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Thank you to the following students for their 2015-2016 ​ Spoken Visions​ writing and art submissions: Abril Velazquez Lizzie Connors Maggie Jelley Liam Rackham Ciara Woodrow Anastasia Gavrilovic Maggie Weeks Cayla Anderson Nicholas Holby Jake Oleskiewicz Christopher Torres Cristian VanSchoick Nicholas Connelly Aracris Sanchez Hannah Haberstick Karen Li Jaden Ernst Kahnchiaz Nealy Nizjerah Davis Anthony Barbara Iris Ortiz Kevin Perez-Espinosa Jennifer Lopez Orlando Osorio Brian Arias Gina Soluri Jasiya Robinson Jacob Ganley Ayden Hope Allison Waters

Jose Torres Nicole Hernandez Iris Sanchez Gina Trevino Sophia Loria Jonathan Gonzalez Cruz Evelin Gonzalez Athena Komitas Nicole Tonny Isabel Lusardi Michelle Wooden Elisa Mclaughlin Brady Barry Lindsey Hardmeyer Luci Lisko Taylor Clayton Jacqueline Litowinsky Ashton McHale Maria Quintero Diana Aguilar Jessica Meza Jailen Lopez Jacqueline Ramirez Edwin Ortiz Stephanie Perrault Diana Juarez Gabriella Viterbo Reece Brutsman Aurelia Whitehead



In This School  In this school we help each other  We work with each other  We care for each other  We stand up for each other    In this school we stay together  We are a family  We are one  We are compatible    In this school we are all friends  No such thing as “lonely”  No such thing as “bullying”  No such thing as “teasing”    In this school we are in this together  We are in this on the beat  We are in this side by side  We are in this with one voice  We are in this together   

By Abril Velasquez  Grade 7 



Hospitals By: Maggie Jelley Grade 7

Permit me to tell you about hospitals, Building of the sick and disabled You could be sliced open An area for people to suffer Where people say goodbye Yet to some people hospitals are... A place where you get a chance Nursing you to safety Caring for your medical problems Though it isn’t always easy


Memory Tree By Liam Rackham  Grade 8    The brain is a tree. As time goes on it gets larger and larger.  The leaves are memories keeping the tree from being a dull  piece of wood. The branches let you remember because  without  branches the  leaves would  fly away. The  bark is the  important  memories.  This strong  bark doesn’t  just snap off  like leaves.  The roots are  the  relationships  with others  because  without them  the memories  won’t  develop. This  strong tree  carries the  leaves and branches while the roots hold the tree. They all  live through the seasons until winter. The leaves die out  leaving room for new memories in the spring.                5 

Ocean Blue Deep inside the ocean blue I’m diving into an adventure with you Take my hand, let’s start our journey When we're together there's no need to worry Deep beneath the ocean blue There's only two people, Just me and you When I’m with you in this place My heart immediately starts to race Now we’re above the ocean blue The sun is setting and I love the view Sadly our journey has come to an end There's no doubt I’d do it all over again. BY: Ciara Woodrow and Anastasia Gavrilovic Grade 8


Graduation It’s so sad to hear, We are no longer gonna be here, There are so many memories we have here, That we will end up in tears, A lot of us don’t want to leave, But sadly it’s got to come to an end, It’s time to move on. By: Aracris Sanchez and Michelle Wooden Grade 8


I Am Poem I I I I I I

am Lizzie wonder, when I graduate where will I go to high school? hear my teachers telling me to try my best see myself in the future succeeding in life want to help people, and find a cure for any type of cancer am Lizzie

I pretend to be nice to people I don’t like I feel loved by my friends and family I touch my mom’s hand everyday and tell her, “You will be fine, you are a strong woman” I worry about my family and my mom everyday I cry when my mom cries I am Lizzie I I I I I I

understand when my mom and my teachers tell me no say sorry when I do something that is not allowed or when I am mean to someone dream about finding a cure for cancer try to do my best in school hope my mom gets better and all of the sick children am Lizzie Connors (Grade 7)


