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Left: Sarah Settelen has been awarded the ‘Mum on a Mission’ award 2011 by Mumpreneurs UK for her Isleworth-based charity ‘ThePromise’ which supports disabled children in Russia, established after the tragic death of her 4 year-old disabled daughter Ellie.

Left: Raising funds for Princess Alice Hospice is Julie Thomas, who plans to complete an arduous 350km cycle challenge in Cuba. Julie has been leading the Hospice’s 25th anniversary campaign and will raise funds for a project to create a patient-focused therapeutic and spiritual care garden within the Hospice grounds.

Above: The Taste of Christmas event at Marlow’s Danesfield House Hotel and Spa allowed guests to preview the Christmas offerings the hotel has planned for this year. Among the treats on offer were canapés created by Michelin Star Chef, Adam Simmonds, sample beauty treatments and one VIP guest from the North Pole who arrived with Cracker the Reindeer, a firm favourite of Tallulah Holt, pictured here!



Above: As part of Brooklands Hotels ‘Team Player Appreciation’ week, the Great Brooklands Bake Off saw 20 team members baking a variety of cakes. Ella Roberts’ New York Cheesecake was voted into top slot by the judging panel which included This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford, pictured here with Ella.

Below left: Splashlife would not be complete without some stunning photos from Marlovian Ken Tate and here is this month’s offering, a beautiful autumnal shot from the Maidenhead river front. England at its finest! Above: Ken also snapped these happy Trick or Treaters from the Marlow area, excitedly stocking up on their sweetie supplies. All that’s missing is a vampire… Right: … but luckily Charlie Dracula is happy to rise (from his coffin, obviously) to up the ‘Count!’

Above Left: Fine furniture company Frank Hudson united with local businesses to bring a unique vintage-themed event to the Bucks area, celebrating rich heritage and skilful craftsmanship. Demonstrations were given by some of the most talented craftsmen of the area and speakers talked on a variety of specialist topics in the stunning Frank Hudson showrooms in High Wycombe. Above Right: Weybridge hairdresser David Mark has been celebrating: not only has the Queens Road reopened after a nine-week water work closure, but the crimper was celebrating five years of business with a Hollywood-themed champagne do! Pictured here in their glam gear are owners Suzie and David, with Lynda and Shantine. Left: Berkshire-based creative marketing agency Gasp has been appointed by Windlesham Golf Club. Sophie Anderson, Director at Gasp, says the Club is an excellent venue not only for golf, but also for corporate events and meetings.”



Above Left: Those lovely folk at Claytons of Marlow are a busy lot. Not content with a Halloween celebration and a charity quiz planned mid-November in aid of prostate cancer, they have also held the first ever Clayton’s Marlow Conker Club Championships. The founding members battled bravely for the title, which was eventually claimed by bartender Natasha. Above Right: Old Amersham has a new fashion venue to tempt the local ladies; Sahara has opened at 25 High St! Sahara aims for an individual and versatile look, designed specifically for the ‘real’ woman. Above Right: Henley Fashion Show provided a night of style and glamour from leading fashion retailers in the town, raising funds for the Sue Ryder hospice at Nettlebed. The Arzu Kara Designer Collection was modelled by Anastacia, alumni of Britain’s Next Top Model. Right: LEGOLAND Windsor always manages a spectacular end-of-season fireworks finale and this year’s featured some very special ‘meddling kids’ and their famous mutt. Scooby Doo, Shaggy and the gang appeared in the Curse of the Lake Monster while visitors were able to search for clues and enjoy making Swamp Slime! Like groovy, man.


Far left: Nip down to Weybridge’s Queens Road and York Road for some late night shopping on the evening of December 1st and enjoy special shop promotions, mulled wine and much more. Left: Congratulations to Marlow’s The Hand & Flowers, the first pub in the world to be awarded two Michelin stars in the release of the 2012 Michelin Guide. Tom Kerridge, chef patron, said “I am delighted for every single member of staff that works here who share in my vision and my belief and care and love this pub as much as I do.”

Left: Abdul Rob of Marlow’s fantastic Tiger Garden Indian restaurant has done it again! At last year’s Asian Curry Awards Ceremony he received an award for ‘Outstanding Restaurateur of the Year’. This year he obtained a high commendation for Tiger Garden as the best Indian restaurant in the South East. Mr Rob (centre) is seen here with Sky News Presenter, Lukwesa Burak and Yawar Khan, president of the Federation of Bangladeshi Caterers. Far left: And in the red corner… is Farnham Common’s Bret Freeman, Europe’s leading cage fighting ring announcer. Bret enjoys a high profile in his industry and is televised weekly in more than 80 countries worldwide, known by his moniker Bret ‘Hollywood’ Freeman. He’s pictured here with Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton.



Left: Georgie Smith dreams of being a dancer and musical theatre star. She has just finished appearing in a lead role for a brand new show; Gemini was performed at the Britvic Theatre, Licensed Victuallers School in Ascot by the talented Ocean Youth Theatre Company. Below: Henley Business School, world leaders in business management and leadership education, will be launching a new Henley MBA for the music industry. The initiative is backed by a steering committee of international industry luminaries and the course will be created as an essential, recognised qualification.


this month: November 2011


Light on Life – what’s been happening out there?




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George Lamb – in the Lamb of the living 18



Art Works – Lemongrove Gallery’s Rachel Beaver 26


Boulters Riverside Brasserie – head chef Dan Woodhouse talks 30


Christmas is coming! – we suggest a few gift ideas 34


Fabio’s Italy – Christmas at home in Fiuggi 40


Business Heroes – the companies that value their top performers 46


Beauty. By Nicole – quick fixes for winter 54

Tamara Ecclestone – no heir head 56

Come Dine with Me – Francesco Beni, Brazilian-style 58


Challenge Hargreaves – No. 2, drum roll please 66


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t seems that the art of joke-telling is almost dead. Once upon a time we were overwhelmed with the latest quips and gags being sprung on a daily basis, but now it’s a rarity. Maybe it’s because most jokes were pretty awful, and most people are even more awful at telling them – so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing.

But I do remember one of my favourites from the past. It was the story of two blokes sitting in a pub, with one of them telling tales from a recent African safari holiday. “Back to nature, it was,” he explained, “none of your packaged safari tours – we were just surviving in the jungle.” His amazed friend asked, “But wasn’t that dangerous? Didn’t you have any worrying moments?” “Well,” came the answer, “there was one thing. I was standing in the jungle one day and suddenly, from out of nowhere, this gorilla came up behind me and, before I knew it, he whipped down my trousers and had his evil way with me!” “Blimey!” exclaimed his friend, “Did it hurt?!” The answer came: “Hurt?! You bet it hurt – he hasn’t written, he hasn’t phoned...” And this, of course, is the point when you expect to be overwhelmed by hysterical laughter. My reason for telling this gag is that today the ending would no doubt be different. It would instead go: “Hurt?! You bet it hurt – he hasn’t written, he hasn’t phoned, he hasn’t texted me, sent me a message on Facebook, or by Blackberry Messenger, he hasn’t emailed me, and he hasn’t even had the courtesy to tweet…” How times have changed – and are we just a little bit over-communicating these days? How much time do we spend reading, responding to, or creating communication? And is it really having a positive effect? I am probably quite typical and I estimate that 30% of my working day is spent dealing with communication issues. Ten years ago it was just a matter


of dealing with the morning post and a few phone calls during the day. I quite liked phone calls, but I suppose we all at least have better typing skills these days. Perhaps the strongest evidence of the change in communication culture is the recent fact that Slough hit the world headlines – the most publicity the town has had since Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman invited “friendly bombs” to fall on Slough (“It isn’t fit for humans now…”), or Ricky Gervais chose the a bleak trading estate building as the setting for The Office. But this time it was not poetry or humour in the Slough headlines, it was serious business. Slough was the location of the system failure for RIM (Blackberry), which seemed to send half the business world into meltdown. Maybe it’s time to go back to the post office. The Gods of Greed Talking of meltdowns, we seem to be witnessing a worrying period for the western world. The near-collapse of the banking system and the subsequent (and without doubt connected) collapse of the Euro system has put us into uncharted waters. I hate to say ‘I told you so’ but at the outset I couldn’t ever see how the Euro was going to work. How can such a diverse group of countries, with massive cultural differences and social structures all be governed and controlled independently, when the most powerful control tool – money – is managed centrally instead of locally? It might have been interesting to have had a single currency with locally-controlled interest rates – that would have stirred up the Greek economy a bit – but the one-size-fits-all concept of the Euro simply can’t work when times get tough. So this is a new experience, and who knows where it will take us? But how did all this happen? Well I believe it is a direct consequence of the weak-point in democratic government. Sadly, as we have seen in



recent times with the world-famous expense scandals, it seems that most politicians are as financially motivated (or more so) as anyone else. So they have to be career-minded, and that means getting votes, resulting is doing things that are driven more by popularity than by diligence and sound judgement. Worse still, decisions could be made (dare I suggest) by a little slice of self-interest? So, let’s reflect on the motivations that led up to the launch of the Euro in 2002. I wonder where that generation of political gods is now? So, Mr Cameron – a new thought for you. Maybe future cabinets should be constructed a little differently. Let’s get rid of half the politicians and replace them with non-elected, non-party-political advisors that have earned their place of respect in the world. People that have already amassed the wealth they need and have no personal motivations, other to share their worldly experiences for the benefit of the people of Britain. Enter Sir Richard Branson (Business), Sir Bob Geldof (International Development) and Simon Cowell (Treasury), plus a few notable captains of industry. It can’t do any harm. Let’s consider an existing politician who is wealthy, self-made and not needing to fund his lifestyle through politics.What’s that chap’s name? Oh yes, Silvio Berlusconi. Ok – back to the drawing board. I will end as I started, with a joke (for November): ‘Two blokes staggering home from a fancy-dress party. One was dressed as a battery and the other as a firework. They were arrested for being drunk and disorderly.The police charged one and let the other one off.” Boom boom!


Above: Talented bunch.

In Full Swing Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing. Thanks also to Theatre Royal Windsor.

