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“A R etur n To HipHop An A ” lbum Revi ew b y Nf ared


t’s a sentiment that has been sounded out by many; on Facebook status messages, Myspace pages, and Twitter “tweets” around the country— Hip-Hop is not what it used to be. Some say it’s a good thing, others argue current standards for what really is Hip-Hop have dropped horribly low and the art is actually taking a step backwards. Enter Atlanta group, The Remnant. Their debut “PB&J” teeter totters between what Hip-Hop was and what it can become. The album starts with the energetic “I Told You”. The group goes back to an old school Hip-Hop style by displaying confidence without being arrogant or mentioning material possessions, pays homage to home, and exhibits optimism all in one line, “The Remnant still here/still rapping/still local/ still skilled with ill vocals/not signed but real hopeful...” The track ends with a triumphant, “Trust us you’ll love us/you just don’t know it yet.” In dedication to love there is the thoughtful “Give Us This Day”. The track starts out with a witty, “I never hesitate to procrastinate/better late than never/or better never late see/you’re a candidate…” then delves into the tragedy of love with, “Our main mistake was

not sharing the same dream…” and “God only knows about the way we’d wind up/and I just hate to need to say goodbye but…” This is love spoken from the mouth of Hip-Hop in a way current artists tend to avoid. The speedy “Catch Your Breath” is a fun whirlwind listen filled with lyrical jabs like, “Welcome/even thought the flow wasn’t welcome/oh well we came/ you’re welcome” and, “Talkin bout green and the fame/so we had to go green on the game/cause these kats pollutin..” The beautiful “Know This” is a bold display of Vulnerability and sincerity. Powerful lyrics about love are poignant throughout the track, including “Bay, do you even know who you are?/Midwinter rose morning star/…cause when I was lonely, you took a risk on me…”, “Maybe if I loved you less I could talk about it more…”, and “Thank you for showing me God exists…” Extending the God talk, “The Lovetap” almost jumps through the speakers with powerful, touching words that eerily ring true; “God’s lovetap should be viewed as a new chance”, and “Return, refresh, retune, reject, rebirth, reword, rejuvenate and reset, review, renew, replenish, redo/it’s all gonna fall if it must for him to reach you/the lovetap.”

Needle Meter “PB&J” is a striking testament to true Hip-Hop. The non cookie cutter production combined with skilled lyricism makes it a rare gem. The concept of being a “remnant” from an era when Hip-Hop was more thought provoking and meaningful is not necessarily genius, but does the job of propelling this group to another level of thinking. This album may be too much for the base level listener though. An album of 19 songs that are all not about the same subject matter can seem abstract to some, and most avid Hip-Hop heads have the patience for about 12 or 13 songs before it’s time to change the disk. But maybe this is what makes the group different; a willingness to be bold, and using the past to be innovative. The Remnant—maybe more like, The Relevant. Four out of Five Needles

Spoken Magazine


tO bE yOuNg gIfTeD aNd bLaCk Isaiah Armstrong sits down with Brian Hawkins

“It’s our time right now!”

The work is comparable to high-end, high-priced designers but priced for the recession.

In five words he summed up, his outlook on, the future of young Black professionals before our interview even began. Quick, direct and overwhelmingly charismatic, that’s the kind of person that Isaiah Armstrong has grown to be in 22 years of life.

” When Isaiah says “work”, he really means art. He finishes with, “People don’t realize the artistic implications of painting.” “You know, Color schemes that help the client relax. Not just getting the job done but designing from a psychological standpoint.” [Because] “I don’t work with people’s money, I work with your business. I want your business, not your money.”

Isaiah is one of those people whose very skin seems to be made of both confidence and good character. We shook hands and before we were seated he asks “ You know how I know that?” I’m thinking, this will be the easiest interview I’ve ever given. He’s asking his own questions. “It was prophesied about our people.” Isaiah Armstrong is a twenty oneyear old student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who, like many other students, works to make money while in school to support his dreams. Big dreams. So Isaiah created a small contracting firm, an off-shoot of his father’s Genesis 1:1. While explaining his latest project, where he used paint to mimic the lines and reflective qualities of three windows onto a conjoining wall, Isaiah says it’s a “recessionisto design”. Mid-way through my next question (I actually asked some questions) I realized, I’d been witness to the birth of new terminology into the American lexicon. Recessionisto design? Isaiah stretches his trade mark grin across his face and says “Think about it. Design at a reasonable price. It’s a recession and the design is the best you can get for the price. Spoken Magazine


Isaiah strives to prove that with every project, every job, every piece of art, giving free estimates on anything in your home that may help increase its value, as well as your comfort. I asked Isaiah where he thought he would be in ten years (a cliché question, I know, but stay with me). He says “I want to get out of the work clothes environment and get into delegation and education.”

overwhelmingly charismatic. Evenwith this bleak summery of the Black Experience, his eyes shine with hope and confidence. While continuing about education, he passively mentions a trade school. Though he was on a roll, I had to stop him. What trade school? “Oh, the school that I’m going to open.” Well. Isaiah wants to do more than just paint. He wants rappers to yell out his names in their songs as much as they call out Jacob the Jeweler or Ashanti Rims. He wants educators to mention him in the same breath as Picasso or Rembrandt. He wants everyone’s home to indeed be their sanctuary. But most of all, Isaiah Armstrong wants to save us: One house, one kid at a time.

Education? “Yea, I want to get into the classrooms and get the kids who are not going to college. I wanna to take it back to the neighborhoods. I wanna give somebody else a chance cuz somebody gave me a chance.”Really? Who was that, Isaiah? “I got to where I am because of my father.” The acknowledgement of a positive black male figure was both refreshing and unexpected from this seemingly self-made young man. “That’s why a lot of black people don’t achieve and excel; because they don’t have an old black man in their lives to pass down knowledge and materials.” Right to the heart of the problem plaguing Black America in any area. Isaiah is quick, direct, and Photography by Jessica


Th e Pro l og u e

S : By

s e ly v

try to discourage you from following your dreams due to simple malice or just plain ignorance, especially when dealing with theater and acting. So, instead of contributing to the Spoken magazine movement by introducing exciting theatrical companies or interest on-stage experiences, I want to take time to tell my future colleagues that regardless of what others may tell you, having a career in theater is certainly an attainable goal.

take on just to get by. The majority of actors love what they do. I started out with little pay. I worked countless hours. Up early for touring shows. Up late for main stage shows. Grueling rehearsals hoping to achieve nearperfect performances. I have traveled every state from Kansas towards the east, accumulating over 37,000 miles of driving in 9 months for shows. I have been beat up physically and mentally. But my work was so fulfilling, I felt as if I had not worked a day in my life in theater. Because I had HEART.