Summer Sun is stronger, Nights are longer. Ice cream cones, are what I crave, before I dive, deep into the waves. Sun kissed skin, Dolphin fins. Bathing suits, Delicious fruits. Flip flops, Bikini Tops. Sun disappears, Stars are near. Summer’s over, and I feel so alone, The tans will fade, but the memories won’t. By Maggie Weeks and Cayla Anderson Grade 8


While I Was Away -A new perspective from ​ Little Women By: Karen Li (Grade 7) The fight has ended for me while wounded badly on the field. Somehow I started having illnesses when I arrived. I have became too weak to fight. The captain excluded me from the army, predicting that my sickness would spread to many of the soldiers. This can leave them very weak and we would lose. What would my family say as soon as I reach home? Will they be happy that I have arrived back or will they be ashamed that a fine soldier came home just because of a problem? Well, if I were to find out, I must venture back to my home and see the results. The house was in view, smoke from the chimney flew out from the burning of the logs. ​ Oh how wonderful to be back home​ , I thought to myself seeing the house in good shape. ​ I know we don’t have much but I am to be home in the warm house with my children and my wife. How so lovely. Once the steps towards my home came into view, I ran joyfully out of the wagon and burst through the doors of the warm cottage hoping the children to be jumping on me. But nothing happened. What I saw were these strange children sitting on the ground with ragged clothes. They seem to stare straight into my soul knowing that I have brought shame to a wonderful family. I stopped for a moment. “Hey girls, aren’t you glad Papa’s home?” I asked everyone of my children. They seemed lifeless as dead dolls sitting in the room. What I seemed to noticed was Jo moving towards me. At least Jo came towards me. Maybe the other girls are too shocked about their father coming home from war really early. Jo came up to me and the words that came out of her mouth ran straight through my heart like being electrocuted by a lightning on a winter day. “Why would you ever come back?” came through Jo’s mouth as it slipped off somewhere around the room. The words didn’t come grasp onto my heart lingering on as long as possible, but they striked through it. It felt strange. It did hurt, but I felt happy about that. Those were the feelings I felt at the time. I don’t know if this is reality or fantasy. Finally, I let my mind wander off into unconsciousness. A pain near my core brought me back to life. The world felt cold and windy. Is this what death feels like? Have I gotten myself into a mess where I’m dead? There’s a 10

faint light ahead where I’m moving towards. It’s getting bigger and brighter as I’m accelerating my speed at the moment. The vigorous sound of the speed left my head with many thoughts and memories of my whole life. SILENCE. Complete silence is what I have received. The light was so bright that I had to close my eyes tight. It didn’t help at all. The light seems to pass through my eyelids and make me suffer the intensity of its brightness. The sun was shining upon my face. It took me awhile to concentrate on my surroundings. It was a warm day. The grass was greener than before, it was weird because the battle has ended and many deaths of fellow soldiers have left marks of their life on this plain. But nonetheless, the world was greener, the sun was brighter. I sat up straight to collect my thoughts. “AAAHHHHHHHH,” a terrible discomfort was lingering that made my breath shallow. The pain was infuriating. It’s origin was somewhere around my back. I sat up and started to get up, knowing that I am strong and will never die, because my family needs me. I took notice around my surroundings. It wasn’t some nice comfortable paradise. The plains that the battle took place on, were filled with scattered people. They were lying still. I know they have died fighting for their countries, but I can’t die. I walked up the hill towards my campus. It was deserted. My body felt like jello and it started to shake. My knees finally gave up and let my whole body fall with it. I am one of those people on the plains. I know that I am different because I am still alive. The others are dead, the rest of the army has gone somewhere unknown. I know I am different because I am not dead. I am just lying lifeless here knowing I have fallen asleep… it’s just for forever.


