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GUEST ED: Stephen Christian, Anberlin

Issue #34, MAY 2010

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the exclusive nz interview

Photographer Renee Lansdowne and her husband Matt take us through their journey through Ecuador in vibrant colour and with amazing tales in their unique travel diary.

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Our first guest editorial column comes from Anberlin frontman, Stephen Christian. He talks frustration with do-gooders who do little and implores the social justice movement to do more than talk. Your thoughts welcome at editorial

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Feature writer Luke Oram sat down with vicar and author Dave Tomlinson, to talk about issues of faith and expression as captured in his book, The Post-Evangelicals. He reflects on his own faith journey with a few of Tomlinson’s insights.

NEED TO KNOW & CULTURE p.8 Music, movies, mates and dates. We cover the upcoming season and recent releases across Need To Know & Culture. Got an album, EP or something you want reviewed or talked about it? Send it, post it, walk it or email it to us.


Some people aspire to be great storytellers. Others aspire to tell great stories.”

Discovering stories is like uncovering a treasure in a field - each one takes you by surprise and yet, when we understand the value of a powerful, true, God-woven story - it changes our perspective on every field we pass. People need stories, because stories are mirrors and magic looking glasses. And great leaders are less concerned with the manner of storytelling (although that is valid and important too) – the greatest of storytellers is first a master of discovering a story worthy of his craft... Welcome to the new SP Magazine... we’re all about telling great stories. Your story, stories from the world around you, stories that help make sense of it all. “Discovering stories We’re about finding stories that are within grasp, that inspire, that create aspiration, hopefulness, self reflection, communal is like uncovering a understanding and common ground. Stories that further treasure in a field” knowledge and expand horizons. Encouragement is great storytelling. Great storytelling sees a trajectory of narrative that offers hope, unique expression, the fullness of a person coming to life. This is a magazine about life. Real life in that way it comes to you – with choices about relationships, careers, spirituality and what you feed your mind and soul. It’s about art in everyday life, engaging with culture. It’s practical too. In the next issue, you’ll find a stack of columns on the tools you need to do this well, from finance to food to education and inspiration. Great stories to help you tell a great story. This is just a preview, a little sneak peek at what we hope will become your favourite read. Take a glance or a longer look, then shoot us an email via the website Even better – if you’d like to be involved, to write, contribute or review email me direct tash@ Kia Kaha

FEATURED WRITERS Frank Ritchie works as the Education and Advocacy Manager for TEAR Fund NZ. He also serves as a licensed Minister in the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand and has a keen interest in global issues relating to justice and the poor.

FIGHT CLUB FOR FAITH Luke Oram will be the only person to rail you for incorrect grammar in one breath, then espouse the countless merits of Southern Metal in the next. He’s a fan of double entendres, rock and roll and amateur theology. He’s not so crazy about seafood or tricky meat. Understandably. 4

Editor: Tash McGill

Contributing Writers: Frank Ritchie, Matt Lansdowne, Sarah Van’t Hof, Jon E Clist, Luke Phillip Oram, Caley Plinston, Stephen Christian, Sam Bloore Contributing Photographers: Caleb Wilkerson (Stephen Christian), Renee Lansdowne, Tash McGill Advertising: Caley Plinston | 09 630 7044 Design: Lewis Hurst of H Creative Ltd PRINT & DISTRIBUTION: Ideal Print Ltd, Auckland Formed as an incorporated charitable trust in August 1998, Soul Purpose Charitable Trust is an organisation dedicated to publishing (print, online, social media) positive, relevant and engaging material for New Zealand young people, on campus and throughout the country. Officially, we’re a non-profit youth media organization. Donate online or with the form in this magazine and help us spread the word. We hold fast to several things, two of which are: 1. We write and talk about what’s relevant, interesting, culturally & politically aware and entertaining.

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people culture

Look for it in eye shadow, scarves, checks, prints and wool this season as Purple comes back to life for this winter season. None of those lilac and lavender shades either – whether it’s in print, posters or fashion, it’s bold, punchy purple for the fabulous. Even in gumboots, if you get to The Warehouse fast enough. Match it with your grey marl kicks or Sloppy Joe beanie (grey & purple is our colour love match for 2010) and you’ll be cooler than the cool cats. Wear it in argyle and you’ll be storming the northern hemisphere trends.

Assitant Editor: Todd Symons

2. SP are a group of Jesus followers, not associated with any denomination. For all the fine print stuff, see our Statement of Faith online.


The Colour Purple

Publisher: Soul Purpose Charitable Trust


Great StoryTelling


need to know

editor Tash McGill


Editorial etc

Libraries, Markets and Movie Nights

Whilst the worst of the recession has passed, the wise are still stockpiling the pantry with basics, eating in more regularly, heading to the DVD store or library for DIY movie nights. Here are some things you need to know: Buying smaller quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables each week will prove more value for money with less wastage from spoiled produce. Team this with some home made pizza once a week and you’ll be sitting pretty and set to entertain. When illegal downloading isn’t your thing, consider a DVD store with a great selection or a theme for your winter gatherings. We suggest 80s Movies, Musicals or Kevin Bacon as potentially great themes. Not to be outdone – tired of the same old tunes in your iPod or stereo? Feel like broadening your education? Head to the library shelves and check out their collections of art house film noir, documentaries and the CD collections.

Art Galleries

Forget trying to navigate the websites of these much-loved institutions (with the exception of Te Papa) and instead head to the information counter for the free public programme of art installations and free movie showings. We caught “Man On Wire” at the Auckland Art Gallery on a Sunday They describe themselves on their MySpace as being ‘Melodramatic Popular Song / Classical Opera afternoon, perfect for filling the mind with a and Vocal / Soundtracks / Film music’ and as sounding akin to ‘salty seas and fresh water fish’. little culture and marvel. Suggest you do same It’s music that boys and girls can like, in a world saturated by Justin Bieber Fever. They have just and spend cosy winter afternoons indoors released their second EP “Hearts”, featuring delicious cover art. If you haven’t discovered them snuggling up to masterpieces or Te Papa’s NZ yet, make this your must-do of the season. Music Month free gigs in May.