“So what else do you do?” People would ask me when they did not accept the fact that I was a full-time, professional actor. There are not many of us who have the support of family and friends due to the misconception that successful “starving artist” must overcome unimaginable struggles and unknown dangers, while waiting tables and taking odd jobs in and around the intimidating city of New York, hoping one day to find that “big break” that will propel us to prosperity and validation. But you won’t find most professional actors on Broadway or off-Broadway. Many have made their living in regional theater.

If you want to find success and content in the career of drama you need HEART. The grit. The “on the grind” mentality. The tolerance of rejection and the perseverance to overcome it. The wits to research (companies, roles, plays, etc.) to sustain your career. HEART. The desire to jump into other people’s lives via other people’s lives to enlighten. To inform. To relate. To heal. HEART. The want to search deep within to find traits of characters totally opposite from yourself. Traits, good or bad, that you must embrace in order to, on a given performance, make the world believe. Entertaining souls and exercising minds. HEART.

On the practical side, every profession has different levels of expertise. Different paths to follow. It just so happens that everybody associates theater with Broadway, in part due to the fame, money, and infamy it produces. But there are several options all around the U.S. for aspiring actors that consists of musical theater houses, cruises, year-round and repertoire troupes, classical theaters, and touring companies that deliver great works and bring in great talent. Do not get me wrong, New York is a good choice in advancing or even starting your career, but you don’t have to confine yourself to the pursuit of the bright lights and big city to be successful.

Let me stop preaching. The bottom line is do not let misconceptions stop you from venturing down the road of a thespian. As with any career, you must do your homework. As with any career, there will be failure. A drama career is not a clear cut path. That is why most people do not understand it. And why most people shun it. That is why I wanted to get away from the negative stories of uninspired actors and share with you some positive vibes from somebody who has found success. So if you are thinking about acting, keep studying. Practice hard. Play hard. There are so many possibilities. And of course, break a leg.

There will always be people who will

t s e

t t i L er

r. J le

Now the path will not be easy, but what path is? Theater is not a profession to “pay the bills.” Something you Spoken Magazine


Why Women Cheat on the Men They Adore By Theresa Horne, Publishing Editor

Between impromptu grocery trips and dropping the kids at the nearest watering hole, there often lies time in a woman’s busy life where she reflects on her younger, full of life and love days. The days where men actually courted her. Now her days are filled with a husband or boyfriend whose idea of a romantic evening is crunching over peanut shells at your neighborhood steak house while he shifts glances at the football game and the busty waitress reaching across your table for the check. So where did it all go wrong? Was it the moment you stopped wearing your sexy lingerie because he barely looks interested? Was it the moment the kisses stopped being passionate but are now…predictable? Was it when he stopped going to the gym and let his beer belly “sneak up” on him? Women love attention. No matter the shape, size, ethnicity or religion. We all love to be wanted and craved. Every woman wants to be the center of their husband’s life. It’s called the art of loving to be in love. And women have perfected the art a trillion times over. So why do women cheat on the men they adore? Well, scrape those crumbs off your blouse, put that chilly Coke aside and take notes because this could be the difference between a life of love or a life of passionate deceit…

The Office Romance This starts off as a flirt in most cases. You get that tall, dark and handsome new hire in the cubicle next to you that has a sultry voice and even sexier smirk (even though its over email…so what?). This man floats through the office giving all the young tenderoni’s a head nod and wishful glance. So how did lil’ ole married you nudge yourself into this equation? It happened somewhere between you sporting that dress that you know get stares and then dropping some file folders right outside his cube. He slides his gaze silkily over your heaving bust and childbearing hips that sway towards the carpet to gather your folders. You see him. He sees you. Then he says those Spoken Magazine


words you have been waiting almost six months for your husband to say “Damn girl, you know you are wearing that dress.” And then you careen towards the clouds. As you relax on Cloud 9 in the middle of nowhere and everywhere, you somehow find yourself intertwined on his overstuffed couch with Martin re-runs blinking into the darkness like a strobe light. What started with a little attention and a kind compliment, turned into you tossing your marital vows to the wind like an old CD out the car window.

The Right Place, Right Time Romance This is usually a one night stand that involves a lot of clear vodka

mixed with something behind the bar sweet and fruity. You and your man have had the “broken record” argument again and you are tired of re-explaining why you want him to “insert issue here”. But nonetheless, like most men, your requests/ complaints/wishes are pushed to the back of his mind. It only pops up when he listens to jazz on rainy night while driving on the interstate…now how often is that, right (especially if you live in Georgia)? So here you are, in some crowded hip hop club with your girlfriends who insist that you have a good time and “not let that *explicative* get you down”. As you sway your sweaty body to the latest hit by Akon, you feel strong hands grip your hips and twist you to the music.

Each bass pounds into you as you wonder who this stranger is, why he chose you out of the crowd of pissed off, demon-eyed women surrounding the dance floor. You’re here to have fun, right? So you dance until your feet swell inside your “cute” shoes and he finally rescues you from the other awaiting hounds to sit you at bar stool in the dimmest part of the club. He talks to you about life, love, why he’s single, his dreams and goals. He shows you the interest of conversation that you lack. So you exchange numbers and the next time you meet, it’s already written in the stars that you will taste the flavor of his compromise.

