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Verbatim Since she’s at the center of this, she’s the connection of all, how can we say she’s ‘not the most guilty’?

I thought all that I did was in accordance with the law because the people I was talking to were lawmakers, their representatives and high officials of our country and many are doing this kind of transaction.

Suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim Napoles, insisting that her role in the scam was “small”, pointing to lawmakers and executive officials as the real masterminds of the scam

I have done nothing except to kill the idiots.


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, downplaying the accolades for his iron-fist policy against criminals in the once-feared city in northern Mindanao

Does Manny Pacquiao have the right to damage institutions? He has done it to the House [of Representatives], now he targets the PBA? Diyos na Mahabagin! Jojobama wants him on his Senate slate in 2016. Josme! I don’t wanna be an old maid, ‘no! I’m too cute to end up an old maid!

Actress-TV host Ruffa Gutierrez, on marrying again after being separated from her Turkish husband

Former Senator Rene Saguisag, on boxing champion Manny Pacquiao’s intention to be a playing-coach in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), and seek a Senate seat in 2016. “Jojobama” refers to Vice President Jejjomar Binay who is likened to US President Barack Obama because of dark skin.


President Benigno Aquino III, casting doubt on the credibility of suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Napoles and rejecting her desire to become state witness in the plunder case, noting that one of the criteria to be accepted as state witness is that the applicant must not be the most guilty

In a highly unequal system like ours, talagang kawawa yung nasa gitna.

Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, deploring the country’s outdated taxation system in which the middle class pays the same tax as the billionaires

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9 Out of 10 Pinoys Short of Cash —Survey N INE out of 10 Filipinos had been short of cash in the last 12 months, according to a survey commissioned by Sun Life of Canada (Phils) Inc.

“The numbers show that most Filipinos experience financial shortage, or to use a common term we have for such a state, kinakapos,” said Sun Life chief marketing officer Mylene Lopa. Among the top expense items where families found themselves short were household needs such as food, utility bills and rent, as well as school tuition, medical bills and loan payments. At least seven out of 10 respondents couldn’t make ends meet for rent, utility bills or even food. Four out of 10 couldn’t raise the amount required for their children’s school expenses, while one out of four can’t afford to get sick. One out of four also couldn’t raise enough money to service their debt. The survey was conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) in the first quarter of the year, involving 1,200 respondents sampled from the A to E socioeconomic classes. It shows that even those belonging to the upper socio-economic classes had been short of cash at least once in the last 12 months. Asked for their reasons for falling short, seven out of 10 respondents blamed the rising prices of commodities. This goes against the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) claim that inflation was moderate, even falling below the lower end of its full-year target range in 2013.

To address their kakapusan, 70 percent will resort to tiis while 40 percent will opt for kayod. Some respondents blamed their kakapusan on inadequate income, while others cited unnecessary expenses that wrecked their budgets. “The price increase and unexpected expenses definitely have an effect on finances, but these can be countered by proper financial planning. Inflation occurs every year and is something that we can anticipate, so we should prepare ahead of time a much as we can. This way, the impact is softened, and is easier to handle, as compared to seeking a solution when the problem is already there,” Lopa said. She said consulting people in the know or attending seminars about financial planning could help. But the same survey shows that only one out of 10 felt that their kakapusan owed to failure to plan their finances. Asked how they intend to address their kakapusan, respondents swung between controlling their urge to spend or what is known as tiis (70 percent of respondents), and enhancing their income or kayod (40 percent). Others opted to take on more debt, preferably “soft”

Seven out of 10 respondents blamed the rising prices of commodities for their monetary woes. loans from relatives, friends or neighbors, if not usurious loans from moneylenders. For those who have something valuable to offer, they would mortgage such properties. While keeping track of spending is useful, Lopa said people should aim for an emergency fund that they can dip into for such contingencies. Unfortunately, only a third of respondents save, with another third attempting to do so. One out of 10 however see no point in saving since their income “is not enough anyway.” For those who manage to save, Lopa recommends investing the money. “While more Filipinos are warming up to the idea of investing, it appears that there is still a huge num-

ber that is not considering this option,” she however admitted. The survey also found that about 39 percent of Filipinos try to save regularly, but only 32 percent of Filipinos actually have a saving habit; 10 percent see no need to save since their income “is not enough anyway”; and five percent would save up only for things they want to buy. Meanwhile, Senator Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara has filed a bill providing Filipinos with the knowledge to manage their resources through financial literacy programs in schools. “Filipinos, especially the young generation, should be taught in a formal setting the more proper ways how to handle their resources and how to make it grow,” Angara added. The neophyte senator’s proposal, Senate Bill 201 or the “Financial Literacy Act”, seeks to mandate the Department of Education (DepEd) to make entrepreneurial and literacy education an integral part of the country’s secondary education. “Unfortunately, our school system does not teach our students and youth about money and personal finance. Through this bill, financial literacy programs will be developed in educational institutions so as to make Filipinos wiser in handling their money and resources,” said Angara. “We need to train our youth on entrepreneurial and financial skills so that we can raise generations of businessmen and investors who will create jobs not only for themselves but for others as well. Our students should know that entrepreneurship is a great alternative to employment and should be equipped with all information, from opportunities to existing regulations, on entering the business world,” Angara said. (InterAksyon. com) n

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Looking For a Flexible Loan? Loans available from £300 to £1000 for 3 –12 months Personalised and efficient service. English and Tagalog spoken.

Representative APR 290.2% FULL PAGE AD

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Visit Visit our London W2 office (full address below) Or call our office on 020 7099 5882


Representative Example

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Remit directly through our partner, Metro Remittance, now available. Call for details.

Anico Financial Services Limited Bayswater Business Centre, Office 206, 28A Queensway, Bayswater, London W2 3RX Anico Financial Services Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Warning Late payment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to



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Why Pinay Beauty Stands Out in the World By krista l. garcia

termined. But they also know that being tough doesn’t mean acting tough. Filipinas know how to get what they want. They exude grace under pressure. They’re not hesitant to use their charm, and show that confidence is their greatest, most irresistible weapon.


ILIPINAS are among the most beautiful women in the world. There’s no argument about that.

One of the most obvious manifestations is through our beauty queens who have dominated the international pageants since last year. But a Filipina doesn’t have to wear a crown to feel beautiful. Even the so-called “average” Filipina stands out because of her unique disposition and traits. In this list, we attempt to summarize how Filipinas take charge of their beauty – and own it.

