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Keys to Renting

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Barking dogs can cause good tenants to move

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Landlord Association of the Inland NW

• Pet stores, dog boarding centers, and some veterinarians offer very low cost (or free) barking control classes that are reported to have a high success rate. It may take a couple tries, but it’s said that all but the most difficult cases become trained.


• As a “heads-up” to let the dog owner, a property manager or landlord should remind them that if they don’t correct the barking, other tenants or neighbors may call animal control authorities and a fine can result. Let them know that you wouldn’t want them to encounter that or other problems due to the situation. • Tenants should know that if the situation becomes heightened and they are taken to court, the courts could not only fine the owner, but cause the tenant to remove the dog from the premises or require that the dog be “debarked.” • Landlords and property managers should have as part of their lease or rental agreement that when pets are allowed, excessive barking will not be tolerated, and failure to solve the problem can be considered a breach of the lease. This should be clearly spelled out to applicants who have dogs. And of course, you should meet the dog(s) prior to accepting that applicant as a tenant!! Ask prior landlords if barking was a problem. • If the situation escalates among your tenants or with neighbors, suggest mediation or a dispute resolution center. Relationships between landlord and tenant, and among the tenants and neighbors can become very tense over this issue, so just hoping it will go away usually just allows matters to become worse. When you receive complaints about excessive barking, it is essential to tackle the problem head on and right away. “Keys to Renting” content is for informational purposes only and not meant as a substitute for legal advice. If you have legal questions, contact your legal advisor or an attorney experienced in Real Estate law, Landlord law or Property Management Law.

Landlord Association of the Inland NW 225 E. 3rd Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202 • 509-535-1018

The traditional real estate story has a beginning, middle and end – but some first-time buyers are skipping to their fairy-tale-ending homes.


irst, came a small condo or town home.

Then, a few years later came a threebedroom house. Finally it was time for a move up to one of the four-bedroom, twoand-a-half bath homes that define so many neighborhoods in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. That was the typical progression of buyers, remembers Kathy Jansen, broker-owner of RE/MAX Central, Roselle, Ill. But not much about the housing market follows typical, old patterns anymore, and Jansen says she sees some first-time purchasers now leap-

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30 yr fixed 4.500 0.000 15 yr fixed 3.500 0.000 20 yr fixed 4.250 0.000 10 yr fixed 3.250 0.000 BBB A+ Rating-Local since 1992 - NMLS #118653

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(B) 19213 85th Avenue NE, Bothell, WA 98011



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(C) Seattle, WA 98119 Legend: The rate and annual percentage rate (APR) are effective as of 8/28/13. © 2013 Bankrate, Inc. The APR may increase after consummation and may vary. Payments do not include amounts for taxes and insurance. The fees set forth for each advertisement above may be charged to open the plan (A) Mortgage Banker, (B) Mortgage Broker, (C) Bank, (D) S & L, (E) Credit Union, (BA) indicates Licensed Mortgage Banker, NYS Banking Dept., (BR) indicates Registered Mortgage Broker, NYS Banking Dept., (loans arranged through third parties). “Call for Rates” means actual rates were not available at press time. All rates are quoted on a minimum FICO score of 740. Conventional loans are based on loan amounts of $165,000. Jumbo loans are based on loan amounts of $435,000. Points quoted include discount and/or origination. Lock Days: 30-60. Annual percentage rates (APRs) are based on fully indexed rates for adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). The APR on your specific loan may differ from the sample used. Fees reflect charges relative to the APR. If your down payment is less than 20% of the home’s value, you will be subject to private mortgage insurance, or PMI. Bankrate, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information appearing above or the availability of rates and fees in this table. All rates, fees and other information are subject to change without notice. Bankrate, Inc. does not own any financial institutions. Some or all of the companies appearing in this table pay a fee to appear in this table. If you are seeking a mortgage in excess of $417,000, recent legislation may enable lenders in certain locations to provide rates that are different from those shown in the table above. Sample Repayment Terms – ex. 360 monthly payments of $5.29 per $1,000 borrowed ex. 180 monthly payments of $7.56 per $1,000 borrowed. We recommend that you contact your lender directly to determine what rates may be available to you. TO APPEAR IN THIS TABLE, CALL 800-509-4636. TO REPORT ANY INACCURACIES, CALL 888-509-4636.

Plan of the Week 9th Annual


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AVE The Largest New Construction THE Show in the Inland Northwest! DAT E! September 27-29 & October 4-6 Friday, Saturday, & Sunday | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

This beautiful home is one of 32 fabulous well designed and quality-crafted homes constructed by 18 local SHBA Builders to be open for viewing. The 9th Annual Fall Tour is a tradition, free to the public, produced by the Spokane Home Builders Association and proudly sponsored by PRO-Build.

The Addison The Addison is a perfect option for big families or outdoor enthusiasts, with a 4-car tandem garage there is plenty of room to store your vehicles and your toys. A patio just off the dining area makes serving dinners outside easy. Upstairs, an extra room allows for an office or game room. The master suite with a spa style bath and roomy walk-in closet is a perfect place to relax.