Singer wins Windsor’s Got Talent final The cream of Berkshire talent razzle-dazzled ’em on the stage of

The judging panel included West End theatre producer Julius Green

the Theatre Royal at the final of the Windsor’s Got Talent show on

and X-Factor 2009 finalist Danyl Johnson, who took to the mic to

Sunday 9 October.

perform a couple of songs himself. The judges voted Slough band

The variety show saw eighteen acts competing for the title, having

Mercia into top place but the voting audience declared the smooth

already completed a gruelling series of audition rounds. Belly

sounds of swing singer John Dewhurst as their top act of the night.

dancers, a ventriloquist and a magician were amongst the cast for

Sounds about right, because in the classic words of The Duke “It

the evening, which was hosted by the pearly-toothed, perma-tanned

don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” Over to you for the

former Britain’s Got Talent cabaret star Kevin Cruise.



Left: A pointed look from winning act, swing singer John Dewhurst. Right: Orange blossoms: Dave Davies, Matt Doe, Ian Rhodes, Cindy Murtagh, Mark Carpenter, Danny Geract and Darren Ergger. (No, we’re not sure why either.)



Above: Gill Blandy (l) with Nick and Katie Frayling. Below: Tina-Louise and the Bellyrinas squeeze into their dressing room. Somehow our photographer manages to get in there too.

Above: Judges Julius Green, Sarah Harding and Danyl Johnson review the line up. Below: We give Christy and Luke Theobalds the award for the sunniest smiles.

Below left: Kevin’s as good as his words. Below right: The Heidi Rhodes School of Dancing step into the Limelight.

Continued overleaf‌ 7

IN FULL SWING continues‌

Above left: De Cristofaro Francesco the Magician is feeling a bit ropey. Above middle: Jumping Jill flash, Bethany Huckle. Above right: Kevin Cruise, Sarah Harding and Danyl Johnson. Below left: Charlie Bertram, Ross Johnstone and Kerry Bertram. Below right: Triumphant singer John Dewhurst practices his jazz hands.

Below left: Shy and retiring host of the evening, Kevin Cruise. Below right: Jan Woodhouse and Jo Wilkinson.



Above left: “WINDSOR’S GOT TALENT!” Above right: Renee and Gavin Canham see who’s coming up. Below left: Owen Havington-Reid with ‘Clouie Armstrong’, who reminds us of a certain hirer and firer of Apprentices. Below right: The acts under scrutiny from the judging panel.

Below left: You have to hand it to young singer Hayley Canham. Below right: Twins Issy and Phoebe Mansell are a double act 24/7.


the spice of life, E

ach month I am delighted to share some of the recipes from my menu. However, this time I thought you may be interested to hear a little bit about the origins of the food that we serve and the essential ingredients, which does not just mean meat, fish and vegetables, although it’s a good place to start. I personally visit the markets that supply my ingredients every week – it’s my way of ensuring the quality, which is the starting point. But as important is the passion to create excellent food. In a small town called Sylhet, in Bangledesh, I have responsibility for a restaurant that has been in my family for over 150 years. It is very different from Maliks in the UK, but it is part of my origins-of -taste story. Almost every day we have a different chef in Sylhet, each with their own ingredients, their own style and their own

My thanks to Ulrika and Peter for joining me at the British Curry Awards, which we were delighted to win in 2005, 2006 and 2008


passion,which is the ingredient that is as important as the meat, fish and vegetables. In each of my UK restaurants I have four chefs – the Head Chef, the Tandoori Chef, the Side Order Chef and the Starter Chef. They all have one thing in common: passion and pleasure in cooking. Without that they would not be with me. So if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it. But if you do, some tips for you when experimenting with Indian cuisine. If you are cooking fish, not so much spice. Maybe a little tamarind, chilli, salt and sugar. If it’s chicken or lamb, then it’s time to experiment with heavier spices - ginger, garlic, cumin, bayleaf, chilli, coriander powder, star spice, tamarind powder and fenugreek. Enjoy your cooking. Enjoy your food. And respect the origins of taste.

Art and magic – they have a lot in common with good cooking and these friends of mine share the other important ingredient – passion


with Malik The origins of taste Cookham High Street, Cookham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9SF Tel: 01628 520085 Gerrards Cross 14 Oak End Way, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire SL9 8BR Tel: 01753 880888 Marlow 101 High Street, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1AB Tel: 01628 482180


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Above: It’s always important to co-ordinate with one’s wheels. Robert Slack and that Jaguar XK120 are simply meant to be.

Ferraris and Frocks Classic cars and fashion AT Ascot Racecourse It has been go, go, GO at Ascot Racecourse just recently, and we’re not

Of course, the world-famous Ascot venue is also linked to the finest

even talking about thoroughbreds of the equine variety!

in fashion and the ‘individuality, style and price’ promised by the Really

But there was certainly plenty of horsepower on display on Saturday

Good Deal Fashion Sale drew in local fashionistas seeking designer

October 8th, when an auction of classic cars was held by international

clothing and accessories at a discount. Now in its 16th year, the sale

auction house Coys at the venue’s Royal Pavilion. Gleaming Ferraris,

offered items for all occasions that couldn’t be found on the average

Jaguars and Aston Martins were among the motors on display at a

high street. We’ve already noted the next such event, on 20th & 21st

viewing on the afternoon of the 7 and open to bids the following day.

April, in our diaries. Sounds absolutely fabulous, sweetie!


Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

Below: Sophie Shhet, Alexandra Church and Kathy Kotowicz have bags of style.




Above: Is neutral the new black? Ask Amanda Acquari of The Fashion Loft.

Above: Suits you, Jane Clarke! Below: Chira-Marie Antoine from K Co Minerals has a brush with Susannah Lee.

Above: Vivienne Carter stripes a chord with these Yum Yum shoes.

Below: We must have missed the announcement of HM The Queen’s first visit to Glastonbury next year. Obviously not so for Selina Mohangee of Cinderella!

Continued overleaf… 13


Above left: It’s a wrap! Jill Sefton thinks ahead to chilly winter days. Above right: Madame de Pom-padour, Jess Dale.

Above left: Sarah Dales puts the boot in for an obliging Angela Stone. Above middle: Catherine Huck keeps a beady eye on her products. Above right: Which to pick? Rachel Shore isn’t sure. Below left: Bags of colour in Steve Harkin’s designs. Below middle: Tricia Marshall finds that feeling blue ain’t always so bad. Below right: Plenty of specs appeal from Karen Anderson of ‘I-Specs’.




Above left: If you are very good, Santa might just oblige with that Ferrari V6, Stuart Manning and Col Hayes. Above right: Always ready for a close-up.

Above: Anna Privett checks out a Ferrari 456 GTA (1997) belonging to DJ Chris Evans. Right: Mike Stimpson inspects an Aston Martin engine. Below left: Freyja and Grant Calton try out a Bentley T Series. Below right: COYS Auctioner Chris Routledge by a Cadillac Eldorado. Bottom left: Alena Lepisova gets snappy with a Jaguar SS100.

Continued overleaf… 15


Above left: Ifty Khan enjoys his spell sitting in 1960 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster. Above right: Jonathon Privett pays attention to the engine of a Ferrari 330GT Special.

Above: Chris, James and Charlie Youell check the brochure for bargains. Left: Katy Dennett with her husband’s 1954 Porsche 356 Pre A Coupe. Below left: Looks as though Katy Dennett (left, with Denise McGee) is on driving duty today. Below right: Francis Sciberras looks oh-sotempted by this Red E Type Jag.


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In the Lamb of the Living George Lamb 18


Living the Life interviewee, radio and TV presenter George Lamb has become a familiar face on T4 and E4. The son of former EastEnders and Gavin and Stacey actor Larry Lamb, George currently hosts the talkSPORT radio show at weekends. He is also the co-founder of men’s tailored fashion line A. Sauvage. We know from the recent Who Do You Think You Are with your father Larry that entertainment is in your blood! Just as I was being born he was starting to crack it and he had a show that ran for about six years called Triangle which kind of made him a household name. When I was young there was lots of, ‘Oh all right, Larry, how’re you doing?’, people coming and getting autographs and all the rest of it. You attended an interesting boarding school in your teens… I went to like a hippie, vegetarian school where you develop more as a human being than an academic, for five years until the age of 16. It’s weird now when you look at 16-year-olds, I see them as little boys but I thought I was a man, I certainly felt like a man because at my school you had to do your own washing and ironing and you did the washing up and I was on my own a lot of the time, I was responsible for me. How did you get into the music scene? I went to Richmond College. Dance music had really kicked off and I met a guy. His girlfriend’s brothers ran a successful club night and so we started to go to that and started to help them and just became their lackeys basically. Also I’d just go and hang at this record shop in Kingston. At that point dance music was still quite a cottage industry so within a year of standing around you kind of knew the intricacies of how the little dance music industry worked and you knew the right promoters because they came in selling tickets and you kind of met everybody.

world so I had a bit of clout but for whatever reason I took this record to everybody and they wouldn’t have it. What are your goals, going forward? I’d like to have my own talk show where you can just break bread with people and talk about what’s going on in the world, rather than just talking about someone’s promo campaign and them telling me a funny anecdote about when they met Sting. I’d like to talk about stuff I think is relevant and try and encourage a little bit of breadth of thought. I wanted to make sure I had some business which is why I’ve gone into the tailoring thing. Showbiz is transient and it will go up and down, and I’d like to make sure I’ve got other things going on.