1. Their values are timeless Filipino women shine because they’re quick to adapt to times. They’re open-minded and flexible, especially when it comes their roles in and out of the house. But despite being modern, Filipino women don’t let go of their traditional values altogether. Many still consider family as their number one priority. They are nurturing and caring – but they know that they can show it without mimicking what their moms and grandmas did.

2. They challenge the ideal It’s tricky to pinpoint a set of qualities that define “Filipina” beauty. In billboards, TV, films, and glossies, we see aspirational notions of beauty that are more diverse, flexible, and realistic than ever. Just as we have our mestiza, chinita, and sexy models, we also have celebrities and models who are morena, athletic, voluptuous, short, tall, and everything in between. Anything

7. They lead the pack Whether it’s the right to have choices, or the right to love, Filipino women know how to argue for their case. goes. These days, it’s not only stereotypical beauty that can make you famous – or inspiring. Everyone is free to celebrate the kind of beauty they have.

Whether it’s the right to have choices, or the right to love, Filipino women know how to argue for their case. Most importantly, they win it.

3. They enjoy their beauty

5. They play with their looks

When a woman fusses over her appearance, the typical critique is that she’s playing into the expectations of the opposite sex. But the Filipina knows that she can be attractive not just for others, but also for herself. Filipino women are seen as already more “empowered” compared to their neighbors in the region. Statistics from groups like the International Labor Organization show that our society has some progress in creating a better environment for women. A woman who’s unabashed about her attractiveness (or desire to be so) is a woman wielding her power. She is controlling her body, and doing what she wants with it. All because it makes her feel good.

Filipinas are becoming more playful with their looks by experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup palettes, and outfits. Our culture used to be heavily influenced by Western trends, but over the years, more women are learning to have fun with their looks as a form of self-expression. Embracing one’s natural beauty is still best. But there’s no harm if a woman makes an effort to have whiter skin, eyes that pop, or long shiny black hair. If a woman can change something about her looks that she’s not happy with, it gives her satisfaction. The effect can even ripple, forward and empower her to change other things about her life. Whether it’s her career, her relationships, or her society – what’s to stop her from transforming her world?

4. They’re not afraid to speak up Filipinas are vocal when it comes to their rights in society. Our women are admired all over the world for their courage, steadfastness, and passion for pursuing change.

6. They are strong In the face of disasters, scandals, or any other dilemmas, Filipinas have proven to be creative, optimistic, and de-

Compared to our neighbors in Southeast Asia, more Filipino women hold key positions in the government. It’s also not uncommon for women to be CEOs, presidents, and country managers in private companies. Filipino women have proven that they have the capacity to blaze the trail – not just for themselves, but for generations of other women.

8. They know they’re beyond beautiful There’s no denying that feeling beautiful creates a positive effect on how women feel about themselves. Why else do we pick our best suit and heels for a job interview? Many women can also attest to the power of lipstick as a pick-me-up during drab days. With a simple hair flip, she exudes confidence and grace. The Filipino woman goes beyond beautiful because of one simple truth: she knows that looking good inside is as important as looking good outside. And she knows that she can have it all. At the end of the day, it’s not a debate of inner vs. outer beauty. Nor is it a question of whether established ideas are right or wrong. It’s beyond that. It’s up to you to choose your own definition of beauty and to live by it. ( n

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VERY May 6, descendants of American and Filipino World War II veterans make a pilgrimage to the island of Corregidor in a poignant remembrance of World War II and those who perished in it. At high noon, they gather at the Pacific War Memorial in the island’s topmost portion along with day-tour guests, for a floral offering and moments of silence at the exact moment when defenders of Corregidor surrendered to the more superior Japanese forces after nearly five months of fierce fighting. The island is called The Rock or Gibraltar of the East. Historical records show it suffered one of the heaviest bombardments during the war. This sentry at the mouth of Manila Bay has been reinventing itself in recent years into an adventure, nature and recreation destination, and no longer just a mere war memorial. Sun Cruises Inc. (SCI), the integrated leisure provider in Corregidor, is promoting it with a unique blend of history and adventure, something other tourist spots cannot replicate.

Tour packages It has rolled out new activities and tour packages to make it a more fun tourist hotspot. Sun Cruises Inc. has been offering fast ferry transfers, hotel and restaurant services, and guided tours around the island’s historic spots for the past 25 years. One of the hottest activities being offered now is the Adventure Challenge, in which guests can explore the ruins, navigate the fortress’ hidden tunnels and decipher clues, and see the historic spots in the mold of reality TV show Amazing Race. The Challenge tests the participants’ creativity, planning skills, logic and team work in winning the race to earn them some bragging rights, and a

cial periods. Guests can island-hop and view the neighboring isles of La Monja, Caballo and El Fraile (Fort Drum), then stop over at fishing spots.’

Fitness island

The ruins of a historic past remind tourists of the bravery and heroism of the island’s defenders.

Corregidor: Isle of Valour, Culture and Adventure

Corregidor is also a “fitness island.” Bikers are encouraged to pedal around its splendid and challenging road network and trails. And with only a handful of motor vehicles, all roads on this idyllic isle are virtually bicycle lanes. The Rock is ideal as well for marathons and fun runs, being home to the Corregidor International Half-Marathon since 2010. The 21-kilometer race brings runners through a demanding combination of paved uphill and downhill slopes and dirt trails while passing through key historical hotspots. Another activity is birdwatching. The species spotted here include the White-Collared Kingfishers, Asian Glossy Starlings, Eurasian Tree Sparrows, Blue Rock and Philippine Cockatoos.

Walking tours

The Rock is not all about history; it’s fun and adventure as well. dinner cruise at the equally historic Manila Bay. This is an ideal bonding activity for students, friends, office mates and families. Visitors can also glide on the 300-meter long, 40-feet high Rocket Zipline, which takes them from Corregidor Inn to South Beach in about 30 seconds.