Artisan Guns


guest editorial


stephen christian


ight now SP Magazine is communicating hope to people all over New Zealand, entertaining, inspiring and offering insight from a faith-based perspective to the students, young workers and young people who will shape our country’s future. What they read and look at often determines their own. SP Magazine is committed to being relevant to all aspects of life and offering an open door to matters of faith, spirituality and what it means to be a human being for all young people in Aotearoa. For us to continue producing SP Magazine online and in print, we need your help. From supporting regularly to making a one-off donation, it all makes a difference regardless of how insignificant you think your gift might be. We need your help to continue the work of SP Magazine. You can donate to Soul Purpose securely online via Credit Card, through bank transfer or simply mailing us a cheque. All donations $5 and above are eligible for a tax rebate. To thank you for your donation, we will also keep you in the loop by sending you a copy of the magazine each time it comes out.

your iron rusts. w

hat if i had the power to cure AIDS? what if i had the formula, a simple compound solution made of household products that any one could make in their spare time in their own home. what if i began making speeches around the world teaching anyone and everyone how to create this cure. i would talk in front of large masses of people and everyone would applaud and cheer me on; my book deals, radio talk shows, television shows, and entertainment career would instantaneously skyrocket with this new knowledge! i would easily win the nobel peace prize and the world would look at me as a source of inspiration and hope! but then an anomaly happened, one by one an intelligent handful of people soon realized that even though each of us had the knowledge of how to cure AIDS, no one made or administered my new formula to any patients! people were dying at the same rate as before i discovered the cure, and people only heard what i had to say, but were not creating the cure or administering it to anyone! frederick douglass, a famous american abolitionist, was known to have said that ‘knowledge is power’, but i said what good is knowledge (or power for that matter) without action? what gain is it to know all the statistics on homelessness in your community, city, state, government, or country combined and not do anything about it? what your doing, by learning those numbers is basically the same thing you could do by learning a simple sleight of hand magic trick; you are just trying to gain attention for a self serving/breaking the ice maneuver at social gatherings. ‘iron rusts from disuse, water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigour of the mind.’


–leonardo da vinci

stephen christian psuedo-bio.

in life i want to do it all, i may not be good at it all, but i want to try. i feel like i am growing people sell themselves short, or perhaps they just fear failure. but i have lived weary of under the wraps of failure for to long. maybe what i write or create isn’t good at ‘advocacy all, or just maybe people get something out of it, or better yet i would love for groups’ whose someone to study what i have done and be inspired to do it better.  primary purpose fail at only failing to attempt, is to raise  -stephen christian awareness and anberlin  then stop there! anchor&braille what is the point faceless international co-founder of a boxer who author- ‘the orphaned anythings’ trains his whole woodwater records president life with the best modesty blog contributer trainers in the etc. world, with the most rigorous work out program, who then in turn refuses to even the bible talks about being doers of the step into the ring? word and not just hearers, but we have been of what use is the knowledge on how to fight, trained to be great listeners but not great at if there is no plan to fight? applying the messages to our lives. it is time i would rather take a societal ‘outcast’ by my to stop and activate. to not JUST participate in side in the fight against any given cause, who is spreading messages, but start spreading the ready and eager to serve, then a fully capable hope that is contained in the message. intellectual who would rather merely entertain do not tell me what you plan to do, tell me of the conversation about the cause. this is the what you have done.  day and age that requires action and the world do not tell me what your hopes are, tell me is waiting with baited breath to watch us take what hope you have shared. on the challenges they have presented us. do not tell me how hard you will try, but we have heard ‘words’. we have heard plenty how exhausted you are from the fight and the of speeches. we have listened tirelessly as victory that followed. politicians, pastors, priests, entertainers, etc. have asked us to do as they say but not as ‘i never worry about action, but only they do. we have been good little soldiers about inaction.’   –winston churchill playing telephone, passing along messages of ‘awareness’ from one person to another with no dear ‘advocates’, finally do something. break in the line to actually follow the message.

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Starring: Gemma Arterton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley. Yes, another movie based on a video game. I remember playing this game on my 286 PC. (Most of you won’t have the foggiest what that was). Prince of Persia is all about a rogue prince (Gyllenhaal) who reluctantly joins forces with a mysterious princess (Arterton) in order to race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time – a special device that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world (a possible iPod application if ever there was one). DATE NIGHT: Made by Disney and has a princess.

“Just right for a night in…”


Date Night or Mate Night?

Prince of Persia (May 27)

Starring: Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Max von Sydow, Cate Blanchett. The story of how an archer in the service of King Richard the Lionheart came to be known as Robin Hood, the famous archer and outlaw of English folklore. Beginning after the death of King Richard at the Siege of Chalus Chabrol, the film follows Robin on his rise to infamy among the English barons and the newly crowned King John. Featuring historically accurate characters such as Sir William Marshall and grounded in reality (in a similar way to Gladiator), this is Robin Hood as you have never seen before. Like the merging of folklore, history with high end action and drama (a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure). DATE NIGHT: It has Russell Crowe.


reviewer Jon E Clist

Robin Hood (May 13)


need to know & culture

The Informant

Taking of Pelham 123

Starring: John Cusack, Danny Glover, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt. Disaster movie master Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) has decided to add to the climate change fears that we all have with this apocalyptic sci-fi thriller following the ancient Mayan calendar, which predicts the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012. When a global cataclysm thrusts the world into chaos, divorced writer and father Jackson Curtis (Cusack) joins the race to ensure that humankind is not completely wiped out. 

Starring: Matt Damon, Scott Bakula and Kiwi Melanie Linskey. A rising star at agri‐industry giant Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Whitacre suddenly turns whistleblower. He exposes his company’s multi‐national price‐fixing conspiracy to the FBI. Unfortunately for the FBI, their lead witness hasn’t been quite so forthcoming about helping himself to the corporate coffers. This is based on a true story and I have to say, Matt Damon’s performance as a seriously reality-impaired whistleblower is completely priceless.

Starring: Denzel Washington & John Travolta Walter Garber (Washington) is a New York City subway dispatcher whose ordinary day is thrown into chaos by an audacious crime: the hijacking of a subway train. Ryder (Travolta), the criminal mastermind behind the hijacking and leader of a highly-armed gang of four, threatens to execute the train’s passengers unless a large ransom is paid within one hour. Travolta on Washington means high action and intense thrills.

Socom Fireteam Bravo 3

Aliens Vs Predator

Dante's Inferno

This game has been created with the support of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, so you know it’s going to be great for its real-world situations and attention to detail. This time you lead a special operation to track and interrogate former KGB agent, Alexander Gozorov who is believed to be withholding information on a forthcoming attack with weapons of mass destruction. I really enjoyed getting to utilize a wide range of skills, stealth and swift thinking. Of course one of the plus features was that I downloaded this game and played it off memory card instead of UMD, which lead to super fast loading times and very little down time. Only downside is it’s not a long game.

Aliens Vs Predator brings nyctophobia back into the gaming sphere with its atmospheric dark corridors and you playing the part of the lonely marine trying to escape the hungry aliens. But more than a tense and terrifying horror survival, Aliens Vs Predator throws in three distinctly different styles of play, allowing you to play not only the Marines, but also Aliens and Predators.  Great presentation, diversity and a whole lot of fun make this a great combination.

