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We know how to make a business work online! Do you? 92% of print & display sales come through our website. We have no sales offices or sales staff outside of Kerry. ( is a division of Splash) Call us on 1890 345 678

Small Typically we find that customers who are looking to go for this kind of site just want to have a presence online. This is the basic entry level site with 2 pages, a home page and contact page so that people can email them from the site or call them using the number on the contact page. We offer free hosting, email and your domain name for the first year, saving you €118+VAT. A low cost website but not low on quality! Typically such websites cost in the region of €390+VAT but with the template structure of the site that we are offering we are selling them for €199+VAT

€199 +21% VAT

Medium With our Medium website package you can get up to 6 pages, but we also offer you a section you can update yourself, simply, quickly and effectively - do you want to show off a Special Offer - this system will allow you to do this with the offer on view on the Homepage as well as in a Special Offers section. Other areas of the site can be updated simply by contacting us to do so. Simple changes would cost from as little as €20+VAT to do, and as these are changes that are not done often it is a cost effective way of managing your website. We offer free hosting, email and your domain name for the first year, saving you €168+VAT. Typically such websites cost in the region of €790+VAT but with the template structure of the site that we are offering we are selling them for €499+VAT

€499 +21% VAT

Large This really is a superb solution for any size of business that wants to have the control of being able to update multiple areas of their website, by far our most popular package. Typically such web sites cost in the region of €2,500+VAT but with the template structure of the site that we are offering we are selling them for €999+VAT. In addition to the functionality of the Medium Package we offer the client the ability to manage and add, edit and delete the content in 4 other sections such as; a) News section - let clients know whats going on in your business, your latest offers, your next big sale, all about your new investment in the business. b) Events section - let them know about the show that is being held locally and how close and conveniently located your business is for people attending the event c) Image Gallery - add or delete images to your website, let your pictures speak for your business, “a picture paints a thousand words” d) Products/Services - you manage the list of products or services you offer so that you can change quickly when you add something new, or remove an outdated product or service so that your site is always fresh and relevant. With this level of site businesses normally look at also taking SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is the science of helping your site perform even better in the search engines. We do not and cannot guarantee a number 1 position in the search rankings – do not be fooled by people that say they can, because no one can guarantee this or deliver on this promise. We do promise however that with our SEO expertise we will improve your rankings. By taking SEO when you order your website we offer a reduced rate in Year 1, saving you €200+VAT. Text marketing and Email marketing systems are also popular add-ons that many businesses consider with this level of site, which help them communicate directly with their customers. We offer free hosting, email and your domain name for the first year, saving you €218+VAT. Typically such websites cost in the region of €2500+VAT but with the template structure of the site that we are offering we are selling them for €999+VAT Call us on 1890 345 678


€999 +21% VAT PACKAGE

XL The XL package is as you might guess from the name a bigger version of the “Large” site. There are 12 basic pages with this site, but as well as having all of the features that we offer with the Large site you get even more access to other areas of your website.

€1599 +21% VAT

We offer a Video Gallery section, where you can easily upload your own videos so that your clients can view them on your website – it works just like the Image Gallery as regards adding, deleting or editing, so don’t worry about the fact that they are videos. It is a beautifully simple system as regards usability. With the XL site you can also have, and update, the following sections; a) b) c)


Guestbook section - allows members of the public to send messages which you can approve before they become visible on your website Testimonials section - you can gather testimonials from your own customers which you can use on your site to help promote your business Links section - this section is an area of your site where you can have links to other sites that might be a useful resource for your own clients, or alternatively links to businesses that offer products or services that compliment your business. File Download section - where you can upload copies of your latest brochures, technical spec or product work sheets, so that people can download them at their leisure, saving you the cost of having to send out brochures in the post or with a courier.

SEO again is again a major add-on taken by clients that invest in this level of website. We offer 2 levels of SEO Packages that we will be happy to go through with you in detail, but as well as the obvious benefits to be had from doing SEO, there is also a saving of €200+VAT to be add in Year 1 if you order SEO when ordering the website. The Email marketing system is another popular add-on for this level of site. We offer free hosting, email and your domain name for the first year, saving you €218+VAT. Typically such websites cost in the region of €3490+VAT but with the template structure of the site that we are offering we are selling them for €1599+VAT We also offer a Free Logo Design valued at €299+VAT for customer looking to create a new logo or redesign their existing logo, with this package.

XXL Our XXL package takes all that is great about the XL package and builds in even more back-end functionality for you. As well as the many and varied Content Management Systems (CMS) already in place we now give you a management system whereby you can introduce a Catalogue system to your website. Using the system that we provide, similar in functionality to the other CMS systems you will now have a Catalogue system that is fully controlled by you.