Day and night tours The beach is likewise a playground for kayaking and watersports-lovers. Overnight guests can take a romantic sunset tour at Battery Grubbs, one of the disappear-

The cold and muted cannons of Allied forces remain standing on The Rock. ing guns perched on a hill overlooking Bataan peninsula and a crater of an extinct volcano. They can take a night tour of the Malinta Tunnel which contains the 1,000-bed Fort Mills hospital and other vital chambers which became the wartime refuge of the Commonwealth Republic. At daytime, the Malinta Tunnel Light and Sound Show can be viewed for a comprehensive narrative of the war’s cru-

Visitors have the option of exploring the island on foot via the walking tours, offered occasionally by noted tour guide Ivan Man Dy, which provides a different take on the island’s intriguing history. Because of its OldWorld charm, it is a favorite venue for prenuptial pictorials, photography boot camps and fashion shoots. In 2010, it hosted the special screening of the popular HBO TV series The Pacific, which tells the exploits of the Allied Forces in liberating the Pacific island chain in 1944 before landing on Philippine shores. Seventy-two years after Corregidor’s heroic stand, it is worth revisiting, to appreciate it as an island of valor and adventure. (Philippine Daily Inquirer) n

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Top 5

Dive Sites Still World’s Best By alya b. honasan


CUBA divers will never stop telling you: The Philippines is one of the best places in the world to dive. Just ask dedicated locals as well as visitors from all over the world, including award-winning underwater photographers and marine biologists, who come for stuff big and small. While sightings of large animals and pelagics are getting more and more rare because of habitat destruction and human consumption, you can still count on memorable encounters, as well as an abundance of the colorful little critters that divers like to look out for. Here are five prime dive destinations in the country:

Tubbataha, Sulu Sea The pinnacle of Philippine diving in every way and considered the “Last Frontier” of our waters, the Tubbataha Reefs, 182 kilometers southwest of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan province, and the neighboring Jessie Beazley Reef make up the


American forces in the battle of Coron Bay in September 1944. All wrecks are accessible by banca from Coron resorts in a wide range of budgets. Don’t miss the beautiful Gunter’s Cathedral, a chamber with a skylight carved in the rocky ceiling and water so clear, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in air.

Apo Reef, Mindoro The Apo Reef Natural Park is a 27,469-hectare natural marine park between Mindoro and Palawan provinces, home to the world’s second largest continuous coral reef, and the largest atoll in the Philippines. Apo Reef has been battered a bit by typhoons and climate change, but clear water, corals, colorful fish, turtles, schools of jacks, mammoth tuna and manta rays still entice the adventurous traveler.

Apo Reef

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park. It’s a Unesco World Heritage site, a hotbed of biodiversity that hit the headlines most recently when a US Navy ship ran aground there in January 2013. Legendary sites like Shark Airport, Black Rock, Seafan Alley and Washing Machine are accessible only by live-aboard dive boats in the summer. Any other time, the waters of the Sulu Sea are too rough, and it’s an overnight trip from Puerto Princesa to the site for at least five days of diving in over 10,000 hectares of reefs that are home to half of the coral species on earth, some 500 species of fish, 11 kinds of sharks and more.

Anilao, Batangas The new scuba diver’s first classroom in Anilao, Batangas

Apo Island, off Dumaguete

province, is also one of the country’s most popular sites, only two hours by car from Manila. With locals now taking care of the gold mine that is the dive tourism industry, reefs have managed to thrive. You can count on lots of fish, occasional sightings of turtles, sharks and barracuda, lovely soft coral and the tiny, colorful macrophotographers’ favorite subjects, such as shy pygmy seahorses and nudibranchs, which look like sea slugs in psychedelic colors.

Coron, Palawan Coron is home to several World War II wrecks, Japanese supply ships that were sunk by

This is a successfully managed marine reserve that is the laboratory of nearby Silliman University, a center for marine biology education. Apo Island (sometimes confused with the reef, which is between Mindoro and Palawan) boasts of speedy currents and dense fish life. There’s fun shallow diving, as well as trips into the depths in spots such as Mamsa Point Dauin and Coconut Point. Plus: One site where you don’t need scuba gear: Donsol, Sorsogon province, where you can swim with whale sharks in an environmentally sound, sustainable way (read: you don’t mess with nature by feeding the animals). (Philippine Daily Inquirer) n

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Stock broker seeks more OFW clients


ROKERAGE FIRM Regina Capital Development Corp. hopes to attract more Filipinos abroad to invest in its online trading platform. Luis A. Limlingan, Regina Capital head of business development, told reporters last week that with the newly launched Regina Capital Online Investing, or “ROI,” the brokerage could reel in at least 500 retail clients in its first year. About 60 percent of the new clients are expected to be Filipinos living or working overseas. This target number is expected to make the online venture more viable as trading and maintenance costs may go down at that level, he said. Regina Capital chair Victor S. Limlingan noted that there is growing interest among overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to invest in the stock market, apart from allocating money into bank savings or using the cash to purchase houses and vehicles.

Brokerage firm Regina Capital Development Corp seeks to entice Overseas Filipino Workers to invest their hard-earned cash for their future.


“OFWs have disposable income. They want to diversify their investments,” said Luis. The company specifically wants to tap Filipino seafarers, who earn much and have access to the Internet even when they’re aboard ships, according to Vic-

tor. A minimum investment of about P200,000 a month would be required of investors, Luis said. The funds would have to be remitted to Regina Capital via bank transfer before the customer could trade in the

stock market, he added. The company said the trading options would be tailor-fit to the specific needs of investors. with full news by Ben O. de Vera from the Inquirer



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S early as six in the morning, there is an air of anticipation and urgency among the people lined up outside the office of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) along Osmeña Highway in Manila. Among those people are Filipino spouses or partners of foreign nationals. They come early to jostle for limited slots in CFO’s Guidance and Counseling Program (GCP).

Many who cannot be accommodated are turned away, disappointed. It’s a pity especially for those who come from the provinces and have no place to stay in Manila. They would just have to come back some other day and hope they get in. The GCP is something they take seriously. The GCP is a requirement for Filipino spouses or partners of foreign nationals for passport renewal and, more important, for migration using spouse or fiancée visa. It’s almost like a ticket to a better life. CFO data shows that the number of Filipinos marrying foreign nationals has been increasing at an average of three percent from 2003 to 2012, or a total of 206,728. The latest figure is 21,409 in 2012, up from 20,234 in 2011. Rep. Emmi de Jesus of women’s party-list group Gabriela said this uptrend is a reflection of where government and society are failing a lot of women. “Isang avenue iyan para baguhin ang kalagayan

Look Before You Leap nila. Karamihan sa nalu-lure o naaakit, isang opportunity ito. Ito rin ang nakikita naming vulnerability ng mga kababaihang bagamat naka-graduate ay hirap makahanap ng trabaho o talagang mahihirap na naghahanap ng way out,” she said.

