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Scotland report

1st Jan For the third year we celebrated True God’s Day in a Christian centre in Falkirk. There were reports about our activities of the year, presentation about the World Temple in Korea and also news from Korea by Hamish and Chantal. Christine had invited Dr. Multani from the Sikh Community he joined us for lunch and enjoyed mingling and sharing with brothers and sisters.

7th Jan Our first Prayers for Peace of 2009 were held on 7th of January in Elizabeth’s home. It was initiated by our good friend, Rev. Brian Cooper, who is Interfaith Secretary of World Disarmament Campaign. Also in attendance were fellow Ambassadors for Peace Mr. Amrit Lal, (Hindu) who is an Interfaith Committee member, Mrs. Tamara Mhura who does a lot of charity work for Malawi and Rev. Rosaline Macauley. Jeff Allard and Paul Currie also came. Brian had prepared something to read then we had spontaneous prayer and sharing about World Peace. We also had friendly chat over tea. We are planning regular meetings. Thanks to all.


24TH Jan The monthly Sharing for Peace meeting was held at the Islamic Study Centre in Glasgow on Saturday 24 th January. There were people from different faiths Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist; old and young age gathered for the meeting. . Before the meeting kick off, Arthur presented a short UPF video which included HJN’s powerful speech. Followed by Jay Kanabar, a new committee member introducing the purpose of meeting with a sincere voice and attitude. The topic for this month was "Ultimate Reality”; speakers included Jean Brannigan (Christian), Paul Currie (UPF), Shamaaila Nooranne (Muslim) and Shantiketu (Buddhist) After the presentations there was a lively discussion, questions and answers as well as prayer for countries in the world especially also for Gaza.

25TH Jan Through Christine’s contact Dr. Multani (he came also to this year’s God’s Day) Christine and Paul participated in an Interfaith House Meeting hosted by a Baha'i family. 14 people attended the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming- an introduction to the Baha'i faith was given followed by a discussion on common virtues. Dr. Multani has agreed to speak at our Interfaith Meeting in Edinburgh on 6th of February.


31st Jan It would seem the very skies ( in Scotland any way ) have the desire to celebrate

True Parents Birthday

Taken on the morning of True Parents Birthday

Robert represented the Balkan region and Scotland in Korea. On Sunday 8th February Robert will give a report during Sunday Service.

Motto for the 9th year of Cheon Il Guk The era of proclaiming the victory of absolute sexual ethics, the right of true love, true life and true lineage in the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.



Philip Brown



6th Feb Interfaith meeting – Edinburgh, Quaker House – 7:00 -9:00pm 21st – 22nd Feb 2nd Gen Fundraising week end 26th Feb Interfaith meeting – Glasgow - Partick Hall – 7:00 – 9:00pm

4th Feb 12th Feb 20th Feb 28th Feb

This month to be held in Paul and ulrike’s house from 7:oopm – 8:3o. Next month to be held in ? Home...

Wednesday Club

a chance for brothers to get together and share in Ian’s Home between 6.3o – 8.oo every Wednesday


UPF Scotland January '09  

Scottish report on UPF interfaith activities for the month of January 2009

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