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SPLENDID EDITOR I’m incredibly excited to launch Issue 4 of Splendid Affairs Digital Magazine. Splendid Affairs is all about the local wedding scene, and we’ve created a stunning 50-page luxury magazine filled with the best photos of an incredible inspirational, trend setting shoot. It is also packed with practical advice for discerning brides and grooms We spent our winter working on a very exciting inspirations which we are dying to share with you. Our “Feast of Love” inspirational shoot was conceptualised and styled by three great professionals and true trend set-

ters in the wedding industry - Carike from Canvas Stationery Boutique, Amanda & Rudolfo of Custo Photo and well me, Eve from Splendid Affairs Wedding Company. We are extremely proud of our designs and already Splendid Affairs used an adopted version of “Feist of Love” shoot in a real-life wedding - to be feature on our blog later in the month. So please sit back and enjoy flipping through this issue. You can also keep up with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and email me to let me know what you’d like to see next.




Canvas Stationery Boutique

We absolutely love, love, love Canvas Stationery Bou They design and manufacture beautiful stationery that is in both print and e-media. Because every couple and ev ding is unique, Canvas Stationery Boutique never-ever any of their bespoke designs!

SA PPHIRE When Prince William asked his long-time girlfriend to marry him in October last year, the whole world shifted its gaze to the magnificent engagement ring the prince gave her. A beautiful piece of jewellery with an 18-carat sapphire centre stone surrounded by 14 diamonds, the ring once belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. Yair Shimansky, head of South Africa’s leading platinum and diamond jewellery company Shimansky, says the engagement ring will lead to a surge in demand for sapphires. “When Princess Diana chose the ring in 1981, it inspired a wealth of copies from jewellers around the world as their clients wished to have their own ‘Princess Di’ ring. With the whole world now waiting with baited breath for the royal wedding in April, we expect a flood of requests for a sapphire-laden ‘Princess Di’ ring.” For more information or to locate a Shimansky store nearest to you, please call 021 421 2788 or log onto To purchase loose diamonds online please visit


Looking for a ne around the crow



utique! available very wedr repeats

Jo M a l on e w i l d b lu e b e l l An imaginative scent, drenched in the delicate sweetness of sapphire blooms. And wild, because it’s a pretty quirky take, inspired by a wickedly whimsical, contemporary fairytale starring W ild Bluebell herself. W ith persimmon, lily of the valley and eglantine, its lush transparency is decidedly naughty...but nice.

Wedding Styling refers to comprehensive styling of the wedding - encompassing all aspects of the wedding. It is about approach the venue as a canvas to express the couple’s style and find ways to create a unique wedding. At Splendid Affairs we do not see draping, flowers, decor and lighting as separate services, but rather something that has to work well together to create a desired atmosphere, theme and ambiance. Even food is styled to reflect the formality and theme of the wedding. Splendid Affairs wedding styling ensures the vision is translated through all wedding elements - from food, to flowers and decor, lighting, furniture and other finer details. Contact Splendid Affairs for more information

ew wedding hairstyle, why not try braiding your hair, some of the more popular styles include braiding wn of the head with elegance and grace for long or short hair.

SPLENDID CLICKS There is no doubt that today’s bride is spoilt for choice when it comes to inspirations for her wedding. We’ve put together a list of our favourite proudly South African bridal blogs. Each blog has unique content that is local, refreshing, informative and compiled by incredible wedding professionals who are passionate weddings.



“Flower Arranging” by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks is a fantastic book for anyone who loves entertaining, or wants to learn more about flower arranging and even a bride who is considering doing her own flowers for a wedding, This book is filled with techniques and secrets to simplify the process of creating beautiful flower arrangements using flowers from a florist and even your own garden. The step-by-step guides are simple and easy to follow. You will learn about colours and textures, and how to work with various types of containers. You will be able to create floral foam arrangements, hand tied bouquets, wired buttonholes, learn how to suspend bulbs and wrap tulips in the bowl. The book is packed with great ideas and simple and yet very effective ways to impress anyone with your new skills.

