it until a playoff system is installed.” This would settle the Boise State/Auburn problem once and for all. If these teams really are or were the best in the nation, everyone would know. They would be able to prove they were the best by winning their respective playoff games. And that is the only way it should be.

Photo by






Lovely Day By Nicole Davis

SWEETS By Makeba McLeod

Da da lovely day Da da lovely day The sky is grey, can I get away I let it go like Keyshia say Da da lovely day Da da lovely day My tears flow cause you hurt me I still think about you everyday Da da lovely day Missin you is the pain I have Gave into love and got played And Im the best thing that you ever had I gotta go, need to move on Da da lovely day Just know that you were the one It’s raining now, can I get some shade Da de da de da What’s happening to me Da de da I just wanna be free You brought me down You took me out And now I don’t know what I’m about What is Love I thought I knew You said you love me but your untrue Da da lovely day I put on like I’m not phased Da da lovely day I hate you and I feel betrayed Da da lovely day And now you don’t know what to say Da de da de da I’m tired of your sh*t Da de da And I refuse to put up with it You did your dirt You fooled around You hurt the one you said you cared about Now I see, I see through you The real you, for who you are


The Gift that Keeps Giving... By Jazmin Fields The gift that keeps giving. The gift that warms your heart, The gift that makes us smile, The gift that picks you up when you fall down. The gift that has no cost at all, A charm that will never tarnish. Continues to shine so beautiful and bright As each an every year of our lives pass by. The gift that keeps giving, The one that no one could ever live without. The love within in a family can never be replaced. The gift that keeps on giving...priceless! WWW.SPOKESMANNEWS.COM

A Love worth keeping By Folasayo Onireti Im lost Im afraid Theres nobody here Im thirsty Thoughts of what will become of me enter my mind But now i see your face Your skin so dark You to are lost You to are afraid You to are thirsty Let us leave this land Let us leave the parched desert Lets go to a place where you and I can be free Where you and I can be one Where you and I can be together Now befor you enter my ocean I love you and you love me Lets protect ourselves from HIV Because this is a love worth keeping “ MORGAN’S OFFICIAL NEWS SOURCE”

She is Beauty by Ansar Miller she is not a h*e... just a woman scarred by life and men... men who give their definition by loadin am muntion and sellin herion to be shot up thru suringes.... released into veins... thru the blood of slaves... and minds of kings... cloudin dreams...dreams only seen thru the eyes of dope seems....that she cant see those same dreams...because she is not gettin high by those instead of pokin veins...she pulls down jeans..and lifts up skirts...cuz that’s what works...thats what works to get the work... that gets the pay...that buys the dream...the dream she can not yet see...all she sees is lights and screens...screens that will one day read... beautiful black queen starring me...starring her... so everytime she looks in the mirror...she tells the person lookin back...that no matter how far they spread her legs...they can’t spread the fact... that she is beauty.

I live in the shadows By Sinead Hawkins Why won’t you answer me? I open the book to find Things that I don’t want to see The stories that I know are mine For no one else to hear. Alone. Yet, I know that I’m not. I made mistakes I suffered the consequences. I live in the Shadows And with the memories And with the sting With my mouth shut It’s Impossible to talk about I got lost in the places That no one has been too In middle of a vast nowhere To get over my past. Only to be eaten by it again. Swallowed whole. But I will make it It’s only a fall.




Holiday Gift Guide by Alexandria Langston

Not sure what you should get for your mom, sister, daughter, girlfriend/wife, or best friend? We have a few ideas that will make their faces light up Christmas morning:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Charm Watch, Golden- Sleek, chic, and beautiful this watch is likely to charm the woman who receives this present. It may be somewhat expensive but it’s a timeless gift she’ll cherish forever. ($160,

Philosophy The Gingerbread Girl set- Get cozy with this warm, soft scent of ginger spice that includes a plush foaming gel and a hydrating lotion perfect for the holiday season. ($20, Sephora Stores and MAC 5 Naughty Little Vices Nail Lacquer, $25.50- Incased in a reusable tartan tin, these five miniature nail polishes, in five bold shades, are sure to surprise any woman who’s been naughty or nice this season. ($25.50, maccosmetics. com)