Photos by: Greg Cannam, coutesy of BSkyB

How did you break into music management? A mate of mine, Simon, said, ‘Listen, I want to make this music that we’re going out and dancing to,’ and I said, ‘Alright, I’ll be your manager then.’Yes, aged 19! We didn’t have much success at the beginning but then an old girlfriend of mine called me up and said, ‘Look, I’m working for the Ministry of Sound now and I need a driver to drive all the DJs in Ibiza.’ So then I drive all these massive house DJs round and I’d make mixed CDs of all the big tunes of the day and just slip in one of ours and I’d just tap the volume up. ‘Oh what’s this one?’ ‘This is one of ours actually…’ By the end of the summer we had a couple of tunes that had blown up and my pal Simon and another friend of ours, Tom, became this act called the Audio Bullys. We got them signed to Virgin and we went off on this mad trip for a couple of years going round the world DJing everywhere and having a wonderful time. And in Ibiza you ended up taking a young Lily Allen under your wing, just as someone had once looked after you, there. I just kind of repaid that favour for Lily and we stayed in touch. Because I had that nice kind of brotherly relationship with her, when she came out of her record deal I said, ‘I’ll help, I’d like to get involved.’ So we made a record and I got her writing songs and I helped her make that first record called Alright Still. Audio Bullys had just had a top five hit all round the

Any regrets so far? Definitely, early doors on television there were some definite fashion regrets that I can’t live down and are now immortalised on celluloid. I’m quite happy with the way my life’s turned out, I think you need to make mistakes in life, I think the main thing with mistakes is as long as you learn from them. I have made plenty of mistakes, I will inevitably make lots of mistakes going forward, I don’t really regret too much about anything.

Living the Life is every Sunday at 8pm on Sky Arts 1. See


Guy Salmon Ascot – Exceeding



Expectations Discover the exciting worlds of both Land Rover and Jaguar, including the new Range Rover Evoque at Guy Salmon, Ascot. An extensive renewal programme has recently been completed at the showroom resulting in both Land Rover and Jaguar brands being presented side-by-side – one of the first dealers in the UK with this impressive line-up. Dealer Principal Alan Davis explains the Guy Salmon approach: “As a Jaguar or Land Rover customer – or prospective customer – we know that you expect to be surrounded by beautiful cars with bold design and class-leading technology in the best possible environment.This was uppermost in our mind when we undertook our showroom refurbishment and aimed to create a showroom with flair and panache while still maintaining the warm welcome for which Ascot is famous. “Here at Guy Salmon Ascot we are the first dealership in the UK to have merged two prestigious brands within one showroom. Initially, we were unsure how this would work, but when a Range Rover Evoque is displayed beside the all-new XJ Jaguar they beautifuIIy compliment each other.” The new facility is equipped with the latest touch-screen technology at various points in the showroom, and these screens can be used by customers to browse the available products and technology or to create their own individual brand new model. Everything is there to provide an enjoyable automotive experience. For browsing Approved Used cars, all details of the Ascot stock are also detailed on the screens. There is also a dedicated handover area surrounded by rope barriers, ensuring VIP treatment for all customers. So, with the British weather being so unreliable, customers know they can drive away in perfect showroom condition. To find out about the latest promotions please call 0844 5764919 or alternatively visit or


Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Hello Silvermere! Elton John tribute night Saturday night of October 29th definitely wasn’t alright for fighting but thankfully John Ellis, aka Elton John, got a little action in when he made his sell-out appearance at the inn in Cobham’s Silvermere Golf Club complex. John’s flamboyant tribute to the legendary Elton John captured all the mannerisms and charisma of the Rocket Man and there was certainly plenty of Elecricity in the room as he delivered hit after hit to the delighted crowd. Guests enjoyed his set after a delightful four-course dinner, then cut loose on the dancefloor with a late night disco. That Saturday night was alright, alright, alr-i-i-ight…

Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

Above: And tonight Matthew, John Ellis is going to be… Elton John!

Left (top): Birthday Boy Matt Watson celebrates with Laura. Left (bottom): That’ll be Emma Tilbrook’s hen night, then! Above: Kayleigh Clarke gets the Elton vibe.



Above left: Julie Bywaters, Lindsay Gray and Albrook Joyce. Above right: Elton makes his entrance. Below left: John Lane, Patrick Finn, Jane Archer and Carol Lane by the Curtains. Below right: Are You Ready for Love, bride-to-be Emma Tilbrook?

Below left: Yes, mate? No sorry, haven’t been able to work Circle of Life into a caption yet… Below right: This is Your Song, Matt and Wendy Preston.

Far left: Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me. Left: I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues.

Continued overleaf… 23


Above left: Brian Craske, Ian and Jan Wilkes, and Susan Craske toast a great night out. Above right: Ah, we must have had The Last Song.

Above left: John Ellis spends his life as Elton John, but it’s no Sacrifice. Above right: We’re guessing Candle in the Wind. Below left: I’m Still Standing (yeah, yeah, yeah). Below right: Elton makes a spectacle of himself.



Above: If Karen Skelton, Janine McKay or Elaine Cowdrey could have been called Nikita, that would have been extremely useful. Below: Elton and Emma sing together in Harmony.

Above and below: And a great night was enjoyed by all.

Above: Can You Feel The Love Tonight… Below left: It’s Me That You Need… Below right: …Yoohoo, Elton, turn around – I’m over here!


ART WORKS with Rachel Beaver


his month we focus on two distinctly different artists who, nevertheless, both have a fascination with travel and outdoor life. Duncan Macgregor has been sailing since boyhood and his enthusiasm for the sport has taken him to events around the country over many years, both as spectator and participant. Henderson Cisz’s show-stopping cityscapes have established his international reputation as one of the finest artists of his generation.

Henley-on-Thames 10 Duke Street, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1UP
 Tel: 01491 577 215 Reading Minster Street, Reading, RG1 2JB Tel: 0118 959 0900 Chiswick 255A Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, 
W4 4PU
 Tel: 0208 987 0400
 Harpenden 32 High Street, Harpenden, Herts, 
AL5 2SX Tel: 01582 462 222
 Marlow The Brewery House, 74 High Street, Marlow, 
 Tel: 01628 477 785

Cisz receiving the award for ‘Best Selling Artist’ at the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards


Henderson Cisz

From the tourists gathering outside the theatres of Broadway or making their way down the South Bank, to London’s lunchtime crowds or couples strolling arm-in-arm down a Parisian boulevard, Cisz gives each scene an energy and animation that conveys the warmth and atmosphere of the places he loves. His dazzling new collection has been described as his most exciting artwork to date and gives us an insight into every aspect of city living. Cisz reinterprets the colours of city life and at times uses very different palettes. Some provide a warm and subtle examination of capital culture, while his black and white images draw us into the world of high contrasts and shadows, bringing some of the world’s most striking cities into bold relief. Cisz’s delicate, draughtsman-like style, combined with his eye for a compelling scene, ensure his cityscapes are pictures that all of us who have spent time in these places, and yet had to return home, will enjoy. Memories and aspirations are two of the strongest reasons to own artworks.


Duncan Macgregor

Macgregor’s latest collection is the work of an artist at the height of his powers – utterly contemporary, yet very much at home within the rich tradition of British seascape painting. His spellbinding images of sails in the wind form narratives of life at sea and pay tribute to the ‘inside knowledge’ of a man at home on the ocean. Macgregor has been a keen sailor for many years, sailing the entire British coast and across the Atlantic in search of inspirational new material for his stunning artworks. His striking original paintings and sculptures, and pioneering limited editions on glass have made him one of the nation’s best-loved and bestselling artists. Macgregor’s style comprises a striking use of colour with bold sweeps of the palette knife. Contemporary, cool, clean and sophisticated, his paintings transform any room in which they are hung.

‘Free Spirit’ in bronze

Lemongrove Gallery Henley opens its ‘Cityscapes’ exhibition, including original works by Henderson Cisz, on Saturday 12th November. Lemongrove Gallery Marlow is hosting a Private View with Duncan Macgregor on Saturday 19th November, 12.00 noon –2.00 pm.


Fright Night Halloooooooooweeeeeen!

Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand and over fifty Marlovians make their way up a drive lined with flaming torches to a local haunted house (well haunted for the night anyway) for the most thrilling Halloween party in Buckinghamshire. Skeletons, Devils, Zombies, Wolves, Witches, Wizards, Scary Clowns, Ghosts, Grim Reapers and what we believe to have been the actual real Dracula were all in attendance for this mass celebration of the macabre. With apple bobbing, monster mashing, murder-in-the-dark, Thriller dancing and pin the tail on the, err, skeleton, guests were kept busy through ’til the wee hours. With cobwebs and candles covering every available surface and huge hairy animated spiders dropping unannounced on unsuspecting victims, everyone had a truly spook-tacular night and plans are afoot for even more gruesome costumes and activities for next year’s party. Above: By the power of Grayskull, Skeletor is going to have a hangover in the morning!

Photos: Alias Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

Above left: Adrienne, James, Josh and Magneto, I mean Oli. Above right: Slipknot popped round for a quick drink. Below left: Spooky ladies Lucy, Sam, Ella and Vicky. Below left: Emma and Becky are clearly bunking off from zombie school.



Above: All we need now is some Duff Beer and Homer can start the party. Below left: Danny got Halloween and Austin Powers confused and brought a skeleton mini me. Below right: Ken and Joe re-enact Nearly Headless Nick’s beheading (for any Harry Potter geeks, it actually happened on Halloween).

Below left: Elena and her dad Tony (he’s lost a bit of weight – in fact, you could say, he’s all skin and bones). Below right: Ros,Vicky and Fiona – three generations of avid fancy dressers.

Below left: James took the Rage Against The Machine song a little too literally. Below middle: The Actual Dracula. Below right: Tony in a mask... and a scarf.


Dan Woodhouse Rising star on the Riverside

Head Chef of Boulters Riverside Brasserie and rising star of the cooking world, Dan Woodhouse, is appearing on the current series of ITV’s Britain’s Best Dish – The Professionals; we caught up with the reluctant Jack Dee of cooking…

So Dan, talk us through your inspiration for this dish.

I wouldn’t say brave – they are both fantastic ingredients. The only reason

This one is a bit of a mix with various elements I’ve picked up from some of the

you don’t see them that often is because they don’t appear on the shelves of

best names in cooking. I was working under Nico Ladenis in Nico’s at 90 which,

the supermarkets but that doesn’t make them any less usable. I’m not trying

when he and Marco Pierre White were ruling the London food scene had

to re-write the rule book, just maybe bring some things back to a public that

three Michelin stars. That’s when we first did this but with some differences;

have forgotten how good they taste. It’s a bit like venison, eight out of ten

since then I’ve taken some things like the Salardaise potatoes which were Joel

meat eaters wouldn’t eat venison but blind taste test those eight people and I

Robuchon’s and added my own twists to produce this.

guarantee that they would love it. If they only tried it!