Whilst not always sticking to its source material, this graphical and interactive retelling of classic Italian literature packs a lot of punch. Even though this hack n slash game is part of a very crowded genre, it stands out from its counterparts through its stunning art direction and sound design, bringing the circles of hell to life in an original, but very disturbing fashion, making the reality of hell something of a frightening idea.  This is a game that you won’t forget in a hurry.



Reviewed on: XBox

Reviewed on: XBox


In other gaming news, watch out on for a more in-depth look at the introduction of PSPgo and why it could very well change the portable gaming world (if the price would just halve)



Time to interact… The A Team (June 11) Clash of the Titans (April 1) Starring: Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson. It’s the ultimate struggle for power, pitting men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Fiennes), vengeful god of the Underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Neeson) and unleash hell on earth. For those of you who have taken classics in school and have an interest in the mythology of Greeks and Romans this could be a highly entertaining thrill ride. DATE NIGHT: If you’re into mythology. MATE NIGHT: If you’re into action.

Ironman 2 (April 29) Starring: Robert Downey Jnr., Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle. Okay, you should know that I loved “Iron Man”. The gadgets, the flying, the missiles and general coolness of Tony Stark. So I have split expectations for Iron Man 2. Often a sequel just isn’t as good, but you 8

Starrng: Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel. Okay I might be showing my age here but this was one of my favourite TV shows of the 80’s. It was all about the exciting and daring exploits of Hannibal Smith and his colourful team of former Special Forces soldiers set up for a crime they did not commit. While trying to clear their own names, they help the underdogs they encounter with their own troubles. If the TV show was anything to go by it will be the A-team against heaps of bad guys with M-16 assault rifles who can’t hit the side of barn. Lots of bullets flying but no one ever gets shot... I get the feeling with Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper in this version it might be a little more realistic... MATE NIGHT: Absolute 80s flashback all round.

can’t resist seeing characters you love coming back to the big screen. Bonus for the second round - this time the villain is played by Mickey Rourke (one of the scariest looking dudes in Hollywood these days). In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark’s identity as the man behind the iron is public knowledge as he faces pressure to share his technology with the military. Not ready to let go of his inventions, Stark, with Pepper Potts (Paltrow) and Rhodey (now played by Don Cheadle) at his side, must forge new alliances – and confront strange plastic surgery man with electric whips (Rourke). DATE NIGHT: It has to be.

Reviewed on: PSP Reviewed by: Jon

E -

360 Reviewed by: Famousfivenz -


Reviewed by: Famousfivenz






speed of sound Edwin Derricutt Three Hours South

what you need to know 10

people culture

Making a life something that counts


Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, Edwin Derricutt’s album ‘three hours south’ is the perfect addition to your road trip play list. Littered with references to passing increments of time and his trademark location narrative, it’s a complexly themed album of imagery and metaphors. It’s the follow up to “Symmetry”, the 2006 independent release debut solo album. This sophomore album has more confident, subtle sophistication. It’s still an eclectic mix of 60s pop influences like the Monkeys with acoustic and beach sensibilities, but it’s also more settled giving you a better sense of the songwriter with the guitar. Just when you think the album is all acoustic and folk, he leans more heavily into almost jazz influenced rhythm section, doubled up on percussion with country slide guitar resonance on “30 Seconds”. ‘Soldier’ is a slow, heart wrenching ballad that I had on repeat tuned into the deep drum section, anthem-like piano and spacious voicing. I especially appreciate the bass lines which captures his true groove; particularly in ‘Life Boat’, ‘New Years Day’ and ‘2 feet tall’.  Mixing acoustic, folk and jazz Edwin has achieved a melodically pleasing and surprising album which will have you singing his tunes long after you’ve heard them. Also available on iTunes.






review caley plinston

EDGE kingsland edge vol 1: HERE’S MY HOME You could say long-awaited when it comes to the Edge Kingsland album. For a long while the NZ church music scene has been dominated by Parachute Music artists, with smaller DIY recordings from local churches rarely travelling further than their own backyards. But a DIY recording with the likes of Dean McQuoid (Elephant), Luke Oram (The Black Dahlias) and Nic Manders (just about everyone) is never going to be quick. It is however, worthwhile. The collection of songs chosen for the recording have been well played in and out of Sunday services at the Edge homebase in Kingsland, Auckland over the last few years. The players and voices are collective, the songwriting collaborative. For modern church music, it’s refreshingly free of repetitive choruses, covers a diverse vocabulary – from the opening sequences (think long, drawn-out beckoning sounds) to the almost Scripturein-Song beach sing-along “Your Love is A Song” and through massive instrumental breakdowns in ‘Prodigal’. It’s a solid but digestablealbum, deserves to be on your iPod but is better on a decent system. Plenty of production treats hidden away in layering, background vocals and the bottom end that will only be enjoyed on a well-balanced system. In other words, this is church music you won’t have to feel awkward about when someone jumps in the car but you’ll find yourself setting time aside to soak in it when you have the stereo to yourself. Also available on iTunes.


That’s the number of days you’ll probably work over your lifetime. You’ll likely have six or seven major career changes over 11 or 12 jobs. According to 2007 surveys, around 80% of New Zealanders are dissatisfied with their work, which following international trends seems likely to remain or increase in the next five years. The Babyboomer generation followed the ‘job for life’ pattern of their pre-war parents, anxious for a productive and stable future while Generation X has enjoyed the relative security of technology revolutions and careers that feel more like fun, demanding a more flexible work schedule and profit-making opportunities. While speculation around the cause of this shift in trends points the finger at changing priorities, the reality is our generation is still faced with needing to choose career

paths and find work that is both productive and fulfilling. Regardless of our chosen career path, ongoing training and professional development is now part of most workforces from trades to entrepreneurial business development. So the question becomes how to set about training and education in your current career field so you continually have options or conversely, picking a career field most in line with your passions and interests. This column will highlight various opportunities, ideas and training opportunities as well as some more unusual career choices each issue and online each month. The purpose is to help shape and open up a world of ideas so that the work of your hands is fulfilling and life-giving, for you and those around you. Here are a few helpful tips to consider when faced with figuring all this out.

Do some self-analysis. Ask yourself – What really matters to me? What do I care about and want to be involved with? What do I have the energy for? Use your unique strengths. Every person is born with a unique set of natural abilities. Talents, such as managing, creating, researching, training others, drawing, can all seem like easy work because you have a natural flair for them. Make a decision. Many people never turn their dreams into reality. They let themselves remain stuck for fear of making the wrong decision. But it’s easier to change direction moving than standing still. Only action can change your life. Read a book. Take vocational tests. Use a good careermanagement professional. 11


enue – check. Dress – check. Flowers – check. Rings – check. It’s easy when planning a wedding to get caught up in the endless checklists and details for your big day. As a bride or groom to be, you can spend hours working through lists of items that need to be booked, ordered or bought. It’s an expectation that we spend time and money on what’s needed in order to have the wedding we envisaged, but what about taking care of the things that can help you get the marriage you envisaged? We all love a good wedding, and sometimes it’s hard to stay focused on life after the big day, but it’s this that needs the most attention and planning. Pre-marriage counselling, financial arrangements, family planning or talking about contraception may not appear on your current wedding checklist but it’s getting these things sorted that will help create the healthy marriage you desire.