Guys are hard to shop for but we can make it easier! Whether it’s your dad, brother, son, boyfriend/husband, or your best bud, you can find the special gift for the special guy in your life: NBA 2K11- If he doesn’t already have this game, he wants it! The biggest attraction to this game is the Michael Jordan challenge! With 10 different infamous games of MJ’s career, the player can relive and replicate his moves in NBA 2K11. (Any where from $45-$54, sold everywhere video games and consoles are sold)



iPod nano 8GBEvery girl loves her tunes! Get her the latest iPod nano. It’s smaller with a touch screen, and it can be engraved with a special message on the back. ($149, Apple Store and ipodnano)

Guess Seductive Eau de Toilette- Citrusy, toasty, traces of bergamot and orange flower with a blend of cashmere and vanilla will make her feel totally seductive. ($52, Macy’s)

Decoded by Jay-Z- With over 300 pages, it presents readers with a memoir, autobiography, and lyrics to 36 of Jay-Z’s most popular songs. This is the perfect gift for a hip-hop fan! ($35, Barnes & Noble)

Giorgio Armani Armani CodeInfused with fresh lemon, orange tree blossom with warm enchanting notes guaiac wood, and tonka bean, this scent will have a man feeling fresh and masculine. ($85, Macy’s)

GameStop Gift Card- Who could go wrong with this gift? It’s simple and lets him get whatever game he wants. ($20- $75, GameStop Stores) FOSSIL Chronograph Black Dial Watch- It’s sleek, and can be worn with anything, the guy who get this for Christmas will be impressed with this effortless watch. ($115,




Scarves the Underrated Accessory by Tionah Lee

With the change of the seasons, various pieces of summer clothing are being swapped out for something a bit warmer. Shorts are being traded in for jeans, leggings for tights (or jeggings for the occasional hipster or girl who dreads pants) and of course tanks for long sleeve shirts. One accessory that remains under the radar to most is one that can stay around every season...scarves! Dressing up every occasion a little more, or adding that extra “umpt” to your look. There is a pattern, print, texture or style to fit every mood. One of the best things about scarves is the fact that they are an everyday accessory for everybody. Scarves are one of the few pieces of clothing that can be worn WWW.SPOKESMANNEWS.COM

by both men and women. Coming a long way from the big fuzzy bulky things mom wrapped around your neck when it was cold outside, or what you would put on to cover that awful holiday sweater, the various styles make for a great fun “anytime accessory.”

to keep warm. The various types of scarves show that wearing scarves with everything can be anything but mundane. Pashmina, silk, and bandana scarves can all be showcased in the long winter months, while keeping a variation of color and style in any winter wardrobe.

Dressing up or dressing down you can always count on scarves to put the final touch to any outfit. However many do not embrace the fact that they can be popular any season. With winter here, there are more people who feel more comfortable wearing scarves on a daily basis. In the early fall months, orange and floral pattern scarves become a great accessory. Fall is merely a kick off season for scarves, in winter, it becomes a daily need

Remaining one of the most underrated fashion accessories, scarves have proven that over the years they are here to stay. One of the best things about scarves is no matter what cut, there are always different ways to wear them. When looking for that article of clothing that you feel is missing from an outfit, trying picking up a scarf and see how much of a difference it has made to the attire for that day.





MSU 2011 New Year’s Resolutions by Alexandria Langston

“My New Years Resolution is to graduate in 2011!” -Brandyn Taylor, Political Science, Senior. “My New Years Resolution is to continue to stay true to myself.” -Jazmin Fields, Journalism, Sophomore.

“My New Years Resolution is to walk with confi dence and attitude of success.” -Brittani Wynn, English, Senior.

“My New Years Resolution is to grow spiritually by reading my bible and eating healthy and also exercise to lose weight.” -Deanna Scott, Nursing, Junior.

“My New Years Resolution is to get my body back in shape before graduation and my trip to Cancun.” -Levasia Darden, English, Senior.