So this is the dish that we will get to see you cook on the show?

So is the Duck your signature dish then?

I’m afraid not. The dish I cook on the show is a Filet of Beef with a Bone

I wouldn’t say signature dish. I enjoy cooking some things more than others but

Marrow and Snail Raviolo but I’m not allowed to tell you about that due to its

Richard, our Brasserie manager, and Paul, one of the owners, love it and think

inclusion in the accompanying cookbook!

it should be. Personally I think signature dishes limit your ability to produce seasonal food. I’d much rather be known for my ability to cook a great risotto

Oh OK, but how did the Beef go down?

and then I can change what’s in it as produce comes in and out of season which

Well I’m not allowed to tell you that either but let’s put it like this – I would

is what I do.

have liked to have seen the result had I cooked this dish but as it’s currently on the menu I wasn’t allowed to!

And what’s this Jack Dee thing all about? Ha! Ha! That’s all Paul, apparently there is a

It sounds like there aren’t many things that you are allowed to do?

passing resemblance and I’ll admit that I can be

Tell me about it! The beef is a great dish and I was very happy with it on the

deadpan and to the point at times. Quite where

night. I love to use the best local and British ingredients. The beef was from

in that process dropping in the odd one liner, as

Berkshire as was the bone marrow and the snails were from Herefordshire.

I have been known to do, makes me Jack Dee with a frying pan I’m not sure.You tell me after

It sounds like a brave dish to choose though, snails and bone marrow?


you’ve seen the show!


Pan Fried Breast of Duck, Confit Garlic, Salardaise Potato, Wilted Spinach, Provençale Jus Method 1. Bake the potatoes on a salt covered tray for 60 minutes @ 180°C. When cooled cut in half, scoop out the potato and pass through the ricer. 2. In a dry saucepan over a medium heat, add the bacon, banana shallots, chopped garlic and chopped thyme leaves – stir continuously. 3. After 3 minutes add the potato, remove from the heat, mix thoroughly and season to taste. Line the pastry moulds with duck fat and fill with the potato mix, smooth over with a pallet knife and put to one side. Serves 4

4. Place the remaining duck fat in a heat proof container with the whole sprig of thyme and


half of the pink peppercorns; heat gently until the fat melts and clears.

4 x Duck Breast (preferably Aylesbury Ducks)

5. Add the beef stock to a saucepan reducing to a glaze and put to one side.

2kg Red Potatoes

6. Add a splash of olive oil to a frying pan and place on a medium heat. Cut the top third

4 x Whole Garlic Bulbs

from the whole garlic bulbs and place face down in the pan and seal.

4 x Banana Shallots finely chopped

7. Add the sealed garlic bulbs to the duck fat and place in an oven @ 150°C.

4 x Cloves of Garlic finely chopped

8. After 30 minutes remove the container and place on a heat proof surface leaving the

2 x Sprigs Thyme, chop the leaves of one and leave the other whole

garlic submerged.

100g Minced Smoked Bacon

9. Place a cold dry frying pan on a medium heat, season the duck breasts and lay skin side

400ml Fresh Beef Stock (in the restaurant I would use Duck Jus but

down. Wait until the skin is a golden brown (approximately 6 minutes) then turn and cook

to make from scratch, as we do, is a big job. For the home cook this is

on the flesh side for a further 2 minutes for medium rare or longer as you prefer.

a good substitute)

10. Place the cooked duck breasts into the duck fat along with the garlic bulbs and leave to

200g Skinless, diced Tomato

rest whilst you cook your potatoes.

100g Chopped black Olives

11. Put the potatoes in a preheated oven and cook for 7 minutes @ 180°C until golden

20g Coriander Seed


10g Chopped flat leaf parsley

12. Add the spinach to a dry pan and wilt with a pinch of salt and small knob of butter.

250g Spinach

13. Bring your stock reduction back to the boil and add the diced tomatoes, black olives,

500g Duck Fat

coriander seeds, parsley and balsamic then remove from the heat.

Dash of Balsamic Vinegar

14. Remove the duck and garlic from the fat, carve the duck with one cut down the length

A handful of pink peppercorns

of the breast and then 3 cuts across to produce 6 pieces.

Special Equipment

15. Remove your potatoes from the moulds and place in the centre of the plate.

4 x Pastry moulds that are 10cm in diameter and can hold a depth

16. Place your spinach on top of the potato followed by the garlic bulbs and sprinkle with

of at least 2cm

sea salt and pink peppercorns.

Potato ricer

17. Place your duck pieces around the edge of the plate and spoon over the sauce.

Splashlight caught up with Dan at Boulters with its beautiful uninterrupted views downstream towards Maidenhead bridge. Upstairs, the Terrace Bar overlooks Boulters Lock and the river, and is a great place to chill out and enjoy the stunning views. With regular live entertainment and an extensive cocktail menu, it’s a great venue for a night out.

Boulters Restaurant & Bar, Boulters Lock Island, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 8PE Tel: 01628 621 291 or visit


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Above: The Roberts Newby team – past and present.

Drinks on the House Roberts Newby celebrateS its 20 year Photography by: Nigel Chapman, courtesy of Roberts Newby


The Bull Hotel in Gerrards Cross was the property to be at mid-September, when clients, local business people and staff joined Simon Roberts and the team at Roberts Newby to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the estate agency.The company operate from offices in Gerrards Cross and Chalfont St Giles and provide a full range of residential property services. A jazz band entertained as guests sipped their champagne and had their own special viewing of a photograph display of the firm and its people from throughout its 20-year history. Founder Giles Newby was also in attendance, where he heard Managing Director Simon Roberts give a moving speech in which he thanked everyone for their hard work and commitment in helping the business develop to its market-leading and multi award-winning position today. Simon also said he looked forward to “an even brighter future and one where the team can continue to grow and develop and where our customers and clients can be assured of great service and results.” That’s one exchange local property sellers and buyers won’t be able to resist!


Above: One bit of property we’d like to review! Below: At thirty years, we’ll throw in some party poppers too.


Above left: Simon Roberts and Giles Newby, 2011.You’ll have to get that tear darned for the 2021 do, Giles. Above right: Twenty years – an achievement well worth celebrating. Below left: Now that’s the way to get the party started. Below middle: Memories of yesteryear. Below right: Steven Spencer and Simon Roberts play ‘Put the sold sign on the property’.


10% off

An excellent treatment to have during the winter months. It instantly gives the skin a healthy hydrating glow that will keep you looking your best for Christmas!

Enjoy the company of friends, family or that special someone, in a spa collection for two. Relax in the outdoor hot tub, enjoy a High Velocity 25-minute massage, 30-minute Lubatti facial chosen by your therapist, followed by a manicure with Butter LONDON. Take a pit-stop for a one course light lunch along the way. 1 hour 45 minutes of treatment time. Please allow additional time for lunch. Between 11am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Offer ends 31st March 2012

Call 0800 027 2029 quoting ‘Splash Renew’

Call 01932 335731

Restylane Vital and Dermalroller combination therapy.

our ‘Two of Us’ Package. Normally £198 for two people.


Christmas Sparkle Snowflake Mask by Masque Boutique £25.99 Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous 01208 850 988

Classic Male Grooming Eau De Toilette £18.95 Scottish Fine Soaps

Alpaca bed socks £18.00 per pair Perilla Available in sizes extra small to large online at

Traditional Scottish Hamper including a range of chutneys, jams, chocolate and premium whisky £75 Dobbies 0844 840 840

Cox Cookies & Cake by Patrick Cox, £11.00 Bookshops nationwide

s a m t s

i r Ch

! g n i m o

c is

Cropped round neck soft cashmere cardigan £99 Pure Collection Available exclusively at For enquiries, call 0844 848 1030

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDT £49.50 Perfumers nationwide


Fijit Friends by Mattel £54.99 One of the 2011 ‘Dream Dozen’ cool toys as voted by the Toy Retailers Association. Available in toy shops nationwide

SPLASHLIGHT Make a Memorybox Our favourite gift idea is Memorybox.Why has it taken so long for this type of concept to be available? We have probably all given or received digital photoframes as gifts in the past few years since their launch, but without photos they are not so entertaining! But how many of us find the time to choose and upload the right photos? Memorybox is the perfect answer, because you share the job with friends and family. Just go to the site, choose a frame and invite everyone to upload their favourite photos for whoever you are buying it for! When everyone has popped their favourite photos on, you just do a quick final review and then the digital photoframe is sent to you (or whoever you nominate) ready-loaded with all the pictures! Simple, easy and so personal. And from around £60 it’s a great gift for almost anyone! from £59

Our favou rite gift!

ll fi o tt a h r… a w e n y s o h this t n i lh it u w f p o l tw he r r o u O ng i k c a sto John Lewis ‘Lewis’ Bear £15 John Lewis

The Good Elf delivers Christmas trees prices starting from £39.99 (includes delivery and free stand) 0203 519 9997

Robot clock £9.75 Paperchase 30 Peascod Street, Windsor 01753 622437 The Heart, Walton-on-Thames 01932 229540

Connect 4 game £8.98 Tesco Direct

Ninjago Fire Temple by LEGO £91.99 No 9 on the ‘Dream Dozen’ cool toys list from the Toy Retailers Association Available in toy shops nationwide

Fabric Nativity Set £45 Kids Rooms 02380 675941


Above: Mad Hatter Will Mason points the way.

Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

Having a Monster Time Monster Ball at Beaconsfield’s Revolution Bar Revolutions are often bloody and there was plenty of the red stuff on display at the Revolution Bar in Beaconsfield on Friday 28th October. Thankfully, it was all fake! Ghostly apparitions plus a saucy minx or two made their way to the Maxwell Road bar for a Monster Ball, where vampires and devils mingled with spooks and zombies to party the night away. Revolution Bars are famous for their vodka cocktails, but we’re sure that they weren’t the only spirits on the loose that weekend! We’re equally sure that there were more than a few Nearly Headless Nicks by the end of the evening and that nobody was Peeves-ed (one for all you Harry Potter fans). Pumpkintastic!


Above: Spec-tre Christe and Aaron.