Demographic profile There is statistical basis to this assertion. By educational attainment (from 2003 to 2012), college graduates are the biggest chunk of Filipinos marrying foreigners at 31%, followed by those in the college level at 17.98%, and high school graduates at 16.54%. By occupation, 37.60% have no reported occupation and 19.44% are housewives. But there is a steady increase

within the employed sector with 13.22% professional, technical and related workers, and 10.95% service workers. As for age group, while the biggest portion are individuals within the ages of 20 to 24, 25 to 29 and 30 to 34 comprising 72.69%, Filipinos marrying foreigners can be as young as 18 to 19 years old at 2.61%, or as old as 60 to 70 years old and above at 0.6%. As for gender, majority are females at 91.53% while there is a modest number of males at 8.47% A third of the Filipino partners (31.29%) meet their foreign spouses through personal introduction, 21.80% at their place of work, 20.11% through the Internet, and 19.92% through pen pal referred by a relative.

New trends, old perceptions But while the trends may

be evolving, Gabriela party-list group believes that there is still a backward mentality among Filipinos when it comes marrying foreigners. “Embedded pa rin yung colonial mentality… Wala kaming problema sa intercultural marriages basta nandun yung basis ng marriage na pagmamahalan and respect… [Pero] hanggang nandiyan `yung kultura na ang pagtingin mo ay way out iyan, kaya ka lalabas ay pupunta ka sa higit na mas maunlad na sitwasyon, lumalabas ang pagtingin sa ating sarili na inferior pa rin tayo,” de Jesus said. CFO believes marrying a foreigner and pursuing personal growth should go hand in hand. Regina Galias, CFO administration and finance chief, said that Filipinos with foreign spouses must be vigilant about their rights. “Dapat empowered ang Pinoy. Dapat huwag mong iisipin na porke’t ang napangasawa mo foreigner ay hindi kayo equal. Sa ibang bansa iyon nga ang importanteng itinuturo sa mga migrant na hindi man kayo pareho ng status, hindi ka man citizen, may karapatan ka. Huwag mong hahayaan ang karapatan mo -- gusto mong mapalago ang sarili mo, gusto mong mag-aral, magtrabaho - dapat ganoon iyong goal. It’s a way for personal growth,” Galias said. CFO says this is why the counselling seminar is important. Aside from educating Filipino spouses about their rights, they are also taught about cultural differences, and warned against human trafficking, domestic violence, abuse, etc. ( n

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Showbuzz Herbert: I love Kris, but . . . QUEZON City Mayor Herbert Bautista said it was best if he does not revive his short-lived relationship with Kris Aquino. In the “Yes or No” segment of the news program Bandila on June 6, Herbert responded with a “no” when asked if he would court Kris again. He cited his love for his children as the reason “KrisTek” can never be. The “Tek” comes from the mayor’s moniker “Bistek”. “Hindi na . . . ‘Yung mga anak ko syempre. I love my chil-

dren,” Herbert said. The “KrisTek” relationship reportedly ended because the publicity badly affected Herbert’s children with former partner Tates Gana and another woman. But did Herbert love Kris? “Well, oo,” the youthfullooking mayor said after trying to evade the question in a fit of laughter. “Wala na akong magagawa. Hindi na pwedeng (kami), hindi na,” he added.

KC denies pregnancy rumors

KC exercising in New York: Look, Ma, no bump! TO buttress her message that she isn’t pregnant, KC Concepcion posted a photo of her working out in New York on her Instagram account on June 2. KC’s statement came on the heels of speculations that she is supposedly pregnant with rumored flame, Paulo

Avelino’s child. Even if Paulo had already denied such rumor, KC felt the need to air her thoughts on the issue. “Once & for all: What is this rumor that I am “pregnant”??? I AM NOT PREGNANT. I have NEVER BEEN PREGNANT in my whole entire life. Someone

tried to spread this rumor since I left for Paris at 18 & wow now it’s back? Please,” she wrote. KC said she isn’t the type to hide such kind of blessing to the public. “When the time comes that I would be blessed with a beautiful baby I will be the first one to proudly announce it to my family, friends, supporters, loved ones. Although I don’t want to be rushed... I honestly can’t wait for that day,” the actress added. KC is currently in New York taking an acting course.

The lovebirds enjoying the moment.

Zsa Zsa wants new love to be ‘the one’ AFTER three months of dating, Zsa Zsa Padilla said she wants her boyfriend, architect Conrad Onglao, to be “the one.” “I want him to be the one, I really want him to be the one,” she said in an interview with ABS-CBN’s showbiz talk show The Buzz. “Ayoko talaga kasi ng papalit-palit pa. I like fighting for something that I really like and believing in. Feeling ko, worth it siyang ipaglaban,” she added. It was it was her friend Sharon Cuneta who set her up with the renowned architect more than a year after the death of her long-time partner Dolphy. Conrad is separated from his first wife. Zsa Zsa revealed that she and Conrad became a couple just a week after they started dating. “Kapag may edad ka na, alam mo na kung ano yung gusto mo, di ba?” she said. “We were so comfortable with each other, para na siyang old friend. You know, I would have known him three months bukas (June 2), pero parang ang tagal ko na siyang kakilala.” Zsa Zsa also admitted she still talks to Dolphy and said she asked her late partner to give her a new love.



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Showbuzz Separation rumors hound Aga and Charlene RUMORS that Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales decided to call it quits have spread online, following a blind item detailing the separation of an unnamed celebrity couple who already have kids. In the blind item, the actress involved allegedly decided to end their relationship after she found out about her actor-husband’s affair with a 20-year-old dancer. However, the couple agreed to keep their status private and

just stay at the same house but sleep in separate bedrooms to protect their family’s endorsements, the report added. Netizens speculated in the comments section that the item was referring to Aga and Charlene. But on May 28, Aga posted a video of Charlene’s wedding anniversary surprise on his Facebook account. In the video recorded by Aga himself, the actor was seen

Dina feels for Pauleen “AS Vic’s girlfriend, she has a lot to put up with. Considering that she’s still in Vic’s life, it’s not right for people to say that she’s not committed, or that she’s just after Vic’s money.” That’s how Dina Bonnevie describes what Pauleen Luna is putting up in her controversial relationship with Vic Sotto, Dina’s ex-husband. Asked about the possibility of Vic - father of her kids Oyo and Danica - eventually marrying Pauleen. who is 35 years younger than Vic, Dina replied: “It will be difficult for her to have to deal with so many other women in Vic’s life. His kids would probably complain or wonder, ‘Why her? Why not our moms? You don’t have a child with her.” Vic has two other children, one each with actress Coney Reyes and former model Angela Luz. Dina said a Vic-Pauleen wedding would “shock” her. “Vic is not the marrying type. The other women in Vic’s life were older and

Proud parents Sarah and Richard

more experienced than Pauleen, as far as being a lifetime partner is concerned. I’m not saying that Pauleen is a bad choice. The more qualified one is someone you don’t have to teach.” She surmised: “If Vic got someone close to his age, they’d have the same mindset and aim for the same thing, which is companionship.”

