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Danger Leading Mobile Handset Software Developer Reduces Total Cost of Ownership and Improves Network Uptime



Since introducing the T-Mobile Sidekick back in 2001, Danger has experienced tremendous growth in its business of hosting and delivering mobile content to Danger-powered devices through its ondevice catalog. The company was acquired by Microsoft® in 2008 and is now part of Microsoft’s Premium Mobile Experiences (PMX) team, a group within the Mobile Communications Business (MCB) of the Entertainment and Devices Division. Under the Microsoft umbrella, Danger continues to build intuitive client software for mobile handsets that is connected to hosted back-end services, providing rich consumer experiences in communication, media sharing, entertainment and personalization.

For Danger’s internal IT team, working directly with carriers was a frustrating, tedious process. If a circuit went down, getting a fast response was impossible. “Working directly with the carriers was always a major pain point,” said Arnold Magcale, former Senior Director of Service Operations at Danger. “We often got the run around when we had an issue, and there was never a single point person to turn to. Provisioning new circuits took months, and when a circuit was down, carrier mean time to repair was too long.” According to Magcale, even a few minutes of downtime could be financially devastating. “When a circuit goes down, it affects our databases and requires manual intervention to synchronize information once the circuit is back up,” he said. “We would be working all night to fix the problem.”

Danger turned to Splice Communications in 2005 to help with back‑end connectivity between its multiple datacenters. The goal was to avoid any latency that may impact service quality, and ensure 100 percent uptime for services delivered to consumers. With Splice providing carrier management, provisioning and proactive support, Danger has been able to eliminate costly outages, reduce time spent on carrier interactions, and redirect internal resources from troubleshooting provisioning and performance issues to more mission critical tasks. Splice ensured 100 percent uptime by providing route diverse long haul paths between Danger’s multiple datacenters to reduce the risk of downtime and ensure continuous service despite inevitable outages.

To free up internal resources, Danger needed a carrier management provider who could take on the responsibility of troubleshooting issues and working with the carriers to resolve them. The team also wanted a partner that would handle provisioning and testing of new circuits, when necessary. Achieving 100% uptime on all circuits was a key requirement, which meant that any issues that could lead to outages had to be addressed and resolved promptly.

Solution Splice designed a long-haul private line GigE network to connect Danger’s San Jose, Phoenix and Tysons Corner, VA datacenter locations in a ring configuration, with route diverse paths between each location. Splice presented options

Danger INDUSTRY Mobile Software and Services LOCATION Palo Alto, CA CHALLENGE • Connect three geographically diverse datacenters with 100% uptime. • Free up internal IT resources by outsourcing carrier management and provisioning. • Ensure route diversity to protect against unexpected service outages. SPLICE SOLUTION • Designed a customized private line GigE solution connecting Danger’s three main datacenters. • Provided competitive pricing and multiple carrier options. • Provided proactive carrier management and ongoing support. RESULTS • Reduced risk of prolonged service outages by implementing true route diversity. • Offloaded burden of carrier management while providing peace of mind. • Passed on savings through wholesale relationship with tier 1 carriers. • Freed up internal IT resources to focus on key business initiatives.

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from multiple carriers to ensure the best possible configuration and designed the circuits with auto re-route for restoration on different geographic points throughout the U.S. Additionally, the configuration split traffic between all of the circuits for load balancing and added protection. Splice’s price point was competitive with the cost of going directly to the carriers. In addition to designing the network configuration, Splice handles all carrier management and interaction from end-to-end,

“Splice gives us peace of mind, frees up our internal team, and saves us tens of thousands of dollars by not having to pay staff to manage the network.” including circuit migration and provisioning, and coordination with T-Mobile and co-location vendors. “Splice’s pricing was aggressive – even more aggressive than the carriers offered – and they removed the burden of coordination and provisioning from our internal staff,” said Magcale. “Since deployment, they’ve handled all changes and maintenance and are proactive in reaching out to the carriers to get the information they

need to keep our network up and running continuously.” Splice’s carrier management has been essential in resolving issues that could have resulted in prolonged outages and costly downtime. For example, during construction along a major highway outside of Atlanta, one of Danger’s major fiber lines was cut by a backhoe. Splice’s service delivery managers jumped on the problem immediately, using their relationship with the carrier to escalate and resolve the issue. “Without Splice helping us resolve the problem, we wouldn’t have known who to call,” said Magcale. “Splice’s team was able to identify the problem and proactively contact the right people at the carrier to escalate the issue and get it resolved as fast as possible.”

Results As a result of working with Splice, Danger benefits from a diverse and protected route between its major datacenters in California, Arizona and Virginia, and has been able to offload the burden of provisioning and carrier management to a trusted partner. Magcale says that Splice is proactive in notifying Danger’s IT team of any anomalies that occur in the network and is often far ahead of the carriers in detecting problems.

provisioning and support needs,” said Magcale. “Splice gives us peace of mind, frees up our internal team, and saves us tens of thousands of dollars by not having to pay staff to manage the network.”

Splice Solutions As a network solutions provider, Splice takes the familiar connectivity products others offer and uses its strategic and tactical expertise to transform them into solutions. Companies outsource to Splice with confidence that it will handle the burden of researching all the options, and provide a solution that results in tangible value and increased efficiencies. By leveraging its major carrier relationships to provide customized Internet and data networks, Splice offers a customer experience that includes improved carrier diversity, lower overhead, and a reduced total cost of ownership for network services. Our core offerings include: •

Dedicated Internet Access

Private Line



Carrier Management

Network Management

Managed Hosting

Outsourced Provisioning

“The true value of working with Splice is being able to outsource all of our

About Splice Splice Communications, Inc. is a single-source provider of custom data network solutions backed by a laser focus on delivering outstanding customer service and support. Splice’s telecom experts specialize in the design, implementation and management of network solutions that best meet customers’ needs, and alleviate the challenges of working directly with multiple communications vendors. Splice’s cost-effective solutions free up customers’ internal resources, enable more responsive and reliable network performance, and help lower the overall costs for network services. Through its core offerings which include Dedicated Internet Access, Private Line, MPLS, and Network Management Solutions, Splice eliminates network management headaches by providing one contract, management portal, support team, and invoice. Splice is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information visit

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