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Thank you to the following 8th grade students for their help creating and editing the magazine:  ❏ Elizabeth Emmett  ❏ Athena Komitas  ❏ Isabel Lusardi  ❏ Declan Mannion  ❏ Madelyn McManus  ❏ Logan Orlowski  ❏ Maria Quintero  ❏ Fiona Reilly  ❏ Maeve Reilly  ❏ Emma Rokoszak  ❏ Nicole Tonny    Thank you to the following students for their written and artistic submissions:  ● Hannah Doherty  ● Elizabeth Emmett  ● Adrian Garcia  ● Patrick Gebhardt  ● Karen Hernandez  ● Gianna Johnson  ● Athena Komitas  ● Cameron Kowalcyk  ● Ashley Lopez Torres  ● Jacqueline Litowinsky  ● Isabel Lusardi  ● Declan Mannion  ● Kayla Martin  ● Madelyn McManus  ● Raul Olmedo  ● Logan Orlowski  ● Maria Quintero  ● Fiona Reilly  ● Maeve Reilly  ● Emma Rokoszak  ● Hunter Scofield  ● Amari Thomas  ● Nicole Tonny  ● Carly Torsiello  ● Hunter Trogu  ● Analisa Viterbo  ● Bradley Whitehead  2

Our Time Here

We have spent about 1620 days at Belmar Elementary School  1620 days making memories  1620 spent worrying about homework  1620 days talking to your friends at lunch  12960 of those hours taking notes in class  12960 hours passing notes to friends  12960 hours talking to friends in between classes  777600 minutes sitting through lectures  777600 minutes thinking about what happens after we graduate  777600 minutes laughing until your stomach hurts  46656000 seconds figuring out who you are   46656000 seconds reading in class  46656000 seconds thinking about what happens after we leave Belmar  But now that our time here is running out, we realize how important our  1620 days, 12960 hours, 777600 minutes, and 46656000 seconds here have been. 

Maeve Reilly  Grade 8 


S- picy R- ad  I- ndescribable  R- ich with flavor  A- mazing  C- ooler than Superman  H- ot  A- romal 

M- agnificent A- dvantageous   N- otorious    C- hili   A- daptable  P- epper  E- mma’s favorite cape!   

Emma Rokoszak Grade 8 


I am outgoing and athletic. I wonder why the Earth is round.  I hear my Mom’s snoring at night.  I see the outfielders run after I’ve hit a ball.  I want to play softball for North Carolina University, become  a vet, and live in a big mansion where I can rescue lots and  lots of animals.    I pretend that I am Sriracha Man.  I feel love for Athena Komitas (my best friend)!  I touch whatever I am touching.  I worry that I will fail at something (especially if I know I  can do it)  I cry when my sister cries.  I am outgoing and athletic.    I understand that life is not always perfect.  I say, “I had the biggest blonde moment today!!!” a lot!  I dream when I am sleeping.  I try to get all A’s and nothing below that.  I hope that I become an All-American and go to the Olympics  for softball.  I am outgoing and athletic. 

Emma Rokoszak  Grade 8 


Photography by Madelyn McManus Grade 8

MODEL: Elizabeth Emmett


MODEL: Athena Komitas

Photography by Madelyn McManus Grade 8


Photo by:​ ​AV


Photo By: ​AV


I am artistic and imaginative I wonder what I will do in the future  I hear a call of destiny in the distance  I see a great future for others  I want to make a difference  I am artistic and imaginative    I pretend I am focused on my work  I feel like flying away  I touch the sky  I worry that bad things are going to happen   I cry for my family   I am artistic and imaginative    I understand not everything can be possible at the time   I say I could be someone in this world  I dream about a place with no problems   I try my best to stay on top  I hope everything I’ve done pays off  I am artistic and imaginative 