Pauleen and Vic: What’s 35 years between overs?

following a trail of white petals leading to a surprise special breakfast by Charlene for their 13th wedding anniversary. “Good morning, guys! I woke up to this,” Aga said in the video, referring to his wife’s early morning surprise, “Man, oh man! She always does this to me.” Aga also posted on Instagram a photo of him and Charlene together at the recently concluded Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards.

Richard admits having baby with girlfriend

IT had been an open secret in the industry but it took Richard Gutierrez more than a year to finally break his silence and confirmed that he has a love child with starlet Sarah Lahbati. Observers say the couple and the other members of the Gutierrez family kept mum for fear that the baby might negatively affect their showbiz career. They waited for the right time to let the cat out of the bag and the opportunity came with the launch of the Gutierrez family’s reality series, It Takes

Gutz to be a Gutierrez, which aired on E! Channel on June 1. “Yes, I’m a proud father,” said Richard. Sarah tweeted: “Once and for all, I do not care about the hate tweets and all the ‘poor baby bakit ganito, ganyan’ I just want to make it clear to you that from DAY ONE, we took care of him, loved him, protected him and gave him everything, until now . . . WE NEVER DENIED HIM. We just wanted to keep our privacy.” It is believed that Sarah gave birth to their son, named Zion, in April 2013 when she returned to Switzerland were her family resides.

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By nathalie tomada


ONDON — When Rachelle Ann Go first watched a touring production of Miss Saigon in 2010 on a visit to Canada, she hardly had any idea of what it was about and wasn’t even interested in musical theater. But it blew her away.

“I was so touched. I saw myself on stage. I really told myself, I will do that someday.” Four years later, the 27year-old pop singer is now part of the revival of the Cameron Mackintosh mega-musical, one of the hottest tickets on West End, about the doomed love story between an American soldier and a Vietnamese bar girl that is back dropped by the Vietnam War in the ’70s. Rachelle Ann plays Gigi who introduces one of the first big moments in the show with the song Movie in My Mind. To say that it was not an easy decision to leave the comforts of home and her singing career behind in the Philippines is an understatement. “Yes, it is [difficult] because I don’t know what will happen,” Rachelle Ann told Manila reporters in an interview on June 5 at the Prince Edward Theatre where Miss Saigon is running. “When they told me to come here for the final casting (late last year) feeling ko nag-lalaro lang, feeling ko nag-babakasyon lang ako dito. I came here for a week. I was interviewed by Cameron Mackintosh and he asked me what roles I wanna do, and I was shy to tell him every role I wanted to do. I told him, ‘What do you mean, Sir?’ And he said, ‘Do you want to work here?’ I said, ‘Of course!’ And then the day after that, they offered me the role of Gigi and at the time, it still didn’t sink in that it was being offered to me . . . it’s going to be one year which is no joke and I’m not used to being alone. I don’t know anything

‘Once I tried the bikini on, dun ko pa lang na feel na eto pala talaga yung character.’

Rachelle Ann Destined to be in ‘Miss Saigon’

about life! I was so scared at the thought! It took me months before I was able to decide.” What ultimately made her to take the leap was the fresh challenge and novel experience it presented. “Maybe because for the past 10 years, I’ve been doing the same thing in Manila — album, shows, same genre (yes, pop). Maybe, I was looking for something that would

challenge me and this is West End. This is one big opportunity which I will regret not doing when I get older. So I said, ‘I wanna take the risk. I wanna grow as an artist.’” Rachelle Ann is under a one-year contract with Miss Saigon. Rachelle Ann remembers very well the initial trepidation of fleshing out Gigi. The feisty and daring character is

Rachelle Ann beside a billboard of the musical at the Tube in London.

a marked departure from anything that she has done on TV to even theater, where she once played a Disney princess. They had one month of rehearsals whole day, every day as part of the preparation. She thanked her co-stars and her director Laurence Connor for drawing her out of her shell. “I was holding back. Nahihiya talaga ako. Yung mga Pinoy, they’ve been encouraging me, you can do it, kaya mo yan, meron ka pang mas maibibigay kasi before nangingibaw yung takot ko.” “Then, once I tried the bikini on, dun ko pa lang na feel na, eto pala talaga yung character,” added Rachelle Ann, who laughingly revealed that prior to Miss Saigon she only wore a bikini at night and when nobody is looking. “But now, I’m used to (my character). Nakaya ko. Kaya naman pala.” Her Movie In My Mind delivery is pained, forceful and gritty, something refreshing from the sweet, pop voice that Filipinos have been used to hearing from Rachelle Ann. “Every day, I feel that I’m growing the character. The song as well is hard. At first, parang ako yung biktima when I sing it and they didn’t want that. They want it very strong pa rin kahit umiiyak, galit ka pa rin, yun yung gusto nila and it took a while I guess (to adjust).” It’s been three months now since she moved to London for Miss Saigon, and Rachelle Ann said it has been very worth it — living independently, learning more about herself and improving her craft on a stage like no other. She’s getting good reviews as Gigi, with Mackintosh himself telling her after the opening night that “thankful siya at tinanggap ko itong role. He was happy I accepted the offer.” Rachelle Ann said, “I won’t be able to experience this in Manila. Hindi lang yung sa acting and sa singing but as a person. I’ve discovered so much about myself and sabi ko nga, sa isang taon mag-ma-mature na ako.” (The Philippine Star) n

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Who’s to the Altar? By cherie del rio

Lloydie and Angelica


UST recently, actor Jericho Rosales finally tied the knot with model-TV host Kim Jones after being engaged for eight months. Now that Echo has taken the plunge, attention shifts to who among today’s hottest showbiz couples will follow. We’ve narrowed them down to three high-profile celebrity couples: John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, and Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin. Lloydie and Angelica Both coming from muchpublicized breakups (John Lloyd with Shaina Magdayao and Angelica from Derek Ramsay), this couple fell into each other’s arms just like any other whirlwind showbiz romance. Last December during an interview in ABS-CBN’s Buzz Ng Bayan, John Lloyd shared that his relationship with the sexy actress was surely heading into something beautiful: “It’s a very promising relationship. Marami siyang pinanghahawakan. Palalalim siya nang palalalim.” The 30 year-old matinee idol added for good measure: “It’s a beautiful relationship.” But is this beautiful relationship headed towards the altar?

