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Welcome... Welcome to the first issue of glean magazine! There’s plenty in this launch issue to peruse - First is a feature on the wonderful entertainer, Isabelle L’Amour, who is certainly going places, watch this space! Stuck for gift ideas? Have a browse through our Christmas Gift Guide, my particular favourite is the Liz Earle Christmas Star inclusive of a nail varnish or lipstick for the ladies! Don’t forget to take advantage of our discounted product offers too! Don’t forget to look after our birds whilst you are out in the garden, Samantha Ackland provides invaluable advice for keen gardeners. Feel like a bracing walk? Check out one of the loveliest places to visit at Fort Victoria on the Isle of Wight. (We will be including a walking route in Hampshire/Isle of Wight in every issue). Stuck for ideas on how to decorate your hallway this Christmas? Clare Wallace provides some helpful tips! Go out of your way to avoid sprouts at Christmas? Marie Thompson of thaddeus catering encourages you to try some new cooking techniques for them, they’re really not so bad after all, honest!

Like what you see or want to suggest an article or event for the JAN/ FEB issue? Please don’t hesitate to email us or drop by our Twitter and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to sign up for the free newsletter alert - just visit our website and click the subscribe button. Finally, I would like to wish all our advertisers and readers a very Merry Christmas and New Year. Look out for the next issue of glean bringing you more offers, discounts and other exciting features in January 2014.

Claire Claire Sells Editor Ps. Don’t forget to click on the adverts to take you straight to the advertiser’s website!

Contributors Art Direction, Marketing, Graphic Design, Features and Advertising Claire Sells Contributing Features: Clare Wallace, Marie Thompson, Samantha Ackland Photography: Isabelle L’Amour and Fort Victoria images kindly supplied by Clayton Bastiani: Social Media links: Glean-Magazine/154880318052263 Website glean-magazine If you would like to get in touch with any of our column writers please do so via the email address provided, with their name in the Subject Line

30 international contemporary artists rethink the possibilities with paper Until 12 January 2014, SeaCity Museum, Southampton SO14 7FY A Manchester Art Gallery exhibition on tour Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Also supported by The Japan Foundation, The Henry Moore Foundation, The Granada Foundation, DAC Beachcroft and Roger La Borde. The paper sponsor is GF Smith.

Manchester Art Gallery Image: The Judge, 2011, Justine Smith



FOOD Eat the seasons... by Marie Thompson of Thaddeus Catering


BEAUTY Autumnal and festive make-up


FEATURE Isabelle L’Amour


ROUTE Fort Victoria, Isle of Wight


CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE For him and for her


ENTERTAINMENT Rewind... really? Book releases


ART AND CRAFT Melissa Bastiani - Papier Mâché Artist


GARDENING Keeping your fingers green... by Samantha Ackland


HEALTH Mind how you go! Mindfulness techniques


INTERIORS A warm welcome by Clare Wallace


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Eat the seasons...

by Marie Thompson from thaddeus catering What to do with Brussel Sprouts OK, so we know Brussel Sprouts have gained a pretty bad rap, often only making it to our plate at Christmas time and even then only eaten out of a kind of duty to tradition rather than for enjoyment. This is probably due partly to being boiled to a watery, sulphurous pulp. I personally love the brussel sprout and think it’s time we gave this tiny cabbage a second look: BRUSSELS SPROUTS FACTS 1. Sprouts contain high-levels of vitamins A and C, folic acid and dietary fibre, and help protect against colon and stomach cancer.

2. Brussels sprouts were developed from wild cabbage and came from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. 3. Captain Cook made his crew eat sprouts to combat scurvy. AN EASY COOKING TIP FOR SPROUTS Try chopping some sprouts and frying with some finely chopped rosemary, crispy pancetta or streaky bacon and crumbled chestnuts. Season well with pepper. What’s in season? Winter is here and there is an abundance of produce to get creative with: NOVEMBER Vegetables Parsnips, turnips, beetroots, red and Savoy cabbages, carrots, cauliflowers, celeriac, celery and leeks. Fruit and nuts Apples, pears, quinces, medlars, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. Meat Pheasant, partridge, mallard and grouse. Hare and wild rabbit.

Brussel sprout image courtesy of The Contemporary Home


DECEMBER Vegetables Brussels sprouts, curly kale, Jerusalem artichokes, leeks, garlic, pumpkin, swedes, chard and spinach. Ancient Egyptian cold remedy 1 bulb of garlic, 1 cup of honey, 1 cup of cider vinegar - blitz together and keep in fridge for up to a month. To use stir 1 tsp of remedy into a glass of water. Fruit and nuts Apples, pears, quinces, medlars, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. Meat The same as November, plus goose. Fish turbot, sea bass, carp, conger eel, Dover sole, mussels, oysters and skate. Fish Halibut, herring, sea bream and sprats. TIP To get the most out of root ginger try peeling the skin with a teaspoon.