“My New Years Resolution is to develop better study habits and write more poetry.” -Anthony J. Alston, Architecture, Senior

DEAR PEER,... Dear peer, Hello my name is John and I have to make one of the hardest decisions in my life. Last month my ex girlfriend told me she was pregnant and I’m pretty sure I’m the father. The problem is my ex lives in California and I go to Morgan. I have two more years left and have a 3.8 GPA. Some friends say I should transfer to a school in California but I don’t want to lose the great connections that could help me get a good job. If I stayed here for my last two years I would be able to come home for summer, winter, and spring breaks. I also have a job so I will be able to send a good deal of money back. However, I don’t want to miss out on this part of the child’s life. What do you think I should do? --Soon to be daddy



rsity Unive le t a t S o organ dent v y the Mgroup of stu e trained to b n e t t i r a r a ors are udents lumn w ter and is a co eer Counsel nseling Cen ith other st r e e P talk w Dear nselors. P th the Cou i on and ou i w t C a k tic rer r m e o r e o P roman ng like ho w ealth inf r w o s , r d e h n eli ie unte e mental ives. ur family, fr decision? Fe Write to l r d i u v o o r o in p t it is? ifficult ss in y ing issues about ou have stre to make a d not sure wha er you’re go Do y ps? Trying ut you’re ith whatev ors@gmai ne in w hi gb sel eo lations ing is wron l try to help supeercoun lk with som u think l o h a ’ t m t y e e f o o i t w s tt d som eer and r letter eply, or wan ith you. An academic P u o r y a e d w D r next sonal r h. Sen touch hey’re throug u want a per we’ll get in counselor fo tion when t a . If yo , say so and to be a peer u an applic o person like to apply we’ll send y d d ’ n u a s yo mail u y. year, e le in Januar b a l i a av

Dear Soon to be Father, First of all, are you sure? That is, that your ex is definitely going to have this baby? It seems like you skipped some very important information…like how are you each reacting and what are each of your options regarding the pregnancy. Maybe you need to find out what she is feeling about this—don’t make any assumptions. And how about you? How do you feel about this news? Are you both ready to be parents? You also haven’t mentioned what things are like between you and your ex. If you decide to have go ahead and raise a child, you will now have a life-long connection with your ex, for better or worse. OK, let’s assume she (and you) have decided to have this baby. It is important to think of both the child’s and your own welfare and best interests. Staying at school for the next 2 years could be beneficial to the child “ MORGAN’S OFFICIAL NEWS SOURCE”

because it will help you secure a job, make money, and help support the child. On the other hand this could be an important time to bond with your child, a time which could set up the dynamics of your future relationship. Because you and your ex both will be in this life-changing event together, also think about how your decision affects your ex. What types of feelings will she have if you stay at school or don’t stay? Besides you, who else is capable of helping her with the baby? What are her feelings about you and does she want you to be close with the child? More than one person is involved and it will take both of you to communicate your expectations and desires. Actually the birth of a child will also affect your families. What type of role will your parents play if you do decide to stay at school? There is a lot to consider and you should not rush to any decision. It would be beneficial if you talk with someone about all of your options and the effect they would have on your life. WWW.SPOKESMANNEWS.COM


AIDS Awareness Locked and Loaded! by Ivoree Myles

The SGA hosts a night of needed information about HIV/AIDS Awareness MSU’s National Association of Black Journalists with the help of Morgan State student orga- (N.A.B.J.) President, Jaime Green shares, “It’s important to get students of Morgan State University and the nizations.

As December marks the start of World AIDS Month, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted another year of their program, “AIDS Lock-In” on Fri., Dec. 3 from 8:00pm-2:00am in the University Student Center. Many student organizations were involved in sharing the message including: S.M.O.O.T.H., Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, the Peer Educators, YWCA, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, NAACP, MSU N.A.B.J., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Peer Counselors, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, NCNW, the Forensic and Debate Team, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and D.I.V.A.S. for Action. A few members of the participating organizations shared their contributions to the AIDS LOCK IN and it’s importance to the Morgan State community.