Dong and Marian

Luis and Angel “Wala pa sa isip ko,” is John Lloyd’s reply. Meanwhile, earlier interviews with Angelica reveal that the actress wanted to get married at the age of 28 so that she can start having children by the age of 30. Angelica is presently 27 years old. In previous reports, Angelica was quoted to have exclaimed: “Kapag nagpropose siya next year, sasagutin ko na siya.” The actress jokingly stated that if John Lloyd won’t be proposing by the time she is 28, then she will wait until she’s 30. “Tapos kapag 31, hihiwalayan ko na!” The wind must’ve taken a slightly different direction in the recent months – following the onslaught of projects and endorsements for each of them – because Angelica now says that she and John Lloyd don’t have wedding plans yet. “Wala pa,” Angelica said. “Sayang naman yung mga magagandang career na mayroon kami ngayon, ‘di ba?” She added that there is a “right time” for a wedding.

The two seem to be very happy in their relationship, as evidenced in their social media accounts and other public appearances. But for now, both of them are in agreement that wedding bells won’t be ringing just yet.

Dong and Marian Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera started out as an onscreen pair, and as their love team grew more popular with high-rating telenovelas such as Marimar, the fans’ clamor for the two to get together in real life became louder and stronger. At the beginning of Dingdong and Marian’s TV partnership, the GMA7 hunk was in a relationship with songstress Karylle. Dingdong and Karylle broke up and soon thereafter, the actor was reported to be officially dating his lovely leading lady, Marian. And from there, the DongYan love story was born. Just recently, Karylle got married to singer Yael Yuzon. Dingdong, 33, and Marian, 29, seem to have been together forever; they’ve starred in numerous TV shows and movies together, and there’s never really been any news reports of lovers’ feuds or breakups (a common occurrence among showbiz couples). They’re both

in the right age for marriage, what’s holding them back? Dingdong reveals in an interview that both he and Marian have other priorities in mind. “May mga bagay na kailangan ko muna tapusin. Siyempre imposible namang hindi naming napag-uusapan, imposible naman na hindi ko isipin.” He clarified that despite marriage not being a priority for the meantime, he and Marian have definitely discussed it. “We talk about it on a very general point of view first but really nothing about detail,” Dingdong revealed. “Siguro I just want to leave it at that, first siyempre para magandang kahit papano may excitement pa rin.”

Luis and Angel When this popular pair broke up in 2009, no one could’ve predicted that they will get back together. Both have kept quiet about the breakup and both found new love: Luis started dating Jennylyn Mercado while Angel went in a relationship with Filipino-British soccer player Phil Younghusband. Both new relationships lasted for quite a while; in fact, their respective breakups came as quite a shock last year. But the biggest shock of all was Luis and Angel finding their way back into each other only a few months after ending their respective relationships. It was a beautiful surprise, but a shock nevertheless. From the way Luis and Angel conduct themselves as a couple nowadays, everyone predicts that wedding bells will be ringing sooner rather than later. In one interview, Luis teased that they might not get married this year but maybe in 2015. n



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Banana wrapped baked salmon with kalabasa gata

Pampanga sisig with foie gras and fried eggs

Pork adobo

Top Chefs Innovate on Favourite Filipino Dishes W By vangie baga-reyes

HAT is the one dish that best represents Philippine cuisine? “Lechon,” says chef JP Anglo. “Sisig,” claims chef Sau del Rosario. “Adobo,” declares chef Bruce Lim.

Whatever it is, these celebrity chefs know their roots and recognize how rich and wonderful Pinoy food is. Any chance they get, they promote local fare, recreate the goodness of the dishes they are most familiar with and even reinvent local favorites to make them more appealing and palatable to a wider market including the younger generation. “Lechon because it’s a festive family dish,” justifies Anglo, who is the featured celebrity chef with Del Rosario and Lim in Diamond Hotel’s Filipino food festival, “The Best of Filipino Cuisine,” held last month. “We serve lechon whenever there’s something to celebrate about,” Anglo explains. “It means togetherness. It’s so us. It represents our personalities and attitude toward life. We love fiesta. We are always smiling and happy.” What makes Anglo’s lechon different from other lechon is that he puts a lot of batuan (hard green fruit used to sour dishes), lemongrass and loads of garlic in the pork belly and roasted to perfection. The result: nice smoky flavor with juicy, tender meat that is deli-

cious enough to eat on its own without sauce. The goldenbrown skin easily crumbles to the bite with a thin layer of fat attached to the skin. For the food fest, Anglo also offered Lechon Angus Baka, Wagyu Salpicao, Crispy Garlic Kurobota with Homemade Banana Ketchup, Banana-wrapped Baked Salmon with Kalabasa Gata. For Del Rosario, who hails from Pampanga, sisig should put the Philippines in the world culinary map. “Where can you find sisig in the world?” asks Del Rosario. “Only in Angeles City (Pampanga).” Sisig has been made famous by the late Aling Lucing from Pampanga. “It’s very Filipino, thanks to Aling Lucing. No matter how unappetizing part of the pork you get the meat from—snout and ear—it comes out very tasty. I think sisig well represents the Philippines. Even if we are living in a third-world country, our food is exceptionally good and worth promoting.” For the food fest, Del Rosario offered his signature sisig dish with a twist—adding foie gras and organic egg topping. The re-

sult: extra rich and flavorful dish with crunchy textures. Del Rosario has likewise added a gourmet-ish spin to classic Lapu-Lapu Mayonesa, a recipe of his mom. He combines caviar, capers and sour cream to the mayonnaise.