Movember, Generation Moustache. Movember is about changing the face of men’s health one moustache at a time. Mo Bros start the month clean-­shaven, and then grow and groom their moustache all month long, flying the Mo flag for the 30 nights and hairy days of Movember. Mo Bros and Mo Sista’s raise funds and much needed awareness around the often-­ignored issues of men’s health -­specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health. The Movember journey began in 2003 with a few mates in a pub in Melbourne, Australia. The goal was simple – to create a campaign promoting the growth of the moustache among like-­minded people and have fun along the way. It is about real men growing

real moustaches, talking about real issues to help to change the face of men’s health. Movember now spans the globe with campaigns in 21 countries. In 2012, over 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sista’s pledged their allegiance to the moustache and raised over £92 million globally. In the UK, there were over 363,000 participants raising over £27 million. There is strength in numbers and together we can change the face of men’s health. Crank up the volume, make some noise and fight the good fight. This is Movember. You are Generation Moustache. We are Gen Mo. Sign up today at Article and images contributed




Autumnal and festive make-up Now is the time for darker and richer hues for your make-up look, in particular berry and brown shades, with a classic red lipstick especially for the festive season. If you are braving a dark lipstick tone (try The Body Shop Colour Crush™ Lipstick in Damson in Distress £10.00) use a slightly darker lipliner around your lip outline and use a lip brush to ‘fill’ your lips in. Remember to check your teeth for unwelcome lipstick marks and blot your lips with a tissue.

myself, they have great staying power!

For Christmas gatherings, add a touch of sparkle, either on your lips, eyes or cheekbones. Remember to use sparingly, I am a fan of Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon. Or for a beautiful red lipstick try The Body Shop Colour Crush™ Lipstick £10.00 each in Red Siren (pictured) or Red Hot Raspberry. Having tried one of these shades

Make sure that your brows are strong to match the look - The Body Shop: Brow & Liner Kit £10.00 is ideal for contouring. For dramatic eyes, apply Colour Crush™ Eyeshadow (£7.00 each) either in Blackcurrant Affair (pictured) or Moonlight Kiss.*

*All make-up products courtesy of The Body Shop, with the exception of the Topshop Highlighter.


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WWW.THEVINTAGECOSMETICCOMPANY.CO.UK THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY - 20 Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2QD Telephone: 01245 926245 - mail: 5


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Isabelle L’Amour What made you choose this career? I never thought that Burlesque would be a career for me when I began performing over a year and a half ago! That was for the likes of Dita Von Teese and Immodesty Blaize, women that made themselves household names for being business women as well as performers. After trying to juggle performing with various different full-time jobs, from Hotel Receptionist to Charity Shop Manager, I realised that I needed to give my Burlesque the time it needed to grow. Shortly after I found out about The Prince’s Trust, I knew I could turn my hobby into a real business. Career highs and lows? A career high for me is every time I get onto a stage in all honesty! There have certainly been some memorable moments from my performance history. I have just been

included in a book about some of the UK’s well-known performers, entitled ‘Behind Burlesque’, as well as being invited back to peform again at the Brownstock Festival in Essex with Kitty Devine and Coco Dubois. The front of the crowd spilled out of the tent and into the campsite! And seeing my Troupe (The Lovehearts) take the stage for the first time and knocking everyone dead! Who inspires you? I’m very lucky to come into contact with a lot of inspirational performers on my travels; Banbury Cross, Aurora Galore and Violet Blaze, who I am honoured to call one of my best friends. I also feel very fortunate to be surrounded by very supportive close friends and family. What’s the worst aspect? Living on the Isle of Wight often has rather large drawbacks, sitting in a ferry terminal until 3am in the morning never gets any easier! 7