The Past in the Present Romance This man has seen you with nappy pigtails and high water pants yet he still seems to hang on for the friendship you guys have. You probably have thought about what it would be like to lay with him but you can’t fathom doing it without laughing the entire time. This is your protector, your guiding light and most of all, he has never tried to steal you from your man! Which by the way, has you wondering if he is secretly gay…But nonetheless, you continue listening to his response on why your husband is so lazy in your relationship. He seems to just “get” you. He explains how he treats his women, the type of man he is and always seems to comment on how you “could do so much better”. On the inside, you know he means “you could do so much better with me”. So finally after a long crying session that includes you dripping snot on his chenille throw, babbling about why your man just won’t “insert issue here”…he kisses you slowly…and you’re not laughing anymore. Actually, you are wondering “what the hell took me so long to do that?” Now, you have crossed the inevitable and invisible line of your friendship. The point of no return has been visited. Now you teeter between two men who you love and are bound to hurt. Shame on


The “Get Back” Romance Your man comes in from a night of “hanging with the fellas”, gives you a liquor stained kiss on the forehead as you sit up in bed with your arms crossed. It is 4a.m., and you know all the clubs close early. So you do the math in your head: left house at 10 p.m., arrived at club at 11 p.m., club closes at 2 a.m., ride home takes 30 minutes. The hours and minutes aren’t adding up and there is a good chance that the club was never visited anyway because ironically, his cellphone was “dead” all evening. So as he jumps in the steaming shower, you search his clothes to find smeared makeup on the shoulders of his shirt. Who was hugging him all night with some knockoff COVERGIRL makeup? Well, you know what must be done. Even though you are tired and barely able to stand up straight, you muster enough energy to slide on some dusty lingerie from the back of the dresser drawer. After pulling off a couple of dust bunnies, your man exits the bathroom dripping wet (and yes, looking sexy). The surprise on his face speaks volumes. Surprise turns to fear. He knows what you know is about to happen. You try every method known to woman kind to engage him but to no avail. There is no nookie for your cookie tonight. And you know what must be done. You know you have to get him back.

Verbally Abusive Home Life We all have run across a man who is so insecure in himself that he finds a way to beat down his mate mentally. It couples with the old adage “misery loves company”. There are men who want to let you know how overweight, unattractive and lazy you are. My question to them is…why are they with you? That speaks the truth about how they see themselves. Now, I am not a head doctor, as they used to say when I was a child. I am just a plain, average woman with plain, average problems like everyone else. But no

one deserves to be treated like less than the queen or king they are. The number 2 reason women cheat on men they love is because they are too busy loving the wrong man. Just because you love this man wholeheartedly does not mean that he loves you with the same fervor. You owe it to yourself (and possibly your children) to be in a healthy relationship. Yes, you will argue and sometimes mean and hurtful things are thrown like curve balls to your head. But in the end, that man should adore you, respect you and covet you. So in a verbally abusive household, there is no reason to cheat. There is only reason to leave. I hope the moral has not passed you by as you resume drinking your Coke which must now be room temperature. There is no valid excuse to cheat but that does not mean certain things can’t lend someone to be weak and vulnerable to temptation. Women are inwardly loyal creatures that need the fuel of desire, passion and love to continue on their journey to growth and happiness. So for those with the office romance, just stop. It only ends with one or both parties being fired. So not only do you lose the man you truly love but you lose your source of income…a big no-no. Always discuss your issues, don’t become a “right place, right time” type of woman. It shows lack of backbone in the end. Your man will never be able to trust you again upon finding out because he will always wonder if every argument is THE argument that sends you running to the arms of another man. And furthermore, never try to get a man back for cheating on you. Your morals don’t lie within whether someone else does right by you. Your morals lie within what you want to bring forth in a relationship. So in the end, ladies and gentlemen, the reason women cheat on the men they adore is because they are made vulnerable by lack of attention and desire and have fallen victim to pitying themselves rather than rectifying the situation by making a decision and actually sticking to it. Spoken Magazine


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The editors at Spoken Magazine went about the task of seeking out the woman who deemed herself, “The Hottest Female Poet”. Of those that answered the call, few came close to being donned the Hottest Female Poet, but one clearly stood apart from the rest. Theresa Horne, our Publishing Editor, caught up with the Hottest Female Poet for an in depth interview. Check out Shaunteka’s interview, and the bios and poetry excerpts of those who came close to claiming the title of Hottest Female Poet.

Spoken Magazine


Shaunteka LaTrese is the epitome of an artist. Performing, singing and writing because she does not know what else to do is the least of the worlds concerns. Shaunteka has captured hearts with her soft vocals, her pure essence and the truth. A word smith none the less, the fascination with words came at an early age, twisting the boundaries of the “kings English” exposing its etymology. Realizing for every definition there are 3 words and 2 words with similarities. Knowing this fact, she challenged herself to be creative in her spoken word and brilliant in her written word. Shaunteka has taking a new approach to the art form, “I am an Artist, and I have no line separating me from spoken, written, poetry, performance, nor singer. I am” Since taking the stage in 2003 she has been knocking on doors and kicking over tables; her, plan is to speak until your hear what she is saying.

Photography by D. Dabney


“As the dusk fades into what sometimes resembles eternity My Mental reflects on how I can not recall the memories needed too, but ponders Digressing in what seems to be a repressed redundancy Stepping outside what is Sanity portraying guess images In Lite years... In blink a natural response for hesitation I blinked, the two second Delay from the mega pixel Camera It’s a sample of what happens when the picture is out of focus and you are to close to the flash”



Some say that the essence of SL: Really, every day life. I have a large family and the things that hapwoman is in the way her hips just within our family gives me a sway to soulful melodies, or her pen lot of inspiration to work from. I write sweet whispers of seduction as about actual things that happen to me because if I don’t it usually comes off she graces the stage, comical. but Shaunteka LaTrese captures the hearts and minds of her audience through her words before the deathly blow of her beauty pounces on the unsuspected. We met in a coffee shop near Smyrna, GA on a blazing hot summer afternoon. The cars whirled by in the lunch rush oblivious to the greatness that stood before me. Shaunteka LaTrese was understated in a fitting brown maxi dress with beads dripping from her neck and black curls kissing the forgiving breeze. It was a delight to meet the Hottest Female Poet and also a little enlightening to how this creature became such a spoken word force in our community.