No matter how unappetizing part of the pork you get the meat from, it comes out very tasty. “That’s the way we do it,” says Del Rosario. “I think the younger generation couldn’t relate with stuff like humba. They would rather go for Italian food. So, one way of getting their attention is to add ingredients that they are more familiar with. Chef JP also serves his Angus beef with foie gras. That’s the kind of direction we want to go to these days.” Del Rosario also served his Fried Camaru Lumpia with Spicy Vinegar, Lamb Shank Caldereta with Kesong Puti and Olives, Angus Beef Bulalo and Slow-cooked Tamarind-rubbed Kambing in the 10-day food fest. Lim prefers adobo and sinigang as the most definitive Filipino dishes. Sinigang because it can be prepared with any souring ingredient—from sampalok to batuan to calamansi.

It’s sour and savory, he says. Adobo because it’s almost everyone’s comfort food, he adds. “My adobo has two-part cooking process. I bake my adobo first and use the sauce as a glaze in the meat. It’s a very Western kind of approach. I then braise it and simmer slowly over low heat.” For the food fest, Lim’s take on adobo is like a slider. He rubs the pork with sugar and salt and chars it slowly to have that smoky aftertaste. After browning the meat, he glazes it with adobo sauce. He serves the meat with coleslaw and Kaiser buns. The result: filling and flavorful with tender, barbecuelike taste. Lim also featured his Aligue Cream Prawn Pasta, Roasted Turkey Inasal, Salmon Cured in Lambanog, Kalderetang Itik and Clam Fritters with Sukang Ilocos Glaze, among others, in the food fest. Diamond Hotel’s executive chef Marko Rankel also showcased his personal interpretations of various local dishes, including goto and pork adobo. Rankel, who has been in the Philippines for six years, prepares his pork adobo with red wine, German potatoes and carrots and topped with prawns; while his goto is packed with duck liver, foie gras, duck breast and white asparagus from Germany. (Philippine Daily Inquirer) n

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ith robust demand for air travel in the Philippines and an ambitious tourism goal of achieving ten million tourists by 2016, the Philippine government continues to target several countries to negotiate new air agreements. As the largest source of inbound tourists to the Philippines, South Korea is a huge market for the country and one that the government hopes to continue expanding. Just two years after the last air services agreement was negotiated with South Korea, the Philippines would like to re-open talks to amend the air service agreement once again to facilitate growth in air travel that can meet the rapidly rising demand. With the Philippines now emerging from Category 2 status in the US, South Korea can lift its restriction against the Philippines barring new entrants and new flights. “We are going to examine the market,” said Carmelo Arcilla, Executive Director of the Civil Aeronautics Board. “It’s really vibrant and very, very strong.” Department of Tourism statistics revealed that the number of South Korean visitors to the Philippines in 2013 hit 1.17 million, an increase of more than 13 percent over the previous year. Currently, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia Zest are all serving the Korea market. On May 19, Philippines officials travelled to Yangon to discuss an updated air services agreement with Myanmar. It is hoped that a new agreement would boost trade and tourism between the two countries. According to Arcilla, both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific are interested in opening routes to the country. “I think the Myanmar market has potential,” said Arcilla. Air talks with Malaysia were scheduled for the beginning of April. However, authorities in Kuala Lumpur were forced to postpone the meeting due to the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet that was bound for Beijing. The government is looking to expand



Philippines pursues more air talks in Asia commercial air opportunities be given over flight rights.” and strengthen ties between According to Tourism Secretary ADJimenez, the Depart of the Philippines and FULL MalaysiaPAGE Ramon following President Aquino’s Tourism is targeting at least recent state visit. President nine countries for market deAquino flew to Malaysia to velopment including Thailand, bolster trade opportunities beIndonesia, Vietnam, Russia, tween the two nations seeking India, and the Middle East. Poout businessmen that might be tential markets in Europe are interested in exploring Philip- also being explored including pine investment opportunities France and Spain. in banking, agriculture, and infrastructure. The Philippines is also seeking to review air agreements with Macau and Taiwan. However, no meetings have been scheduled yet. Outside of Asia, the Philippine air panel is planning to hold air talks with Canada and Russia. Arcilla says that the Canadian market needs further development. “The market is not thick enough to sustain direct services, but there are opportunities to develop the route,” said Arcilla. Talks with Russia will be scheduled for sometime in the third quarter of this year. The Philippines is hoping to strike an agreement for overflight rights giving Philippine carriers a shorter route between the Philippines and Europe. “Russia is a ‘designatory’ of the International Air Services Transport Agreement (IASTA), which is one of the protocols of the International Civil Aviation Organization,” said Arcilla. “If you are a signatory to that, you are obliged to allow over flights, for which you charge fees. But Russia is not a signatory to the IASTA, so they require a certain agreement before an airline can

Last January, the Philippines negotiated a new air services agreement with France. That was followed by a new agreement with New Zealand established in March. In 2013, the Philippines concluded successful negotiations with Israel, Italy, Japan, Brazil, and Macau. (PH Flight Network)



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6 Unique Eats When in Binondo I

F you’re heading to Manila’s Chinatown in Binondo for a food trip, go beyond the usual siopao, siomai and pancit and try some lesser known dishes. Here are six unique eats in our very own Chinatown as sampled by during a food tour organized by Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks.

Satay guisado

Northern-style dumplings

Satay guisado Quick Snack, a hole in the wall restaurant along Carvajal Street, is a favorite among locals for its home-cooked specialties. One of the unique creations of its owner, Ahma Pilar, is a noodle dish that combines the flavors of China and Indonesia. Satay guisado consists of egg noodles stir-fried in peanut sauce with slivers of beef and secret spices and topped with crunchy kangkong. According to Dy, this dish cannot be found anywhere else in Binondo. While it may be a bit too spicy for some, the satay guisado is a must-try dish for its big flavors.

Kuchay ah Another dish at Quick Snack that stands out is a Chinese dish called kuchay ah,

dumplings, head to Dong Bei along Yuchengco Street to try something a bit different. Instead of the usual steamed siomai, Dong Bei specializes in boiled dumplings, which originated in the northern provinces of China, according to Dy. These dumplings can be filled with chives, meat or shrimp. “It’s something that most Chinoys (Chinese-Filipinos) are not even familiar with,” he said. Always fresh and crafted by hand, Dong Bei’s dumplings are delicious and affordable. Enjoy it with the restaurant’s sauce, which is a mix of soy sauce and vinegar.