Juice   Juicy Liquid Fruit  Running Down My Throat  Excited Taste Buds    By: Brian Arias Grade 7  I am from video games From Xbox to Playstation I am from the cleanest house OCD everywhere I am from the orchid plant The big tree I’m from short and tough From Father and Mother I’m from clean and hardworking And from motivation I’m from chubby and small And don’t listen to them I’m from lighting candles I’m from New Jersey and Mexico I am from tamales and tacos From me trying to be a superhero Ending with a hole in my leg Crying and laughing I am from pain and hope Orlando Osorio Grade 7


Sun The sun is a tiny little ball of light. That appears during the day and disappears at night. By Cayla Anderson and Maggie Weeks Grade 8


Boxes they put me in a box, a box sealed shut they define me by the words that others say “the girl who listens to that weird music, the girl with the blue hair, the girl who wears flannels who idolizes Kurt Cobain” They call me weird but I do not listen the things they say do not define me, I am not a number, I am not a word, I am a person, a single human being one of seven billion but I am unique they sit comfortably in their own boxes while I stand free they say what they want but I do not care their words are bullets but I wear a vest the bullets they bruise me but they won’t wound me I won’t let them in, they can’t hurt me I will not conform to the standards of society I am an outsider on issues from within they try to edit me, change the way I think the way I act but I am a barrier that can not be knocked down I am what I want to be and nobody can tell me I can’t I am the only thing holding me back Anonymous



I am from my bed From pillows and blankets I am from the happiness and comfort With the loudness of my little cousins I am from the bright purple tulips The four big trees around my house I’m from celebrating birthday parties and posadas From my mom and dad I’m from achieving goals and spreading joy and loving life. I’m from being told I was mini Dora And Barney theme song I’m from big Christmas parties. I’m from Neptune and Belmar Tamales and Rice From my little 2 year old cousin almost cracking his head open. When my mom and I went to Mexico together. I am from all the memories of my best-friend and I, saved in my heart. Diana Aguilar - Grade 7


Clementines You’re sweet and you’re small You’re puny not tall The jewel of citrus An orange’s baby By Nicholas Holby

Limes By Jake Oleszkiewicz Limes Their juicy taste distracts from the green, lumps of its peel Oh so hydrating like crystal clear water With a smell so sour



I am from Iphone From chair to brush I am from the chill and fun calm I am from the daisy The Sycamore tree in my front yard I’m from Thanksgiving and happy From Dad and Grandma I am from eating and laughing And from eating again. I’m from Santa and Easter Bunny And Old Mcdonald had a farm I’m from Easter I’m from Long Branch and Canada Turkey and stuffing From Grandma falling on black ice and breaking her hands Pictures of when I was little Posters of a guy skiing. Stephanie Perrault Grade 7

World I live in a world Full of lies and fake smiles Time I make a change Taylor Clayton Grade 7


On vacation I went to Mars On vacation I went to Mars They really loved me up there But it was really hot They made me their king But I did not know a thing I learned how to do backflips There was a great view of the moon I could also see Jonathan on Earth But he was really tiny There were little aliens who rubbed my toes That's what I did over vacation

Brady Barry 8th Grade


I am from a vacuum. From Lysol and Cleanex I am from the brown, base, rice and frijoles I am from the dandelion The mahogany tree I'm from tacos and enchiladas From my brothers and my sisters I'm from using forks for soup And using spoons for pasta And from using chilli for bananas I'm from lies about Mexico and working hard And back in black I'm from juice on Tuesday I'm from Long Branch and Mexico tacos de huevos and tacos con salsa de mango From Uncle George falling off a tree From cracking his head open The chest buried in the sand Or at least under my bed Kevin Perez-Espinoza Grade 8



Hannah Haberstick  Grade 8       Leavin​ G       c​ R​ ying       c​ A​ ps  D​ etermined for success  U​ nited, prepared soaring for excellence  A​ ssignments      ​ new oppor​ T​ unities                ​ miss​ I​ ng friends                           g​ O​ wns                      N​ ew people


I am from the floor  From dirt and dust  I am from the loudness  Relaxing  I am from the grass  The marigold    I’m from birthdays and Christmas’  From Alejandro and Victoria  I’m from games and cleaning  And from music    I’m from brushing teeth and taking naps  And click it or ticket  I’m from opening a present on Christmas Eve  I’m from Long Branch and Puerto Rico  Rice and pastelillos  From Cerebral palsy  In a wheelchair  Amusement park  In my mind for forever    Jailen Lopez   Grade 7   