Adrian Garcia Grade 6 


Jacqueline Litowinsky Grade 8    Stepping Into History: A Fictional Account of one of the  Greatest Events of All Time    The year was 1963. In the hot, August sun, Jade, her mother, father, and  little brother were taking part in the March on Washington for Jobs and  Freedom. They wanted everyone of every race, ethnicity, and religion to have  equal rights. Most importantly, they wanted African-Americans to finally have  the same rights as everyone should.    Jade walked hand in hand with her little brother, Noah. There were so many  people! Jade was a little intimidated by the 250,000 people walking alongside her,  but excited nonetheless. She gathered with her family in front of the Lincoln  Memorial.  Jade insisted that she would join her parents for the march, and so her  brother did as well. She became frustrated after she read about how excluded  blacks were from World War II defense jobs and New Deal programs. After all,  she did understand these things. Jade would be fourteen in September. This  wasn’t the first mass protest. Jade was too young for the ones preceding this  one. This march was planned after the violence in Birmingham. The march for  jobs and the march for freedom (planned by the SCLC and Martin Luther King  Jr.) were combined to create a protest for all kinds of liberation.    Jade felt very safe during this march. She knew that the president’s  brother Bobby made sure that they were all safe. Safety precautions were  taken seriously. The Lincoln Memorial loomed over Jade and the other  11

protestors. She would soon get to hear all of the speakers and the musical performances. Jade was most excited for Joan Baez to perform.  Jade smiled as the first speaker took the stage. A. Philip Randolph was the  head of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and an elder statesman of the  civil rights movement. Along with Martin Luther King Jr., he planned this march.  Next were more speakers, like NAACP president Roy Wilkins. Even though  most of the speakers were done, Jade’s family wanted to stay for the last  speaker, preacher and ​activist Martin Luther King Jr. Jade knew him and appreciated his  work for equal rights.    Mahalia Jackson sang Gospel music and stood behind MLK Jr. Suddenly, she yelled,  “Tell ‘em about the dream, Martin, tell ‘em about the dream!” Jade knew what she was  referencing. This had been a theme of MLK’s past speeches. MLK Jr. abandoned his original  notes and spoke for at least fifteen minutes about his dream. 

“​And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.​ ​And when this happens…we will be able to speed up that day when  all God’s children, black men, and white men, Jews, and Gentiles, Protestants,  and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro  spiritual, ‘Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!​’”   Jade smiled and looked down at her brother. She knew, that with this man’s  help, she and her brother would soon be free.  


Acceptance   Freckles on her face  A glimmer in her eyes,  She did not see anything  In this world to despise    Flowers in her hair  A gap between her teeth,  People pass her by   In utter disbelief    They snicker and sneer at her   But when she comes they hush,  She pushes all their negativity  Off her shoulders with a brush    They all secretly envy her  They want her carefree ways,  They see the way she smiles freely  And contemplate it for days    She has learned to accept this world  And people’s cruel negativity,  She looks upon this world   With her own creativity     She is so beautiful  Because she knows she’s flawed,   People can only sit and watch  Wanting to applaud    She wishes there were more like her  And less with the wicked tongue,  She wishes she could help those  Whom by harsh words have been stung        Elizabeth Emmett  Grade 8 



I am devoted and faithful   I wonder what my future career will be  I hear the waves churning at the beach  I see the light from the bright stars  I want to find great friends  I am devoted and faithful    I pretend I am a singer  I feel sad when I am underestimated  I touch the canvas of the painting  I worry about my health  I cry when someone I love treats me incorrectly  I am devoted and faithful    I understand the trouble of the world  I say my prayers  I dream about my loved ones  I try to keep going  I hope I someday work with children  I am devoted and faithful       


I Am

Nicole Tonny Grade 8 


am short and persistent wonder about my high school life  hear a late rabbit singing songs outside  see Hogwarts  want a dog 

I am short and persistent I pretend I am a white rabbit I feel the keys on the piano  I touch the sand on the beach  I worry about if I am a good person  I cry for the victims of the shootings 

I am short and persistent   I understand that everything will be okay  I say that we will be the head, and not the tail  I dream of when everyone will come together  I try to smile every day  I hope for sunny days in Scranton and ice cream 

I am short and persistent     ☺ 



am athletic and shy wonder when I will say hi hear a dragon’s cry see myself in a mirror want a future am athletic and shy


pretend I am in an anime feel a dragon’s wrath touch a lightning bolt worry about my lazy life cry about this violent world at night am athletic and shy


understand that I’m lazy in life say that I’m good luck dream about the stars at night try to always win hope that I do not lose am athletic and shy.