Gordon Ramsay – many of you will know of Britain’s most exciting and world renown chef who has earned an astonishing 12 Michelin stars for his restaurant in London and New York. In this book, Gordon Ramsay demystifies the notoriously tricky topic of desserts. The section at the back of the book covers all the basics one needs to know when preparing desserts – very helpful, well written and the pictures are fantastic! Simplifying classical methods wherever possible, Gordon Ramsey helps you to create a series of irresistible treats guaranteed to end any meal with great compliments for the hostess. I tried and successfully WOWed my husband with Bitter Chocolate Truffles With Wild Honey and I must say it was fun to make something new and exciting! My next culinary escapade will be attempting to master a Souffle dish! This is a great Kitchen Tea present for any bride-to-be, or a Christmas gift for a friend.

Melanie La’Brooy must be praised for keeping this wedding planner hooked to this book! It was a delightful read about two sisters, their relationship and how the wedding planning process always brings out all the hidden emotions to the surface. Without spoiling the plot let me just say there is a lot in the mix – celebrity bride, a funny and bright but hopelessly lost sister, handsome groom, sexy best man and a wedding checklist. Yet somehow all of the wedding planning is simply a setting where the characters get to put their past to the rest, and face a brighter future. Read it, it is funny and heartwarming!

Twilight Saga fans all over the world are preparing for the upcoming Breaking Dawn - Part 1 to be released on 18 November. Part of the excitement is associated with highly anticipated wedding which will take place in the beginning of the movie. There has been much hype about who will be designing Bella’s dress and here are a few sketches from top class designers sharing their visions. Speculations and trend predictions are at all time high for Edward and Bella’s wedding, and brides are getting excited about the trends that will come with the premier. So if you are impatient and want some insider scoops visit or click here.



Sublime corsetry, bewitching evening wear, gorgeous bridal wear and distinctive daywear -Arwen creates garmentry that is unparalleled. Arwen has an eye for detail and taste for fine finishing that is truly rare in the fashion world. Whether bespoke or prêt a porter, we utilise only the best fabrics coupled with exclusive finishing techniques such as specialised dying and discharge, hand painting, beadwork and embroidery, all of which are done in-house. This passion has led to Arwen’s work achieving a cult status. From steel boned Tightlacing corsets through to fashionable bodices, Merry widows and girdles, One of few couture corsetieres in the world, Arwen is famous for corsetry that is not only beautiful, but also does what corsetry was originally intended to do - namely mould the body into a sleek and natural hourglass shape while still been as comfortable as a hug. Although it does not always incorporate corsetry, their evening, bridal and daywear is designed on a very similar philosophy - clean sculptural lines based on vintage cutting techniques which flow around the body to enhance and adorn you, creating a unique vision of feminine perfection which while retaining an old-world elegance is still entirely modern. Your wedding dress, a singular piece that you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl. It is an expression of your

uniqueness on one of the most important days of your life and Arwen creates gowns that are unparalleled. Each couture piece is hand-made with the attention to detail and perfection in cut that has made Arwen a preeminent name in the world of bridal wear. Now, this previously custom-made only service has been extended into a breathtaking Prêt-a-porter range. Elegant, clean lines meet with decadent silks, laces, and intricate embellishments in a gown that will define your big day. From corsets and corset gowns through to elegant fishtail slips, sleek paneled dresses or floaty layered bias cuts created from swathes of silk chiffon, structured taffetas, silk tule or richly textured brochades. Beading, painting, embroidery, filigree and lacework, Swarovski crystals, the choice is endless. A wedding is a ritual of tradition and this is the time to start your own tradition. To find out more: Website: Email: Telephone: +27 (11) 447 0247

Professional Make-Up Sam Scaife from Lashline shares why you should have a professional make-up artist at your special day.

So you may wonder why the hype on booking a good make-up artist on your wedding day. Why book one at all? Surely you know how to do your own make-up?