Crackdown on Illegal Downloads by Obeahon Okaiwele

One advantage of living on Morgan’s campus is the availability of the internet over the Morgan State network in dorms and in computer labs. But everyone who uses the Morgan computer labs does so by agreeing to the Morgan State University Computer Use Policy. This policy gives Morgan’s IT department the right to cut off internet privileges to any account that violates the Computer Use Policy and the Code of Student Conduct. The most common violation is of course illegal downloading of music, videos, and other copyrighted material. The suspension of Internet privileges occurs more frequently in the residence halls. Many students download torrents regularly and the IT deWWW.SPOKESMANNEWS.COM

surrounding community to commit and pledge to protect themselves and others by spreading the word about prevention through awareness.” Green’s organization handed out Lifestyle condoms to students and asked them to sign a pledge to protect themselves. After signing the pledge, the attendees took a photo with an “I Pledge” backdrop that was given for a small fee. Half of N.A.B.J.’s proceeds went to a worthy cause that advocates AIDS Awareness. The President of D.I.V.A.S. for Action, Andrea Carrington, presented a unique way for Morgan students to practice safe sex. “We are showing the students alternative ways to please their partners besides having sex. This way sex [does not] have to be the only

partment is able to pinpoint which network user downloaded a particular copyrighted material and temporarily suspend the person’s internet privileges. “I had just downloaded this Michael Jackson video when I saw a message on my laptop saying that I have been suspended from the Morgan network for 30 minutes for downloading the Michael Jackson video. And I refreshed the page and it said 29 minutes more, and it kept counting down.” said a resident of Blount Towers. Morgan’s Planning and Information Technology Department warns that students who perform illegal downloads will receive on-screen warnings that their network use will be suspended for a set time period. Repeat violators will be referred to the Morgan State University Office of Judicial Affairs. In addition, students in residence halls whose network privileges are permanently suspended must see the relevant resident director if they wish to have those privileges restored. An incident report will then be forwarded to the Office of Judicial Affairs. Dr. Joseph Popovich, the Vice President of Mor“ MORGAN’S OFFICIAL NEWS SOURCE”

option in a relationship.” The D.I.V.A.S. were sure to have their room packed with students with their tempting title, “Welcome to my Sex Room: Alternative ways to please your partner besides…sex.” A member of the National Council for Negro Women (NCNW), Nancy Pearsall explained that their game show would includes facts about STD’s. This game show entitled, “Protect Your Goodies” will help students “know that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Anyone can be infected, it is a personal choice to choose to be safe.” With the enticing titles of student organization events they were confident that students would grasp the message of the night to know your status. HIV/ AIDS testing was also available during the event. The collaboration of these student leaders helped to bring the truth to Morgan students in a receptive way.

gan’s Planning and Information Technology Department says, “The Morgan Network is for authorized users only. Wireless networks that are not operated by the university are strictly prohibited by the State of Maryland and the University’s standard security practice.” In other words, do not be on the Morgan network if you have not been officially given a username and password to do so, and if you use a wireless router in your dorm, your network privileges could get suspended. A female resident of Marble Hall Gardens (otherwise known as Northwood) affirmed that her internet was cut off because of the router in her apartment. Dr. Popovich warns students, “to avoid suspension of network privileges and penalties, please abide by the University’s Computer Use Policy.” These “penalties” for violation of Morgan’s computer use policy are suspension of network privileges or fines. The IT department affirms that the Morgan network is continuously monitored for illegal downloads.




The Dark Side of the Man on the Moon

Album review of Kid Cudi’s latest album release by Reginald Larkin

Kid Cudi returns to the scene with the follow up to his Gold selling debut, Man on the Moon: End of Day. Cudi’s latest effort entitled, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Ranger is an album that explores themes of drug use, suicide, and self-exploration. Kid Cudi is Cleveland’s great white hope with Lebron’s recent departure, he has a lot of pressure on his back, despite this pressure Cudi remains true to his musical style. Laid back and not quite a rapper or a singer Cudi makes music that is organic for him. Man on the Moon II expounds upon the signature sound that he has crafted for himself, interestingly enough he at times is reminiscent of the Cleveland rap group, Bone Thugs N Harmony. This is a very dark album but I feel like this is one of the most consistent albums in terms of track list that I have heard in a while. The songs flow cohesively from track to track; listeners are able to follow the story. The album boasts a set list of 17 songs, which is unheard of in an era of 10 track LPs.