Amari Thomas Grade 6



The Delay Easter Day

Karen Hernandez Grade 6   

Today, was the day before Easter we were getting everything ready for tomorrow. We were dying some easter eggs outside the house with many different colors. The weather was beautiful the birds were flying in the sky you could hear the sounds outside. It was the next day, I finally woke up and I forgot it was easter until now. I quickly got up and ran downstairs to see how everything is turning out. I quickly ran outside the weather was nice we started to get ready for the day. Then we were inside eating dinner having food before finding the Easter eggs. We were waiting a little bit because the Easter bunny hadn’t come. So I went outside to see if the Easter bunny had come. When I went to see there was nothing there so I went back outside and I said that the Easter bunny must be late. I was waiting to see if the Easter bunny was coming but now I started to think about it I thought the Easter bunny must have overslept. So I kept on waiting and waiting so we could find the Easter eggs. If the Easter Bunny wasn’t here then that is bad news because we wouldn’t get to run outside and find the easter eggs. The kids were feeling upset because the Easter bunny was late. The sun was starting to go down and the easter bunny wasn’t here yet. The kids were upset that they couldn’t find the easter eggs. They started asking questions if the Easter bunny was here. Then the kids were starting to fall asleep they had a long day and they didn’t get to find some easter eggs. Then the Next morning we woke up the Easter Bunny was here. He hid some easter eggs in the trees. The little kids went running outside and they started laughing, smiling the whole day they were happy they got to find the Easter Eggs.



I am Poem

By: ​Karen Hernandez (6th grade)  

I am caring and loving   I wonder if I have a test today   I hear a flower talking   I see a unicorn flying   I want to go shopping   I am caring and loving     I pretend to not know anything in school    I feel like I’m flying on a unicorn back    I touch a daisy   I worry that I’m going to fail my test   I cry when something bad happens   I am caring and loving     I understand how much they care about me   I say that I’m getting older   I dream that I was at the mall with my friends   I try at school to do my best work on all my assignments   I hope that I have a good weekend   I am caring and loving    




BEEHIVE In a beehive they dont care whats the color of your coat. In a beehive they don't care what’s on your feet. In a beehive they don't care if your wings are big or small.. In a beehive they don’t even care about your name. In a beehive all they care is if you’re doing alright. In a beehive all they care is if you’re sleeping right. In a beehive all they care is if you work hard all night. In a beehive... a wonderful beehive, the only bees in there are kind. In a beehive... an incredible beehive, the only bees in there are nice. In a beehive a magical, amazing, and not real beehive, maybe everything in the entire world will be just right.

By Hannah Doherty



I am Poem  

By: Ashley Lopez Torres (6th Grade)


Ashley Lopez Torres  Grade 6 

I am unique and kind I wonder about my future education  I hear a unicorns running  I see Paris  I want to start all over in what I have done wrong   I am unique and kind 

I pretend that I can fly I feel an invisible person  I touch the bright sun  I worry that I won't succeed   I cry for my family members  I am unique and kind  I understand that everyone is the same  I say that everything is possible even if you fall down  I dream to go to Harvard University   I try to always do my best in school  I hope that one day I will be very smart  I am unique and kind 


The ​M​a​g​i​c​a​l​ Bunny By: Kayla Martin 

Every bunny is different, some bunnies have white fur, brown fur or black fur. But there's one type of bunnies fur that is different, and that's the fur that changes color. A bunny who has color changing fur means that it has a magical power  that only about ¼ bunnies are born with. As you can tell it a very rare power. Surprisingly I have a bunny myself… with that  power. And I'm going to share my story on how I got it.    It was the first day of spring, and I was getting ready for the day to go on a bike ride when all of a sudden I heard a  loud knock on my door and my doorbell ringing. I ran downstairs and opened the door. There was no one there, I looked down and  couldn't believe what I saw. It was the cutest baby bunny I had ever seen. The bunny was wrapped with blankets in an Easter  basket. I picked up the basket with the bunny in it and closed my door. I then unwrapped Daisy from the blankets, she had  soft white fur and was very calm. Later on in the day when she had fallen asleep, I went to the pet store to buy her food, a  cage, bedding, a toy and a bed. When I got back to the house is set everything up and put Daisy in the cage. She was so happy  to have a home, she seemed to love it.    Fast forward two weeks later, Daisy had been living with me for about two weeks now. It was about seven-thirty in  the morning and went downstairs from my bedroom to make some breakfast and give Daisy her food. As I was walking down the  stairs I saw slow-moving rainbow shadows coming from Daisy’s cage. I ran down the stairs and when I got to her cage I saw  that those lights I saw were coming from her. She had been changing color, but when I got there she had stopped and her fur  color was blue. I soon had realized that she has magical powers that maybe she and a couple other bunnies only had. This power  that my bunny had may be something that I should have researched but I didn’t, I was interested in what would happen if I went  down there the next morning too, so I did. I went down the next morning and she was pink. I was so amazed by her power and  so grateful that I had a really cool bunny like her.    You may now want a bunny just like mine, which I would too because these bunnies are great pets especially with the  really cool power some of them have. I’m lucky to have Daisy, but she is hard to care for sometimes. And that's my story about  my magical bunny, Daisy. 




