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One Take Super 8 celebrates 10 years


in this issue: yvonne abusow

A fresh new grad of the MPS program at the U of R, Yvonne Abusow is an emerging Saskatchewan filmmaker and writer, currently employed as the Member Services Coordinator and Production Assistant at the Filmpool. Currently enjoying her pursuit of freelance film work, Yvonne has a particular fondness for cinematography, animation and working with 16mm film.

Janine Windolph- Artist, Leader, Healer

nora gardner

10 On.Fire and united in Toronto


is a recent graduate of the MEd program at the University of Regina with two previous degrees in film and video and arts education. This year, she is working on theatre workshops in the community, the mispon film festival, and as a sessional with the ESL Program at the U of R.

tricia martin

is a writer and filmmaker, currently working as the Programming Coordinator at the Filmpool. Currently writing her second feature length screenplay, Tricia also enjoys pursuing creative expression with graphic design and was honored to be commissioned in 2010 as a super 8 filmmaker, as part of the small gauge film festival - 8 Fest in Toronto.

The Long and the Tall of It: “A Review of Ron Mein’s Jerry’s Journals” Gerald Saul

18 The heart behind I Heart Regina


is a professor of film and video production at the University of Regina and a member of the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Filmpool.

Kelly-Anne Riess

is the author of the poetry collection To End a Conversation and the bestselling book, the Saskatchewan Book of Everything.

Cover features photograph of Mark Wihak and Vanda Schmockel by Anita Draghici, illustration by Joi McConnell. Illustration & photography pages 10, 13, 18, 22 by Donovan Feuring. Photography page 5, 6 by Alex Rogalski. Photography page 9 by Katherine Skelton. Photography pages 15, 16 by Gordon Pepper. Illustration page 18 by Ronald Mein. Photography page 21 by Trevor Corrigan. Photography page 24, 26 by Brett Bell. Photography page 25, 26 by Aaron Moore. Photography page 25 by Emersen Ziffle. Photography page 27 by Jason Nielsen/Brett Bell. Photography page 27 by Layton Burton. Illustration page 7 by Joi McConnell.

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