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Information Pack Boot Camp & Live Final 19 – 25 May 2013







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Boot Camp & Live Final overview Introduction to Diageo’s Global Innovation Centre & the liquid development process Meet your team; The Global Innovation Centre experts Meet the packaging & brand designers Meet the judges Meet the inspirational speakers Meet your Boot Camp & Live Final ‘buddy’ Media, photography & filming What happens if you win Travel & accommodation Next steps & what we need from you Boot Camp & Live Final schedule Notes



Boot Camp & Live Final overview


our idea has beaten hundreds of innovative, high calibre entries from top bartenders across Western Europe and has taken you through to the final stage of this industry-first, Show Your Spirit competition. Boot Camp will be your chance to bring your product to life before presenting it to the judges at the Live Final, and potentially crowning you winner of the inaugural Show Your Spirit 2013! You will experience all the processes required to develop and create a new liquid. Working with some of world’s best liquid developers, multi-sensory specialists and branding and packaging experts you will be able to refine the flavours, texture and look of your liquid, as well as the bottle design. During the week you will be invited to attend a breakfast with leading industry experts Dawn Davies, Sommelier and Wine and Spirit Buyer for Selfridges & Co. as well as Matt Barwell, Marketing and Innovation Director of Diageo Western Europe (see page 12 for more information). They will be giving you an inspirational talk to help you understand the commercial aspects of creating and launching a new product, and answer any questions you may have.


On the fifth day (24 May 2013) you will present your liquid concept to the panel of judges at the Live Final. The Live Final will take place at Diageo’s headquarters in Park Royal, London. Each finalist will have a set time to pitch, in which you will be expected to present your liquid, the inspiration and story behind your idea and mix your two suggested serves for the judges to try. Please note, you will not be allowed to use homemade syrups/ingredients in the drinks you serve. Your fellow competitors will be held in another room so they cannot overhear your presentation. A bar and all usual bar/mixing equipment will be provided, including shakers, a variety of glasses, mixers, additional ingredients (lemons, limes, ice) etc. However, if you require specific equipment and more unusual ingredients please let us know so we can order these items for you. After hearing all five pitches, the judges will confer, following which the winner will be announced. Please see chapter 12 for a full day-by-day Boot Camp and Live Final schedule.




Introduction to Diageo’s Global Innovation Centre & the liquid development process


iageo’s industry-leading Global Innovation Centre, based in Woodside, Hertfordshire, UK, is home to Global Technical Innovation teams for Europe and Africa, with the focus on driving Diageo’s innovation, liquid development, packaging and technology.

Diageo is always pushing the boundaries of innovation. The following have been developed at the Global Innovation Centre:

Woodside has 50 dedicated scientists working on liquid development, sensory, processing and medium to long term research to deliver new liquids globally. All these skills are developed and perfected internally using Woodside’s training academy - no-one is better at liquid development than they are!

• •


Inventing the process to stabilise creams and alcohol to create an entirely new category, in the form of Baileys Original Irish Cream Developing Ciroc vodka Pioneering fresh botanical distillation to create Tanqueray 10 No. 10 Developing the Guinness Surger to ensure Guinness lovers everywhere can have a perfectly poured and surged pint every time

Liquid innovation overview


iquid development is at the heart of innovating and creating new, exciting products. The liquid developers collect and intricately blend numerous flavours and ingredients to perfect the taste, texture and look of the liquid. The key steps Diageo liquid developers take when developing products include: •

Knowing the category and their competitors; they explore the category and taste all the competitors’ liquids to ensure they know the market in which they’re launching Looking at trends across different categories and industries, talking to bartenders and chefs for trends in their areas and exploring new ingredients their suppliers can provide Completing category profiling to identify gaps in the market with the Sensory and Consumer Guidance team and also understanding why consumers love the products they do


Researching the consumer to understand what they currently drink; when, where and why they will switch to a new product Planning the liquid development strategy – what questions they still need to ask, which experts they will talk to, what suppliers will they use etc. Working through the development of the liquid using various techniques (both internal and with consumers)

Sensory also has a critical role and is fully integrated into the product development process. The team at Woodside uses a multi-sensory approach that guides developers in the taste, smell, appearance, feel and even sound of the liquid and packaging. The team includes a global group of sensory professionals giving the highest level of guidance on all projects. Sensory and liquid specialists partner throughout the development process to ensure they achieve a gold standard liquid.