I am smart and adventurous I wonder if become a good drawer I hear a flying bus in the sky I see a chest I want this world to change I am smart and adventurous

I Am Poem By Cameron 

I pretend to be a soldier I feel my grandfather angel wings I feel the rust of the helmet Im worried about the future I cry for my grampa I am smart and adventurous

I understand your hate on me I believe that our world is going to change in a good way I dream about being the best blogger in the world. I don't give up I hope the that the children makes a difference in society. I am Cameron Michael Kowalcyk  


I Am Poem   I am athletic and energetic I wonder if I will succeed in life I hear voices telling me to never give up I see waves crashing on the beach I want Summer to arrive I am athletic and energetic

I pretend I can fly I feel the water crash over me I touch the water as the wave breaks I worry my family could pass in the near future I cry when a family member passes I am athletic and energetic I understand the feeling of happiness I say words that make my friends laugh I dream of a successful life I try to succeed any way I can I hope that the future brings good times and success I am athletic and energetic Anonymous   28

SPRING FEVER!!! Spring fever has always been a joke when you are excited to get outside,  but now it is an illness that causes people all over the country await the  start of spring. During the winter it can make people think it is warm  outside.  In the winter this can cause people to see flowers blooming and  thinking warm outside. A few people have died from frostbite because  they thought it was warm outside. This disease is deadly. Scientists think  it is caused by the new spring bacteria it can be found in the winter and  the spring.  The spring bacteria can be found on trees, dead plants and flowers  that are just starting to bloom. Another symptom is staying up late some  people don’t sleep at all. People will have a massive amount of energy and  will jump around and sprint around the house.  Those were all the symptoms and ways to get it. This is a huge  problem. If you do not have spring fever yet than I advise you to stay  indoors until spring is over. If you don’t there is a high chance you will get  it. We are working on a cure for this disease. 

Bradley Whitehead

Grade 6


The Attic A Halloween Story 

PART ONE It was Halloween night. There were kids running around town in their  costumes trick or treating with parents a distance behind. Little Max was just  one of the kids trick or treating on Halloween night. He and his friends decided  to go to the rich part of town.  “Guys you know they give out KING SIZED CANDY!” exclaimed Max  “I know! We can brag to everyone at school tomorrow about our jackpot  this year! ” said Tyler, one of Max's friends.  The other boys agreed, they were on their way to the opposite part of  town.   “Now before you leave, I need one group photo and please be safe!  Please call me or jacks mom when you guys need a ride to come home. Have  fun kids!” Max’s mother said.  They got out of the car, took their pictures, and said their goodbyes.  “Let's go up this street first, the houses look huge!” Jack said  “Yeah! You know what that means… KING SIZE!” jumped Kevin  Everyone else was excited except for Max. Max looked spooked.  “Hey, max are you ok?” Jack said worriedly  “Oh! Um, yeah let's go.” Max lied he felt a presence. He didn't know what it  was. He was scared. He questioned if he was just imagining it. He didn't want to  act weird around his friends, so they went on.  After hours of trick or treating Max and his friends couldn't walk any  longer. They got there to ride and all the kids were safe in there home. Max was  still scared, he felt like a person, a child was watching him. He looked around.  Nothing.  30

“I have to be imaging it” he whispered. “What sweetie?” his mother questioned.  “Oh nothing, I'm going to head up to my room. Good night.” Max said.  “Good night,” Max parents said.  He ran upstairs and locked his door. 


Max was sound asleep in his bed until he heard a loud bump. He gasped and was wide awake.  “What was that...” he said to himself.  CRRREAKKK. His door opened.  “Hello, who is it!” Max was frightened  Max took his baseball bat with him and walked out his bedroom, he looked  left, then right. Nothing.  “Max what are you doing, go back to bed!” Max father said. So he did.  After about a half an hour, he heard footsteps running up and down  stairs. But they seemed close the stairs to downstairs where on the other side  of the house.  “The attic,” he said shaking.  He grabbed his bat and went out to the hallway once again. The attic door  was open. He checked his parent's room they were all there.  “What is happening” he whispered   Max turned around and everything went black.