Pre-marriage counselling– let’s talk it over

sex & relationships columnist Sarah van’t hof

While getting pre-marriage counselling has become more common, there are many couples that wonder, after years of dating, what this can add to the mix. One couple who know all about pre-marriage counseling, or mentoring as they refer to it, is Owen and Pam Blackburn who run Marriage Works, a service that works with hundreds of couples each year. Their self-developed questionnaire & manual helps couples identify areas needing to be worked on pre-marriage. Matched with mentors, couples then work through these areas before they have a chance to pop up down the track. Owen says their goal is to help couples find the “best possible way of building a marriage that lasts a lifetime” and that pre-marriage mentoring is part of making the commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone. Through their programme they

deal with issues such as: defining roles and expectations, intimacy, dealing with in-laws and finance. They also work through the concept of ‘Leadership vs. Submission’ (the other S word!), which Owen describes simply as “how to make each other feel as happy, contented, settled and secure as you can”. Pre-marriage mentoring it definitely worth considering at least, and if you are not sure, take an initial questionnaire and see what comes up!

Til Debt do us Part It’s a nasty word debt. One we don’t really like to talk about, especially if we have some. Before you get hitched it’s important to talk about where each other is at financially. It’s not about feeling bad because you have debt; it’s about making your future spouse aware of your financial situation so you both are fully prepared for anything you need to accommodate for. When you get married you are essentially taking on the other persons debt as your own so it’s important to understand their repayment plans and to know how long this debt is going to be around for. Once you’ve assessed your financial situation, you can realistically make some financial goals for the next few years. If buying a house or doing some travel is your big goal then put a timeline around it and make sure you are both committed to the financial plan you need to put in place to achieve it. It’s also a smart idea to consider how much of your joint income you plan to live off and how much you plan to save. Some couples start off living on one income and saving the other, or using it to pay off debt. By doing this straight away you immediately adjust to saving and budgeting, rather than trying to do this after you’ve got used to all that disposable income!

Let’s talk about Sex baby! Whether or not you’ve waited until the big day to have sex, it’s a good idea to have a discussion around your sexual relationship. Men and women can have quite differing views

sex and intimacy. Women generally place more value on different types of intimacy, not just what happens in the bedroom, while men are more likely to closely align sex with intimacy. You may find the topic of intimacy gets covered in pre-marriage counselling or mentoring sessions, however if you’re not going down that track then it’s a good idea to share your expectations before you walk down the aisle. It can be difficult to bring up issues around sex and intimacy once you’re married if it’s not something you have become comfortable talking about beforehand. If children are in your long-term goals, rather than in the very near future, taking precautions so you don’t end up with a surprise bundle of joy is a good idea. There are many options for contraception so it’s a good idea to talk about these together a couple of months before you get married, particularly to decide whether you want to go with natural or mainstream contraception methods. If you are going to go down the natural fertility route then you need to plan for this a few months before you get married. Natural Fertility New Zealand works with women wanting natural alternatives to mainstream contraception. Educator Karin Martin suggests that couples visit a natural fertility specialist at least 2 to 3 months before the wedding. Karin says that your cycle can often be affected by the stress and emotion a wedding can bring and that by working through your fertility options as early as possible, you have a better chance of understanding your cycle fully before your wedding day. Whether you decide to go for mainstream or natural methods, do some research and get educated about your options. There’s nothing wrong with having a vision for your day and being focused on creating a wedding to remember, after all, you’ll spend more on your wedding day than on any other event in your life! However, making sure you take some time out to plan your life as a married couple will ultimately bring you closer to wedded bliss!

Marriage Works – Natural Fertility New Zealand – 13


Preparing for Beyond the Big Day





To Do’s before you say I Do

A conversation with writer Dave Tomlinson on the Post-Evangelical experimentation, Antithesis moments and spiritual hunger. words Luke Phillip Oram


still remember the first time my faith suffered a real hit. Sure, we all take our share of knocks over time, but this one was different. As if some kind of internal fault line had given way and swept out any kind of ground I had underneath me. And any perception of God I had was suddenly useless, inadequate, foolish even. Suddenly I wanted to question everything, and suddenly everything was coming up short. The French philosopher Paul Ricoeur calls this stage an ‘Antithesis’ moment – a kind of disillusionment where our questions, doubts and increasing need for knowledge catch up with the beliefs we once naively took for granted. The apostle Paul describes the same 14

moment in Corinthians; “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. ” When you think about it, it’s almost a rite of passage, a coming of spiritual age – a time when you’re forced to weigh your beliefs against the ever-changing world around you and internally, your own changing perspective. And the sting in this rite is that the questioning will either solidify your faith, or destroy it completely. As Vicar of St. Luke’s Anglican Church in England, Dave Tomlinson knows first-hand what an uncomfortable place the church can be for the disenchanted - it goes without

saying that a believer questioning the validity and relevance of their faith would do the same of their church community. For 10 years he and his wife ran a kind of ‘un-church’ called Holy Joes – a Fight Club for jaded Christians held in the upper room of a local pub. Over the years Dave saw thousands of people settle in for a pint, roll up their sleeves and passionately wrestle through their own Antithesis moments, where nothing was taboo, everything was up for grabs and no answers were taken for granted. “For a lot of people it was a last-chance café – one last glance at this thing called church before completely abandoning it. ” While Holy Joes was a refuge for a generation of back-pew brawlers who “raged on about the evils of the Alpha course”, it also served as inspiration for Dave’s book “Post-Evangelical”

climates, values and issues? And how will our church stay relevant through all of it? Strangely enough, for Dave the next step in making the Post-Evangelical journey meant stepping back inside the walls of the church. And not just any church; the prominent Anglican Church St. Luke’s in Holloway, North London. It all began with a strange nod of approval from the Bishop of London, who told Dave; “You are going to be very frustrated in the Church of England, you are going to be very critical of many things, but we are going to benefit from your criticism. ” For the new Vicar, a traditional church was the perfect breeding ground for PostEvangelical experimentation. Dave says the key to redefining our faith isn’t in burning the old model to the ground, but giving it a 21st century makeover “We should never do away with the old, the traditions – tradition itself is a conversation between past and present –

different thing altogether.”



