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UIEvolution Mobile Convergence Leader Meets Strict Requirements for Performance, Reliability and Security

Background For more than 10 years, UIEvolution has helped customers create and deploy applications to end users over a variety of mobile devices and interfaces in both a traditional managed services environment and in the cloud. The company’s suite of products provides software as a service for connecting customers’ existing back-end services to multimedia portals, storefront clients and digital guides. UIEvolution has helped numerous industry-leading media companies and service providers such as ESPN, Disney, AT&T Wireless, Samsung and Fox Interactive develop, design and deliver rich consumer experiences. In an effort to improve performance, security and reliability of its extensive services network and meet specific networking requirements of a large U.S. carrier customer, UIEvolution enlisted the help of Splice Communications. Splice is managing a private line connection between UIEvolution’s datacenter hosting services and four customer datacenters around the U.S. to reduce latency and ensure optimal performance and uptime. The solution offloads CapEx costs and provided critical resources for deployment as well as ongoing proactive network management to ensure continuous 4-nine’s availability of customer applications.

Challenge UIEvolution had been deploying its services through a managed hosting provider over the public Internet. Driven by the need to meet strict requirements of a large carrier customer for its storefront applications, UIEvolution needed to switch to

private connections for all device traffic, which would improve reliability and reduce latency for a better end user experience. The client’s existing connection was an IPsec-based encrypted tunnel between UIEvolution’s headquarters and the datacenter over the public Internet. UIEvolution needed to transition to a privately routed network and maintain a configuration with lower latency between client gateways and its services. The transition had to be seamless. Any downtime to the carrier’s applications could result in lost revenue. “Our customer provides ring tones and other media applications to consumers primarily over handheld devices,” said John Cary, CTO at UIEvolution. “If service is delayed or goes down even for a minute, the money stops flowing and customers become frustrated. They may avoid making future purchases or go to another carrier, so availability and quality of service is critical.” Although the managed hosting provider was unable to offer this service internally, they referred UIEvolution to partner Splice Communications. Splice met with UIEvolution to devise a cost-effective managed solution for transitioning the network, which included leasing the new equipment, troubleshooting and establishing the connections and working closely with all parties to make sure there was no service interruption. Splice served as an integral member of the deployment team, working with all parties to accomplish the transition.

UIEvolution INDUSTRY Mobile Convergence LOCATION Kirkland, WA CHALLENGE • Reduce latency and improve reliability of network connections between headquarters and a managed hosting datacenter. • Meet specific requirements of large mobile carrier to support its storefront applications. • Maintain strict service-level agreement with 4-nines reliability to ensure customer satisfaction and zero downtime. SPLICE SOLUTION • Proactively managing UIEvolution’s private and redundant DS3 connections from UIEvolution’s datacenter hosting services and four customer datacenters around the U.S. • Extended network management capabilities of the datacenter by working in partnership to create a customized solution. • Provide on-going proactive network support and carrier management. RESULTS • Improved service performance, security and reliability. • Ensured zero downtime during transition from old to new networking configuration. • Reduced costs by offloading CapEx expenses and internal resource requirements.

c a s e s t u d y  |  UIEvolution: Mobile Convergence Leader Meets Strict Requirements for Performance, Reliability and Security

Solution By working in partnership with the managed hosting provider, Splice was able to create a customized solution to meet the needs of UIEvolution’s carrier customer while extending the capabilities of the hosting provider. Traffic is delivered over a VPN from UIEvolution headquarters to the datacenter using managed DS3 connections and BGP-based redundant routing. Traffic is delivered over the VPN via a privately routed MPLS cloud-based

“Splice enables us to offer potential customers customized solutions that go beyond the standard services we could previously deliver, so we can meet a broader range of carrier requirements”

configuration. Splice provides redundancy by managing dual routers and dual DS3 connections at different points in the VPN network. Splice oversaw deployment, performed thorough testing and validation, and managed service turn-up to troubleshoot any potential issues and ensure zero service interruption. Splice is providing on-going

proactive management of the connections and equipment to ensure availability and performance, as well as carrier management to reduce hassle and resource drain to UIEvolution’s internal IT team.

Results Since enlisting Splice’s help, UIEvolution has improved performance, security and reliability of its services. Thanks to Splice’s expertise and diligent management, the transition to the new network configuration incurred no service interruption. Since the service has been up, it’s been 100% reliable, according to Cary. By trusting Splice with managing the new network equipment and connections, as well as all interactions between the carrier and hosting provider, UIEvolution has been able to keep costs down. “Relying on Splice to manage the process means we don’t have to have network engineers or hardware support personnel in-house,” said Cary. “We were able to offload unnecessary CapEx by leasing equipment from Splice instead of buying our own, and having them install, troubleshoot and manage the equipment for us. Splice provides the ongoing support and maintenance we need to keep things running optimally, without wasting internal resources or having to hire new staff. It’s very cost-effective.” UIEvolution continues to work with other carriers and wireless operators who have strict requirements about integrating

About Splice Splice Communications, Inc. is a single-source provider of custom data network solutions backed by a laser focus on delivering outstanding customer service and support. Splice’s telecom experts specialize in the design, implementation and management of network solutions that best meet customers’ needs, and alleviate the challenges of working directly with multiple communications vendors. Splice’s cost-effective solutions free up customers’ internal resources, enable more responsive and reliable network performance, and help lower the overall costs for network services. Through its core offerings which include Dedicated Internet Access, Private Line, MPLS, and Network Management Solutions, Splice eliminates network management headaches by providing one contract, management portal, support team, and invoice. Splice is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information visit

service solutions into their networks. “Splice enables us to offer potential customers customized solutions that go beyond the standard services we could previously deliver, so we can meet a broader range of carrier requirements,” said Cary. “As we move forward with these opportunities, Splice will be involved.”

Splice Solutions As a network solutions provider, Splice takes the familiar connectivity products others offer and uses its strategic and tactical expertise to transform them into solutions. Companies outsource to Splice with confidence that it will handle the burden of researching all the options, and provide a solution that results in tangible value and increased efficiencies. By leveraging its major carrier relationships to provide customized Internet and data networks, Splice offers a customer experience that includes improved carrier diversity, lower overhead, and a reduced total cost of ownership for network services. Our core offerings include: •

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UIEvolution, Splice, Case Study  

UIEvolution, Splice, Case Study