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T.O. COUNCIL VS VAPOUR LOUNGE...............2 Toronto city hall is attempting to vaporize stoners with a future bylaw

SAY CANNABIS..........................................3 Medical Cannabis h has been found to alevia ate symptoms and side effects of the follow wing conditions:

Adult ADD Aggressive Disorders AIDS Alchoholism Arthritus Alzheimer’s Diseasee Asthma Anxiety Cancer Chemotherapyy Chronic Pain Chronn’s Disease Depressionn Diabetic Gostroparesis sis D Dystonias i Epilepsy E il Gl Glaucoma Insomnia I i L b pains Labour i Mi ine Migrain Menstrual Cramps M Multiple Sclerosis Parapplegia Phantom Limb Pain ain PMT Pruritus Psuedotumour Cerebri PTSD Quadriplegia Rheumatic Diseasess Schizophrenia Sevvere Nausea Systemic Sclerosis Tardive Dyskinesia Tinnitus nnitus Tumeurs

YOU are the Community. And it is only for YOU

NORML...................................................6-7 How Marijuana was legalized in the U.S. and what we can do in Canada.

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CYBORG............................................16-17 With Guyanese roots, music in his blood and reggae in his heart...

SPLIFF POTPARAZZI................................19

If you use Medical Ca annabis and have been diagnosed with any of these e conditions, it is importtant to know that as a Can nadian it is your RIGHT to o have access to Medic cal Cannabis.


SECTION 56 Medica al Marijuana Resource Ce enter provides a safe and

PHOTOGRAPHY | Tess Francis | 420 studio |

reliable source for Ca anadians to obtain high Me edicinal Cannabis.

Designated growers a available to cultivate specifiic streins for your condition n.


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abi roach n green candy press


MATT MERNAGH - vape lounge

MODELS | Erin Goodwin (& ryan Reid)





T.O. Council Vapour Lounge vs.

Toronto city hall is attempting to vaporize stoners with a future bylaw that could make enjoying vapor lounges a serious challenge. While Colorado and Washington have made marijuana legal, Toronto councilors are moving us back into the stone age with their proposed anti-bud bylaw. A bylaw that could effectively shutdown stoner hang outs like Hot Box. Like all pot prohibition the pace at which this is moving through city council is incredible. If only other ‘city problems’ were treated in the same quick fashion. The most recent phase, a report on Businesses Operating as Marihuana Vapour Lounges submitted by staff to city council, wasn’t debated and passed with no dissenting votes. It was just like watching pot prohibition happen all over again! Our side has had little opportunity to mount an offensive because the bylaw is intentionally not getting scrutinized. The first step you can take is contact your two city councilors and tell them you heart vapour lounges. A simple email message with your address works. Expect a phone call or message back from them because at the lowest level of politics, politicians are very hungry for votes. Do not be rude.


I would like to invite you to join a group of us who have even bigger plans to stop the bylaw - a public filibuster. We want to fill any public meeting on the proposed bylaw with pro marijuana speakers. One after the other, people would speak about how they heart lounges. Our goal is to slow down the pace and ultimately

curtail any action by jamming the public meetings with our kind of speakers. Potentially forcing city council to go into the wee hours of the night. Public filibusters have been happening on public meetings for casinos and city budgets, so this tactic isn't too out there. Between Hotbox and Vapor Central there’s enough regular clients to easily have between 40 - 100 speakers. At five minutes per speaker, we can hold city council up for 500 minutes or close to 10 hours. Best, both lounges are going to help you become a speaker at a public meeting. No experience is required and you are probably even going to enjoy engaging in civic politics. A public filibuster will get media and the public’s attention on a problem that simply doesn't exist. Amsterdam this year beat back the tourist killing weed pass - now it’s our time to do the same.


SAYCANNABIS is a Cannabis-Friendly and Positive Campaign designed to inform our City Council of OUR (as Cannabis Consumers and Friendly Persons) UNITED opinion that Toronto’s Vapor Lounges, Cannabis-Friendly Businesses and Institutions are an important thread to the fabric of our Toronto landscape. These institutions provide a safe space for medicinal patients to medicate and for Cannabis Consumers of 18 and older to relax peacefully.