Meet your team; The Global Innovation Centre experts

You will be partnered with one of the following liquid developers who will work with you throughout Boot Camp. They will be supported by Carolyn Appleby and Anthony Wilson, Technical Liquid Specialists for Africa and Europe respectively, who have extensive experience in liquid development and innovation. An additional team of specialists across sensory science, processing, technology and liquid development will also be available.


ionnola will be leading the liquid development process throughout Boot Camp and has hand-picked some of Diageo’s leading liquid developers to work with you.

Fionnola Geaney

Fionnola began her career with Diageo 15 years ago, working in Research and Development for Guinness at St. James Gate, Dublin. After five years in process innovation for beer, Fion-


lison originally joined Diageo as a graduate recruit having completed time in Global Supply. She has extensive knowledge of Diageo’s commercialisation process and productions.

Alison King

Alison is a liquid developer with strong skills across liqueurs and gin, and a real talent for balancing flavours.


icola has worked on a wide range of liquids, including vodkas, whisky, brandy, rum, premix, wine and Baileys flavours.

Nicola Rowntree

She has worked in both Europe and Russia, as well as supporting some key global programmes. Nicola has created and launched products such as Gilbey’s Brandy and various premixes.


nola moved to Woodside to join the Global Technical Innovation team as a liquid developer. She then spent two years in New York working in innovation across Diageo North America before returning to Woodside. Fionnola leads the expert team of liquid developers for Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Alison has worked on Pimm’s Blackberry and Elderflower, multiple new Gordon’s innovations (details still under wraps!) and exploratory products that are still in the pipeline.


ased in the UK, Peter currently works across European and African projects. Peter has also worked in North America, South Africa and Kenya creating liquids for test markets and launch.

Peter Brewin

Peter’s “claims to fame” include Gordon’s Cucumber, Richot Brandy, Sheridan’s Berries and frozen

D Dawn Karels

awn has a BS in Food Science & Nutrition, is a certified bartender and has worked in liquid development and in sensory teams in the US. Based in the US, Dawn has supported North America and Latin America on a range of products, such as Bulleit Rye Whiskey (US), Smirnoff Passion Fruit & Red Berry Caipiroska (Brazil), Smirn-


arti has developed Diageo brands across categories and regions, including Europe, Africa and North America. Aarti has worked on Smirnoff, Jose Cuervo, Parrot Bay, J&B, Archers, Alvaro and Snapp, to name but a few.

Aarti Calvin

cocktails. He helped to create and launch Diageo’s premix category, liqueurs, whisky, gin, rum and bitters.

Aarti’s most recent liquid creation, Snapp, was recently


off Cranberry & Lime (US) and Crown Royal Black Whiskey (US).

launched in Africa. This is expected to be one of Diageo’s most successful new to world launches ever!


Meet the design team


teve will be the packaging and design Creative Director at Boot Camp. He will also be hand-picking the team of designers from Diageo’s design agency, Design Bridge, who will be working with you throughout the week.

Steve Honour Design Manager for Diageo Europe & Africa

Steve has over 15 years design and creative experience working in the FMCG sector. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, and has helped create new and successful innovations in the African and European markets, including Gordon’s Conran Ltd. Editions, Snapp Africa and Sharks Tooth Russia.

- 10 -

Steve says, “Design is a lifestyle, not a job. Consumers are smart, and should whole-heartedly be respected by the designs and the brands they engage with.“

Design Bridge


esign Bridge is an independent, international, brand design agency, with studios in London, Amsterdam and Singapore. It blends creative passion, strategic insight and has a firm belief in the power of creative ideas. Over the last 25 years Design Bridge has helped create, develop and evolve iconic and challenging brands across the world. Design Bridge now works with Diageo across its portfolio from Gordon’s and Tanqueray to Singleton and Johnnie Walker. Design Bridge received a Global Marketing Brilliance award for design and gifting for Mahiki Coconut Liqueur.