What’s the best? The euphoria after a crowd goes wild for the routine you’ve worked so hard to create is an incomparable feeling! Favourite beauty product? I’ve always said that I’m never truly Isabelle until my fake lashes are on and my lipstick is applied as they’re the utlimate finishing touches for my performances! How did you discover Burlesque? Burlesque was very gradual - Dita certainly opened the door for me, and then I started to investigate into what was going on across the country by watching shows in Portsmouth & Southampton, then going to London, just to catch a glimpse of these amazing women in action. It was a four year process, but eventually I would share the stage with them. Favourite act/outfit I have a problem when it comes to creating acts, I can’t seem to



stop! I often get told off for having too many bits of costumes all over the house that I’m halfway through making, or things that have potential that will turn into a costume in time. The act that means the most to me is probably ‘Blue Moon’ which is a 1950’s style number incorporating a few of my favourite songs from the Grease soundtrack. I loved it so much I named my show and dance school after it, The Blue Moon Revue and Blue Moon Burlesque Academy. You regularly perform in a trio how did that come about? The Lovehearts actually found me! In January of this year, they sought me out looking to learn real burlesque for the stage. Their dedication and enthusiasm over the past few months has been nothing short of inspiring and it’s a pleasure to work with two fantastic women. We made our stage debut at the start of August in a three day stint at Ryde Regatta on the Island and came first in Solent’s Got Talent which raised money for Chelsea’s Wishes. You are stranded on a desert island, what three things would you take with you? Oh dear, this is where I reveal my hopeless romantic side! I would have to take my other half Alex, without him I would have probably perished by the end of the first day- I’m the ideas, and he is most definitely the brains of the operation! Technology is out, seeing as there is no power, so no iPhone! I think I would settle for taking my two cats, because I would be lost without them too.

If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? As I am such a huge Marilyn Monroe fan I would have to say her, but I wouldn’t want to have met her personally, perhaps just spend time in her presence on a movie set, or as an innocent bystander, just to see if she was as fragile and beautiful a human being as I perceive her to have been. What sets you apart from other Burlesque acts ? I have been told my cheeky personality comes through very strongly when I perform, that and I think I am one of a very small minority of performers that wear their glasses on stage. I often get a lot of compliments from audience members and fans commending me on wearing my specs! Where do you source your amazing props and outfits ? These can come from a number of different outlets. I am a huge fan of rummaging through charity shops, I also spend a lot of time on eBay, If something doesn’t exist, Mummy L’Amour and I head to the sewing machine and try to create it ourselves. My Medusa costume alone has components from LA and India! Would you like to tell the readers when your next show is? My show schedule is always growing, sometimes I find it hard to keep up! The next show is in November after taking The Blue Moon Revue for a visit to Guildford will be to bring it 9

back home to the Isle of Wight via The Apollo Theatre in Newport on the 16th. We have some amazing, awe-inspiring acts up our sleeve for this show so you will definitely not want to miss out! Find out more about the lovely Ms. L’Amour by clicking on the links below: IsabelleLAmourBurlesque Twitter: @burlesquebelle


The Jewellery Cloud Our business came about from our love of jewellery that Aunts and family members had left us and my Dad/Grandad buying us a few lots of jewellery from a local auction.

We did not know what to do with it all, during Ellie’s GCSE selection she choose business studies hence the idea to set up a mini business. Aim: to bring new life to pieces of jewellery no longer cherished by their previous owners. We promote the business via Facebook and Twitter, open house sessions, vintage and school fairs. A real family effort with Grandad continuing to help us acquire jewellery from auctions. We are also championing the #bringbackthebrooch campaign and have met lots of supporters on twitter. Brooches are our favourite. elliesjewellery/boards/ https://www.facebook. com/pages/The-JewelleryCloud/160517894095561?fref=ts



Fort Victoria Country Park, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight Along the west coast of the Isle of Wight is the popular Fort Victoria. Not only does this location offer exciting attractions such as stargazing at The Planetarium and the chance to see various creatures such as Sea Horses at The Aquarium, but you can also follow the walking trail through the forest and onto the beachfront.This is a chance to appreciate the beautiful autumnal colours and bracing sea breezes, whilst looking out to the Solent and Hurst Castle.


Christmas gift ideas... Make your Christmas jolly this year with a selection of special gifts!

...for her

Winter Garden (£17.50)

Christmas Star

Liz Earle

Signature Lip Colour £14.00

Strengthening Nail Colour £7.50

Contains: Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (45g); Rose Jam shower gel (100g), Sultana of Soap (flower mould 100g); Helping Hands (trial size)

Dog Cushion £24 Ho Ho Ho (£9.50)

Contains: Father Christmas bath ballistic; Snow Globe soap (120g) Both from Lush

Athena’s Emporium 15% off with free delivery off all orders over £150 Expiry date 31/01/2014 Offer code GLEAN just enter at checkout 13

Steamcream Moisturiser Limited Edition Tin £12.95 Let It Snow and other designs are available from Selfridges, John Lewis, and here:

...for him Antique Style Globe £68

Checked Scarf £30 Adopt A Dinosaur £20

All products on this page from The Great Gift Company

Live Laugh Love Sing Dance £60 14

Reg Charity No. 1026339

Home & workplace of pioneering Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron

Permanent displays about Julia’s life & work Programme of changing contemporary exhibitions Vintage cameras Victorian dressing-up room Isle of Wight Festival exhibition Tearoom & museum shop Open all year round, phone or check website for details.