people culture world

this is the thing we need” acceptance of people’s spirituality in an The key is in forging a relationship between effort to connect with the wave of spirituality the former and the now – honouring the outside the church. As a leader of initiatives churched faith of our fathers, but realizing we like this, Dave promotes himself only as a live in a different world from the one they grew facilitator: “You create the space and you hold up in. it. Successful leadership is all about holding It’s a question of interpretation. In his a space, in which all kinds of things can conversations with the people walking in (and happen…a peaceable, open space. ” out) of the doors of his church, Dave soon And of course, there are the Antithesis realized a few communication breakdowns moments. Is there space in the church for our between the church and the spirituality of doubts and questioning? According to Dave, the the outside world – beginning with our very church should be a place where the Antithesis understanding of God. “The idea of a male deity is fostered to the point of being promoted. If ‘out there somewhere’ it is true that throwing all the switches the Antithesis “For a lot of people it was a lastis just not going to moment chance café – one last glance at work in today’s world … comes upon this thing called church before especially a world that us all, then it has increasing ecological is a moment completely abandoning it.” sensibilities in which we that should need an understanding of God as more a part be recognised and facilitated by the church of our material environment. ” Dave subscribes community. Frederick Buechner wrote ‘If you to elements of panantheism – a realisation don’t have doubts, you are either kidding that God is in and of everything, especially yourself or are asleep” – upon which Dave nature. At St. Lukes this is reflected by a more elaborates, saying “If you have doubts, you open acceptance of a wider spirituality, based have faith. If you don’t have doubts, you have on the concept that if everything is spiritual certainty, which is a different thing altogether. ” then God is likely to be found in many aspects Dave tells the story of an old Anglican of our lives – something that the apostle Paul church in the heart of London. As the story was famous for hinting at. St. Lukes facilitates goes, in the 19th century, the clergyman of everything from community art classes to the church felt that sermons were too much of meditation and even a local yoga class; a move a monologue. Soon after that, he decided to which has been controversial. build two pulpits, one facing the other. From These activities point towards a deeper, more then on, monologues became lively lunchtime mysterious kind of spirituality that Dave feels dialogues between the clergyman and invited is missing from a Post-Evangelical church. guests, including prominent English figures “There are masses of people in today’s world and politicians. Hundreds of Londoners would who wouldn’t dream of going near a church, but stream into the church during the day to hear have a massive spiritual hunger. I think there these debates, leaving the church forced to is the potential to connect with that hunger form their own view, and thus entering into the through the mystical and spiritual traditions of Antithesis themselves. In Dave’s view, the Postthe church…first of all, we’ve got to reconnect Evangelical church should honour the great with them ourselves, rather than put all our wrestling debate of the modern faith. “I think effort into the ‘outer shell’ – bums on seats and that churches need to be places where debate superficial dogma and theology. ” is cultivated, allowed and accommodated. For the most part, the modern church has The problem is, it breeds panic and fear in become what Dave calls “A parallel universe the minds of some people – to have an open of sorts” – an exclusive club that speaks its ended debate. I think the church should be the own language and has its own rules. At St. breeding ground for that - Many people want Lukes a team runs an alternative service to be able to fund their personal search – to be called ‘Breathing Space’, an open free-forable to go and chew that over and make their all meditational forum that promotes broad own mind up” I still remember the time I found my spiritual feet again. It was what Paul Riceour calls the ‘Synthesis’ stage – the point at which our belief is questioned, doubted, taken apart and once again, accepted. It’s a different kind of acceptance though – it’s not figuring out the belief, it’s finding peace in the fact that I have investigated the belief, that I am still investigating it and that God is big enough to house my inquiry. We live in a generation that craves knowledge more than ever, and that makes us less happy with monologue, pat answers and black-and-white theology. As the good vicar is finding out, the next step in the evolution of the church is not in providing answers to Post-Evangelical seekers, it’s “If you have doubts, you have providing a safe haven for us to find some conclusions ourselves. And maybe in that faith. If you don’t have doubts, search we, like Bonhoeffer, will discover the you have certainty, which is a Jesus of today.


Fight Club For Faith

which provided an identity for a group of people struggling to see the church as relevant in their world. Dave calls this struggle a “disconnect between religious culture and everyday life” – a void in which we must try and re-interpret the Christian faith for the world of the 21st century. The question is, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer put it, “Who is Jesus Christ for us, today?” What does our faith look like in the face of changing


t’s official – summer is well and truly over! Sudden changes in season or temperature often trigger an outbreak of illness – so if you haven’t caught a cold already this year, give yourself a pat on the back! As the winter weather deepens, people start asking questions about the Flu vaccine. What does the vaccine do? What is the Flu anyway? Is the vaccine safe? Why would I take it? How come I had the vaccine once and caught the Flu the following week? These

questions are all the more relevant given the 2009 outbreak of Swine Flu and rumoured second round on it’s way. So in this first ever Health Page for SP Magazine, we thought we would summarise and answer a few of those questions…in time for you to get your jab before the cold spell really sets in!

What is the Flu? Influenza (’flu) is a viral infectious disease. While some of the symptoms are similar to

Yes it can. In NZ up to 500 people die each year from influenza or its complications (usually pneumonia.) The elderly and those with diabetes, cardiovascular (heart), respiratory (lung) or immune problems are particularly at risk. That is one of the reasons that researchers work so hard to produce vaccines and why the vaccine is free for these groups of people.

In NZ up to 500 people die each year from influenza or its complications (usually pneumonia.) The 2009 Swine Flu outbreak in humans was due to a new strain of influenza A virus subtype H1N1 that contains genes closely related to swine influenza. Any secondary

What is the Flu vaccine and how does it work? Every year the World Health Organisation looks at what strains of the Flu are most likely to be circulating. They inform the vaccine companies who then grow the virus, kill it, and suspend it in a liquid ready for injection. Because of the highly variable nature of the virus (which mutates over time, giving different

strains) the vaccine is usually different each year. Obviously in 2009, no-one could have included Swine Flu, which is a new strain. Once injected, your immune system identifies the pieces of the different dead virus strains and makes antibodies which will recognise them if they ever enter the body again. (This is the way all vaccines work – rubella, polio, etc. However, those viruses don’t change the way Flu does, so you don’t need them every year. The common cold viruses change too fast to be able to make useful vaccines.)

How come I had the Flu vaccine once and it gave me the Flu? That is actually impossible. The Flu virus in the vaccine is dead and fragmented. One of a few things might have happened:

So are there any sideeffects to the vaccine? Yes there are. It is common to experience some localised redness and tenderness for a few days at the site of infection. Some people experience the mild symptoms of a cold. Severe reactions are very uncommon, but if you are concerned, you should talk to your doctor before proceeding. Pregnant women should also consult their doctor before considering the vaccine.