TH: Thanks for meeting with me! Congratulations on your unanimous win for the Hottest Female Poet Competition! We loved your video. What do you classify your art form as?

SL: Thank you! Thank you! I think I would classify my art form as Spoken Soul. TH: That’s an interesting term. I think we will pin it that from now on! What inspired you to start writing and performing?

TH: Well that’s good to know we are getting all of you when we listen to or read your work. If you could affect one thing with your art form, what would you choose to inspire?

SL: I would want to change lives, affect lives through my words.

TH: I read your poem “In This House” and felt like I was sneaking a look at your diary! Poems like that affect people, affect lives.


Yeah. The truth is confrontational. I wanted to stand up and say exactly what I felt. It enhances the honesty of the art form.

TH: What’s one thing you would change about the culture of the art form?

SL: Honestly, I have performed at a lot of places and there are some artists (who shall remain nameless) that actually won’t perform if there are only 5 people in the audience. To me, I think you should speak out for yourself, not to impress. But I think we are coming along culturally. Spoken soul is for true artists.

TH: So what are your thoughts on

SL: Without access, children will be lost. Teachers aren’t being teachers anymore. They are simply proxies that teach how to pass a test. Back when I was growing up, they taught fundamentals and the test was to gauge how fundamentally sound a kid was. We are a “me” society that lacks the pay it forward mentality. No one wants to share the knowledge they were taught. It’s almost like they say, “I got my degree now you got to go get yours!” rather than helping the children get to where they are. There won’t be a next generation to express themselves creatively which helps move society along.

TH: So some of our readers would like to know more about you personally…

SL: Oh, I knew this was coming… TH: So, are you single, dating,

TH: I guess we will let that be a teaser. Because I am sure they want to know what the criteria is to be with a woman like you. So I guess we will tell them how to get in touch with you if they want to know more right?

SL: Oh yes! Anyone can come visit my hilarious blog at www.poeticcollective. or send me a message on my web site at . You can catch up on all the latest things I will be doing through facebook or myspace as well. Come see me!

TH: Thanks, Shaunteka and congratulations again!

Support Shaunteka LaTrese’s work by visiting her online blog and seeking out her thunderous shows that promise to get you mad, sad and enlightened all in one evening.


SL: SO single and looking…but has qualifications! I have standards.

Photography by D. Dabney


the art, music and physical education being snatched from schools? How do you think it affects the spoken word community?

Poetry is an art form taken on by many passionate pursuers, but none as passionate and truthful as the rare gifts Fallon L. Taylor-Gray (DaT mCeEpoEt) expresses through her Spoken Word. Introduced to the world August 15, 1983 in the state of Indiana, she was relocated to New York City only days later. Drive, environment, and inspiration all embody her first published debut, “My Side”. This talented poet has also been featured on Hot 96.3’s web site and other numerous of sites & net radio stations. The art form of her Spoken word calls all diversities found within American communities to mass unity. mCeEpoEt’s strive to be the artist that sets the pace for Individuality, self-love, and true freedom of mind, body, and soul encompass her as that artist and uniquely sets her apart.

Sample Work: so many paths to choose but left is never right when you’re riding on cruise sleepless nights, dimmed lights, no snooze sketching this blue print sheet for a better me all feet no shoes no sneaks...Just I, myself, & me boundary free got me flying the friendly skies

Fallon Taylor

cloud 9 plus 60 & the hand that’s dealt got me going for self I can only do me I don’t know nothing else & like Jay I can’t see it coming down my eyes but these is real tears ya’ in between the lines In between these rhymes lies organized chaos Tamed lox a flame box You eat when the plates hot!

That #1 spot got me so motivated A strong believer of Karma but my Dharma’s what got my goals pro-rated Meditation puts me in a different place & mantras for days got me fly’n pass the basic Can ya’ll taste what I’m craving?!?!

With over 50 live performances under her belt, The Storm is a Spoken Word Artist/Performance Poet who has built a solid reputation based on her honest and thought-provoking poetry. With over seven years of performing in Ontario, this native Torontonian seeks to create awareness and thought to the critical issues found in both her published prose and within her dynamic live performances.

Nordine Beason a.k.a “ The Storm

Sample Work; Cries of the Homeless Man

won’t throw down a coat… FREE!

Cries of the homeless man, aches for concern as arthritis cripples his bones Grand-slamming your head like a credit loan Moms calling you for dinner, as he murmurs in low tone Calming his tears that splashes the pavement cold Cries of the homeless man howling high notes Bouncing off skyscrapers that

Free from verbal battles, slammed door and self-pity Free from those politicking in the city Free from the red zone as there’s an infinite gush from the inner core Free to be principle-centered, value driven and proactive to something more… © Nordine Beason 2004-2009

Jaqua, born Kimberly Jaqua Moore, was born October 17, 1982. Born and raised in Greenville, MS, Jaqua found her love for words at the age of 13. She is the only child of Deadra Goodrich and Kelvin Moore. Jaqua attained a Bachelors of Arts degree from Mississippi State University in August of 2007. Upon graduating, she moved to Memphis, TN where she currently resides, working for The Commercial Appeal newspaper. She can be found at various open mic events in the Memphis, TN area in an effort to “speak life” to the masses.

Excerpt from “Two Weeks Notice”

….I was taught that it’s not a woman’s place to approach a man. Even if I did, I really don’t believe you can offer the attention given to your girl.

We exist in two perpendicular worlds. We continuously cross but could never be parallel. If only you could tell how I believe you were made to walk on water.

rowing a boat to the nearest shore to dry these ambitions of someday

speaking to you. I’d rather rest in the reasonable distance.