I am a firm believer that your make-up on the day of the wedding should be a reflection of who you are, and need not be too heavy or too dark. Using a selection of professional make-up brands, I am able I must stress to you the importance of to cater to all client’s requirements and having good make-up on your special day. skin types - be it a more natural finish, or It’s not only about the importance of qual- something a little more dramatic. ity product, but that it should be expertly applied by someone with the understand- Ensure that you book a trial session with ing of how it is picked up behind the cam- your make-up artist. This is usually done era. After all, your photos are one of the in the last month before the wedding. I few things you have left after the big day is like to have detailed discussion about the over. colour scheme of the day, the flowers, the dress and the chosen hairstyle, to get an Photogramatic make-up is very different overall feel for the day. Then, together with to everyday make-up. In saying this how- your input, we create a few different looks ever, it does not mean that it needs to be complimenting all of the above elements. layered on like marzipan on a Christmas Don’t be scared to ask for and to try as cake. In my professional opinion, make-up many looks as you like - this is what the which is photographed well, is make-up trial is for! which frames well. A dramatically defined liner on the eye, contoured cheekbones, Hopefully this has given you some insight and well-shaped eyebrows make for exin the benefits of booking a good makecellent framing of the face and its features. up artist. All you will have to do now is put your feet up and close your eyes, while Added to this, is then the ability to furyou become utterly fabulous... ther accentuate ones features with techniques to trick the eye. This is where a good make-up artist will stand out from the rest. You will suddenly seem to have eyes far larger than before, cheekbones which never existed, a sexy pout from out of nowhere, and a radiantly glowing skin as though you’ve just spent the last six months in the Bahamas.

CREDITS Venue: Rand Club Wedding Gown: Arwen Jewellery: The Diamond Boutique Photography: Custo Photo Decor & Flower Styling: Splendid Affairs Stationery: Canvas Stationery Boutique Make-Up Artist & Hair Stylist: Lashline Styling: Eve of Splendid Affairs, Carike of Canvas Stationery Boutique, Amanda and Rudolfo of Custo Photo

All jewellery featured in the inspirational shoot comes from The Diamond Boutique from African Jewellers. African Jewellers believes that a ring is not just a symbol of love, but a timeless memory. They design and manufacture jewellery, and it is their goal to create a ring which reflects the bond between you and your partner. African Jewellers specialise in the design and manufacturing of white gold rings, mens wedding bands, earrings, diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold, jewellery, wedding bands, diamond rings, gold rings, tanzanite rings, diamond engagement rings. Contact - PTA | +27(0) 12 342 2846 Contact - JHB | +27(0) 11 880 0655 Mobile | +27(0) 82 445 3525 Email |



The wealth and power of a bygone era strike you first, when you step inside the palatial Rand Club. Regarded as a cocoon for the socially elite since 1887, the Rand Club still proudly upholds its splendour. The Rand Club is a part of South African history nestled in the heart of the biggest and wealthiest city in Southern Africa. One might be so bold as to say that the Rand Club is Johannesburg, at least to some. So imagine having your wedding in this incredible venue, full of history and definitely grandeur like no other place in Johannesburg. The Rand Club boasts some elaborate function venues. There is the Main Dining Room which seats up to 220 guests in grand style. The Rhodes dining room, which visitors have compared to Windsor castle, and for which the description “elegant” would be a grave understatement. The Rand Club has 5 smaller, beautifully decorated dining rooms are also available for smaller functions. Some interesting facts about The Rand Club: • It was built in 1886. RC was a refuge for gentlemen until 1993 – when ladies were allowed in its hallowed hallways • RC has survived two world wars • Historically Rand Club was “white’s only men’s club” – Rand Club now proudly admits

members of all races and genders • Main Dining room seats up to 220 people without dance floor • Main Bar counter claimed to be the longest bar at 103 feet long in the Southern Hemisphere • People like Mahatma Ghandi, Lord Milner, Percy Montgomery, Tito Mboweni, Alec Irwin Mark, Twain and Winston Churchill have graced the hallowed hall with their presence. If you wish to host your wedding at the Rand Club, you can have between 130-190 people so there is enough room for the dance floor. The colour theme of the main dining room is a soft powder blue interspersed with white. The lower sections of the room are furnished in Burmese teak. Lighting is provided by beautifully set up-lighters as well as chandeliers. It is a gorgeous setting. To book a viewing and discuss your wedding at The Rand Club contact Lisa Strydom at Rand Club 33 Loveday Street 2001 Johannesburg Club Tel: 011 870 4260