Rewind... really?

Book releases

Weird Science, Flatliners and Point Break, all eightie’s classics, but Hollywood has decided that they want to remake all three.

Curl up with a good book whilst the nights are drawing in with these latest releases:

There was nothing quite like watching these kind of films on a lazy Sunday, anything by John Hughes (Uncle Buck, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) was a particularly appealing way to spend the time. Have any film remakes been better then the original? You decide. Until then, I’m sticking to my old DVD sets this Christmas. Remade Films Judge Dredd Footloose King Kong Rumoured but never got around to production films (as yet!) Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Outsiders Ghostbusters III

Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin A young woman is found unconscious in her car and it seems that this is no ordinary crash but nobody is willing to talk. Meanwhile, John Rebus is back on the force to investigate further crimes. How to Fall in Love (Hardcover) by Cecilia Ahern Can Christine convince Adam in a two week time period that life really is worth living? After Dead: What came next in the world of Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris The further adventures of telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse. All available from



Melissa Bastiani Papier Mâché Artist What other materials do you use? All the skeletons of my creations are recycled materials. For example, clean old socks, vitamin tubs, cardboard...Anything that can be recycled and is firm enough to use as a base to build on.

What inspires you?

At present I sell out of Doreshill Farm Emporium, Briddlesford Road, Isle of Wight, but also happily take private commissions.

I’m afraid I don’t have a favourite artist but I’ve seen examples of some amazing paper mâché artists whose work just blows my mind! I guess I love working with my hands, in a practical kind if way. My hands are not precious (like in a girly way), they are tools which enable me to get a job done.

I don’t think I was that creative at school, not in an arty way. I can’t draw to save my life and find it much easier to work in 3D!! What’s your most popular piece?

My paper mâché started as an experiment and a way to fill time whilst I was at university studying music!

Not sure what I would change. I ‘m a firm believer in everything for a reason and that we are all exactly where we need to be so I’m happy going with the flow.

Where can I buy it?

Were you creative at school?

So, Melissa, how did your paper mâché art start?

What would you do differently if you had to start again?

Animals appear to be the most popular but that may be because that’s probably where my heart is. I enjoy the fact that my art work is sustainable, as in it is mainly upcycled, apart from the glue and paint. What do you enjoy about your work? Being creative in any way is hugely therapeutic and that is something I have needed over the years. It is a good outlet and a way to channel emotions in a positive way. 18

Tell me about the creative space where you work... I work in my kitchen at present! It is the most practical space for me where I live right now....and the heat from the oven in winter is indispensable for drying my paper mâché layers! MelissaBastianiPaperMacheArt


Keeping your fingers green by Samantha Ackland As it’s getting colder it’s probably not top of your list to be outside gardening, which is fair enough when the nights are getting darker earlier. Snuggling under a duvet wins hands down over digging in manure, but time spent preparing and planting now will have you reaping the rewards in spring. NOVEMBER Plant Tulip bulbs If you haven’t already planted your spring bulbs, this is the month to get them in! A colourful bed or container of tulips will brighten the spirits when the days start slowly getting warmer and longer again.

Fuchsias and other delicate potted plants These can be placed inside a greenhouse or put on window sills if space is available. This will give them a better chance of surviving the cold. Winter pansies They should provide a lovely blast of colour on grey days, keep this going as long as possible by dead heading them to encourage new flowers. Birds

Leaves Rake up any fallen leaves from the lawn and beds if they are covering plants. If you have a copious amount of leaves, these can be spread over borders with some rotted manure to put nutrients back into the soil and help keep plant roots protected.

TIP If you are using pots they might not withstand the freezing weather, wrapping them in bubble wrap should see them through the cooler months.

Bare beds however will benefit from any leaves remaining to enrich the soil.

Roses and other large shrubs If you don’t have the luxury of a sheltered garden, you might want to prune taller plants like roses and buddleia down to a sturdy height to save them from wind damage. Now is also the perfect time for planting new roses in manure beds (tied to stakes to keep them secure).

go out with a bowl of fresh water! You will need a block of lard or suet (melted) plus double that amount of the following: bird seed, cake/ bread crumbs, currants, raw peanuts, grated cheese and sunflower seeds. Mix this all together in a bowl, then either shape by hand into balls or cakes. You can also fill yogurt pots with the mix and thread a string through, when set remove the pot and hang it from a branch or the bird table. I’m sure Mr. Robin will appreciate it!