There are a number of standout tracks on this album such as “Trapped in My Mind,” “Don’t Play that Song,” and “Scott Mescudi VS. The World.” “Trapped in my

What’s Kanye’s Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? Album Review of Kanye West’s Fantasy by Reginald Larkin “Run for your life, run from the lights,” Kanye West did just that after the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 Video Music Awards. West retreated into seclusion with his then-girlfriend Amber Rose, however it appears that a lot has changed for the Chicago-bred rapper. He is releasing an album that pulls no punches. West’s latest release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, finds him confronting his own shortcomings from the past year. Fantasy is an album that is riddled with features and finds West revisiting the grittiness of Late Registration. The album’s first single “Power” is as drum heavy as it is addictive, pulling the listener into a world where West makes the rules. Upon first listen, I must admit I was not excited about any of the tracks I heard released on G.O.O.D Fridays. However after hearing the songs in the mini film Runaway, I found myself falling in love with the tracks: “Devil in a New Dress,” “All of the Lights,” and” Lost in the World.” Although the album is full of



gems I have to admit these songs appear to be some of the stronger material. “Devil in a New Dress” finds West describing a woman who has taken on the most villainess character traits. “I know I’m preaching to the congregation we love Jesus/ but you have learned a lot from Satan.” West uses his words to generate a vivid image of a truly devilish woman however the song “ MORGAN’S OFFICIAL NEWS SOURCE”

mind” is the most surprising song on the album with a chorus that chants “Trapped in My Mind / and I know its crazy/ hey its not that bad at all,” he explores himself through introspection something that is almost unheard of in today’s rap scene. The honesty in his lyrics on this track provides an authentic look into the thoughts of Cudi as a man. The internal journey continues on the Mary J. Blige assisted “Don’t play this Song.” I am not always a fan of Mary’s scratchy wailing however it works in the confines of this track. It appears that there is magic between Kid and Mary on this song. The lyrics “Pain / hurt/ sadness /and loneliness/ball that sh*t right up/ toss it to the bottomless pit.” The same magic cannot be recaptured for their collaboration “These Worries,” as the singing and rapping feel contrived. He faces his insecurities head on through his music as if he is exercising his personal demons. “Scott Mescudi VS the World,” has an infectious pulsating beat that pulls the audiences into the mind of Cudi. Honestly this song is not lyrically awing or stimulating. The best part of the song is the beat, it changes so much that it makes you want to listen to what is next. The chorus is repetitive, but again that beat is one of the most interesting that I have heard in a while. Although a dark album, Kid manages to convey the concept of a man who is confronting his inner demons. Cudi is consistent in his sound and is creating a name for himself in the industry. takes a turn for the most random cameo, when Rick Ross begins to spit “never let a hater make me mad.” It appears that from this moment onward the song has become something else entirely. The problem with “Devil in a New Dress” is the same issue that I have with the entire album; there are too many features. I feel that we almost lose Kanye’s voice because there are just too many other artists on the album. I joked once that the album should be called “Kanye & Friends,” because “All of the Lights,” alone has over six features and becomes a musical abomination that could have been salvaged if the features of John legend, Alicia Keys, Fergie, Kid Cudi, and the rest of the music industry had been avoided. The track begins quite simple with the trumpets and Rihanna singing in a sonorous voice however, at the 2:45 mark the musical circus begins. West has never been an artist to lean on features to create quality music. Fans of West seeking an album of minimum collaborations and his signature bravado will find that this album is a bit of a hit and miss. The album’s most sublime moments lie in the tracks “Dark Fantasy” and “Lost in the World.” Kanye is doing what he does best on the former “Sex is on Fire /I’m the king of Leona Lewis /beyond the truest.” While on the latter, “If we die in each other’s arms/still get laid in the afterlife.” The song finds West singing and rapping over a series of drums. The album could have benefited from more solo tracks however, despite the multitude of features the standout tracks on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy are “Dark Fantasy,” “All of the Lights,” “Monster,” “Devil in a New Dress,” and “Lost in the World.” WWW.SPOKESMANNEWS.COM