Mystic Island by Edwin Ortiz Grade 5 Introduction There was this boy named Joshua. He and his family were in Florida. Joshua was 10 when the tornado happened, and could still hear it happen, his father and mother left him at his aunt’s house. . No one talked about it, and no one told anyone what happened. Joshua was sad that his parents left him there. His aunt treated him like his mom did, but he missed his parents. They weren’t there with him, and he cried every time he would get his favorite breakfast. He would be okay if he had his picture book with him.

Chapter 1 :War Kylie got up asking, “Who are you??” “Hey I’m Joshua, How about you?”, Joshua asked. “Nice to meet you Joshua, my name is Kylie” said Kylie. “But where am I ??” ,asked Kylie “You’re in Mystic Island” said ??? “Hey I’m Jessica” said Jessica. “My head hurts I’m getting like these visions that my family left me here” said Kylie. “Well that’s what did happen Kylie and we helped you escape” said Joshua quietly. “And how many people are with you” Kylie asked.


“She’s the only one with me but I think there were more people. There was fire in your house. Luckily Kelly and I saved you but…..” said Joshua. “What, what’s wrong?” asked Kylie. “ I’m sorry but your……..” Joshua paused. “What he’s trying to say is your family’s picture book is gone. They left it here because they knew we would save it. We couldn’t find it” whispered Jessica……


“HELP!!!!!” cried ??? “HELP US!!!”cried ??? “Who was that??”, asked Joshua. “I don’t know” said Jessica. “ Oh, no!!!” Joshua screamed. “What’s wrong?” asked Kylie. “ You know how I said that it was only me and Jessica. Well, like I said I thought there were more people with us. There are, they’re all the way at my house. Their names are Braeden and Kayla, and they’re twins”said Joshua. “You have to get up….., Now” said Jessica with a worried look on her face. “OK” answered Kylie.

To Be Continued...




I am from…. I am from refrigerator From chair and computer I am from the comfortable apartment I am from the grass The flower in my yard I'm from fried chicken and being late From Mora and Mommy I'm from having dinner every Sunday and Surf Taco every weekend and from Grandma coming over every weekend. I'm from going to bed and tooth fairy and singing Johny Johny Yes Papa I'm from family reunions I'm from Neptune and Indian/Black, lasagna and macaroni From my great grandma getting married at 16 Sophie's birthday, pictures, Polaroid's. Nizjerah Davis Grade 8


I adopted two dogs Named Fluffy and Coffee Fluffy got lost and wasn’t found, but Coffee is still with me Coffee is 6 years old His birthday is in March Evelin Gonzalez 8th grade



I am from Cheese Nips from Xbox and TV I am from the big house that is big from The Treehouse and the orange flower I'm from Christmas and McDonald's from Nicky and Mom and Dad, from my pet and french fries and from watching TV from be quiet and brush teeth and dotty 4499 from Free Comic Book Day I'm from a bus in Friendly's chicken fingers and chicken nuggets from my uncle's job at McDonald's from my grandpa's boat from my model Lamborghini near my dresser and from The Walking Dead and my iPhone Anthony Barbara Grade 8

Swimming on the beach Fourth of July fireworks Summer flies by fast Summer Days By Allison Waters Grade 7


I am from bed From candle and plants I am from vanilla scented I am from the flower The plant on the windowsill I’m from Atlantic City and coolness From Tomasa and Sebastian I’m from coffee and outdoors And from basketball I’m from ponte las pilas and ahorita vas a ver And Carta Abierta ‐ Los Tigres del Norte I’m from La Tapatia I’m from NJ and Mexico Tacos and frijoles From grandmother telling how my mother was young. With her style, belongings. Going out on every Memorial Day. Family pictures on the wall. Iris Ortiz Grade 8


I am from rice and frijoles From tortillas and carne I am from the light blue house The smell of chiles I am from the roses The jalepenos

I‛m from dark brown eyes and Cinco de Mayo from my mom and my dad I‛m from cleaning and eating and going out to eat once in awhile.

