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Scotland report 1st Mar Sermon by Jeff

title ‘The Tao of T’

MC James

Jeff shared how God can give us inspiration from unusual sources. Jeff was having difficulties with a colleague when he read an article in the Metro about Mr. T the bodyguard and actor and also a Christian- Jeff realized he needed to show mercy . Attendance: 15 people

Sunday Service Offering: £10.62

7th Mar What better advertisement for culture and community harmony than this ‘Celebration of International Woman’s Day’ in Edinburgh. The collaborative effort of ‘Woman's Federation for World Peace’ and the ‘Muslim Woman's Association of Edinburgh welcomed guests for a multi-cultural fashion show.

‘united we stand’

There was live Japanese music, African singers, Flamenco dancers and a display of Highland dancing.

About 150 women and girls gathered to celebrate the day. After a formal welcome from Harumi (WFWP) and Tanweer Ashraf (MWAE). MSP Shirley Ann Somerville reiterated the organisers’ messages of solidarity and appreciation of the role woman..... A great job WFWP.


8th Mar Sermon by Ian

title ‘The way of a fishmonger

MC Kirsty

Ian started by sharing a very moving experience with Hyo Jin Nim through which he felt liberation from resentment. He stressed that whenever we find ourselves confronted with problems or difficulty we have to know that there is a spiritual reason for itthe spiritual aspect always comes first. Attendance: 24 people

Sunday Service Offering: ÂŁ22.71

13th Mar Robert, who is still very much involved in the Balkans, flew out to Albania to help support the up and coming Global Peace Tour (in April) and assist with the preparations to receive Hyun Jin Nim. However after a lot of changes, the Global Peace Tour was brought forward to 13th of March and Rev. Kwak was to come instead of Hyun Jim Nim. In the end it was Pres. Song who represented Hyun Jin Nim in the Global Peace Tour. Even though the time was very short we decided to make a high level event in accordance with GPT guidelines. With the approval of Pres. Song we decided to organize a service project, the International Leadership Conference and the Main event with an audience of 400 people.

Robert With one foot in Scotland and the other in the Balkans

A very successful event. Its good that our community continues to support the Balkans. I would highly recommend travelling to the Balkans with Robert, its incredibly inspiring and always an adventure......


14th Mar A ‘Media Workshop’ hmm... wasn’t sure what to expect (I’m a truck driver not a media guy). For one reason or another I decided to check it out . A few of us (Una, Arthur and myself Paul) climbed into the car and headed south, picking up Christine at Newcastle on the way down. We arrived at Chislehurst late Friday to a Bernard welcome I felt Tim had put a lot of thought in to this workshop. The presentations were very good, given by Richard, Tim, Nancy and Ajay. The talks covered a wide range of subjects i.e. Nancy


face - t o - face (book)

‘the History of our movement and the media’.. ‘why bother with the media’ .. ‘developing local media relations’.. ‘how to create and use a blog’.. and much more.

I guess the bottom line of the workshop was how we can use the local media and ‘new media’ to get our message out. A very worth while workshop. A big thank you to the ‘media team’ from down south. On the Sunday we stayed at Livingstone House for Service, always good to share time with members south of the boarder. The afternoon we all climbed back in the car, and headed north. Was a good W/end.

15th Mar Sermon Oliver

title ‘The dog stole my homework’ MC Heidrun

Oliver quoted the definition of Freedom from the Divine Principle. He also shared inspirations from an international gathering of young people at George Watson’s School and explained how successful business practices, such as regular reviews, could be used to aid in our spiritual growth and character development. Attendance: 14 people

Sunday Service Offering: £19.84


20th Mar UPF Scotland held their monthly Edinburgh meeting at the Quaker Meeting House. The topic this month was ‘Universal Principles’. Twelve people attended. Our MC Arthur gave a warm welcome. A short UPF video was shown. Then presentations were given, first was Deven (Hindu) and then Paul (UPF) This was followed by questions and answers, then discussion over tea and coffee. A good meeting in a Paul Deven friendly atmosphere. Thank you to all who attended, without your presence these meetings wouldn’t work. A special thanks to Elizabeth who brought all five of the guests . The Five Universal Principles

1. We are one family under God. 2. The highest qualities of human beings are spiritual and moral in nature. 3. The family is the ‘school of love and peace’. 4. The way to reconcile the divided human family is to live for the sake of others.