Mr. Carter Cracks The Code

Jay-Z “Decoded” - Book Review

by Krishana Davis

After much anticipation from die-hard fans and music lovers alike, rapper Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s book “Decoded” was finally released in stores on Nov. 16. In the novel, Jay-Z attempts to describe his early childhood and teen years of rhyming and selling drugs while living in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy), a crime ridden predominately African American neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. Noted for being private, he also speaks out on a host of monumental political and social experiences throughout his rap career including playing at the Glastonbury Festival, a one-on-one meeting with the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Hurricane Katrina. An Andy Warhol’s painting entitled, “Rorschach” adorns the cover of the 336 page novel which provided a metaphor to describe how Jay-Z goes on to delve deeper into his own personal reflections of himself and his music. Warhol’s work, “Rorschach” is an ink blot painting which emulates the Rorschach ink blot psychological test that reveals personality and individual perception. In “Decoded,” Jay-Z recounts his childhood to give readers a better understanding of particular events that helped mold his life as a rapper, mogul, and entrepreneur who is now worth close to $1 billion. Jay-Z is very personal with his audience as he re-

Artist Spotlight: Mindless Behavior


veals one of the most terrifying moments of his life. At age 12, he shot at his drugaddicted older brother as he attempted to steal a ring to pay for his crack habit. “I thought I’d go to jail forever,” he wrote. “It was terrible. I was a boy, a child. I was terrified.”

Luckily, his brother refused to press charges and later showed remorse for his drug habit. Jay-Z goes on in different sections of the novel to paint a vivid picture of his family conditions, how the drug epidemic affected his community, and even himself growing up. He explained how the crack epidemic created a war zone in his community, Marcy Projects. Photo by “I lost people I loved, was betrayed by people I trusted, felt the breeze of bullets flying through my head. I saw crack addiction destroy families-- it almost destroyed mine-- but I sold it too,” he wrote in “Decoded.” Jay-Z, who started out in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s, has left a huge mark in the rap industry by branding his music as well as his image; showing the world that his quote, “I’m not a business man, I’m a business, man,” holds true.

Photo by

Interview with the R&B pop stars, Mindless Behavior

With creative names to match with their creative style, Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray are definitely showing no signs of slowing down. Their smash hit “My girl” tells the story of how their girlfriends love to keep in touch with them. Lyrics like “My girl, my girl, she loves


Jay-Z’s “Decoded” is definitely a book to check out and a great gift to give for the Christmas holiday. pressed that it is an honor to be compared to them because they study their style and their music. Being inspired by the styles and music of the Jackson 5 and the late great Michael Jackson, Mindless Behavior named the Jackson 5 classic, “A.B.C.” as an all time favorite that they would love to perform as a group. When asked about their forthcoming album and some favorite songs of theirs, Mindless Behavior named “My Girl,” “Mrs. Right,” and “Future.” Even though these boys are young they definitely expressed that they were single but definitely looking for that special person. The group even let it be known what their ultimate #1 girl is. Prodigy said, “I like a girl with her own personality.” Roc Royal expressed, “I like a girl that has her own dreams.” Ray Ray shared, “I like a girl who doesn’t have to wear make-up.” Princeton exclaimed, “I like a girl who stands out, and who is mindless.” Mindless Behavior sure knows what it is they want.

by Jannelle Richmond

Mindless Behavior is a energetic group of four highly talented young men. Only 13 years old, these show stopping young men are taking the entertainment industry by storm. With an energetic musical style and hunger for success these young boys are clearly headed into pop superstardom. Their combination of R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop, makes them a musical sensation to be reckoned with. The group, Mindless Behavior is not only gifted at singing, but they also show an insatiable pleasure for dance and fashion.