Base Pricing Starting At: $330,000 Address: 5421 Ravencrest Circle Web-Site: Plan Info: • Two Story Front Entry Home • 2,435 sq. ft. finished • 4 bedrooms • 2 1/2 bathrooms • 4 car tandem garage.

Main Floor

Sales Manager: Jim Lister, 509-443-2222

Directions: From I-90 take Exit 279 to Pullman/Colfax Hwy 195. Follow for 4 miles and take a right at Meadow Lane (Look for Red Barn at Eagle Ridge Short Course), veer left onto Meadow Lane, go right at Eagle Ridge Blvd. Information Center will be on your left.

Upper Floorr

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GreenstoneHOMES L IV ING.



For more information regarding the 2013 Fall Festival of Homes, please contact SHBA @ 509-532-4990. Visit LIKE US/comments


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The end of the starter?

Marilyn Kennedy Melia

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neighbors or co-workers works well.




By Joy Peck, Executive Director NOTICE: The Landlord Association of the Inland NW has moved from its previous location in the Hutton Building to the new address at 225 E. 3rd Avenue, Suite 2, Spokane, WA 99202. During the street repair on 3rd Avenue, our new office is best accessed from 2nd Avenue and Spokane Street. rom time to time, landlords and apartment managers will get calls from tenants or neighbors about their tenant’s barking dogs. A loud dog can turn a nice neighborhood into a place unpleasant to live in. No matter how much one loves dogs, excessive barking is difficult to endure. People who are sleep-deprived due to barking dogs, who work evenings and need sleep during the day, or people with medical problems, can become intense in their response to excessive barking. Excessive barking is known to increase blood pressure and stress levels of those within hearing distance. Here are some hints to help solve the problem of a nuisance barker. • Notify the tenants that there has been a complaint about their dog(s). Sometimes people truly don’t realize that their dog barks when it is left alone because he is quiet when the tenants are home. Be polite and explain the excess noise has become a problem. • If you are the tenant that receives such a call, be open to listening to the problem, avoid becoming defensive, angry or going into denial. No one is going to take the time and energy to call you unless there has been ongoing barking that doesn’t let up. There are solutions to the problem. • Giving a dog more exercise often does wonders in eliminating excessive barking by releasing the pent up energy that causes them to bark. And providing a selection of toys can help when dogs are left alone, too. Some tenants have found animal TV stations, or just leaving a TV on to provide the feeling of company, can solve the problem. Boarding the dog one or two days a week is also helpful, or providing “doggie play dates” with friends,



frogging right into a four-bedroom “forever” house. “Right now, prices are still fairly low,” Jansen says. “And interest rates are also very low. People are saying, ‘Maybe all I have to do is pay about $15,000 more [in price] and I can get that long-term home.’” Fewer First-Timers Interest rates are historically low, and in many markets prices are still below the boom-year levels. But fewer first-time purchasers are able to buy, often held back by the tighter credit standards adopted since the financial crisis, explains Jessica Lautz, manager of consumer survey research for the National Association of REALTORS®. “We are getting back to the long-term average of first-timers representing

about 40 percent of purchases,” Lautz says, but notes that many more firsttimers would probably be buying if they could. The lion’s share of first-time buyers are relatively young, members of Generation X, Generation Y (also known as Millennials), Lautz says. NAR research underscores a trend of first-timers buying homes for the long term. “When we asked buyers who were ages 33 to 47 how long they expected to be in their home, the average was 20 years. Younger buyers, age 32 and under, indicated a shorter expected tenure of ten years, but that’s still a big stretch from traditional expectations,” Lautz adds. Fiscally Conservative? Danny Dietl, owner of Minneapolisarea iMetro Property, reports another departure from traditional real estate thinking: Some buyers view paying more for a home as less risky financially than buying a less expensive place that they would want to sell in a few years. If the homeowners decide to sell a short time after purchasing the property, they could lose money due to commissions and moving costs, he explains. In other words, they would rather pay more for a home in which they can stay longer. Justin Udy of Century 21 Everest Realty Group, Midvale, Utah,

adds, “They are getting into a good neighborhood that they won’t have to move from or they could sell easily if they had to sell.” Still, adds Dietl, “Buyers are definitely concerned about not over-paying.” Forward Thinking Indeed, first-time “forever” buyers are concerned about the expenses of owning, and agents should help prepare them – finding out what to expect in utility bills, lawn maintenance and other costs, Jansen says. “These buyers also like to have a home warranty paid for by the sellers, whereby the appliances and systems are covered for a year, with the buyers only having to pay $50 or $100 for a service call,” Jansen says. Buyers must also grapple with the personal question of how they envision themselves living years into the future. “I’ve seen people who don’t even have the kids yet asking about the high school,” Dietl says. Many of the first-timers buying a long-term residence know the area well, agents say. Buyers Joe and Stacey Saxton, for instance, grew up in towns nearby their current residence in Huntley, Ill. “We got a home that we fell in love with,” Joe says. “It had been a foreclosure that the bank refurbished. But we plan on making our own improvements in the years ahead.”



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Real estate, september 1, 2013  

Real Estate for sale and rent in Spokane and the surrounding area.

Real estate, september 1, 2013  

Real Estate for sale and rent in Spokane and the surrounding area.