Cannabis-Friendly Businesses bring tourism to our city, lower our crime rates by keeping Cannabis Consumers out of city parks and streets, and create a unique and positive atmosphere for our citizenry free from the crime and violence caused by alcohol. They are smoke-free spaces, which comply with all city by-laws and regulations.

Toronto City Councilors need to know that Vapor Lounges and Cannabis-Friendly Businesses are an essential part to our city landscape… and right now, they don’t. In Late November, 2011, a motion was passed in City Council to investigate the nature of Vapor Lounges (which are, in fact, a wide array of Cannabis-Friendly Businesses and Institutions as diverse and colourful as Our Great City of Toronto) and the impact that they have on their communities:

Summary of Motion Passed in City Council

Currently across the City of Toronto, Ontario and Canada a number of businesses are being licensed as cafes or similar business but are advertising themselves as Vapour Lounges. These lounges are permitting clientele to use, water pipes, vapourizers and vapourizing accessories to smoke and inhale substances such as marijuana and herbal mixtures.

Residents in local communities are concerned regarding the establishment and licensing of these sites, which are rapidly increasing in number across the City, and are not deemed conducive by many as family friendly, beneficial to the neighbourhood or in keeping with the intent of anti-smoking legislation. Residents in the immediate vicinity of these businesses are concerned that there is increased illegal drug trade, prostitution and other illegal activities in neighbourhoods were these businesses are arising. (Submitted to City Council on November 29 and 30, 2011 as MM 14.26)

YOU are the Community. And it is only for YOU, that Cannabis-Friendly Businesses and Institutions continue to beautify and enrich life for the citizens of Toronto. If you are a Cannabis Consumer or Friendly-Person in the City of Toronto, your community needs your help TODAY. 3



How Marijuana was legalized in the United States and what we can do in Canada. On November 6th, 2012, Colorado and Washington state citizens voted to end the prohibition of cannabis and approved the taxation and regulation of its use for adults aged 21 and older. While cannabis remains prohibited under federal law, virtually all of cannabis-related arrests are made by state or local authorities, primarily because the federal agency does not possess the resources to prosecute small possession charges. Changes to both states’ laws will come into effect in December 2012.


Colorado voters voted 54.8% in favor of State Amendment 64 to make the personal use, possession of up to one ounce, and limited home growing of up to six plants legal for adults 21 years of age and older. Colorado adults will be able to give away cannabis to other adults, but will not be permitted to sell it. In Washington, 55.44% of voters voted in favor of Initiative 502, which will legalize the possession of up to one ounce of cannabis for adults aged 21 and older under state law. Unlike Colorado, Washington will continue to prohibit growing cannabis at home without the possession of a medical marijuana license.


Colorado towns or counties may opt out of allowing legal, regulated business to provide for the sale of cannabis in their jurisdictions. In Washington, cannabis grown by specially licensed, government regulated Washington farmers can be sold in stand-alone, cannabis-only, privately operated businesses. Both states have opted to establish a framework in which cannabis is regulated and taxed in similarly to alcohol, while both states will continue to prohibit the use of cannabis in public places.

The legislature in Colorado will decide on an excise tax rate of up to fifteen percent for selling cannabis commercially, dedicating forty million dollars of annual revenue from a legalized cannabis industry directly into rebuilding their state schools. In Washington, a sales tax of twenty five percent will be applied, with forty percent of the revenue dedicated to state general funds and local budgets. The remainder will be used for substance-abuse prevention programs, research, education, and health care. Both states new initiatives will not change their current allowance of regulated medical marijuana growing and use.

In a combined effort, the New Approach Campaign in Washington State and the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol in Colorado shared key messages with their voters: make communities safer, protect our youth, boost our economy through sales, job and business creation, take away the profits currently enjoyed by organized crime syndicates through the illegal sale of cannabis, provide a taxation and regulation framework like alcohol and allow the responsible, adult use of cannabis in one’s own home. In showing our full support for these movements, the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada would like to reiterate these messages, loud and clear, to our Canadian citizens and counterparts North America-wide.