Chicken sinjang

Chicken sinjang “Old school” lumpia which looks a lot like an empanada. Dy said kuchay (or ku-tsai, as pronounced by the Chinese), is another word for chives, which is the main stuffing of the pastry. Kuchay ah also contains ground pork. Tasty and quite filling, kuchay ah is best eaten warm during breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

‘Old school’ lumpia Lumpia, a dish of Chinese origin, is quite familiar to Filipi-

Custard hopia nos. But according to Dy, many have yet to try it in its traditional form. New Po Heng Lumpia House, located along Quintin Paredes Street, is one of the few restaurants in Manila that serve authentic lumpia, said Dy. Unlike most commercial establishments, theirs is neither swimming in sauce nor fried and filled with ground meat. The fresh roll is filled with the usual vegetables and a secret sweet sauce, and is best topped with bits of bihon and ground peanuts, minced garlic with vinegar, and a few drops of hot sauce for that added kick.

Northern-style dumplings If you are a fan of Chinese

While you’re at Dong Bei, make sure to order another unique dish that shows the Indian influences on Chinese cuisine. According to Dy, chicken sinjang is well-loved in the northern part of China. The dish consists of stir-fried chicken and vegetables that are seasoned with secret spices and topped with sesame seeds, although it also comes in a beef variant. The taste of cumin, one of the main ingredients in curry powder, figures prominently in chicken sinjang. As Dy would say, it tastes more like an Indian dish than a Chinese specialty.

Custard hopia For dessert and pasalubong, go to the main branch of Eng Bee Tin along Ongpin Street and check out the store’s different hopia flavors. A must-try here is the chilled custard variant, which is more like a cross between a hopia and an egg tart. According to Eng Bee Tin, it is the first of its kind in the country. The soft pastry goes well with the sweet, custard filling, and is ideal for those who are not into the flaky crust of the traditional hopia. ( n

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Flash s

Easy Riders

Some 1,500 motorcyclists gather at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to set three Guinness world records -- most number of motorcycle engines started simultaneously, most number of horns sounded simultaneously, and largest parade of Yamaha motorcycles.

Over the Top


This overloaded jeepney transporting students along the Ortega national highway in Barangay Bacsil, San Fernando City, La Union, goes over the top literally and figuratively. While the driver makes a killing the poor commuters could get killed.

s Balancing Act


No, these grade school pupils of the far-off Casili Elementary School in Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez town in Rizal province are not out on a school field trip. This is their daily grind aboard an improvised raft as they cross a shallow river on their way to and from school.

Salad Bowl

A farmer carries the day’s harvest of cabbage in the rolling hills of Tuba, Benguet, known as the country’s Salad Bowl. Because of its cool climate and rich soil, the area grows a variety of highvalue agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits and flowers.



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Flash Ceiling Art

Okay, they’re poor imitation of Michelangelo’s masterpieces but these colourful and festive murals adorning the ceiling of an underpass in Makati City nonetheless provide weary pedestrians a respite from the chaos and noise of the world above ground.

t Carabao Festival

A farmer instructs his carabao to kneel before spectators during the annual “Kneeling Carabaos Festival” in Pulilan, Bulacan. Hundreds of carabaos are led during a parade on the streets every 14th and 15th of May to honor San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers.

s Motorcycle Taxi

A family heads home after a weekend getaway in a nearby beach in Surigao del Sur on board a customized motorcycle known as habal-habal. A popular mode of transport in remote areas in Mindanao, this custom-built motorcycle has an extended seat that can carry up to 8 passengers plus 4 more on the front.


Open-Air Salon

A barber holds court in a vacant lot in Tondo, Manila, to beat the oppressive summer heat and the high cost of air-conditioning. His customers – schoolboys getting ready for school opening on June 2 –seem not to mind the open-air setting.

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Barrio Fiesta Bristol Venue: Eastville Park, Muller Rd Eastville, Bristol, BS5 6XA Time: 10am to 5pm Contact: Hilda 07909724653 Honeylyn 07783343848 Clarence 07500896239

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Barrio Fiesta Yorkshire Venue: FULL PAGE AD The Racecourse, Boroughbridge Road, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 1UG Time: 10am - 5pm Contact: Lolita Boddy 01765 535015/ 07973 469450

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Hydebank Parks and Playing Fields, 19 Newtownbreda Road, Belfast BT8 6BQ

Venue: Lady Hill Park, Allerton, Bradford, BD15 7AA

Contact: Roy 07412625738 Malou 07850151678

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Barrio Fiesta Northern Ireland

Barrio Fiesta Bradford

Time: 9am to 6pm

5 July 2014

12-13 July 2014

Barrio Fiesta in Oxfordshire

Barrio Fiesta Birmingham

Venue: Tingewick Hall, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headley Way, Headington, Oxford, OX3 8PE Time: 8am to 6pm Contact: joarielan@yahoo. com,

Venue: Woodgate Valley Country Park, Clapgate Lane, Bartley Green, Birmingham B32 3DS Contact: Rozen Malonzo 07985159203 / 01212446900; Marlo - 07531022269

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ll t of a ppor In su events in d goo mmunity o the c

19 July 2014

Contact: Koch 07772152854 Inez: 07890184516 Michelle: 07460412515 Rodolfo: 07855294528 Richard: 07414442151

Scotland Barrio Fiesta

9-10 Aug. 2014

2 Aug: Sussex 07879331814 3 Aug: Northwest 07775441369 10 Aug: Derbyshire 07775441369 16 Aug: Norwich 07972263841 17 Aug: Scotland 07973469450

Contact: Merald 07909957313 Fe - 07588636573 Grace - 07415063324 Anita - 07557358013 Elsie - 07738878290 Gavin - 07525130320

Barrio Fiesta sa Colchester

FULL PAGE ADLower CasVenue:

tle Park of the famous Roman Castle Park in Colchester Time: 10am-7pm Contact: 07758752672 07506683937 07952462608

Time: 10am - 5pm Contact: Lolita 07973469450 Lynn 07799183450 Bennie 07907251044


2-17 Aug. 2014

30 Aug. 2014

17 August 2014

Hamilton Park Racecourse, Bothwell Road, Hamilton, Lanarkshire ML3 0DW


Barrio Fiesta Caravan

3rd Barrio Fiesta sa Wales Venue: Memo Arts Centre, Gladstone Road, Barry, South Glamorgan CF62 8NA Time: 10am to 6pm




Barrio Fiesta sa Milton Keynes Venue: Campbell Park, Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, MK9 4AD Time: 9am to 7pm

30-31 Aug. 2014 Barrio Fiesta Manchester

Venue: Heaton Park, Middleton Road, Manchester M25 2SW Contact: Aurora 07748 252 530 aurobb0203@gmail. com




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