Max’s parents woke up and did their normal routine. When it was time to get max up to get ready for school his mother didn't see him in his bed. 


“Steve! Steve! Have you seen max, he isn't here.” she didn't hear a response from her husband. She walked outside, Steve was standing in the hallway.  “Did you open this. DID YOU OPEN THIS!” He repeated  “N-No, you know I never go up there!” she replied anxiously  They both were suspicious of why the attic door was open. So they both  decided to walk up the stairs. When they got to the top, they were frightened at  the scene. Max's old baby toys were scattered around the room. In the center  of the attic, there was an old baby book half open and Max's action figures  around the book covered in blood.  “Oh, my! What is this.” Steve exclaimed  “I'm calling the cops!” Max's mother responded!  Hours later there were signs posted around town:  MISSING BOY. MAX CALLAHAN. IF FOUND CALL 911 


Fiona Reilly Grade 8 



The Magic Cat Adrian Garcia Grade 6

Before I write this I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Pete and I’m a cat, my owners’ name is Peg she’s a human. Right now she is typing away on her computer. I’m just on the ground playing with catnip balls. For once I decide to go see what Peg is doing. I get up and walk slowly over to where she is. It is hard to get onto the desk since Peg is unorganized, she always keeps her things of straight stacks of paper. I try to tell her that it’s not supposed to be like that, one paper is supposed to be over her and another over there. When I get to Peg I see that she was writing a story. I read what she had so far. “I can write better than that” I stated. Peg smiled and patted me on the head gently. Then she went back to writing. My ultra cat instincts told me to take over. So I pushed her hand aside but she put her hand back. I tried again and again until she got so mad she took me out of the room and into the living room. “What’s the matter with you?” She questioned “You won’t let me type.” I reclaimed As always she ignores me as if to her I only make noises. The only time she understands me is when I make a gesture of what I want. All I knew was something was telling me to get to that computer. I looked around, then I knew what I had to do. With my super athletic skills, I got on top of the coffee table. I don’t know why that uniformed veterinarian who suggested diet cat food doesn’t know muscle when he sees it. On the coffee table, there is a vase with flowers. I pushed the vase off the table and it crashed into pieces when it hit the floor. When Peg heard this she ran out and shrieked! “What have you done?!” screamed Peg “It looked ugly anyway” I answered My plan worked she left the door open. I ran toward the door and closed it. I made it on top of the desk and I had finally made it to the computer. I had already read the story and knew the plot, so I started typing away. I typed and typed, I edited some parts made the rest of the story suspenseful and funny. Before I could wrap up the story Peg walked in. She saw me at the computer and thought I ruined everything. But then she saw I finished the story. She chuckled “Did you do this?” she asked “You are really a magic cat” “Yes, I did” I responded But this time I typed it and she understood. From that day on, we wrote many books. Then we finally decided to make a tv show called Peg + Cat based on our books and experiences. 34

100 Player PVP Falling from the sky, only to fight  But little do they know, I’m not taking it light  Pick up pump, have it on my side  He sees me, he is trying to hide  Few people left, making their hands sweat  But they don’t know, I’m the biggest threat  Sometimes I get triggered, and think I’m bad  I try again and tell myself, you are rad  Win the game, do a little dance  Probably crushed someone’s first chance 