Above left: When there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Adam,Younes, George and Aaron of course! Above right: Better the devil you know, Alice Baker,Victoria Bridgemar! Below left: Daniel, Eady, Lauren, Danielle, Becky, Lauren and Lauren enjoy some spirits of the alcoholic variety. Below right: Fangs for the memories.

Above: Guys and ghouls Kat Norman, Tamar Amin, William O’Rielly and Robert Deriawish. Far left: Amit and Jack in their Halloween makeovers. At least we hope that’s the case. Left: Call the cleaners back, they missed a bit!

Continued overleaf… 37


Above left: Livy McWilliams and Lucy Farrell and fork handles. Or is that four candles? (are you with us, Two Ronnies fans?). Above right: Let’s ear it for Abigail Stefan, Lauren Blake and Shanelle Dupont. Below left: Lauren Sutherland, Olivia Rose and Sarah Brown have twigged on to things. Below right: Okay, you’re scaring us now Charlotte Saunders, Ashleigh Carter and Sophie Walker!

Below left: Friendly souls Lily Johnson and Lauren Jamaya. Below middle: Will Clarke and Dom Hurst obviously had a fight on their way out. Hopefully it wasn’t with each other. Below right: This town (ah, ha) ain’t nothing but a ghost town for Spasina and Bonnie.



Above left: Mica,Vicki, Tareen and Daisy looking a bit shadowy. Above right: Orange blossoms Gemma Waters, birthday girl Katie Lodd, Hannah Grigg and Olivia Foster-Harding. Below left: You can’t blame Christiane Doerfel and Maike Vranken for wanting to stick together in the dark. Below middle: Emma Dobson, Scarlett Grew, Bethany Denville and Ella Robinson vamp it up. Below right: Lovely ghouls Becki Symonds and Charlotte Bond.

Below left: Will Mason with his admirers. Well, if it worked for Mr Depp‌ Below right: High spirits at the Revolution Bar.


AND SO THIS Benvenuto a tutti!

Winter in my town The British winters have been a bit more challenging of late, with snow causing more than a couple of problems, but we will get used to it (we are told). Let me take you to my town in winter. Fiuggi is a beautiful hilltop town about an hour from Roma. It boasts the Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte, which is a favourite with the rich and famous including our much-publicised leader Silvio Berlusconi. (Don’t ask me what he does there – I’m sure he has his reasons.) Fiuggi is a spa town, famous for mineral water that has immense healing powers, and well-known for the treatment of kidney stones. So it’s a very healthy place – unless it’s winter.You see, being a spa town, we are not allowed to use fertiliser on the golf courses, which explains the weeds, nor can we use salt on the roads, which explains the accidents. So, when it snows in Marlow and Henley this winter, please don’t tell me it’s too difficult to visit us…!

Christmas in my home It comes only once a year but we all share that special time. But how do we share it? Let me give you the flavour of Christmas, Italian-style. To start with, we have a small disagreement about the date. We are a little ahead of the British celebration – it all happens on 24th December.

Fabio Terrinoni shares his passion for all things Italian at his two restaurants:

2 Chapel Street, Marlow, SL7 1DD – 01628 472012


Villa D’Este, Marlow November-December Special 4-course lunch £23 Special 4-course dinner £28 Christmas Day – 5-course lunch £65

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve 5-course dinner £70 including dancing




IS CHRISTMAS It’s a time for family, which for most people means that in the morning the women set about preparing the food, while the men slip off to a local bar for some prosecco. The feast is the centre-point of the day. For our family table you can expect fettucini with mushroom truffle, or ribbon egg pasta with porcini mushrooms. Stracciatella is an egg-based soup that we favour in the Roman parts and the main course is lamb, with garlic, white wine and chilli. Round off the feast with some Italian cake – Pannattone, of course – and we can relax into an evening of card games, tombola and bingo. It’s a family thing, you know. The end of the 24th is Midnight Mass, filled with food and drink and ready to celebrate the occasion in the official way. It’s nearly here – have a great time!

Ribbon Egg Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms Ingredients: 500g ribbon egg pasta 100g porcini mushrooms (fresh or dried) 4 slices Parma ham Handful of peas 2 tablespoons olive oil Half glass white wine Salt, fresh chilli or black pepper Grated Parmesan cheese Garlic

It’s so simple to create your own piece of Italian Christmas celebration: • Slice the mushrooms and saute them in olive oil with diced parma ham and chilli • Add dry white wine, reduce and add the peas • Meanwhile, boil salted water for the pasta and cook ‘al dente’ • Drain pasta when cooked, toss in the sauce and serve with parsley and parmesan cheese Happy Christmas!

Season in Style! New Year’s Eve 5-course dinner £75 including dancing

Villa Marina, Henley November-December Special 3-course lunch £21 Special 4-course dinner £28

18 Thameside, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1BH – 01491 575262


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Above: Sarah Snow, Development Officer for the Rainbow Trust, comedian Hal Cruttenden,Trust Founder Carolyn Mayling and the eternally youthful Timmy Mallet.

Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

Raising laughs to raise funds Champagne and comedy night in aid of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund Last night I worked with Stephen Merchant, tonight with Timmy

was established in memory of Rosie Mayling, a former pupil of

Mallet… tweeted top comedian Hal Cruttenden who did

Redroofs Theatre School which owns the Novello, and which was

indeed appear alongside The Spectacled One as the star turns

founded by Rosie’s grandmother and is run by her family.

of the Champagne & Comedy Night at the Novello Theatre in

Hal, also a writer and actor and a familiar face on The Royal

Sunninghill on 22 nd October.

Variety Performance and Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow,

The evening was held in aid of the Windsor and Maidenhead charity

took advantage of a break in his national tour to appear at the

Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, which raises funds to support hospitals,

fundraising evening, before flying out to Canada the following day.

groups and families with disabled or ill children or families

As Hal also tweeted, a very worthwhile cause.

suffering bereavement through the loss of a child. The charity



Above left: How big, Timmy? Above left: The Novello Theatre – venue of the night.

Above: Mike and Anne Vicary, ready for a chuckletastic evening. Right: Founder of Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, Carolyn Mayling, mum to the lovely Rosie. Below: Erica Watson and Christine Turner peek at their programme.

Right: One of the raffle prizes from Uri Geller, bendy spoons and all.

Continued overleaf… 43


Above left: Mandy and Wayne Jeffery, proud to support The Rainbow Trust. Above right: Hal at the mic. Below left: Fleur Pelly, Angela Sawbridge, Richard Pelly and Edward Sawbridge practising their smiles. Below right: The busy Novello bar. Important to do the corners and edges first…

Below left: Sandy Henderson swells the profits, courtesy of Gillian Herbert. Below right: Peter and Anne Stoker review the line up.



Above left: Neelam Mankoo and Kirsty Clark raise a glass. Above right: Obviously, John Pessima’s the guy to know! Below: The specs-tacular Timmy Mallet introduces the show.

Below left: You do the tour – I’ll do the tasting. Below right: Fiona Powell with Hazel and Alan Riding.


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H E R O E S Business Heroes is Splashlight’s special feature that recognises top performing people in different types of businesses. It means that those who make a special effort gain the public recognition that they deserve. It also says a lot about the companies involved in the scheme – those that attach importance to the vital role that their people play in their success. We are delighted to present our Business Heroes for November 2011. If you would like to find out more about Business Heroes and how to get involved please call Julie Turner on 07917 877513.



Ella Roberts

Meetings & Events Sales Coordinator This month, the whole team at Brooklands Hotel would like to nominate Ella Roberts, Meetings & Events Sales Coordinator as our business hero. Ella joined us back in April and has become a valued member of our team. Ella provides entertainment in the office by telling us daily stories of her chickens, which she keeps at home, and tales of Ricky the fish, which she won in another competition at the hotel! She was very surprised when she won the Great Brooklands Bake Off earlier this month as she hadn’t been concerned about the cake as much as meeting Ruth Langsford! Although the standard was very high, Ella truly deserved the number one spot with her incredible New York Cheesecake. Ella is a very hard worker and has also taken on the job of coordinating Christmas day this year. We can safely say that it is going to be a roaring success! So thank you Ella for all your dedication, hard work and team spirit.

Karen Evans Renew Medica, Richmond

Our Business Hero for November is Karen from our Richmond clinic. We would like to praise Karen for her bubbly and enthusiastic personality, which has won over the hearts of her clients and the rest of her team. She is reliable, organised and trustworthy and her positive attitude ensures the feel of the Richmond clinic is one of happiness and fun. Karen has wonderful relationships with her clients – they are always giving such great feedback about their treatments with her – and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for being great!


advertising feature


SANDOWN PARK Dick Whittington pantomime welcomes racegoers to Sandown Park Racecourse for the two day Tingle Creek Christmas Festival on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd December. All racegoers are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite pantomime character* on Saturday for the chance of winning some top festive prizes. Whether you come dressed as the good fairy, the wicked stepsister, the Pantomime Dame or simply in your favourite fancy dress outfit, each entry will be awarded on their merits. Finalists will be chosen at random once gates are open and lined up for Father Christmas and his merry helpers to choose the winning pantomime outfit. As a special treat for families, the racecourse has organised its own pantomime for the Saturday. Performed by the cast from The Panto Company, racegoers can enjoy the popular production of Dick Whittington. Four shows will take part during the day in the Esher Hall, where racegoers can watch as the hero journeys to London to seek his fortune, accompanied by his faithful cat. Gold soon becomes the least of his worries when he is smitten with Alice Fitzwarren, the Alderman’s daughter, and is confronted with the baddest of all pantomime baddies – King Rat! Join Dick and the gang as he travels to Siam, then returns to face his greatest challenge yet – becoming Lord Mayor of London! Traditional horse and sleigh rides will greet visitors to Sandown Park from the train station to transport them up to the racecourse to join in the festive fun and be welcomed by Father Christmas and his merry Sandown Park helpers. Walking into a winter wonderland, carols will be echoing across the main entrance along with a complimentary mince pie on arrival**. Sandown Park also welcomes for the first time childhood writer and illustrator Judith Kerr who has created picture books such as the ‘Mog Series’ and ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and acclaimed novels for older children such as the autobiographical ‘When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit’ which gives children an eye-view of the Second World War. As a special treat, there will be a unique opportunity to meet Judith


at the racecourse where she will be available to sign a selection of all her books. Children can enjoy the chance to visit Santa in his Grotto where all young visitors will be able to choose a complimentary gift from the lucky dip and make their final Christmas gift wish, whilst the parents can look around a selection of Christmas gift and food stalls and do some early festive shopping. Don’t forget children under 18 enjoy free entry (accompanied by an adult) and there is a complimentary crèche available during the day. After racing, visitors will have the chance to listen and join in singing some festive Christmas Carols with the ‘New London Singers’, one of London’s premier vocal ensembles and conducted by the legendary Ivor Settlefield. They have performed at many top London venues and have won multiple prizes in national and international competitions. The Tingle Creek Christmas Festival is widely credited as one of the racing calendar’s top events and the demanding Sandown Park course attracts many of the very best horses and jockeys. The feature race of the two days is the Grade 1 Tingle Creek Steeplechase on the Saturday, named in honour of one of the greatest two-mile chasers of all time.

