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2 Quarter News learning@your library

2nd Quarter Stats Student Visits: Drop-ins (including Intervention): 1010 # of Classes in LMC and TIL: 399 (11 daily average) Total Students Served: 20, 360 (550 daily average)

Resource Use: Books/AV Circulation: 2964 Database Sessions: 2204

New Stuff! (part one)

This semester the library staff ordered and acquired hundreds of new books. In addition the district, using grant monies, added to our world language materials to support our school’s English language learners. We received our 2010-2011 High Performance Power Library designation certificate and banner. Thank you for your support for and participation in our library program!

Thank you for your help!! Our First Semester Student Assistants

Our 2nd Quarter Supervisors Cindy Calder

Derrick Law

Lyanne Terada

Kyle Dizmang

Amy Haefner Dave Cialone Jessica Keigan Maria Baca Dave Lawrence



The Highlight Reel Our teachers and students are doing great things in the library!

Nancy Kathan

Nancy’s Civics students engaged in lively debates about capital punishment after researching the topic in a variety of library provided resources. Students were challenged to prepare research and support for both sides of the argument since their stance in the debate was selected on the day of the debate.

Amy Haefner Lyanne Terada’s Spanish II students share holiday songs en Espanol.

Amy’s 9th graders created Power Point slides to promote their choice novels using the language of advertising they learned in both Amy and Nancy Kathan’s core classes. Look for a display soon!

Tina Walters

Tina revamped her approach to teaching Rome this year and has had students researching a variety of aspects of Roman life and creatively expressing their learning in everything from a soldier’s want ad to a TV show about the rise of Christianity.

Lance Boyd and Rachel Denler (student teacher) Rachel and Lance did a great job collaboratively creating challenging questions for their World Geography students to answer in their presentations and essays about a Middle Eastern country. They also held a really cool Meeting of the Minds with their sophomores as American reformers of the 1800s.

Amanda Peterson

Amanda’s ninth graders wrapped up their poetry unit by hosting a poetry café in the library. Students read their poems to one another and enjoyed tasty refreshments.

Mary Pat Chady

Mary Pat’s group of CMIC I students completed research on countries or cities of their origin or interest and population over the last ten years in order to calculate growth rates and more. They later presented their learning to classmates.

Over half of our teachers had their students use library resources and technology this semester! 2



Wow! New Computers! (new stuff part two) Right at the end of the semester we got a new set of PCs set up in our individual study area. Students will be so appreciative of the faster, more powerful machines. BIG THANKS to Katherine Goff, Josh Fink and Ryan Bishop for making this happen!!

Cool Tool: Tagxedo: tag cloud with styles Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes, even your love letters -- into a visually stunning tag cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text.

Below is a Tagxedo for this document: I love that STUDENTS are at the heart of the tag cloud for THIS newsletter!!


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