I’d swim under your deep end. Right now I’m just

Kimberly “Jaqua” Moore

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The concept of spiking is about adding flavor, excitement, and energy! At Spiked Concepts, we take art, fashion, and food and spike it with original, emerging thought. Our concepts are contemporary, artistic, and slightly rebellious. Our mission and vision is simply to inspire and cultivate an appreciation for uninhibited, emerging talent. Spoken Magazine


the b


Photography by D. Dabney


Soul Food Spot of Sunshine

Feel Better

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Expect the Best and Get It! By Wendy Kay One of myy fa One favo favorite vori rite te books books, among many, is Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. In it is a whole chapter dedicated to teaching how to expect the best and get it! You truly are the creator of your own universe when you begin to learn the combined uses of your own mind backed by the power of your soul. The main principle behind expecting and getting, is that faith (belief) moves mountains when accompanied by the action required, or sometimes it’s simply the action of “acting as if.”

demonstrate I ask that you To demonstrate, look back in your life and remember the time you were so enthusiastic about something and you just knew it was going to happen, and it did. Do you remember? Coincidence? I don’t think so. In times that it didn’t happen, did you allow doubt to be present for any extended period of time? Think about it. Think about helping your mind to focus on positive and be willing to take action when needed – and remember that sometimes the only action required is acting as if. Think about training your mind to

habitually let go of bad feelings and doubt, because these very well could hinder your end results. Let your spirit shine through a mind that knows you deserve what you want in life. Everyone is worth time invested in growth that will aid you in feeling better, doing better, and having better. You are worth it! Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, writes in his book, The Success Principles that he likes to think that, “The world is plotting to do me good today. I can’t wait to see what it is!” Could the world be plotting good for you? Of course!

Health tip: Blueberries and Acai berries are excellent sources of antioxidants, which reduce free-radicals in your body. You can get the Acai berry juice at any health food store. Mix an ounce of the juice with about a cup of orange juice to make it taste a little better. Spoken Magazine


Just Think About It By Kayla Sheri Jenkins Think about when was the last time He told you, you were beautiful?

But frankly you don’t care About the he said, what did she say Why they always worried about your business? Last time you checked the bills didn’t come in with the last name of the Jones’s addressed on them

Well, Let’s talk about the last time He took a second just to tell you how you made him feel. Bet you don’t even know the last time

Mistakes were made You played the game It’s not too late!! Don’t wait until the last time You won’t want to hear the last time

He told you he loved you before you went to bed.

Don’t say bye-bye.

Ask yourself when was the last time You caught him trying to keep it real.

If you treat them like you need them I guarantee that everything will turn out fine.

Don’t wait until the last time You won’t want to hear the last time She says bye-bye.

Won’t have to look around no truer happiness could be found.


Think about it Think about it Things won’t always be this way. Just keep on trying, keep on fighting Until you can finally make them see You don’t want this to be the last time

Ladies let’s talk about the last time You rubbed his back when he said it hurts. -- Mmmhh

Not saying goodbye. You need them like you Need them now

Or have you forgot about the last time You told him baby I appreciate all that you give.

Like yesterdays restored The feeling you can’t ignore Just think about it before you walk out that door.

If you treat her like you need her I guarantee that she will never leave you. She’ll be standing right by your side.

p o et r y

Don’t even know the last time You didn’t pick an argument. Don’t wait until the last time You won’t want to hear the last time When he hits you with that goodbye. If you treat him like you need him I guarantee that he will never leave you. He’ll be standing right by your side until the end of time. Now I know it’s not always picture perfect And you be ready to let it burn -- oh But think about it you, know you don’t want no one else There is no such thing as a substitute. Okay he hurt you; you get to walking He says he’s sorry Spoken Magazine


Web of Lies By Emily Wright

After gulping down the last

both let out a loud laugh. We finished setting up the of my Starbucks coffee, I strolled into room and waited on the big bosses the empty conference room. One day I planned to own my own public rela- and the client, Andre Parker, to come tions company and today was the day in. They all filed in at 10 a.m. on the dot. One after the other: the CEO, I was going to show the bosses just Mr. Brideman, the COO, Mr. Greene, what I was made of. I looked out at the view of Atlanta’s skyline and took VP of PR, Ms. Thomas and then Andre and his right hand man, Patrick. a deep breath. I was ready. “Good morning, Ms. Novell. My partner, Jason, had yet to Mr. Graham. We are all looking forarrive so I had to go and get the box ward to hearing your ad campaign.” of materials that we had put together last night. I lugged the box back into Mr. Brideman was nicest man I had ever known. the conference room and plopped They all spread out along the it down on the corner of the shiny meeting table. Andre sat across from mahogany meeting table. I pulled out one of the big leather chairs, sat down me. He looked me right in my eyes and went through the materials again and winked. I knew what that meant. just to make sure that we didn’t leave We had started a “relationship” about 5 weeks ago. Completely against the anything out. rules of business, but I couldn’t help I glanced up at the clock. myself. 9:40 am. Where is that damn boy? My parents left me with my We had worked until 3 that morning, grandparents when I was 5 years old but he assured me that he would be able to get here on time. Liar. Every- and I have not seen or heard from them since. My grandparents did thing was in order so I began to pass what they could with what they had. out the thick packets around in front I had what I needed, but not always of each chair. “Well, hello!” Jason crept up what I wanted. I always watched the behind me, but I couldn’t see his face. rich and famous parade across my TV screen and that’s what I wanted He was carrying in the LCD and the in my life. I worked my way through easel. His muscles were flexed and showed through his perfectly tailored college and with the encouragement of my grandparents, I landed an suit. “Boy! Where have you been? internship with the most sought after PR firm in LA and now I am a part It’s 15 ‘til.” I tried to sound upset, of their newly opened Atlanta office but my caffeine high made my voice working with their biggest client. sound unintentionally comical. When I first met Andre, I was “I told you that I would be smitten with him. He was handsome, here. I’m here. And I’m awake…for successful and loved the finer things now that is. That’s about all you’re in life. He was the owner of the hotgoing to get out of me today.” We test urban fashion and music labels in

Atlanta. He was everything I wanted in a man and I was determined to get close to him. “Good morning, Mr. Brideman, Mr. Greene, Ms. Thomas.” I looked right at Andre and Patrick. “Good morning, Mr. Parker, Mr. Mitchell.” I smiled a little too hard I suppose because Jason nudged me a little and I caught myself staring at Andre. “Mr. Graham and myself hope that you all like what you see and please feel free to offer any input.” There was a knock on the door. “Excuse me, Ms. Novell.” Dayna, my assistant stuck her head in the door. “There is a Ms. Seline Parker here. She says she is supposed to be apart of this meeting.” “Oh yes, please. Let her in.” Seline was Andre’s soon to be ex-wife. She still, however, was attached to his fashion label so she had to be included on everything… much to my dismay. She sauntered into the room wearing huge dark glasses. She was tall and beautiful – my worst nightmare. Andre stood up and pulled a seat out for her next to him. Why did she have to sit next to him? He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She blushed. I couldn’t understand why he was being so nice to a woman that he told me repeatedly that he couldn’t stand. He said that she was always nagging and that she was only in it for the money. I must admit, I was in it for the money and the perks, but I was beginning to develop some real feelings for this guy. Jealousy was one of them.