The day appeals to all ages, both racing and non racing fans alike and is undoubtedly a great way to share the magic of the Festive Season. To book tickets please call Sandown Park on 01372 470047 or visit

* Grandstand Enclosure only – please note that fancy dress within the Grandstand Enclosure will not be permitted if it is liable to cause offence to any other racegoers on religious, sexual, racial or political grounds. Sandown Park Racecourse reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be dressed inappropriately. ** First come first served basis

Tingle Creek Festival Friday 2 & Saturday 3 December

Thrilling jump racing and lots of complimentary festive fun including sleigh rides from the train station, Santa’s grotto, pantomime performances between races, a carol concert after racing and festive stalls from the Travelling Souk.

TICKETS FROM £15* 20% OFF GROUPS OF 12 OR MORE Under 18’s go FREE when accompanied by a paying adult



Book now!

*Payment Processing Fee applies


Above: David Simmons and Jacqui Bruce, it’s behind youuuuuuuu!

Horror with a Heart

Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

Halloween ball at Henley Rugby Club Friday 28th October was a spooktacular night down at Dry Leas

his early years, combined with the beautiful soul of Donny Hathaway,

as boys and ghouls gathered for an early celebration of Halloween

the presence of Al Green and a touch of Santana.” Spine tingling!

at Henley Rugby Club. Organisers Henley-on-Thames Friends are

Dominic Metcalf oversaw an auction of bewitchingly good items, such

known as H-O-T Friends, but there was a distinct chill in the air as

as Dancing on Ice tickets and one week’s accommodation in the Pays

guests at the sell-out event arrived to be greeted by coffins, cobwebs

de la Loire, which helped to raise over £6,000 for Save the Children

and Count Dracula.

and The Sue Ryder Hospice.

After-dinner entertainment was in the form of a solo acoustic set from

Just ‘ghost’ to show what great things some good souls having a little

Junior Guevarra, described by his agency Eight Ray Music as “Prince in

spooky fun can do.

Below left: An altar-native way of presenting raffle prizes! Below middle: Aha! Nancy’s back in her coffin. But where’s Anton? Below right: It’s a tough job trying to be scary when your teeth are still in a glass on the bedside table.



Above left: Is it a trick? No, definitely a treat. Above right: The fine ladies and gents of the committee. Below left: Nicole Hester and Aaron Sturgess ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Below middle: Fiona and Mike Crook ready for Halloween chills. Below right: Clare and Nick Lawrence, who is right on topic with an oar through the head accessory.

Below left: George Hyde sells tickets to Bridget Jones.Yes the real one! Below right: Emma Rudelhoff and Juli Adams.

Continued overleaf‌ 51


Above left: Tracy Richardson and Neil Grindey. Above middle: Kim Fouracre and George Rudelhoff. Above right: Compere Alan Elston of Frontman has a skeleton tap dancing on his head, but he makes no bones about it.

Above left: Devilishly pretty ladies Lucie Rochester and Kay McDonagh. Above middle: We can still tell it’s you, Mun Tang and Haleh Walton. Above right: Simon Perry and Charlotte Turner. Below left: Emma Rudelhoff and Juli Adams. Below middle: A unique starter at the Henley Rugby Club Halloween Ball. Below right: … that’s more like it!



Above left: Debbie Thomas and Janet Wood looking very serene. Above right: John Hyde, Georgina Bradley, Joanna Emmerson, Paul and Catherine Bradley, Dawn and Kenny Hunt.

Above left: Whoever did the party dĂŠcor, take a bow. Above middle: Jacqui Bruce, you have to hand it to that pesky spook. Linda Parker and David Bruce keep smiling. Above right: Junior Guevarra of Eight Ray Music pulls some strings. Below left: Hyunok Sung, Nadja Grabowska and Julie Masili are in high spirits. Below right: Sammy Middleton with Rachel and Bill Dobson.



Beauty. By Nicole


n this month’s issue I will be giving you a helping hand with protecting your skin with some quick-fix treatments that will ensure you’re looking your best this party season.

Christmas parties and family gatherings mean we will be in the spotlight. Our skin will need to be in optimum condition to protect it from all the nights out and the over indulging that we will all do during this period. As I have discussed in my previous articles, skin hydration is very important, as maintaining skin health will give us protection from all the external elements that impact our skin, which in turn can prevent us from looking our best. All of the treatments I discuss here, combined with a good home-care regime, will give beautiful radiant skin. Skin peels This treatment can be done as a one-off, though, like most treatments a course will maximise the results that can be achieved, especially if you have specific concerns you want to address. The best type of peel for your skin should be discussed with you before treatment begins. It is always advisable to have a skin consultation with your chosen clinic as practitioners are trained to offer the best treatment advice and can tailor a treatment plan best suited to give you optimum results. Most peels will take between 30-45 minutes, and some light peeling may be experienced 2-4 days after treatment. This is a desirable effect as it will leave the skin feeling refreshed and brightened.

TREATMENT OF THE MONTH Renew Skin Lift Signature Treatment It nourishes and smoothes the skin and will remove dead skin cells to give you a lovely healthy-looking glow! A great winter-warmer treatment, excellent before any special event.

Skin peels are excellent for most skin conditions, with great improvement seen on open pores, congested skins and dry skin with fine lines. Deeper peels can also be extremely beneficial for acne scarring and pigmentation, though these peels will cause deeper peeling and some downtime will be experienced. Mineral make-up can be applied to help disguise the peeling process and a sun block is advised after treatment to ensure the skin is protected from UV exposure. Good home-care is recommended after treatment to maximise the results of your peel.Your practitioner will provide you with product aftercare to purchase for home use. Cleanser, eye cream and SPF (sunscreen) is a good start, such as Image Vital C cleanser, Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream or gel and any preferred Image SPF.

Nicole Robinson is clinic manager at Renew Medica, Weybridge – part of a group of 12 clinics in London and the south east that specialise in skin, body and anti-ageing treatments. Renew Medica can help to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, acne, fine lines and wrinkles and also offers treatments for permanent hair reduction and excess sweating.



fixes for winter IPL or Photo Rejuvenation This treatment is excellent for reducing unwanted pigmentation or sun damage on the face, décolletage, chest, back and hands. One treatment will usually make a noticeable difference but a course of three is usually recommended for optimum results. Facial veins found around the nose, chin and cheeks are also successfully removed using IPL. There is a small amount of downtime with this treatment – and this does depend on the individual – but is usually resolved within five days. Any bruising in the area where the veins have been treated can be covered using a mineral make-up. We often recommend a treatment on a Friday as it will allow two days for your skin to recover so you can return to work as normal on the Monday morning. I personally love this treatment as I have seen a big improvement in the pigmentation I had on my back and chest – something I thought would never go or improve. Soft-focus IPL is another treatment delivered using IPL. Soft-focus is a low-frequency treatment that helps instantly brighten the complexion. A serum is applied to the skin before treatment begins as it helps intensify hydration. This is a great one-off treatment that can be done the day before a special event. SPF is recommended after treatment to ensure the full benefits are maintained. Unlike IPL for vascular or pigmentation concerns, Soft-focus can be done weekly for up to six treatments in the run-up to a special event to maximise overall results.You will see a noticeable improvement. Dermal fillers – Restylane Vital or Juvaderm Hydrate and Genuine Dermaroller This combination-therapy gives very impressive results. Both Restylane Vital and Juvaderm Hydrate are designed specifically to aid in the delivery of much needed hydration in the dermis of our skin. Both products were developed to be thinner in consistency than other injectable fillers as they are only used for hydrating skin where required and not for adding volume in areas of laxity. A doctor or nurse would administer this product throughout the areas required and then the Dermaroller is rolled over the area to encourage better penetration of the products. A local anaesthetic is applied prior to treatment making it a comfortable experience. Immediately afterwards the skin will feel warm and look sunburnt. This usually dissipates within 24 hours and mineral make-up can be applied. Sun block must be worn after the treatment and continual use is recommended to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. A course


11–15 Baker St, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8AE. 0844 576 8311 31 Peascod Street
, Windsor, 
SL4 1EA. 0844 576 8312 152 High Street, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 5XP. 0844 576 8314 22–24 Muswell Hill,Broadway, London, N10 3RT. 0844 576 8313 258 Holloway Rd, London N7 6NE. 0844 576 8307 Oriel Court, 12 Heath Street, London, NW3 6TE. 0844 576 8306

of three treatments is recommended, six weeks apart. Noticeable results are seen after one treatment and our clients’ feedback from these combination-treatments have made this one a personal favourite for my team in Weybridge. Home-care Good home-care is my quick-fix for those of you for whom treatments are impossible to fit into everyday life. With several weeks to go until Christmas there is plenty of time to give the Obagi Nu Derm system a go. It can deliver excellent results on acne, pigmentation and uneven or ageing skin conditions. This is a treatment-in-a-box and only takes five minutes in the morning and evening to achieve a rejuvenated skin – perfect for those of you where time is of the essence but results are everything. This prescriptive range was created by dermatologist Dr Obagi and has been successful in treating all skin conditions with unbelievably impressive results. A skin consultation is required before beginning the treatment to check individual suitability. Obagi Nu Derm



And now that our faces are beautiful we mustn’t forget about our bodies. A quick-fix for silky smooth limbs is remembering to exfoliate in the shower and apply a suitable body lotion every day to minimise those dry areas. A great combination is Image Body Exfoliant with Image Body Rejuvenation Cream. Getting into the habit now will protect you in the colder months ahead!