Bad Moon Rising   Ozzy sat at the bench, a sack of candy next to him; tired and bored, he just wanted to go back  home. As Ozzy peered around and saw all the house lights off, he sighed and looked over at a  metallic sign next to him. “Tonight’s Curfew: 10:00​PM.​” Ozzy checked his watch, 8:50​PM​. He lowered  his hand, looked over, and saw through a house window a clock reading 9:58​PM​: it was an hour and  eight minutes behind! Pushing up and bolting for home, Ozzy slung his bag of candy across his  shoulder. Checking his watch, 8:52​PM​, his watch’s equivalent to 10:00. A loud bell began to play in his  head; he stopped and looked around to find nothing. Confused he tried to shrug the concern off and  once again headed for home. Just then the ground started rumbling.     The sky gradually turned scarlet, and looking beneath him, Ozzy found the soles of his shoes covered  in water. Looking to the sky, he found the moon, although it wasn’t our moon. It seemed like  something else something…different. It was bigger than the moon. Ozzy felt it had to do more with  its perspective than its size. This moon was glowing like the sun, but it was more intense, like an  eclipse.    This moon had an expression on its surface, a certain sinister grin, like it was laughing at the evil  that was about to come to Ozzy. Ozzy was almost blinded by this new moon. Black spots plagued his  vision. He tried blinking them away but his effort was useless. Ozzy stumbled about, not able to see  in front of him entirely. He tripped onto the ground, scrambled to his feet, and darted down the  street. As he ran he heard the wind scream, it’s laughter echoing through the streets, teasing Ozzy.    Ozzy’s feet pounded the ground below him, aching. His eyes were sore, and his head was throbbing  from the noise. Ozzy was four blocks from his house when he heard snarling, growling, barking.  Creatures were all around him, the wind was crackling. This moon was sneering.But all these  distractions did not take Ozzy away from his main goal: to get home. His street. Looking all the way  down, Ozzy found his house sitting there helpless, witnessing Ozzy’s predicament.    Ten feet from his house, Ozzy suddenly froze in place. All the noise stopped and then slowly grew  again, first the snarling, quiet as a mouse, then louder and louder, and finally the laughter came, too.  The horrifically agonizing sounds were deafening and then, slowly, full of dread, he turned around…    Declan Mannion  Grade 8 


Chapter 11 Rewritten Logan Orlowski  Grade 8 

“Let me speak!”   I shrieked.  The savages booed, like I presumed. I was shaking inside my body, trembling. I held the conch up,  and the noise settled and rose.   “I got the conch!”   I shouted.   “ I tell you, I got the conch!”  For the first time, they listened to me. I stood there trying to gather myself, trying to look less like  a dumb fatty than normal. I peered at Ralph, he looked and got distracted by the passing of rocks by his  head. I need to stand up to those bullies and set them straight.   “I got this to say. You’re acting like a crowd of kids.” I proclaimed.  The booing worsened. I knew my ideas or statement wouldn’t matter. I thought, what would I be  able to say without Jack and his little rat pack smashing me to pieces. We are fighting two sides. Good or  bad, civil or savage, smart or dumb. They can’t seem to see what has happened to them, I need to make  their choices known. I lifted the shell.   “ Which is better-to be a pack of painted Indians like you are, or to be sensible like Ralph is?” I  asked.   The uproar of noise worsened, I looked at the mass of barbarians, howling and all, I’ve had enough  with their screams of cruelty and disrespect.   “ Which is better-to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?” I yelled over the roaring.  “Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and breaking things up” I proclaimed over Jack’s foul  mouth.   They savage boys drowned out the voice of Ralph, he was no longer listened to, he lost his power.   Now I stood there defenseless, and accepting death, for what I said I knew was a risk and Jack  will put me in my place. I saw them, in formation to kill, relentlessly. Rodger leaned on the lever, and I  couldn’t move, I just stood there. A giant grey smudge, which I presumed to be a boulder. I see Ralph get  thrown from the boulder, it still prevailed. It was my turn, I was to die, because in this story, good dies  and evil wins.   I feel wind rushing at my face and then I feel the strike of savagery and non-civility, as I fall  back in defeat. 



WHO WAITS UP When the tide rolls in you don't​ ​wait up. When clouds roll by you don’t ​wait up.  When the earth twirls you don't ​wait up.  When the clock strikes 12 you don't ​wait up.  Do you know ​who waits up?    When you’re a little kid playing, you don't ​wait up.  When you’re a crazy teen and you stay up, you can't  wake up   But when you’re all done not waiting up and people  call you a ​grown up.  I guess no one else is waiting up for you.   Hannah 8th grade



I am a unique dreamer I wonder if I will ever taste a color  I hear the music all around me  I see the stars holding hands  I want to believe in my surroundings  I am a unique dreamer    I pretend to say "hello" to the moon  I feel clueless when I see the confusion around me  I touch hearts surrounding me  I worry about my future  I cry over being hurt by a friend  I am a unique dreamer    I understand other people's feelings  I say DON'T let others DEFINE you  I dream to touch the stars  I try to make the world a better place   I hope the world tries too  I am a unique dreamer    Gianna Johnson  Grade 5 

POEM1 No Words I write can ever say how much I miss you every day.​ As time goes by loneliness groups.​ How much I miss you nobody knows…… …………………………………………………………………… POEM 2 Roses are red Violets are blue 40

My heart is full of love from you.  