For more information, check out the websites below or have a chat to your local GP. I missed mine for the first time last winter and spent four days in bed…so I was first in line this year! Sources:

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Flu Fighters

Can it be more serious?

“In the US it appears that for every 1000 people who get infected, about 40 people need admission to hospital and about one person dies.”

You caught a severe common cold. You did not get the vaccine in time to protect you. (90% of healthy adults will develop full immunity within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. If you are unlucky enough to be exposed to the real Flu virus in that time, it is possible to catch it.) You caught a strain of Flu that was not in the vaccine. (This is possible even after full immunity has developed. It is rare, but less so with the increasing frequency of overseas travel. Swine Flu would be in this category.)


columnist SAM BLOORE

outbreak, like the one recently experienced over the northern hemisphere winter will be similar to the first; we’ll just be better prepared. Because it is a new mutation, people have almost no natural immunity to it and so it spreads incredibly easily from person to person. This is why health officials have worked so hard to contain it. H1N1 has the potential to land half the country in bed at the same time, which would be economically and socially disastrous! However, it does not appear to be any more virulent (likely to cause death) than other types of influenza virus. “In the US it appears that for every 1000 people who get infected, about 40 people need admission to hospital and about one person dies.” Even so, the current recommendations are that if a person becomes sick with Swine Flu, they should take antiviral drugs (e.g. Tamiflu or Relenza) to make the illness milder and help them feel better faster. They may also prevent serious flu complications, like pneumonia. For treatment, antiviral drugs work best if started soon after getting sick (within 2 days of symptoms).



a common cold, those of the Flu are usually more severe and last longer. If you catch it, you can expect at least some of the following: fever; cough; sore throat; runny nose; sneezing; headache; myalgia (sore muscles – usually back or legs); sweats/chills; exhaustion; general discomfort; and in rare cases, pneumonia. Most people are bed-ridden for at least a couple of days and take about a week off work. In other words. your colleague who was at work on Monday – away Tuesday – and then back on Wednesday, cheerily telling you they had the Flu, did not… They had a cold!

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photo essay: ecuador photographer renee lansdowne 18


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illustration Lewis Hurst


t was mid April at the Summit of the Americas. Two presidents met and shook hands. In that moment the world shifted significantly and a whole new mode of foreign policy from the U.S opened up. President Obama’s hand grasping that of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for the world to see may not seem like much to the average on-looker, but it signalled a significant departure from the approach of previous U.S administrations to countries that were not in complete alignment with U.S desires. We live in a country where many of us hold a cautious and somewhat fearful approach to nations traditionally seen as enemies of the U.S because our information sources are often driven by theirs. We look on with helplessness as we hear of more stories of terrorism and hostile states, often never being told what ferments the anger of people who would wish to resort to violence to make a point. In some instances we feel fear. Can we look forward to something better? To find what propels that anger and in turn, 20

find why Obama’s overtures to various states or foe. Out of this address came the term such as Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria are “The Axis of Evil” to refer to states considered so significant, one only needs to listen to the hostile to the aims of the U.S – Iran, Iraq and voices of many who are affected by American North Korea. foreign policy. That address clearly outlaid a policy direction The BBC world service annual survey of of might, power and control that would form global views of U.S. foreign policy offers some America’s engagement with the world for revealing perspectives. In 2007 over two thirds the rest of Bush’s time as President. Gary said the US military presence in the Middle Schmidt reflected it in an article written for East provoked more conflict than it prevented. the Project for the New American Century in The poll also showed significant disapproval 2003 when he said “the unavoidable reality of the way the US is that the exercise of had handled many American power is key to People in desperate situations foreign policy maintaining what peace do desperate things. issues including and order there is in the Guantanamo Bay world today.” and Iran. This view further cemented wounds already The polling gave worse results for the felt in some parts of the world and it led to U.S than previously already poor surveys sanctions and military actions that pushed conducted for 2005 and 2006 many into desperate situations. People in In his State of the Union Address of January desperate situations do desperate things. 2002, President Bush demonstrated his Prior to this, Afghanistan was a hot-bed of approach to the world, one that would divide what we now call terrorism after being left countries into simplistic categories of friend broken from the cold-war battle between

Russia and America during the late 70’s and 80’s. America backed the Mujahideen in their fight against the Russians. Many of those Arabic fighters would later form Al-Qaeda and fight against the very power that armed and trained them. Why? Iran was/is reeling from American support of the despotic Shah Reva Pahlavi after the CIA and MI6 (British) backed coup that ousted their democratically elected leader, Mossadeq, in 1953 when he was about to nationalize Iranian oil. Then there was the condemnation from America of the own populist Iranian revolution in the late 70’s. That condemnation paved the way for a regime of very conservative Islam. Subsequently America went on to support and supply Saddam Hussein in his war against the Iranians in the 80’s – a war that saw chemical weapons used against Iranian soldiers in the thousands, only to then see America turn on Iraq due to Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. Lebanon, the Palestinians, Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Cuba, Venezuela and many other countries and people groups have been victims

“Finally, while there are instances and individuals who can be met only by force, the United States will be prepared to listen to and talk with our adversaries in order to advance our interests.” - White House policy statement

of political interference that has subjugated them to the pursuit of American desires. In some instances, discontent with this interference has led to rebellions that have been subsequently condemned by the U.S, alienating said peoples and pushing them into categories of “evil”. Sadly, the natural response has been to lash out in violence and often moves towards various forms of extremism. Violence is the resort of the helpless – individuals and groups who can find no other means to achieve an end. The world is now faced with a new direction and new guidelines for American foreign policy. The foreign policy page on the Whitehouse website states this: “Finally, while there are instances and individuals who can be met only by force, the United States will be prepared to listen to and talk with our adversaries in order to advance

our interests.” This is a departure from a policy that saw no room to give voice to “adversaries” and their grievances. It has seen the current administration make overtures to “hostile” states and led to that now famous handshake at the Summit of the Americas. This new direction allows for targets of American aggression and interference to move out of the corners they have been pushed into, to talk, to be heard and to be given value. Did Bush get it all wrong? No. Will Obama get it all right? No, but the world is hopeful and at the same time, cautious. As the voice and ears of diplomacy are raised, may the present hope be realized and may we look towards a world where “terrorist” activity is no longer a nightly occurrence on our news. May it no longer be a norm in how we understand the machinations of humanity. 21


Travel Diaries:




At the beginning of the ministry time tonight a man came from the congregation and asked if he could be my interpreter. We went around praying for people and saw miracles first hand of people being healed. After the third person that night had been healed and touched by the power of God my interpreter started telling me how amazing I was. It was a bit strange, so I made sure that he knew that it was the Holy Spirit doing the work, and that God can use us all. As we were walking to the next person I told him that it was his turn! We came to a man that had one leg about an inch shorter than the other; it was causing him pain in the lower back. So we got him to sit down and showed him his feet. He was shocked to see how much shorter his right leg was to his left. I then asked my interpreter if he wouldn’t mind commanding the short leg to grow. The next scene made me laugh for the rest of the night as he commanded it to grow and right before his eyes it did! The interpreter was so shocked he almost fainted.

a look of shock the mother looked back up at Renee and then back down at her daughters feet. The ankle bones had twisted back inward, and the arches in her feet had come back, PRAISE JESUS! Renee asked, “Do you think that there is still room for improvement or are they 100% healed?” The mother answered, “No they are totally healed, look they are normal now!” That mother and her daughter will never be the same again; their lives are forever changed by the goodness of God. The mother recommitted her life to the Lord right there in the waiting room and was so grateful to God for answering her prayers.