Using styled lounge furniture will bring an undeniable sense of style and cosmopolitan feel to your wedding. From New York to Sydney, Johannesburg to Cape Town and Jozi modern society’s most intense and vibrant interaction takes place over coffee tables and at bars. Think back to many fun times as you danced the night away with your friends, or perhaps your fiancÊ and you met at a trendy spot, and as you sipped on cocktails talking away, and falling in love with each other. Lounge Society has provided for hundreds of functions (and weddings) throughout South Africa. Contact them for great lounge solutions and find out how you can make your wedding the event of the year! Mobile: +27 (0)82 788 6668 Telephone: +27 (011) 883 5557 Email: Web:

SPLENDID BRIDE TO-BE Our dear Sam is getting married in February 2012 in Cape Town, and she is planning her own wedding from Johannesburg. We asked her a few questions about her wedding planning experiences so far and her are her answers.

1. When is your wedding? Our wedding is on Friday 24 February 2012 2. Where is your wedding? I have always wanted to have a beach wedding. Being at the coast has always been my “happy place”, and so I could not have thought of anywhere more perfect than Cape Town’s Yzerfontein. The 16-mile beach of the West Coast offers the most beautiful backdrop of an endless stretch of white sand and an exquisite emerald sea. 3. What is your theme/ideas for your wedding? I went into this planning with the mind-set of keeping everything as simple as possible. Fortunately our venue - The Strandkombuis - with its’ amazing views, lends itself to just that. I have chosen all “seaside” colours, including teals, sage, white, beige and a splash of dusty pink. I have brought a sandy beige runner on to the tables, with flowers consisting of local fynbos, succulents, white lisianthus and King Proteas. The venue itself wears sufficient decor itself, gracing us with fairylight strung fishing nets, shells hung from trees, fishing boats on the dunes and the most idyllic view of the Atlantic ocean. 4. What has been the most enjoyable part of planning your wedding? I have so enjoyed making this day my own (together with my very patient fiancé of course!). I love that we have brought very personal touches to the day - to the flowers, to the decor and wait - don’t want to give away too much to the guests! Haha. My florist invited me to go along with her to the flower market (which was SO exciting) to help pick out flowers with her. That was wonderful. 5. What has been the most challenging? The fact that we are in Johannesburg and the

venue is in Cape Town has made this the most challenging. All of the correspondence and communication has been over the phone and on email, just up until a few weeks ago, when we went down to Cape Town for 5 days. We were able to do final venue and flower mock-ups and meet up with the photographer - the ever brilliant Sybrand Cillie, and the rest of my wonderful suppliers. 6. Did you make anything for your wedding, and did you enjoy it? Oh yes! I chose the “Message in a Bottle” idea for the Save the Dates. We printed the info on canvas, which rolled easily, and dropped it into a small glass bottle filled with sea sand and shells, and decorated it with a teal ribbon. We wanted our guests to get the whole beach theme for the get go! As John is very tech-savvy - he created a website for us which served as the official invite, listed all the information for the day, and enabled our guests to RSVP directly through the site. There are more DIYs in the process - including a lot of wire, a lot of ribbon, and a lot of shells. Not to spoil the surprise! 7. Will you be doing your own make-up? Ha - this is always the first question people ask me when they hear I’m getting married. Yes, I will be doing my own, but I have hired a fabulous local artist to for my Mom and my Bridesmaids. 8. What advice do you have for brides planning their weddings? Enjoy the planning process, and make it your own. I have taken pictures of all of our “planning” (eg our lounge floor covered with 150 glass bottles, 150 cardboard boxes, bags of sand, shells, and more) and know that I will enjoy looking back at these once the day is over.

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