I am active and smart I wonder if today is the end of the world I hear silence I see Tilted Towers I want to travel I am active and smart

I pretend I can fly I feel the warm sand I touch the water of the pool I worry for my safety I cry when I take second place I am active and smart


R.O. Grade 8 

I understand that I will grow up I say that this year will be the best I dream nothing I try to do my best in Fortnite I hope I will be successful I am active and smart



I AM POEM   I am smart and creative. I wonder about physics and the cosmos 

I hear ocean sounds I​ ​s​e​e​ ​c​o​l​o​r​s ďI want to go to space☆  I am smart and creative   I pretend I can write poems   I feel determined 

I touch computer keys I worry about not succeeding I cry during some movies  I am smart and creative   I understand science  I say believe the impossible​⚡   I dream of the ocean waves​ý  I try to learn more about science   I hope make it big in the future I am smart and creative        


Elizabeth Emmett I am poem  Grade 8    I am ​unique​ and a​ mbitious  I wonder if aliens exist  I hear songs in my head  I see the beauty around me  I want to be listened to  I am ​unique​ and a​ mbitious    I pretend to soar with the stars  I feel the silky ocean water   I touch the clouds  I worry about my friends  I cry when I am stressed  I am ​unique​ and a​ mbitious    I understand that I’m flawed  I say 'Just Do It'  I dream to inspire others  I try to do my best  I hope my dreams come true  I am ​unique​ and a​ mbitious  I am Elizabeth Emmett                          43

I Am Poem  

I am creative and outgoing I wonder if 3013 is going to happen.  I hear things.  I see courage.   I want bae life.  I am creative and outgoing.    I pretend nothing.  I feel like me.  I touch the air.  I worry about tilted.  I cry, what kind of poem is this?  I am creative and outgoing.    I understand the meaning of struggle.  I say strength shows courage, but being strong shows fear.  I dream when I’m asleep.  I try to understand.  I hope for the best.  I am creative and outgoing.    Hunter Scofield 




“Writing doesn’t sound too difficult.” Well, I can’t even write a sentence without making a ​speling mistacke​. I’m not creative either. But somehow I am able to write this and make it sound ​inspirational​. It was ​hard​. Believe me… Life is ​hard​ :)

N.T. M.Q. C.T. F.R.

Nicole Tonny, Maria Quintero, Carly Torsiello, Fiona Reilly


She smiles in the mirror wondering whether to change her outfit. Maybe last night she shouldn’t have eaten that banana split.    Loose fitting clothes would look better,  She shuffles through her closet and throws on a sweater.    Forty minutes later her room is a mess,  Fifty minutes later she puts on a dress.     The clothes on her floor pile up like a mountain,  There were so many shirts that even she stopped counting.    Ten minutes before school she walks downstairs,  And then remembers she forgot to do her hair.    She stomps back up and puts it in a bun,  But not before long it came undone.    Her troubles, they just grew and grew,  She shrugs and sighs, a ponytail will do.    She ties her hair back but soon she spotted.  Most of her hair was insanely knotted.    The hair went back up in a bun,  This morning just wasn’t that fun.    Finally she got downstairs and grabbed the orange juice.  Her bun was slowly coming loose.    She shrugged once more and filled her cup,  And remembered, she didn’t put on her makeup. 

8th Grade  A​n​o​n​y​m​o​u​s



Meme Poem   Memes, memes, memes  They are our dreams, dreams, dreams  We love them very much  Such wow, such cool they are   So many memes, all different they are  Ones about cars, ones about mars  We love memes  They are our dreams  ~ Anonymous & Anonymous 

Summer 93 days filled with laughter and fun  Days spent at the beach and under the sun     

Freckles galore and sunkissed faces Playing in the ocean knowing it's the right place   

Only craving ice cream and italian ice Not thinking twice   

The memories will last And summer was a blast   

School will return, And we will learn   

So have fun   With the time that you have!  Fiona Reilly  Grade 8 


Spoken Visions 2017 2018  

Belmar Elementary School's Literary Magazine Spoken Visions 2017-2018

Spoken Visions 2017 2018  

Belmar Elementary School's Literary Magazine Spoken Visions 2017-2018