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Fitwell Backcountry Snowboard Mountaineering Boot Reviewed by Todd Redpath I've been holding out for new snowboard boots, and a backcountry/splitboard focused one at that, for a while now. I was impressed when I saw the Deeluxe Spark come out last year, although I never actually ended up getting a pair, I'm impressed with what I've heard about them. Then I heard about the Fitwell Backcountry, and I was intrigued. A first offering from an Italian manufacturer, and the only snowboard boot amongst a line of very impressive looking footwear (their mountaineering boots look fantastic!). I was encouraged by the idea of a company transferring expertise from this area into a snowboard boot, as the modern alpine climbing boot offers many of the features that I (and seemingly many other splitboarders, if we are to believe what we read on the internet) have been looking for. Ultimately, I think that even us mere mortals, who might not quite be lining up to repeat the incredible lines being ridden by the likes of Xavier de la Rue and Jeremy Jones et al. in recent times (or the late, great Marco Siffredi), can appreciate the performance and security offered by what could rightly be considered a “snowboard mountaineering� boot. If that translates to a more enjoyable day, or week, or more, in the backcountry, then those are advantages that should be jumped on. Here's the nitty gritty, blow by blow, from my point of view, on the Fitwell Backcountry:


Review - Fitwell Backcountry Snowboard Mountaineer Boot  
Review - Fitwell Backcountry Snowboard Mountaineer Boot  

Todd Redpath a keen Kiwi backcountry and snowboarding enthusiast wrote this review after a few days using his new Fitwell Backcountry boots...