The aim of packaging design is to make a positive, impactful connection with the consumer. It needs to provide a strong first impression, and be instantly recognised with strong stand out on back bars. Packaging, brands and bottle design creates and represents the liquid’s personality. These personalities are designed using many techniques, including craft, provenance, heritage and beauty. Using a combination of these elements will enable you to co-create your brand to be iconic in its design, as well as in its personality.

Mahiki Tiki culture Diageo/The Brompton Group UK Spirits

Challenge London-based Mahiki, a tiki-inspired nightclub frequented by young royals, wanted to extend its brand and launch a coconut liqueur. We were asked to create packaging that would be premium, desirable and that would capture the club’s spirit.

Solution Taking a collection of vintage Hawaiian shirts as our inspiration, we dressed our bottles in not one, but three fabrics that encapsulate the laid back but premium feel of the nightclub. The result is a credible addition to the brand. © Design Bridge

- 11 -



Meet the Judges

S Syl Saller Global Innovation Director, Diageo Plc

yl Saller is the Global Innovation Director for Diageo. She is responsible for Diageo’s Innovation Strategy, which includes all New Product Development, launch programmes and Research and Development worldwide. Syl also heads up Design as well as Global Licensing for Diageo. Prior to this, she was Marketing Director for Diageo GB, leading a team of 140 people, including Consumer and Commercial Marketing; Planning; Innovation and the Reserve Brands Group, its luxury division.

S Salvatore Calabrese The Maestro

alvatore Calabrese is one of the world’s most respected bartenders, with a career spanning more than 30 years in the hospitality business. He has worked at numerous, prestigious bars including The Library Bar at the Lanesborough Hotel and the bar at Duke’s Hotel in St James’, London. He opened ‘Salvatore at FIFTY’ in the FIFTY St James’ venue and his latest venture is ‘Salvatore at Playboy’. Salvatore Calabrese is a past President of the United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild. Today, Calabrese is active within the industry internationally, encouraging bartenders to become more professional through training pro-

- 12 -

Syl is a non executive director of Dominos Pizza Group plc. She is a member of the Marketing Group of Great Britain, Women in Advertising and Communications of London, chairing their membership committee for three years and a fellow of the Marketing Society.

grams, while also judging national and international bartenders’ competitions. Salvatore has been collecting a raft of impressive awards and accolades for over 20 years. Most recently in 2012, he was awarded the Italian equivalent of the OBE the ‘Salernitani Illusrti nel Mondo’. Having created the exceptional Liquore di Limone, by combining lemons with the very best cognac, Salvatore knows what it takes to create a commercially successful product.


örg Meyer has been a bartender and entrepreneur in the bar industry since 1997.

His passion for the industry has led to him running two bars in Hamburg: Le Lion • Bar de Paris and The Boilerman Bar.

Jörg Meyer World renowned Bartender & Entrepreneur

Since he began running Le Lion • Bar de Paris in 2007 he has picked up a raft of impressive industry awards and is consistently named in Drinks International Magazine’s Best 50 Bars of the World in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Jörg’s expertise in the indus-

N Noel de Munck Director of Food & Beverage for Hilton UK & Ireland

oel de Munck has worked with the Hilton group since 1992.

In 2008 Noel was made Director of Food & Beverage UK & Ireland meaning he is currently responsible for the Food & Beverage strategy across 29 hotels ensuring the highest standards of quality and guaranteeing that Hilton’s brand values and standards are never compromised in this area. Having started out as a Restaurant Manager at Hilton Brussels, Noel has worked with the luxury

A Daniel Entrialgo Editor-in-Chief of GQ, Spain

s Editor-in-Chief of one of Spain’s leading luxury lifestyle publications, GQ Spain, Daniel knows what his discerning readers want in a new spirit or liqueur. Being an expert in luxury lifestyle, Daniel knows the ingredients required for a fine drinking experience and has a deep insight into what makes brands fly in this arena. Prior to being Editor-in-Chief at GQ, Daniel spent five years as Editor of Esquire Spain so has a lot of experience in the luxury media business. His career has also seen him working for many other Spanish

- 13 -

try means he is always in high demand as a keynote speaker, which sees him travelling all over the world to talk about his entrepreneurship, bartending, classic cocktails and drinks history. With his expertise in the industry, he will know exactly what he’s looking for from your product.

hotel group across Europe from Belgium to Malta, Manchester to Luxemburg in food and beverage roles as well as operations. In his role as Director of Food & Beverage, Noel is ultimately responsible for deciding what products end up on the back bars of Hilton’s UK and Ireland hotels, so it will be key for bartenders entering Show Your Spirit to impress Noel with their products as they hope to see them stocked by Hilton.

media and magazines including El Periódico de Catalunya, ABC, AS and 20 Minutos and Rolling Stone magazine.