His business-conscious mind developed early on when he, along with Damon Dash and Kareem Biggs started Roc-a-fella Records when no other record label would give him a record deal. Jay-Z’s lyrical creativity has aided him in selling over 50 million albums and being awarded 10 Grammy Awards. In his book, he breaks down the lyrics, inspiration, and word play to 36 of his most controversial and hottest songs like “99 Problems” where he explained he was never actually referring to a female in his song.

me, she texts all the time,” shows their young spirit. This new single has teenage girls all over the world going crazy since it made its world debut on top television music stations such as MTV. Their anticipated album titled, “#1 girl” is due out soon, featuring many party songs, mid tempos and classic ballads. Ranging from hometowns in Los Angeles to Philly, Mindless Behavior is a unique group of talent. The Spokesman Newspaper had a chance to sit down and talk to the energetic quartet on how Mindless they have been behaving and the group definitely proved to be more than a class act. The fashion forward young men spoke of how happy they feel to be opening for pop sensation, Justin Beiber on Dec. 9, stating, “It’s an amazing opportunity!” Being compared to groups like New Edition and the Jackson 5, the group ex-


This explosion of talent talked about where they could see themselves in the future. Ray Ray states,”In the future we can expect acting, winning a lot of awards, and being very successful.” The group also mentioned a couple of people that they hoped to work with soon such as: Willow Smith, Kanye West, P. Diddy, and Usher. Mindless Behavior is a group guys who know what they want out of life. Ray Ray explains, “Our brotherhood is what keeps us together.” Princeton said, “Work ethic and performing is what [we] all love.” The group continuously keeps their fans involved with their contest “My Girl Of the Week” which is currently being held on the group’s website. There is also a Mindless Behavior Hotline where fans can text and ask the group questions. Mindless Behavior exudes creativity beyond measures; they show that being Mindless means to be confident and to stand out. They have proved that behaving mindless is not so bad after all.



1. Are you still considered a vegan if you eat animal crackers? 2. How many trees are being killed by these party promoters? 3. Do you eat turducken? 4. Why is there no sound on the student center tvs? 5. What’s up with the road to nowhere under the COMM bridge? 6. Have you found your pen yet? 7. Cater to you or Baltimore St.? 8. Why can’t we communicate in Communications? 9. Where are the status trends coming from on Facebook? 10. How long do we have to “bear” with you? 11. Are “Booty Pops” on your Christmas list? 12. Where can’t I get fried chicken on campus? 13. Wait your not a professor, you still go here? 14. Was fall 2008 the end of greek life? 15. Are you going to party with the Sugar Daddies? 16. Is Norma Jeans the new Sallie Mae? 17. Are you apart of the “track” team? (And we’re not talking about running) 18. Are you a Pott(er) Head? 19. Ready to fail finals? 20. Do your resolutions roll over more than AT&T minutes? 21. Have you received your Daily Bread? 22. Are you a bridge blocker?



22 Questions//////






Top 10 Songs of 2010 by Alexandria Langston

*Disclaimer: This top 10 list is based on album sales, downloads, and radio requests of 2010. This list does not reflect the opinions of The Spokesman staff and is not meant to be biased.

2010 has been a good year but the music has been even better! With comebacks from Sade and Lauryn Hill to break-through artists like Willow Smith and Bruno Mars, music in 2010 has had people whiping their hair, chasing rude boys, and chucking the deuces to their sorry lovers. Even though there are still a few weeks left here’s the top

Photo by

Photo by



10 songs 2010 had to offer. Rude Boy- Rihanna Nothin’ On You- B.o.B ft. Bruno Mars Find Your Love- Drake OMG!- Usher ft. Tik Tok- Ke$ha Say Ahh- Trey Songz ft. Fabolous Ride It- Ciara Deuces- Chris Brown and Tyga ft. Kevin Mc Call Your Love Nicki Minaj Whip My Hair- Willow Smith

Photo by



Spokesman Christmas Edition  

S p o k e s m a n INSIDE THE ISSUE: NEWS: Four Loko a No-Go Pg. 3 SPORTS: The Beginning for Bears Hoops Pg. 5 FASHION: Holiday Gift Guide Pg...

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