Broken Femur bone

Some of the team, including Renee, have traveled high up the Andes mountains to an Indian village. Whilst spending time with the Indians, Renee saw a man walking on crutches and asked to pray for him. He had broken his femur and was on crutches, unable to put any weight on his leg. He agreed to let Renee and Twisted Feet on 4-year-old girl some of the other team members pray for him. We’ve spent a few days ministering in a They prayed for him around 7 times, each time clinic/small hospital in Cuenca. Renee was he felt more strength but on the 7th time he in the waiting room when a young girl and felt electricity go up and down his leg. After her mother walked in. The girl’s mother had feeling that the man started jumping up and taken her out of school because she had the down on his broken leg, now totally healed! flu, but the daughter had also been born with WOW! He was so excited that he took Renee a crippling disease, and the few that which caused her were praying for him With a look of shock the mother feet to turn outward. into his house to looked back up at Renee and then The doctors had told meet his sister who back down at her daughters feet. the family that over had major abdominal The ankle bones had twisted back time, they would be pain. The team got completely turned the healed man to inward, and the arches in her feet out resulting in this pray for his sister and had come back, PRAISE JESUS! beautiful girl walking God totally healed on the bottoms of her! That man now her legs (ankle bones). To add to their problems has a vision to preach the gospel through his the girl’s father has left and moved to Brazil. nation and is linked in with a local church.  They haven’t heard from him since. This This mission certainly has been one to obviously has caused an immense amount of remember. Many of the people we met will hurt for both the young girl and her mother.  never be the same again after encountering the Renee and Rose, another team member spent absolute goodness of God in such a tangible time loving them and prayed with them. and real way. I experienced an Ecuador that is After praying for the mother for quite some coming into a place where they are realizing time the two started to pray for the young girl, who they are in God. they prayed over her a number of times, sang The impossible is – day by day – looking more songs to her, and loved on her. Then they asked and more possible and I am so excited that the mother to take her daughter’s boots off, the we’ve all been invited to be a part of God’s special boots designed to help her walk. With great work. 23


Interpreter gets a shock



n August 2009 my wife Renee and I were part of a ministry team travelling to the great land of Ecuador, in South America. Our mission was to visit major cities Riobamba and Cuenca, both nestled in the Andes, above 8200ft. Riabamba lies in an area known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes, on the edge of the equator and the Amazon jungle. On the journey through this amazing landscape we visited medical clinics, hospitals, orphanages and visited a traditional Indian village. We saw miracles, healings, encouraged the church in ministry and the Kingdom of God. Ecuador is largely a Roman Catholic country which has brought good and bad things into the culture. One of the good things is that people are very open to talk about Jesus and receive prayer. Even with the lack of interpreters and our poor ability to communicate we watched in amazement as God seemed present everywhere we went shopping trips, to hospital visits, right through to the church meetings. During the trip we went from driving well above the clouds along shear cliff faces to dropping through the clouds into hot, humid, crazy Amazonian rain forest. The Ecuadorian Andes is one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve been. In many ways – from my perspective – the people reflect the beauty of their land. They were so hospitable and honouring, they consistently made it their top priority to make sure we were all well looked after. Out of the 10 days we spent in Ecuador (plus 2 full days travel there and back) 9 of them where jam packed with ministry and one was a day of rest. The ministry days generally consisted of organized community outreach in the morning (hospitals, orphanages, schools etc), a few hours spare time in the afternoon, and either revival or leadership equipping meetings in the evenings.  I think that one of the most exhilarating things in life is to a persons face as they encounter God. The overwhelmed look on people’s faces of shock at His utter goodness and love is unforgettable. I’m so glad to be a part of what God is doing here on planet earth.   To give you a glimpse into what a normal hour on this trip looked like here are a few of the testimonies that Renee and I could remember. As you read these remember that God wants to use all of His children in power and love. No one is left out! And God is not restricted to a certain geographical location either.


words. Matt and Renee Lansdowne

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What I learnt at the movies…


he first time I saw the Matrix it completely blew me away. It reminded me of Star Wars, when it first came out it showed a world where the normal rules of life did not apply. You can jump high, dodge bullets and learn just about any skill necessary with an upload. However there is a point in the film where we can learn a lot about how to live in the world we inhabit. About a quarter of the way into the film, there is a scene where Neo and Morpheus are sitting in these big leather chairs and Morpheus puts a choice to Neo... Do you remember it? Take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? One will have you back in what you know of your life, living in complete ignorance of the reality and purpose of life. The other pill will show the truth but you will have to live your life with the very real knowledge of what is truly going on and it won’t be an easy ride.

Ignorance or truth... As Cypher explains a little later on in the film as he sits eating a steak. “I know this isn’t real. I know that I am not really eating this steak, but it tastes so good. Ignorance is bliss.” Sometime we look around and see people living lives that are arguable morally corrupt and yet seemingly they are totally happy, this can be a hard thing to take. Of course with the other pill comes the knowledge of the truth and the struggle along aiming to live a life of truth and responsibility. I guess it’s then when we need to realise that knowing the truth and taking responsibility it brings, is of higher value than momentary happiness. Whether it’s in regards to social justice, environmental issues or even our own personal character. Once you know what is really going on, it must impact the very way you live and the choices that you make. So what’s it going to be? The red pill or the blue pill? At some point in time you will have to decide.