Copies of power point available

5. Interreligious and international cooperation are essential for world peace.

22nd Mar Sermon by Paul

title ‘Happiness’

MC Jenny

Paul shared about God’s desire to make us happy. God can’t experience joy without us. Both God and man are looking for the magic moment when God’s heart and man’s heart come together. Attendance: 23 people

Sunday Service Offering: £18.25


22nd Mar This month our meeting was held at the Unitarian Church, Berkley street. Nineteen people attended, including a Catholic nun, Jean Brannigan and a Church of Scotland minister , the Rev George Gill. Three faiths gave a presentation on the topic of ‘Joy and Happiness’. Jean Brannigan (Christian), Arthur (UPF) and Daresh (Hindu). Ann , the host organiser did a fantastic job of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome. All the mothers were given a gift of a box of after-eight mints for Mothers day. The presentations were followed by questions and answers, then followed by tea, coffee plus chat. Everyone agreed that the meeting had been good.

24th Mar Ahn Shi ll was held at Arthurs and Irina’s home. We were a small group Arthur, Irina, Elizabeth and Paul. We read one of Father’s speeches ‘The Original Eden’ (from 1984). To share Fathers words in an informal setting , with Irina making sure the tea pot is never empty, is quite special. I would encourage all to take part in our Ahn Shi ll evenings.

29th Mar Sermon by Paul

title ‘Our True Destiny’

MC James

We bear resemblance to our physical parents we should also bear resemblance to God, our first parent, and be able to see God’s traits in others. We need to go back to the original plan God had in order to find our true identity, and in doing so our true destiny. Attendance: 20 people

Sunday Service Offering: £14.25


26-29thMar True Parents gave instruction for a Special Education Seminar (centring on business) to be held in the immoral culture of Las Vegas. In the hope of creating a new and healthy culture within the region. A minimum of a 150 were called to take part, from around the world. From Europe 12. Ian with his experience in business went as one of those representing Europe

In Jin Nim

Hyung Jin Nim

Ian was inspired with how In Jin Nim, was able to reach down in to the hearts of the people especially the 2nd generation. She spoke in such away to make us feel truly a part of ‘Heavenly Fathers ‘ family.

We had the chance to meet some great people. This made me question my attitude for going. Did I go to see True Parents and True Children or to testify to them... I was very grateful to have the chance to learn from In Jin Nim.... I felt seeds had been planted in Las Vegas.

28-29thMar Robert attended a weekend seminar for University students at the FON University in Skopje the capital city of Macedonia. All together there wereabout twenty two participants. Two students came from Bulgaria and one from Albania, giving the seminar a wonderful regional flavour of the Balkans.

Mr Chang and Robert gave four presentations, which were well received, with good discussion. Ten participants were appointed Ambassadors for Peace. This meeting was a good building block to the next national meeting on the 30th May in Skopje.


29th Mar Unity for Peace and Prosperity event


This was a promotional event to showcase the work the ‘Glasgow Peace Federation’ ( the Glasgow branch of UPF ) have been doing over the past year.

The event was held in a very nice venue along side the Clyde. In an Indian restaurant called ‘Ashoka at the Quay ‘ The aim was to promote dialogue, respect and understanding between the various faith communities and also endorse the UPF five ‘Universal Principles’ There were 50 participants. A number of very good speakers, including the Development Officer of Interfaith Council and the Strathclyde Police Muslim Association, not forgetting a UPF power point presentation, given by Daresh ( AFP ). A very good event, good food, good speakers, good host, good technical back up, good conversation, good people, a good night .


Like Harumi said last Sunday, its only when we collect all of our activities together we realize how much we have done. I was reading the Divine Principle the other day, the bit about our 5% responsibility and God’s 95%. Its true we have to give 100% to fulfil our 5%. While doing our best to do just that, in this time of spring lets take time out to appreciate God’s 95% ... the flowers .. ..the dawn chorus... the night sky... and above all how God is working in our life's.

I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. Luke 18:17

:- 1st, 9th, 17th and 25th April This month to be held in Elizabeth’s house from 7:oopm – 8:3o. Next month to be held in ? Home...

14th – 18th Apr Workshop ‘Bonaly’ Edinburgh 19th Apr Mrs Song gives Sunday Service 24th Apr Glasgow interfaith meeting

29th Apr

Edinburgh interfaith meeting

Evelyn Youmans Sonn Breslin Kirsty Baillie Shawn Cavanagh Douglas Dillard

11th April 19th April 20th April 28th April

a chance for brothers to get together and share in Ian’s Home between 6.3o – 8.oo every Wednesday

29th April


UPF Scotland March '09  
UPF Scotland March '09  

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