I‛m from la-garte and vas aver chaa.. and ponte las pilas I‛m from making tacos I‛m from Neptune hospital and Mexico Tacos and quesadillas From when my parents crossed over here, over a big wall Family selfies at restaurants Will stay in my heart. Jennifer Lopez Grade 8



Marianas Trench I’ll wake up some days feeling tired and sad And pretend like everything's okay, But everything is not what I say it is, I just don’t want anyone to worry about me The thing is, most of the time I really don’t know what is wrong with me I feel alone and secluded even though I walk among hundreds of people each day I wake up feeling unmotivated and apathetic, Indifferent to everything, I wake up feeling drained And I wonder, is this normal? Does everyone feel like this? Weary of everyday life? Or are the feelings that I feel symptoms of a serious underlying problem? Sometimes I hope for the best Other times, I hope for the worst Sometimes I hope I can experience true and pure happiness Other times I go to sleep hoping that I don’t wake up the next morning I’m not writing this to get attention, I would never do that I’m telling you this because I want someone to care People always tell me that they care about me But I never believe them Why is that? I don’t understand Why can I never believe and trust anyone? Are the feelings that I feel and the thoughts that I think symptoms of a serious underlying problem? Or is it just weariness of everyday life? Some say that worrying is caring But it’s a negative form of caring I don’t want people to be negative around me I already have enough negativity in my own mind In my deep dark thoughts as deep as the bottom of the ocean As deep as the Mariana Trench I’m sinking and I don’t know how to stop My thoughts swirl around in my mind Never stopping I want people to care, Not worry Is this normal? Ashton McHale​ (Grade 7)



I am from TV From the phone and kitchen counter I am from the pink roses and The rose petals As if they were my own. I'm from Christmas and Halloween From my mom and brother I'm from watching TV and eating together And from eating together I'm from inside an egg and Indian tribe And uno dos tres cuatro I'm from m,j,s,a I'm from Mexico and Africa Fish and tacos From when I first saw an automated door I got my hand stuck while playing with it When I went to a river house Jumped off the bed while sleeping Jose Torres Grade 8

Gabriella Viterbo (Lies Poem) Grade 8 Last weekend I went to Disney World, And hugged Mickey. I also met Rapunzel and Walt Disney. There was lots to eat, so I had a root-beer float. After that, I sat on a boat, To watch the fireworks, Which started the waterworks.


I am from chanclas From maseca and chile I am from the bed Mexican table cloth I am from the plants The tree outside my window I’m from la rosca and Cinco de Mayo From Vicente and Juana I’m from barbeques and parties And from beaches I’m from largeta and horita vas aver From te amo from Los Yonics I’m from La Dia de los Muertos I’m from New Jersey and Neptune Tamales and tacos From my parents saying how they lived in Mexico riding horses and farming Hard Working Crossing the border Mexico and California Family and Love. Iris Sanchez Grade 8


I am from the fridge from cold pizza and chicken I am from the big kittens I am from the palm trees The flowers in my garden I'm from my mom and dad from my cat and other cat I'm from eating and traveling and from laughing Im from being cool and athletic and Johny Johny yes papa I’m from always being hungry I’m from NJ and America I’m from nuggets and pasta From traveling and long plane rides and pictures on the wall and eating food all day. Sophia Loria Grade 8

Seagulls Seagulls  They are stinky  They like flying and eating  They feel neglected and very sad  Seagulls                                           By Reece Brutsman Grade 7




I am from pencils from chairs and tables I am from the light grayish Smell of food I am from the flowers The tree whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from dark brown eyes and dark brown hair from my parents and brothers I’m from Cinco de Mayo and eating and from family dinners

I’m from vas a ver alin and qeta esa cara de tonta and la Cucaracha I’m from making tamales I’m from Neptune and Mexico tacos and tamales From the trip my parents took to the long dark nights family photos in the park By: Evelin Gonzalez Grade 8