Tertiary Chaplaincies Whangarei


Northland Institute of Technology

Universal College of Learning (UCol)

Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus


Palmerston North

(Campuses : City CBD, Tamaki, Epsom, Grafton) Maclaurin Chaplains : Uesifili Unasa, Howard Carter Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy : Pat Brophy, Leona Garchow, Denis Brown Tutaku

Massey University manawatu-campus/services-for-students/chaplainsand-religious-services/palmerston_home.cfm Paul Stock (Co-ordinating Chaplain), Kathleen Field, Dianne Stock, Terry McGrath, Sesimani Havea, Mark Grace, Colin Day, Mark Downey, Victoria Sibley

AUT University

Universal College of Learning (UCol)

Massey University (Albany) albany-campus/services-for-students/chaplains-andreligious-services/albany_home.cfm Ricky Waters (Co-ordinating Chaplain), Tu-Yi Chiang, Yang Yang Wu, Jill Shaw, Kyu Kim, Justin Cherry, Jeff lane, Carrie Rambo, Steve Turner

Unitec Institute of Technology (campuses : Mt. Albert, Henderson, Takapuna) Ricky Waters (Co-ordinating Chaplain), Chze Pheng Ching, Talasoga Su’a, Wilkinson Hu, Cindy Brickell, Owen Rogers, Jeff Lane Manukau Institute of Technology (campuses : Otara, Auckland CBD – Maritime, Newmarket – Language) Ricky Waters (Co-ordinating Chaplain), Heather Brockett, Amy Wen, John Gower, Colin Zhao, James Shen, Michael Drake, Suong Hong Eyou

Hamilton Waikato University shtml Ecumenical Chaplain : Jemma Allen Catholic Chaplain : Antony Bernal

Kathleen Field, Colin Day

Masterton Universal College of Learning (UCol) Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

Wellington Victoria University David Newton, Joel Carpenter, Loren Hockley Travina Oh, Clare O’Connor

Massey University wellington-campus/services-for-students/chaplainsand-religious-services/student-groups.cfm Rey Enriques (Co-ordinating Chaplain), Kolepa Konesi, Tim Duxfield

Nelson / Blenheim Nelson / Marlborough Institute of Technology Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

Westport / Greymouth Taipoutini Polytechnic Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

Christchurch Canterbury University Ecumenical : Tom Innes, Paul Stanaway Catholic : John Adams, Ken Joblin, Katie Malone, Eddie Caudel

Lincoln University

Tauranga / Mt. Mauganui Ecumenical : Glenda Hicks, Michael Cooke Catholic : as above Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic


Waikato Institute of Technology Andrew McKean, Herenga Wirihana, Newman Soloai

Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

Rotorua Waiariki Polytechnic Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

Gisborne Tairawhiti Technical Institute Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

New Plymouth Western Institute of Technology Cathy Gordon

Napier Eastern Institute of Technology service.aspx Chris Malcolm (Co-ordinating Chaplain), Steve Demetrius, Jenny Ironside 24

Currently no Chaplaincy on the campus

University of Auckland

(campuses : City CBD, Akoranga) help-and-advice/health,-counselling-and-wellbeing/ spirituality-and-chaplaincy Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy :(as above) Chze Pheng Ching, Amala Wrightson, Rafat Njam, Winston Halapua, Sevati Tuwere


Otago University Greg Hughson, Mark Chamberlain, Amy Armstrong, Rosie Victor-Hoogland, Lyn Meinders

Otago Polytechnic Mike Wright, Paul Armstrong

Invercargill Southern Institute of Technology Lisa Stuart

Southland Community College Lisa Stuart

E & OE Ricky Waters ANZTCA Northern Co-ordinator Feb. 10th 2010


sh k r o w

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a : Mond h c r u h c Christ 00pm -4. ces 9.30am y Youth Ser vi ur anui Canterb ord Street, Pap anf 472 Cr

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Mike is in his 35th year in youth ministry and serves as President/CEO of Youthfront. Youthfront is a community committed to creating holistic, missional environments for Christian formation, bringing young people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating environments where spiritual transformation occurs and working with those who work with young people. Mike also serves as the Executive Editor of Immerse: A Journal of Faith, Life and Youth Ministry, is an Elder in his church, serves on several boards and is an adjunct Professor at Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City. His current book is Presence Centered Youth Ministry: Guiding Students into Spiritual Formation . / /

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off the hair or beard; the application of ashes or great anguish or grief.” While I am unqualified dust to the head; and the replacing of the (now to comment on its effectiveness as a grieving torn) clothes with sackcloth. Sackcloth was a method, I certainly believe there are more coarse, garment made of goat hair, camel hair, effective ways to express one’s repentance. hemp or flax. It was worn either as an ill-fitting God Himself, through the prophet Joel, sack over the shoulders (as its name suggests) calls Israel to “…rend your hearts, not your or a smaller loin cloth. garments.” The external symbol of tearing Clothes were also torn to express national was supposed to REFLECT the internal sorrow tragedy (as with the over sin…not REPLACE it! “…human nature often messenger reporting that But human nature often the Ark of the Covenant substitutes the symbol for substitutes the symbol for had been captured in 1 the sorrow, because it’s so the sorrow, because it’s so Sam 4:12) or repentance. much more convenient. much more convenient…” Ezra tears both his Tearing a garment is easy… garment and robe, and but changing my heart… plucks hair from his head and beard, when that’s another story. he learns of the sinful behaviour of Israel (in Christ reinforces this shift in emphasis Ezra 9.) And the king of Ninevah, in Jonah 3:8, from the external to the internal. Time and commanded that every man and cattle-beast time again in the gospels He probes deeper be covered in sackcloth as a sign of national than actions to expose our motives. He’s not repentance! Individual sorrow for sin was also interested in routine sacrificial actions – He expressed in these ways. wants to know if our integrity is going to What about today? Well, some commentators remain compromised. “Let’s take a closer look report a continuation of the practice in that at that attitude, shall we…?” He would likely part of the world. Freeman states: “Those say to us today, “…but you can leave your shirt descended from Isaac and from Ishmael are in one piece!” people of passionate emotions, and even today If nothing else, that should be good news for they often tear their clothing to express their mums everywhere! Reference Freeman, James M. ; Chadwick, Harold J.: Manners & Customs of the Bible. Rev. ed.]. North Brunswick, NJ : Bridge-Logos Publishers, 1998, S. 72

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s a kid, growing up in church, I remember being fascinated by the biblical reports of people tearing their garments. It seemed that every other character was ripping this or shredding that as they vented their frustrations on their unsuspecting attire. With a mother who would get pretty excited by a single missing button from a school shirt, being able to rend a garment right down the middle seemed attractively reckless to me. I wasn’t even sure then what “rending” was, but I wanted in… Turns out the whole rending caper isn’t as positive as my childhood imaginings. In ancient Israel, the tearing of one’s clothes was reserved for times of extreme anger or grief – usually the latter. In Manners and Customs of the Bible James Freeman writes: “Tearing the clothes is a symbol of the inward anguish the mourner is feeling, a violent expression of emotional pain, an outward sign to others that the person is suffering great inner turmoil.” It was commonly done upon hearing news of a loved ones death (as Jacob did after hearing that his son Joseph had been ‘attacked by a wild beast’ in Gen 37:34) or following some other personal tragedy. This was often accompanied by other actions such as cutting

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Wouldn’t that just rip your sackcloth…?

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Soul Purpose Issue 34  

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