The grassroots movements of those who worked tirelessly to provide the facts and much needed education to voters in Colorado and Washington states, to ensure their citizens made informed decisions on election night, is applauded by the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada. We are manifest supporters of ending cannabis prohibition as regards consumers both medical and recreational, and believe that we represent merely the tip of the iceberg that constitutes this movement. In Colorado and Washington, we watched the momentum gather as moms, dads, teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, clergy, social service workers and social justice organizations, politicians and political groups, just to name a few, stood together with one voice to say that voters had the choice to end the

harms of cannabis prohibition and thereby create a safer, regulated, taxable framework for cannabis. This was put to the test on election night as not one but two states collectively agreed that the taxation and regulation of cannabis is far superior to the long standing damage caused by prohibition.

The mandate of the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada is to represent a collective of women from across Canada who believe we should tax and regulate cannabis for adult use, the same conclusion that the bi-partisan Senate Committee of 2002 proposed as the best possible approach for Canada and its citizens. Ten years later we have even more research and data, overwhelmingly indicating that the war on drugs is a failure, and that cannabis can be safely grown, sold, and used by adults when regulated like alcohol. Between now and the next federal election in Canada, we have a singular opportunity: to learn from both the failure of the war on drugs across North America and the new approach in Colorado and Washington, to regulate and tax cannabis, voted through and initiated now in 2012. As the movement begins to ever take on more momentum in the United States of America, we here in Canada can choose to be progressive in our own social and justice policies, or we can continue to add more victims of the war on drugs in our own country and beyond our borders. Like Colorado and Washington, let us invite our voters here in Canada to talk about a new approach to cannabis regulation.



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With Guyanese roots, music in his blood and reggae in his heart, Reggae artist Cyborg of Mad@ Work aka, Keith Sandiford, spoke with Spliff Magazine about his roots, reggae and refer and how they are all connected. You’ve lived in Toronto since you were 19, but you were born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana. How has that influenced your music? Coming from the ghetto you learn quick that your enemy could be close. Sometimes right next door. Music lets you create your own positive community. You might not be able to change the world, but you can make it a more positive place. Your father was a musician as well, how did he influence you? In Guyana he never got the chance to record an album. There weren’t any studios where we were, but he always performed. He was always drawing and being artistic. I’m just like him. He loved to be creative. It gave him opportunities. It’s what gave him the chance to come to Canada. He taught me how I use my creativity to make opportunities for myself here. Opportunities like the business program you are working on at Seneca College. You aren’t just working on your own future; you’re also helping build your community’s. Tell us about your social group Mad@Work. It’s a way to break free from the segregation. We’re trying to bridge the gap for students. Give the students a place to come to for help. To give them something to feel connected to and peers to guide them. Its not about race, its about togetherness. We want to inspire creativity and to unite. You seem to live by those same goals in your music. With singles titled “Tired of the Negative” and “Hello Happiness” you promote a very positive message. Why is that important to you? Artists have the choice to follow the hype or not. If the hype is violence and guns, by making music about it you are promoting negativity. I don’t think its right to promote that


message. It should always be about love and unity. As an artist we can uplift and buildthe people. That sounds a lot like what the Rastafarian movement promotes. Do you feel a connection between your music the movement and the marijuana community? It’s all promoting the same message of togetherness. Mad@Work and places like the Hot Box want to do the same thing. They want to let people know that you have a community and people to turn to. Connecting you with people who are going to help build you up. I try to promote that message in all aspects of my life, but most importantly in my music. How do you feel connected to the marijuana community? When I’m at a show and I see and smell the Ganja, I feel the Vibe. People are sharing and forgetting about the negativity. Marijuana helps you forget the bad, and it helps inspire my creativity. When you see the crowd vibe you know they are listening. That togetherness is what you want to feel. Cyborg is currently working on his next single, “What U thinking Love” and continues to perform in and around Toronto. Want to hear a sample? Check out Cyborg and other Mad@Work artist at









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Spliff is a free of charge cannabis oriented publication. Spliff is not just about weed, its about everything stoners care about. Pothead...


Spliff is a free of charge cannabis oriented publication. Spliff is not just about weed, its about everything stoners care about. Pothead...