DECEMBER Vegetables Hang a couple of bird feeders up or place a bird table in your garden to encourage visits from winter species. Give them a special Christmas treat, by making fatcakes/balls to 19

I have to admit I’m guilty of delaying tidying my veggie patch, every Friday I say “I’m clearing you this weekend” then found something more interesting to do. Next thing I

GARDENING know it’s December! Get your veggie patch cleared and dug over, if you are growing kale, parsnips, winter leeks and cabbages, collect up any pea/bean seed to use for next year. Ideally, put them in labelled envelopes. Personally, by the end of the year I have no idea what they were! I just know they tasted good and I want to plant, grow and eat them again next year.



Apples, pears, raspberries and currants can all start to be pruned from December onwards along with vines, poplars, birch and willows. Don’t prune plums, apricots or other stones - fruit trees risk being attacked by airborne fungus.

If you have a tip, funny gardening story or question, please email it to me at gleanmagazine@ with FAO SAMANTHA ACKLAND in the Subject Line, including your name and address.

TIP Hardwood cuttings can be taken now, a cheap way to get new plants!

TIP If you intend to start planting early next year, covering the ground with black plastic will not only keep the weeds down but keep the soil warmer and easier to prepare when needed.

If I pick your email to feature in my column, I will send you a box of Maltesers! “A mere box of Maltesers for my time and energy?” I hear you shout? Hey, Maltesers are the yummiest, so don’t knock it! Happy Gardening and Happy Christmas! Love Samantha x

Inspiring Garden Products Pretty Bird Feeder £17.50

Rusty Red Peering Cat £27.00


Stone effect

Angel Wings £125

All Cox & Cox


Mind how you go! Anxiety and stress getting you down? Try some Mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) was co-developed by Professor Mark Williams of Oxford University. There are many benefits associated with practicing Mindfulness such as preventing depression, easing anxiety as well as irribality, an improved memory and a stronger immune system resulting in less visits to the GP.

Many people including celebrities are advocates of MBCT including Ruby Wax, author of Sane New World and founder of web forum Black Dog Tribe. To find out more about this meditation technique, visit

“Mindfulness prevents depression and eases anxiety.�


Contact your local dealer or visit our online shop for a full range of spares, stove care products and bespoke flue kits.

Salamander Stoves Ltd. Ogwell Green, Ogwell, Devon TQ12 6AF E: W: T: 01626 363507/333230


A warm welcome by Clare Wallace If you’re inviting your friends and family over for the Christmas period you’ll want to make as festive an entrance as possible! Clare Wallace shows you how.

Firstly it’s important to make sure your front door doesn’t let your festively decorated hallway down - hang a classic wintry wreath to welcome guests and send some seasonal cheer to the street outside. Or for a truly contemporary door wreath, spray paint pine cones white and add subtle blue accents with ribbon and sparkly painted leaves. Before you start recreating this traditional Christmas hallway, give your home’s entrance a good clean and clear away clutter - it could be decorated for at least two weeks

so it’s worth the effort. Consider replacing your doormat with a festive one, too. An artificial garland of luscious seasonal leaves and berries is a quick way to decorate hallway banisters. Wind around the handrail, but leave spaces for hands to hold when using the stairs. Wired garlands are best as they don’t need to be taped in place. For a really classic Christmas decorating scheme line leafy garlands of eucalyptus along the rail and add emphasis to a chandelier with oversized baubles. Make sure Santa (and the guests) don’t have to go far to find Christmas treats — hang stockings in the hallway! Cut ribbon into 40cm lengths and tie to the banisters at regular intervals. Use the ribbon to hang up stockings before filling them with sweets and small gifts. Add an extra flourish to shop-bought garlands with extra Christmas decorations - such as felt shapes. These are ideal for hallways as they’re sturdy and won’t break when knocked. Use the wired branches of the garland to form hooks to keep them in place. If you have no stairs or banisters to decorate, your hallway can still look festive with some well-placed 23

colourful paper decorations. Hang them from a height and feel the effects of Christmas cheer. And add festive charm to your hallway console table with a mini Christmas tree and wreath and lanterns. While as a goodbye gesture, line a cakestand with little decorated boxes filled with sweets, to hand out to your guests.



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