Good Times When the school year ends When you are feeling sad When you miss your friends Remember the good times By:Athena Komitas Grade 6

I am from tacos from chicatana and frijoles I am from the medium beans I am from the marigold, the dandelion I’m from Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead from sister and brother I’m from sleeping and playing and from going out. I’m from being a cockroach and girl and La Cucaracha I’m from the hospital and Neptune Tamales and beans From my mom picking fruits where the trees had mangoes that she picked in my pueblo la soledad

By Jonathan Gonzalez Grade 8


The Thing I think I saw a thing behind me But I’m not really sure I saw the light flashing there It must be near the door I slowly crept toward it Making me insecure Is this a really good choice I didn’t want a war When I moved closer like a tiny snail I suddenly heard a big horrific roar Then I saw daylight Almost completely pure It was a dream, I thought, a dream Or am I really sure? By Nicole Tonny


Jacqueline Litowinsky: Grade 6  The Gift  Celastrus started to open the dull-gray box. She winced, worrying it would contain a curse. There could be a gift, or a curse in the box. The gift that she would receive would determine her destiny, after all, it was fate. Every person in Concors, the modern-day United States, has to open a box on their 18th birthday containing a so-called gift. There were seven gifts and seven curses. The gifts were beauty, intelligence, honesty, loyalty, wisdom, fortitude, and compassion. The curses were vanity, jealousy, laziness, cruelty, selfishness, gluttony, and cowardice. There’s a good chance I could get one of the curses, and that has made me afraid all my life. “Can’t I do this tomorrow?” I whine. The women who's watching me glares at me with her dagger eyes. She opens her mouth to say something, but then a loud buzzer goes off, which startles me. “Time’s up. You can do it tomorrow,” she says with a sigh and a hint of hatred in her voice. I quietly cheer in my mind, I wasn’t ready for this today, on all days, my birthday. This is supposed to be a special day, not the best day of your life, or the worst. I exit the tight, cramped room, with the box still on the table, waiting for me to open it. My best friend, Leilani, has the same birthday as I do, so I start to run to her house to see what her destiny is. I knock on her door. A friendly face emerges. Leilani’s mother, Orchid, waves me into their home. “Leilani’s in her room, go right ahead,” she encourages. I rush upstairs, and I walk over to Leilani. “Hey, what’d you get?” I whisper. She lifts her head, and I already know: beauty. “Can you tell?” she whispers back. “That took quick effect. You really do look different, but a good different,” I say. “What...did you get,” she asks worriedly. “I’m doing it tomorrow, I ran out of time,” “Why don’t you sleep over, you know, to release your thoughts?” she questions. 46 

“That’s... a good idea. Let me get my stuff, I’ll be back,” I get my stuff, quickly from my house, and walk back over to Leilani’s. It’s 5:00 on the dot, so at 8:00 I’ll have to go to sleep (Mother’s orders) and unwind. Tomorrow will come fast, and I know it. Tomorrow comes. I have to do this all over again. I drive over to the FFY (Fate For Youths) and await my turn. No matter what I get, I know I’ll be okay. “Celastrus Parks?” the lady asks. “Right here,” “It’s your turn,” I take a deep breath, and enter the room with the box on the table. I get rid of my fears for one split second. In this second, I open the box. What I got is… The End 



It was then I saw him With eyes flashing green A hint of yellow, and a bit of blue Soft to the touch I turned, He kept staring We both stood in awe Not moving for seconds I couldn’t resist the look on his face I took out my camera and snapped a photo I gave it to my mom and asked her one question She asked me five I went back to the store He stared, I stared I talked to the man, and he got me a key I held him in my hands I gave him some money and walked away With him in my arms Sloth Bird Dog Cat We will love them all

By Nicole Tonny


Just My Mom   By:Aurelia Whitehead (Grade 8)   

I played inside a stadium  And scored the winning goal  10,000 people cheered for me  And none of them for her  I dribbled like Messi and scored like Ronaldo  I played so well they called me Pele  One­million dollars on my first payday  Lavish cleats and more than you could ever eat  22 people on the field but they say that I’m the best one  They clapped and screamed when I scored  Oh wait that's just my Mom  And this poem is just a lie