“Ok. Well, now that we are all here.” I looked over at Jason, whose eyes were getting smaller by the second. “Jason?” “Mmmh, huh, yes.” He sat straight up and focused on me. “Let’s begin.” As I presented Dre’s ad campaign that I must say was sheer genius, I couldn’t help but notice the interaction between Seline and Dre. They kept having sidebar conversations. With each few words, she would giggle and blush. He looked at her in a way that was usually reserved for me. I tried to read his lips. I wanted so much to know what he was saying to her. At the end of our presentation, Jason and I received a resounding ovation. “Thank you very much for all of your attention. Do you have any questions or concerns for us?” I still had my eyes locked on Dre. I was becoming increasingly transparent. “Um, yes. When do you think we can get this campaign rolling,” Dre asked, with his eyes still fixed on Seline. “As I said during the presentation, we hope to kick off during Super Bowl. A commercial and promotional show during this time will surely draw in the age demographic that we are targeting.” Now I was getting pissed. He hadn’t heard a word that I had said. “When should we start shooting the commercial,” Seline chimed in. I looked at Jason, who was looking at me. We both shook our

heads at the same time. They really hadn’t heard a word I said. “Again, as I said during the presentation, we should begin casting and shooting within the next few weeks to make sure the commercial is completed, pitched, presented and paid for in time for Super Bowl.” I pulled out my chair sat down. I was looking right at Dre, but he only glanced at me. Jason touched my shoulder. He had a look in his eyes that non-verbally said pay attention. Jason knew what was going on between Dre and me. He tried to talk me out of it, but I couldn’t help myself. I figured that by the time anyone figured out what was going on, I would be well on my way to being the new Ms. Parker. That is if I could get the old Ms. Parker to get the hell out of the way. “Well, Mr. & Mrs. Parker, was that to your liking,” Mr. Greene asked. “Yes it was,” they said in unison. They laughed at themselves. It was ridiculously trite. I rolled my eyes at them. I twirled around in the big leather chair and stared at the blue box that was shimmering on the plastic screen behind me. “Mr. Graham, Ms. Novell. Great work. We look forward to the kick off. I will be in touch.” Mr. Brideman stood up and smoothed his dark suit. Mr. Greene and Ms. Thomas followed him out of the conference room. They all shook Dre and Seline’s hands on the way out. Andre helped Seline by offering his hand for her to pull herself up by. He leaned in and whispered something to Patrick. Patrick looked up at me and then

again at Dre. He nodded his head. “Seline, go ahead with Patrick. I want to speak to my new PR team again about a few things. I’ll meet you at the car.” She cut her eyes at me, nodded and followed Patrick out of the office. Jason and I started to clean up the conference room. Jason unhooked the LCD, broke down the easel and packed up the laptop. I was gathering up all the scrap papers and the packets that were left behind. Dre walked up beside me. “Can I talk to you for a second,” he whispered. “Uh, sure. What’s up?” I was pissed at him and I wanted him to know it. I knew that we were not supposed to be involved because of business reasons, but I still didn’t appreciate his interaction with Seline. I was confused and I wanted him to explain himself, but I knew that this was not the time or place. I was just going to let him say what ever it was that he had to say and I was going to cuss him out later. “Jason? Could I talk to Kaiyah alone?” He said in a tone that was meant to be statement and not a request. Jason shot him a cold look. Jason didn’t like what we were doing and he didn’t like how he thought Dre was using me. But I never told Jason that we were actually using each other, but somewhere during the dinners and the gifts and sex, I actually developed feelings for this man. I wasn’t sure if he felt the same, but he sure acted like it. Jason just looked at me and shook his head and walked out. Spoken Magazine


“What’s up, Dre?” I placed my hand on my hip and looked up at him. “What’s wrong with you? You got attitude?” He smirked. He closed the door and walked over to me. “No, I don’t have attitude.” I mimicked his voice. “I’m just a little confused. What was all that with Seline?” “What was all what?” He put his hand on my shoulder and tried to lean in for a kiss. I quickly pulled away. “All that lovey-dovey mess. All the giggles and blushing and shit?” I had a bad habit of waving my hands when I got upset. “I know you are not jealous.” He leaned in again. “I didn’t say all that.” I pulled away again. “You don’t have to say it, Kai. It’s all over your face. It’s in your voice.” “Whatever. I just don’t like being put in that position.” “What position? You knew what it was before we started all this. You knew about Seline. Stop acting brand new.” “I’m not acting ‘brand new’ and yes, I knew about her before hand, but you told me that you were getting a divorce.” I walked around him. “Yeah, well…” He looked down toward the ground. “Well what?” I stopped in my tracks. My heart was in my throat. “We decided that we don’t need to rush into anything.” He walked up behind me. “What do you mean by that?” I could Spoken Magazine


feel the tears swelling up in my eyes. I turned to face him. He looked down at me. I could feel his breath on my forehead. “We decided that-” Just as he was about to say it, Seline pushed open the door. It was too late. We couldn’t back away from each other fast enough. I dropped my head. I couldn’t look at her. “What’s going on here?” She looked very upset. “Nothing. I thought I told you to wait at the car?” Dre walked over to her. “I had something I wanted to ask Ms. Novell, but I think I need to be asking you.” “Ask me what?” He was getting irritated. “What’s going on here?” “Nothing, Seline. I just told you. Now go wait outside. I’ll be out there in a second.” “I’m not a dog or Patrick, Andre. You don’t tell me what to do,” she yelled. Then she looked at me. “Maybe I ought to ask her then.” She started walking toward me. “You fucking him?” She took me by surprise with her bluntness. I couldn’t answer. My tongue was frozen by guilt and shock. I could see that a crowd was forming on the other side of the door. “Seline. Take your ass outside.” Dre grabbed her by her arm. She yanked away. She kept walking toward me. “You fucking him? Answer me.” “I-I-” I couldn’t say a word. “Did he tell you that I was pregnant?” “What?” That defrosted my tongue.