5–7 Folgate St, London, E1 6BX. 0844 576 8309 26 Beauchamp Place, London SW3 1NJ. 0844 576 8303 28 Maddox Street, London, W1S 1PR. 0844 576 8308 291 New King’s Road, London, SW6 4RE. 0844 576 8304 157 St Margarets Rd, Twickenham, TW1 1RD. 0844 576 8302 105 High Street, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 1QG. 0844 576 8310


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No heir head

Tamara Ecclestone 56


Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of Formula 1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone, opens the doors of her multi-million pound pad to talk tears, tantrums and million-pound bathtubs. In the new reality TV series Tamara Ecclestone: Billion Dollar Girl, glimpse her jaw-droppingly extravagant world and see that, as heiress to father Bernie’s billion-pound fortune, money isn’t an issue. How did the show come about? I’d been approached about doing a show for a number of years, it felt like the right time. I didn’t want to do a scripted show. I’m glad it shows all aspects of my personality and not just the good stuff.

In the opening episode of the show, you are seen taking all five to the pet parlour at Harrods for a spot of pampering. All dogs need to be washed, although I guess the blue facials aren’t essential!

And what about the bad stuff? [Such as the argument she has with her stockbroker boyfriend Omar Khyami in the opening episode.] Yes, at first I wanted the row with my boyfriend removed, but then I thought ‘Why? This is real’. Everyone argues with their boyfriend and has psychotic, insecure moments. I sure as hell do and I want people to see I’m a real person. I cry, I get upset, I overreact and I thought, ‘If I came across as too perfect, then that’s not who I am.’

What’s your beauty routine? My pampering consists of a manicure once a week, a blow dry twice a week, a massage every two weeks and a facial every month.

It’s really weird watching yourself, but at the end of the day, TV is entertainment. I just hope people get to know the real me and put some misconceptions to bed. So what of those misconceptions? I think a lot of people think I’m stupid. Maybe a vacuous airhead.

Photos coutesy of: PA Photos / Channel 5 / Ian West

It was recently reported you were having a million pound bathtub installed in your new £45 million mansion that’s being renovated. What of those headlines? We sourced the crystal in Italy. We didn’t get 75 people to trek through the Amazon like they said, and it’s not a million – it’s a lot less than that. Did your family have a lavish lifestyle growing up? [Tamara’s younger sister Petra recently enjoyed a £5 million wedding before moving into a sprawling £91 million mansion in LA.] It wasn’t like we were having really extravagant, crazy lifestyles and I think it’s kept us grounded. My parents never threw money at us. How about another rumour – that you like to feed steak to your five pooches? Duke, my chihuahua, ate chicken for the first time last night and now look at him. They’re my babies, I’m needy and they give me lots of love.

I never go to the gym but if I need to get in shape, I try not to drink or eat carbohydrates at night during the week. Both Bernie and your Croatian model mother Slavica [they filed for divorced in 2008 after 25 years together] worked their way up from humble beginnings. Were your parents determined you should go to university? Yes, I didn’t want to go to university but I went just to shut them up! They said it was such a waste, as neither of them got to go. I studied psychology at University College London but then I got a job selling clothes in Armani and then work as a publishing assistant at his magazine. A year later, to make my parents happy, I gave university another go. This time I studied Social Policy and Sociology but hated it just as much, and then I was allowed to do the TV presenting course that I wanted. You’ve since worked on Sky Sports Italia and are now in talks to launch a make-up line. Do you hope the reality show will earn you more work? I just hope it comes to fruition. I’m obviously not going to be as successful as my dad but I would like to have a legacy of my own. I do want to step out of his shadow and have my own identity. I hope people will see that regardless of where you come from in life, all girls go through the same drama and insecurities. I’m hoping people will warm to me. Tamara Ecclestone: Billion Dollar Girl on Channel 5 from Friday, 4th November.


Come dine with me – Francesco Beni’s world of food – and polo royalty

Polo Royalty

En route to my Brazilian culinary experience there was time for polo – and at the top of the game. Location: Buenos Aires. Guests: the South American Benis – sister Claudio, niece Antonella and son Francesco Jnr, plus – in Don Beni uniform – my Argentinean work colleague Luciano. Polo royalty was in attendance. Think of the Beckhams – Argentinean-style. Adolofo Cambiaso (below left), is one of the world’s top players and is married to Maria Vazquez, a top model who features regularly in the pages of Hola! Magazine. Below right (the one on the right) is Facundo Pieres, who with his brother Gonzalo, and Adolofo Cambiaso – complete the world’s top three players.

Francesco Beni is the creator of Don Beni – passionately Italian restaurants in Eton,Winkfield, Crowthorne and Wokingham.The food is inspired from his travels and the atmosphere from his personality. Noisy, friendly and family.




Food – Brazilian-style

Location: Rodizio – a top Brazilian restaurant, to experience the dizzy heights of barbecue meat, Brazilian-style. Start with unlimited antipasti (below left), then come the swords, to serve meat the way it should be. The finest cuts – beef from the back of the neck, pork and lamb – carved directly to the plate. Add Degustición de Quesos (cheese feast) or Degustición de Fiambres (cold cuts) and even some sushi, or some salads – Caprese, Waldorf or Caesar.You choose. This is the way the Brazilians choose to eat. For me, it’s back to the gym, cross-training, cycling, running and swimming. The things I have to do to compensate for pursuing the finest food in the world!

Wokingham: 37–41 Denmark Street Wokingham, RG40 1AY: 01189 795678 Crowthorne: Saxham Villas, 1–2 High Street Crowthorne, RG45 7AD: 01344 773393 Winkfield Row: Chavey Down Road Winkfield Row, RG42 6NH: 01344 884480 Eton: 42 High Street Eton, SL4 6BD : 01753 863977 email:


Above: Fantastic fundraising foursome Kim Tiddy, Dean Gaffney, Gemma Bissix and Chico.

White in Red Fundraising night for the White Lodge Centre Bobby Davro is a familiar face at fundraising events for Weybridge

and the ‘you request it, we’ll play it!’ musical duelling of Party

charities and this caring comic was out again on October

Pianos completed the line up.

27 , supporting Chertsey’s White Lodge Centre for disabled

The Red bar is owned by Gemma Bissix’s family, the former


EastEnders actress being a patron of White Lodge. The charity’s

Joining him for the evening of music, comedy and glamour at

Head of Fundraising Jacky Monery said, “The evening at Red was

The Red Bar and Restaurant in Queens Road were gifted singer

a huge success raising over £15,000 for White Lodge Centre.

and musician Sam Wedgwood and contemporary acoustic band

We would like to thank the organisers of this event, especially

Cottonwood Blossom. Sophie Plummer of Born To Shine fame

Lindsey and Gemma Bissix for making the evening possible.”

Photos: Life Image Photography © Kingsdown Marketing


Below left: Bobby Davro with Jenny Steptoe, Trust and Corporate Fundraiser for White Lodge and Head of Fundraising Jacky Monery. Below right: It’s PR guru Max Clifford’s night off but he’s still in the media spotlight! Max is here with his wife Jo Westwood.



Left (top): Event co-organiser Gemma Bissix and performer Lucy Plummer. Left (bottom): Dean Gaffney, Chico, Shaun Bissix and Bobby Davro – is this what you call a crush bar? Above: Rosa Raymond and Lucy Tiddy catch up over a drink.

Above left: Craig Hillier with Daniel, Lindsay and Nigel Weiss. Above right: Ladies in black, Louise Plummer, Boo Steen and Sharon Stevens. Below left: Sam Wedgwood, of whom none other than Jamie Callum said, “I’m actually quite jealous.” Below right: Bobby Davro and Lisa Harris. Right: Tony-Amanda Coe and Richard Watson of Cottonwood Blossom with the tools of their trade.

Continued overleaf… 61

WHITE IN RED continues…

Left: Backing a great cause, Annie Hogan and Janine Vitali. Above: The number’s up for Rosa Raymond and Kim Tiddy.

Above left: It’s Dean time! No hang on, we’ve got that wrong… Above right: Rebecca Bissix, Hayley Hills and Emily Young. Below left: Stephen Briggs and Richard Kijowski. Below right: Hollyoaks and The Bill actress Kim Tiddy and Gemma Bissix.



Above left: Patron of White Lodge, actress Gemma Bissix has a cuddle with Bobby Davro. Above right: Luck be a lady tonight, Jason and Rebecca Ware.

Above left: Spec-ial couple Jessica Plummer and Will Squire. Above right: Plucky Daniel Gamble, seen here with mum Tina, did a 15,000 feet parachute jump for White Lodge. Below left: Why thank you, Zaneta Sakrajda, what’s everyone else having?

Continued overleaf… 63

WHITE IN RED continues…

Above: Heather gives Vivienne Leary and Nigel Allan a bucket deal. Below left: The lovely Gemma Bissix. Below right: Lucy Plummer decides it’s time for a spot of socialising.

Below: Sam Wedgwood entertains.


Step into your comfort zone. Visit our showrooms to touch the quality, see the style and feel the difference.

LocaL boutique suppLier of innovative fLooring ranges outside London.

The Old Fire Station 67 High Street Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7HP T: 01344 620211 E:

72 West Street Marlow Buckinghamshire, SL7 2BP T: 01628 475888 E:

Porcelain, Stone, Mosaic, Wood Design, Supply, Install, Maintain

Challenge No:2 – Drum Roll

Photograph by Nicola Page


Main: Nigel joins in with the Challenge. Right: Getting the beats to overlap to create a ‘roll’.


Nerve-rackingly tricky!