Meet the inspirational speakers

M Matthew Barwell Marketing & Innovation Director at Diageo Western Europe

atthew Barwell joined Diageo in September 1998 and is a member of the Global Marketing Leadership Team and the Western Europe Executive Team. He is responsible for marketing and innovation for Diageo’s portfolio across Western Europe. Leading a team of 200 marketers, Matthew is also responsible for brand strategy and creative development. Prior to his European role, Matthew spent four years as Regional Marketing and Innovation Director, Diageo Africa.


awn is the Head Wine and Spirits Buyer for Selfridges & Co. The world-renowned department store has won two awards for its spirit range and has become known as the place to launch the latest spirits.

Dawn Davies Wine and Spirits Buyer at Selfridges & Co.

Other roles at Diageo have included Marketing Director - Italy, Global Marketing Director J&B, UDV and Global Marketing Director Ready to Drink (RTD). Before Diageo he spent nine years working for Mars Inc, in a variety of roles including Group Brand Manager (UK), Brands and Sponsorship Manager at Snickers, and European Purchasing Manager.

Dawn initially developed her career at top London restaurant Mju before making her name as an expert sommelier in London, working as a head sommelier at Zuma Restaurant, Gordon Ramsey’s Boxwood Café and The Square – a two Michelin star restaurant in Mayfair. Dawn then opened the Ledbury restaurant, which is one of her

- 14 -

proudest achievements. She ran the restaurant for two years, achieving a Michelin star during that time.


Meet your Boot Camp & Live Final ‘buddy’

S Sharan Bal Europe Innovation Manager & your Boot Camp Buddy

haran has been one of the lead driving forces behind Show Your Spirit and she will be your ‘buddy’ throughout Boot Camp and the Live Final. Sharan will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have and ultimately ensure you have all you need at the final phase of Show Your Spirit.

Europe Innovation team, where she combines her passion for marketing and creation, working on project such as Parrot Bay (freeze and squeeze pouches) and now Show your Spirit. Sharan is very proud of Show Your Spirit and believes it is “combining the best of two worlds – Reserve and Innovation”.

Born and bred in the Netherlands, Sharan grew up convinced she wanted to become a lawyer. However, after visiting an open day for a marketing communication course she realised her passion for the discipline. She began her career at Diageo working in the Amsterdam office, where she was responsible for the Reserve business in the Netherlands. During her time in this role she was responsible for World Class and for the brilliant execution of all Reserve brands - as well Grand Marnier in the Dutch Market through PR, sponsorships and marketing.

Prior to Diageo, Sharan worked within sponsorship at Hamptons International and product management at L’Oreal.

In August 2012, Sharan joined the

- 15 -

You can contact Sharan by phone: +44 (0) 208 978 6628 (direct line) +44 (0) 759 081 0025 (mobile) or email:


Media, photography & filming

Photography & filming



t least eight media will be attending Boot Camp on 23 May and the Live Final on 24 May 2013. We will be scheduling interviews for you with the media during this time. We will provide exact details ahead of each interview, i.e. the media outlet, journalist’s name, overview of the angle and likely questions. We will provide you with all details when you are at Boot Camp.

An in-house camera crew and a photographer will be present at Boot Camp and the Live Final to capture footage and images of the process and activity throughout the week. These assets will be distributed to media and used as content for the Show Your Spirit website, The Reserve Club website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other online websites. We may wish to film you and your fellow competitors at your accommodation; getting ready on the morning of the Live Final, practicing your pitch etc. However we will give you advanced warning if this filming is required. Please ensure you read and sign the release form document within your welcome pack relating to this activity.