My heart was now in my stomach. I could see Jason at the door now. He dropped his head and pulled the door closed. “Yeah, I’m pregnant.” She shot a look at Dre. “I can’t believe you. 2 months ago you begged and pleaded for me to come back to you. You promised me that you were going to change. Damn you, Dre.” Her eyes were welling up. “Seline.” He tried to grab her again. “Get off me.” She was still looking at me. “So what did he tell you?” “He told me that y’all were getting a divorce.” “We were. That is until he came to New York and asked me to come back.” “What in the hell are you trying to pull here, Dre?” I looked at him. I had made a complete fool of myself. My plan had backfired. Seline ran out of the door, Dre ran after her and I just sat there in the conference room alone, heartbroken, confused and used. How could I have been so stupid?

g n si

a v i D


Parron A. Edwards Contributing Writer, Fashion & Style

Strolling on the streets of New York City’s fashion avenue and taking brunch in some of the most fashion forward venues of the city, it’s not hard to notice some of the season’s most trendy looks. Some of my favorites for summer ‘09 are dolman sleeve tunic dresses that are gently belted and paired with platform pumps. This look offers versatility as it wears easy in the day, and can be just as fierce for a night out with your entourage. Sampling from the 80’s, ladies are also in oversized off the shoulder tees, miniskirts paired with tights, and skinny elastic head bands that tame the tresses on those days when you just want to pull your hair back into a chignon and go. However, what is most interesting is the chic Grecian/ Roman influence of the “Gladiator Sandals” with multi straps at the ankle and also seen going as far as straps just under the knee. To push the envelope even more, designer’s like Yves Saint Laurent and Philip Lim offer bohemian flair with harem pants, free flowing poetic frocks, and brilliant colors. If these pieces are a bit too edgy for the “Rising Diva”, try just adding panache to your look by accessorizing with oversized shades (a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s), light weight scarves (in fabrications like linen, knit jersey, and pashmina) for chilly summer nights, or delectable necklaces and bangle bracelets.

Take your look to the next level by adding complementing accessories. Try this necklace fit for a queen. Vera Wang’s violet motorcycle chain necklace taken from her Spring/Summer ‘09 RTW Collection.

As with anything, a true songstress must stay true to her individual persona because every diva knows making a proper play for the spotlight takes talent, practice, and an eye catching look. So, use some of these ideas to add that extra touch to your already fabulous style. Stay chic!

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Bilal eric roberson

N’dambi , Bilal, and eric roberson at the foreign exchange cafe (atl)

Jaafar at sugar hill


photograpy by brian dp hawkins

THE ART WE LIVE IN A Foundation for a Balanced Interior By Derico D. Dabney One intrinsic quality of human beings is to make our possessions an extension of who we are. This is often realized in the type of car we own, or where we live. Our possessions become a symbol of status and achievement. When it comes to the homes in which we reside, size and location alone are not enough to complete this extended representation of ourselves. There is no better tool than your home to be utilized as an outward expression of who you are or what you hope to convey to others. Whether your home is used for casual entertainment, or your personal slice of heaven, there are some key factors that must be adhered to when crafting your homes décor into a work of art. To begin sculpting your home environment, first start with the end in mind. You need to conceptualize your ideal space, and identify your style. This first step can be completed by simply composing a scrapbook of things you like. These items can consist of personal photos, images from magazines (furnishings, fabric, fashion & lifestyle images), and color samples. Gathering these images and samples will aid in painting a broader picture of what appeals to you most. After you have identified your style the next area to focus on is organization. Organization of your space encompasses several other components. Layout (the plan) and function (the purpose), are the primary focuses with consideration to organization. The proper plan should include the placement of objects in a room. Rooms Spoken Magazine


should be laid out in a manner that best highlights that particular space. There is nothing better to highlight a space than a focal point. Some focal points are inherit and obvious in a homes architecture (a fireplace is the most obvious in any room) ,and others will have to be identified and created by the home owner (when no obvious focal point is present, simply choose a wall that has some interest or choose one that you can make interesting). To assist with the rooms organization, the plan should also be barrier free. The space should be laid out in a manner that circulation within that space is uninterrupted and natural. Try to avoid furniture placement that either physically or visually restricts an entry or traffic path. Navigating through your space shouldn’t feel like walking through a labyrinth. With consideration to function, identify the purpose of your room. Is the room for work, leisure, or entertaining? Furthermore, identify the purpose of objects in your room. Are they functional, aesthetic, or both? Your strictly utilitarian pieces should still accent the overall look and feel of the room. Having aesthetic pieces in a room provides something to capture the occupants attention. Your functional items in the room (if consistent with the style of the room), will provide attractive storage options to keep the space organized and clutter free. Balance is the final element for converting your home into a living work of art. A well balanced home is one that promotes a feeling of harmony. Balance in a room is achieved through

scale, symmetry, and color. Take heed to the size of the space you are designing . The furnishings placed in that room should be proportionate to the size of the room. Over-sized items in a small room will make it feel even smaller. In a large room, furniture that is too small will become dwarfed and seem out of place. When considering symmetry, a room can be balanced symmetrically or asymmetrically. When deciding which method of symmetry should be applied to the space you’re in, you should first consider the rooms styling. Begin by asking yourself is your room formal or casual? Then follow-up by asking whether your room is traditional or contemporary? If the styling of your home is more formal and traditional, you will definitely want to stick to keeping

elements in the room symmetrically balanced. If your styling leans in the

direction of casual and / or contemporary, you may explore some methods of asymmetrical balance.