The Challenger:


Nigel Shipway

Drumroll Productions / Percussion Zone. Challenge: Learn how to drum roll and sustain the roll for the duration of the National Anthem in under two hours. Challenge Accepted! Could be a noisy one this!?! Currently injured from my last challenge, this one appealed as there was very little chance of injury! Nigel Shipway is a professional percussionist, recently returned from a cruise on board the Queen Mary 2 with the National Symphony Orchestra. Early professional experiences include substantial amounts of work with the Hallé, BBC Philharmonic, BBC Welsh, Bournemouth, Northern Sinfonia, City of Birmingham, Welsh Opera and a wide variety of other regional orchestras. Nigel has worked with Anne Collis ARAM (another well known face in the NSO) for over thirty-five years and the two of them are behind a new website: and combining all of this knowledge and experience into one online resource. I’d just like to start off by saying what an interesting chap Nigel is. The stories he has to tell, I could listen to all day, and to be fair we could probably have done this challenge in under an hour if it hadn’t been for the stories… but knowing the history behind the instruments we were using and why certain rhythms were used made it all the more interesting. Initially Nigel explained to me what a drum roll is, for those of you not in the know (myself included), the drum roll is similar theory to a tennis ball being bounced on the floor… the closer to the floor the ball gets the more bounces there are (pitch) … NOT moving your wrists extremely fast … the drum does the work … not you. Lesson 1 over … phew! Next was learning to bounce the sticks evenly on the skin of the drum with each hand, 4-5 bounces, control and limit these bounces with the grip in the fingers, then bring it all together with both hands and bouncing them one after the other with a 1-2 beat overlap. This way you get a constant ‘roll’ of noise. Once mastered, you can then vary the pitch and tempo.

After nearly an hour into the challenge, I went for it in the hope it would all click into place … I saw a cheeky smile from Nigel and he said, “Ben, I think we might do this you know,” – I lost the tempo and stopped – “Nigel, you put me off! But yes, I think so too.” We took a short break and discussed how we thought we were doing and where I was going wrong. The main problem was me tensing up, the key was relaxing and letting the drum do the work, don’t get excited, just get on with it. Nigel suggested I needed to get a picture in my head of what it was I was trying to achieve, similar to an actor or a proper musician feeling the music – so I did … I imagined wearing a gorilla suit, with a big cheesy smile, hammering away to Phil Collins’s In the Air Tonight. Not quite sure that’s what Nigel had in mind but we gave it a go anyway. Then next, 10 minutes with me imagining I was the world’s best drummer paid off. Gradually, each attempt got better and better, not consistent but the basis was there for a drum roll – “Ben, you’re about 95% there, brilliant” – “Nigel, lets go for the extra 5% and get this in the bag”. On the next attempt, it clicked, I relaxed and with what felt like very little input at all I had the drum roll.

Right: Nigel making some noise with Conductor Anthony Inglis

Nigel and the Team at Drum roll Productions clearly know their stuff and have a huge knowledge base between them. To complement their website, they have put together a Percussionists Essential Tool Bag, including: a concert tambourine, triangle and beaters, castanets, wood block, whip, snare drum sticks, and a drum key all packed into a Percussion Zone branded holdall. Also a Percussionists Essential Survival Kit, Including: drum key, multi pocket tool, pocket knife, triangle cord, pliers, castanet cord, castanet elastic, various felts, tamtam cord, sticky plasters and snare cord, all packed into a handy little Percussion Zone branded bag – A perfect Christmas present for all those budding percussionists out there. You can buy through the website or order over the phone. Order now for delivery in time for Christmas and receive 10% off when using promo code: SPLASH123. Tel: 01491 629838

A big thanks to Nigel and the team from Drumroll Productions. Time for a sit down, cuppa and a chocolate biscuit. Anyone who would like to set a challenge, or get involved please contact the Splashlight team through the website or email

Nigel then joined in and the two of us, playing on a snare drum designed by Nigel himself, fired out a drum roll for what felt like 10 minutes, I wasn’t perfect but we did it. Brilliant fun. Challenge complete. I would have loved this challenge to go on all day but alas Nigel had other places to go and people to see … he’ll be off touring with Katherine Jenkins early next year then back on the QM2 for another cruise.

Above: Polo Shirts. Percussionists Essential Survival kit £50. Above Right: Percussionists Essential Tool Bag £99. Below Right: Contents of the Percussionists Essential Survival Kit.

WARNING: Playing the drums requires a lot of practice and if you have neighbours the noise can be very irritating. Do it quietly with a ‘Practice Pad’ also available from Percussion Zone and keep your neighbours happy.


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Above: And I thought the course was just for the horses.

Pony Tales Photos: Alias Photography © Kingsdown Marketing

The Silver Fox Challenge And Country Fair Once again the Silver Fox Challenge and Country Fair put on a

season, it gave the teams a chance to win £1,000 for the charity of

sterling day out for everyone who attended... do you get it?... sterling?

their choice.

The main event of the day saw 32 teams, some from as far away as

On the other side of the safety barriers and away from the skeet,

Ireland and Cornwall, whittled down by a fast and furious knock out

there was so much going on it was hard to know where to start.

competition around a mirror image course that included an imposing

Visitors enjoyed aerobatic displays, terrier racing, helicopter rides and

bank and huge water hazard.

a wealth of retail therapy. Kids kept themselves busy with the circus

The Silver Pheasant Clay Shoot was another huge hit of the day.

workshops, arts and crafts activities, mobile farm and opportunities

Run by the Honesberie Shooting School, and aimed very much at

to handle ferrets and birds of prey. A brilliant day out.

those who shoot game and are looking to get their eye in for the



Above and below: UP... ... AND OVER! Right: Jeremy the Jester... where does he get his trousers? The internet?

Below left: “... and there’s almost a collision through the water!” Right: Peter Tyler wins our best dressed gent of the day award.

Continued overleaf… 69

PONY TALES continues…

Above: Dan, Dave, Josh and Paul from The Household Cavalry.

Above: Not the type of red coats I’m used to, mine just want you to join in with the cabaret. Below: Now that IS a bird of prey! Bottom: Now where’s she off to?

Above left: Philip, in what can only be described as the finest of finery. Above right: Jonny Beardsall from Where The Fox Hat. Below: Jess and Elena and some ferrets from Ferrets United.



Above left: Bruce (the llama) and Rachel, honestly, they’re just good friends. Above right: “Guys, you’re looking the wrong way.” Below left: The Howard-Jones and Macmillan families. Right: Paul and Minxie the dog.

Below left: Graham Evans in a sticky situation. Below middle: Georgie Price on Charlie the horse. Below right (top): Who’s been drawing on the horses? Below right (bottom): “Hey, you in the hunting jacket. Not so cocky now that me and my bird have a shooter, are you?”



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VIRGINIA WATER Harringtons Dry Cleaners, 9 Station Approach, Virginia Water, Surrey, GU25 4DW 01344 844716

MARLOW Clayton’s Marlow, 16 Oxford Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2NL 01628 488404 Cocktails, Champagne, Coffee, Cakes, Charcuterie... Clayton’s Marlow

Barton Wyatt, The Estate Office, Virgina Water, Berks, GU25 4DL, 01344 843000 Buckinghams Estate Agent, 6 Station Approach, Virgina Water, Berks, GU25 4DL, 01344845050

Elite Nails, 46 West Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 2NB 01628 488522 10% off for students with a valid ID card

Patsy Blunt Interiors, 7 Station Approach, Virgina Water, Berks, GU25 4DL, 01344 845594 Piccolino, London Road, Virgina Water, Surrey, GU25 4QE, 01344 844756 Wine Circle Restaurant, 22 Station Road, Virgina Water, Berks, GU25 4AE, 01344 843562

Lemongrove Gallery, 74 High Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1AH 01628 477785

WEYBRIDGE Renew Medica, 11 Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT14 8AE 0844 5768311

Maliks, 101 High Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL9 8BR 01628 482180

Brooklands Hotel, Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL, 01932 335700 Paper Chains, 91 High Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1AB 01628 482186 Local newsagent

Curchods Estate Agents, 54 Church Street, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8DP, 01932 843322 Hamptons, 26 High Street Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8AB, 01932 859933 II Sicilino, 1 Balfour Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8HE, 01932 852047 Percy Lambert, 2 High Street , Weybridge, KT13 8AB

Tree Nail Spa,13 Station Road, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1AB 01628 488200

Villa D’Este, 2 Chapel Street, Marlow, SL7 1DD 01628 472012

Ballards, 45 High Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1BA, 01628 477000

WINDSOR Hungry Eye, 1 Church Lane, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1PA 01753 830099 Gurkha restaurant & bar in Windsor 25% off a main meal when you mention Splashlight 42 High Street, Eton, Windsor, Berks, SL4 6BD, 01753 863977

Fego Caffé, 59 High Street, Marlow, Bucks, SL7 1AB, 01628 475873 SUNNINGDALE Harringtons Dry Cleaners,12–14 Broomhall Buildings, Chobham Road, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0DU 01344 623642

Moe’z, 1 River Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1QT 01753 831000 Barbering, traditional wet shave and styling for men Appointments and walk-in on availability Renew Medica, 31 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1EA 0844 5768312

Chancellors, London Road, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0DP, 01344 620163 Fego Caffé, 9 Broomhall Buildings, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0DU, 01344 876464

Café Rouge,Windsor Royal Station, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1PJ, 01753 831100

Hamptons, 6 Broomhall Buildings, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0DU, 01344 627555

Cinnamon Café, The Old Booking Hall, Windsor Royal Station, Berks SL4 1PJ, 01753 857879

Lewis Butchers, 53 Chobham Road, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0DT, 01344 620141

Duchess of Cambridge, 3–4 Thames Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1PL, 01753 864405

Sytner BMW, London Road, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0EX, 01344 630400

La Bodega, 4 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1DG, 01753 841220

Vanilla Delicatessen, 7 Broomhall Buildings, Sunningdale, Berks, SL5 0DU, 01344 622320

McDonald Hotel, 23 High Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1LH, 0844 879 9101 Savills, 3–4 High Street, Windsor, Berks, SL4 1LD, 01753 834600 Windsor Larder, 59a St Leonards Road, Windsor, Berks, SL4 3BX, 01753 840272


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Splashlight - Your local celebrity magazine - November 2011  

Your local celebrity magazine - October 2011 - Covering - Amersham, Ascot, Beaconsfield, Esher, Gerrards Cross, Henley on Thames, Maidenhead...