- 16 -


What happens if you win


or one bartender this exciting, unique journey is set to continue. We believe it’s vital the winner is part of every key moment, so please ensure you keep the following dates free: •

28 – 29 May 2013: We will be announcing the winning product at the World Class Western Europe Final in Madrid, Spain

June 2013 (exact date TBC): The winning product will be finalised by the liquid development and packaging design teams in June, before going into production – a moment we’re extremely excited about

4 – 9 July 2013: Industry experts and bartenders will, for the first time, be able to taste the liquid at the World Class Global Final on a cruise ship docking from Nice, France

- 17 -

Remember, the winner will be entitled to five per cent of the net sales for the first five years of the product launch, and have the opportunity to see their co-created product feature alongside world-famous brands, such as Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky and Ketel One Vodka. Plus, an additional five per cent of the net sales will be put into a bartender initiatives fund to create a legacy. It could be you...good luck!


Travel & accommodation


uring your time at Boot Camp and the Live Final you will be staying with your fellow contestants at the stunning Tilty Hill Barn; a beautiful conversion of an 18th century Dutch barn by internationally renowned architect John Pawson. The six bedroom house is in the beautiful countryside close to the historic market town of Thaxted. The house is widely considered to be one of the most important works by Pawson and has been featured in Vogue magazine as well as on film documentaries around the world.

- 18 -

The barn is kitted out with top spec audio, TV systems and appliances and the full height windows give unparalleled views across the countryside. Wi-fi access will be available; please feel free to bring your own devices for your use e.g. iPad, laptop etc. Your travel details and itinerary will be sent to you via email shortly. Address: Tilty Hill Barn, Tilty Hill, Nr. Dunmow, Essex. CM6 2EE


Next steps & what we need from you


he following provides details of the next steps and a checklist of actions we require from you (please also see your separate checklist in your welcome pack): •

Attend a call with Splendid Communications to go through this pack, the Boot Camp and Live Final schedule and ask any questions you may have – Splendid Communications will be in touch to confirm a date and time

Sign and return the legal documents in your pack to Splendid Communications by 29 April 2013. The documents to return are as follows: »» »» »»

The Agreement The Release Form document The Confidentiality Agreement

Consider and prepare key points you would like to include in your presentation at the Live Final; the inspiration for your liquid, the story behind your idea and serve suggestions

Check your passport is in date

Apply for a visa (if applicable)

Email to Sally Heydon* at Splendid Communications the following:

Organise travel insurance (if applicable)


Take this information pack to Boot Camp

Ensure you are free on all dates highlighted in this pack. To recap:

Attend a call with the Boot Camp liquid experts and packaging designers to discuss your product idea in more detail – Splendid Communications will be in touch to confirm dates and times


The images / music samples / description of smells that represent your product to enable your liquid developer to collate ingredients and begin developing your liquid ahead of Boot Camp – 29 April 2013 deadline Specific / additional bar equipment and unusual ingredients requirements to create your serves (if required) – 10 May 2013 deadline

- 19 -

»» »» »»

Sunday 19 – Saturday 25 May 2013 Monday 28 – Tuesday 29 May 2013 4 – 9 July 2013

*You can contact Sally Heydon by phone (+44 207 553 7311) or email:


Contents Schedule Sunday

AM -



Arrive at Woodside

Welcome dinner with Fionnola Geaney, Sharan Bal & Ravi Jakhodia

Monday AM



Welcome breakfast with Syl Saller & Salvatore Calabrese Tour of Woodside Liquid development

Branding & packaging briefing for contestants with Steve Honour Live Final presentation brief Liquid development

Down time to work on presentation

AM Breakfast with Dawn Davies, Selfridges buyer Liquid development

Tuesday PM


Branding & packaging session Individual multi-sensory session

Down time to work on presentation

Wednesday AM



Breakfast with Matt Barwell, Diageo Marketing Director Liquid development Branding & packaging session / time to work on presentation

Developing brand story & consumer proposition

Down time to work on presentation

- 20 -

Thursday AM



Time to work on liquid development, cocktail creation & presentations

Introduction to media Afternoon tea with Daniel Entrialgo & JĂśrg Meyer Liquid development

Media dinner TLA visits

Friday: Live Final AM



Live Final presentations

Live Final presentations Winner is announced Media interviews

Drinks & canapĂŠs

Saturday AM Travel home

PM -

- 21 -

Evening -



- 22 -

- 23 -

- 24 -

SYS welcome book final  

SYS welcome book final

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