I am from.... I am from board games From cereal and milk I am from the blue and white stripes & the smell of smoked chicken I am from the lillies The plum trees I’m from Thanksgiving and Christmas From Gavin and Tyler I’m from gymnastics and lacrosse and from church. I’m from hard work and live, laugh, love And actions speak louder than words I’m from late nights on Florida beaches I’m from Neptune and Russia Mashed potatoes and applewood smoked chicken From family vacations from Jamaica to Canada to Curacao, the best times. Luci Lisko Grade 8

The Woodpecker’s Knocking  As the woodpecker knock­knock­knockedy knocked I heard his knocking song.  Minutes later, I saw something big, maybe a gator, and there was no more knocking.  The woodpecker’s knocking song was gone, and maybe forever gone.  Until I heard  another song, this one of a bluejay, and the song was back, and forever back.  Every day I wonder where did the knocking song go, but then I hear the bluejay.    By:  Jacqueline Litowinsky  Grade 6



The Ape The ape angrily ate the apple until it ended He thought the core was very splendid! He loved the way the apple crumbled Once he ate too much and stumbled It’s like the apples kept on coming Until he stopped and went on running He ate too much and now his tummy… hurts and no, this is not funny He went along all down the hall Until he tripped and took a fall He needed to thrive from yummy fruits He avoided many mean brutes The ape did have a little crush Now, this makes me blush He likes Professor Snape But he secretly likes his cape Now this is the end My best of friends This is the majestic ape Let’s enjoy some crepes Jacob Ganley Grade 7



My Family My Family how I love you so Our outings that I treasure We have been through the best and the worst Yet I still came out strong To the car with all of the sing alongs My memories will last To my Mom and Dad I appreciate your effort and work You both provide the strength for us to grow And I am here saying I love you so To my Brother and Sister You two are still so young and small Follow your dreams and never hold back Express yourself and don’t look back I love you all too much and you know My Family how I love you so

Jacqueline Ramirez Grade 7

Atlantis    Last week I went to Atlantis  Two birds dove down with a mantis  We ate a feast in the king's honor   Seaweed, sand, and also some banners    They taught us how to fly   And how to hide from angry bear with a bee hive   That was my trip to Atlantis   Now I’m off to the dentist                                                By Ayden Hope


Frown By: Kahnchiaz Nealy Grade 7 13 is an age where you feel mature You aren’t ready and there isn’t a cure. My life has gone from sad to mad I can't lie, I’m not intentionally glad. I open these school doors and expect frowns But these kids are never down. They make me feel that I belong I fall and laugh when I hear their made up songs. I guess I shouldn’t feel alone with friends I never want my exciting days to end. I never walk around with a frown Ashton and Jyasia always dab and fool around. My friends aren’t really that influential But they make everyday feel like it’s essential When I run and cry they hug me and say “Everything’s okay.” They make me feel like I’m not a stray. I’m Kahnchiaz and I don't walk around with the biggest frown Because life's too important to keep me down.


I am from the notebook From pen and paper I am from the darkness of the shadows I am from the shadows of The orchid tree I’m from Christmas tree lightings and the forgetfulness of my family From mother and fathers I’m from bad words and incense smells And from the endless war of thoughts I'm from a depression and limitless music in my head “Because people are strange when you're a stranger Faces look ugly when you're alone” I’m from trick or treating with family From run down Neptune to Italy From my Dad's non existence in my life To his other family being more important than ours The locket I have of a picture of him and me Is the only thing I truly hate It’s under my bed where my hopes and dreams go to die Like my relationship with him Because did it ever occur to you that leaving me You took an important part of me My happiness By Taylor Clayton Grade 7



BES Spoken Visions 2015-2016  

Belmar Elementary School Literary Magazine Edition: 2015-2016

BES Spoken Visions 2015-2016  

Belmar Elementary School Literary Magazine Edition: 2015-2016