Symmetrical balance is achieved through defining a midpoint in a room or along a wall, and making sure elements that are represented on one side of the wall or room, are represented on the other. Asymmetrical balance involves an exploration of visual weight or depth. Using asymmetry, a room or wall will rarely, if ever, have a defining midpoint. The objects across a room or along a wall will have the appearance of being equally distributed throughout the space.

Color is that element that frightens most. You shouldn’t fear the use of color as you are completing your composition, but you should respect it. The lack of color or the overzealous use of color can have equally disastrous affects on your

homes interior. Color is essential to setting the mood of a room. Color is the one element that has the solitary power to be welcoming to the rooms inhabitants, or usher them right out the door.

complementary and which are contrasting. Complementary colors create an even and consistent feel throughout the space, while contrasting colors create drama and interest in a room.

Understanding the basic psychology of color will aid you in the proper use of color. You have to know that certain colors invoke specific moods or emotions. Warm colors tend to be more inviting; cool colors tend to invoke a feeling of relaxation and serenity; while vibrant colors can tend to increase ones heart rate, as they promote excitement, and a need for urgency; and earth tones, typically warm in nature, make you feel more grounded. When experimenting with color, and color combinations, it is important to know which colors are

These three balancing elements alone will not create a harmonious environment, but coupled with the previously discussed elements, should have you well on your way to that artsy home of your dreams.

2009 Best Tips on Men’s Clothing By Brandon Dove

are now more kind of like a thing of the past. The classical look such as the English style is now the more appropriate style for suits.

If you want to look simple but still stand out, v-neck T-shirts are going extreme. Either in a cardigan or just an everyday shirt, vnecks are now slowly dominating the trend for this year. Other than v-necks, dark colored shirts and pants are going to make you look good this year along with different colored blazers and jackets. And as for prints, large ones are definitely going to make you out of style. Smaller prints are much better to wear and would make you look slimmer. To make it a lot better, leather jackets are the best to pair with these printed shirts.


s we all know, fashion trends change every year. Some may find it inappropriate but, it is somehow important for us to know the latest trends in order for us to look good and updated with the changing times. But what are the latest clothing trends for men? How can men style themselves in a way that would suit their masculine image for this year? This year, suits are starting to gain popularity and dominance in the city streets. Suits that are mostly made of sharp silk and pants with Malaysian, Indian, and Balinese styles are in. Also start considering some unstructured jackets, cropped style pants, and loose drawstrings to give you that sleek look. If you are fond of wearing jeans for casual occasions, then brown is the best color for the old-time blue jeans this year. Though there are lots of choices for suits to consider this year, you can narrow down your search into several types. Skinny boy fits

In such style, you will have a suit that has broad shoulders, slim waist, and slim trousers. If you are still interested for suits that will help you showcase your masculine look, then this style might just be the perfect suit for you. This is considered to be the perfect fusion of classic looks, classic tailoring and modern masculinity. Moreover, double breasted suits are also popular to wear these days. What’s good in this suit is that it can still survive until 2010. The slim look of this suit type would be a much better choice to make this year. Other than that, three piece suits are starting to make a huge come back this year. Subtle but classic. That is what this suit is all about.

Courtesy of As for the shoes, going for anything under the sun is a definite no-no. Deck shoes are more appropriate to wear this year. Even just for leisure moments, deck shoes can’t go wrong in making you look smart and comfortable at the same time. This type of shoes also has a lot of colors and styles to choose from so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to land with a particular style to best match your shirts and pants.

Top 5 Fashion Must Haves For SpringSummer 2009 - A Recessionistica’s Guide By Janice Wee


ecession or not, a girl needs decent clothes. What are the must haves this season every woman should own? There are the very trendy clothes that may no longer be relevant next year. With the economy as it is, you might want to give those a pass. Treat your wardrobe as an investment. What are the gorgeous pieces that can take you from this season through many Springs and Summers to come? Dynasty style shoulder pads may be back but rather than buy one of the current heavily padded jackets or tops that would probably be out of fashion this year. If you must have that look, go dig up some old clothes that do have huge shoulder pads. Unpick them and remove them from these clothes and sew them into your existing jackets to get that look. Then when the fad is over, remove the shoulder pads.

mini dress need not be slutty. Don’t bare cleavage and plenty of leg at the same time. Flaunt one, cover the other. This season, arms, legs and shoulders are the erogenous zones. What’s hot? Toga dresses that show off one shoulder, halter dresses and bustier tops that show off both shoulders or the asymmetrical dress. You know the new look where the dress has one long sleeve but the neckline slants down beneath the other arm to bare the other shoulder. These are the mini dresses to get this season, which you can still wear for many summers to come.

2. White Dress.

Here’s what you should get instead.

This is a summer staple. White looks great in the hot sun. A white dress makes a woman stand out beautifully, when surrounded by green grass and flowers in the park or the sand and sea at the beach. This season offers a myriad of white dresses, from mini dresses to long gowns. From girlish cotton dresses to the sexy mini dresses, to silky, floaty dresses that make you look ethereal. Pick one that suits your personality.

1. Mini Dress

3. Strappy Shoes

One hot trend that will never truly die out is the mini dress. You see that at every collection this year. Dresses are either minis that end mid thigh, or long gowns for the evening. A

High heel shoes make an amazing difference to the way a woman looks. This season strappy heels abound. Those with straps that wrap around the ankle are absolutely gorgeous.

If heels aren’t for you, there are flats with straps that wrap around your ankle too. Consider getting those if you don’t want a Prada fall.

4. Silk Pants Looks like the pajama pants trend isn’t going to die out. Silky pants are here to stay. Get yourself a pair of silk pants. These should drape your legs. Pick them in a neutral shade. Preferably in a color that matches a silk jacket so that you can wear them to work as well as for play. Silk pants in neutrals like gray, black, nude or white, this season’s colors, go with everything and you can wear them year after year.

5. Halters Halter tops and halter dresses are the big thing this season. These are seen everywhere. The halter could be with cut in shoulders, fully covered behind, with a bare back or cross straps behind. Either way, show off your arms and shoulders this season by wearing halters. (Get them toned if you must but flaunt them once you can). There are so many gorgeous halters this season so stock up on them because these are timeless. More fashion tips from Article Source: ?expert=Janice_Wee

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