€2599 +21% VAT

You add, edit and delete products, categories and sub categories. Your Catalogue appears on your website and let’s your clients view the full range of products you offer, the products categorised into their own sections, and an individual product page on each specific item, which can display additional images, descriptions, prices (if required) and also an enquiry form. You don’t have to wait for someone to go and update any of this information for you as we give you full control with our XXL site package. Typically such websites cost in the region of €6000+VAT but with the template structure of the site that we are offering we are selling them for €2599+VAT We also offer a Free Logo Design valued at €299+VAT for customer looking to create a new logo or redesign their existing logo, with this package. We offer free hosting, email and your domain name for the first year, saving you €298+VAT. Call us on 1890 345 678


Website Packs €199 Fantastic value web site solutions with +21% VAT

rich features, ideal for any size business!


€499 +21% VAT





€999 €1599 €2599 +21% VAT +21% VAT +21% VAT PACKAGE











First Year Free Domain Name (.com)






First Year Free Domain Name (.ie)











Search engine optimisation (per annum)






E-Mail marketing system (unlimited e-mails)(per annum)






Mobile phone texts (€29 service charge per campaign)

6c per text

5c per text

5c per text

4c per text

Number of pages on the website Search engine submission Google map for your business First Year Free Hosting (regular backups) & E-Mail Irish located and reliable hosting with technical support Professional e-mail addresses e.g. Email powered by Google or your email application

Google analytics/statistics on your website Contact/enquiry form (sent via email) Free logo design & branding (Value €299) Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Social media setup & training (one-to-one in Farranfore -1hr) Have full control of the content of your website Special Offers System (unlimited products) News System (unlimited pages) Events System (unlimited pages) Image Gallery System (unlimited images) Products/Services System (unlimited entries) Website Links System (unlimited links) Testimonial System (unlimited quotes) Video Gallery System (unlimited videos) Guestbook System (unlimited comments) File Downloads System (unlimited files) Catalogue (unlimited products, images & pages) Extras (Discounted when taken with these Packs)

4c per text All prices exclude VAT @ 21% Call us on 1890 345 678

Content Management System Easily manage the content of your website through a simple menu driven system.

If you can fill out a form on a website and you know the difference between ADD, EDIT & DELETE, then you can update your website! Updating your website on a regular basis will help your website rank higher in Google.

We make the average user powerful by providing them with access to the content of their pages. Do you want to upload new images, plan an event, write some news or add a new product? We give you the tools necessary to update your website's content without having to go through a third party. Our systems are very simple to use and we write each one from scratch to ensure that it is tailor made to suit your business. We don't give you useless features, we just give you exactly what you require. Our systems are scalable so there is no limit to the amount of information you can update. We also design the systems in such a way that if you

wish to incorporate an image gallery in the future then we can integrate it fully into the system you are now used to using. We do provide training and are more than willing to answer any questions which you may have when using our Content Management Systems on your website. We are constantly complimented on how easy to use and intuitive our CMS solutions are. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us about Content Management Systems. We can even retro-fit CMS systems to your existing website if you require.

News, Events, Services, General Content Pages, Image or Video Gallery, Testimonials, Guestbooks, Special Offers, File Downloads, Links Content Management Systems (CMS)

â‚Ź490 for first system â‚Ź190 for each additional system All prices exclude VAT @ 21% Call us on 1890 345 678

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] SEO is an essential marketing tool. Each month we market your website to the major search engines. We adjust your website to stay in line with the regular changes to criteria laid out by the search engines.

We help your website move higher in the search engines. Type ‘printing’ into Google, our website has been No.1 since 2003. How do I improve my ranking in search engines? We often get asked this question. The answer is not so straight forward however. We tweak your website so that search engines can establish relevance of your content and make associations with people's search phrases. We predict relevant search terms for your business and structure your site in such a way that you become a

real competitor in the Search Engine rankings. We do NOT guarantee you a number one spot and neither can any other company. There are no guarantees but there are measurable results. We use our experience to manage this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process and improve your rankings in search engines. We do guarantee an improvement in search positions against certain keywords.

We make it our business to understand what your website is supposed to do. There is an exact science to SEO, which requires us to attend regular courses and follow all the latest news and events in the world of search engines. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 1890 345 678.

Website Search Term Google Position ________________________________________________________________________________ Budget Tours in Ireland Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Backpacking Tours in Ireland Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Tours in Ireland Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Claims Assessors Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Killarney Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Printing Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Business Cards Page 1 ________________________________________________________________________________ Banner Stands Page 1 We send you a monthly report so you can see how your website is performing against a series of keywords / key phrases.

€699 Year one €499 from Year two onwards Call us on 1890 345 678


SEO Packages

Fantastic value web site solutions with rich features, ideal for any size business!


€699 €1999 +21% VAT +21% VAT Year Two €499

Consultation and Analysis Upon an initial consultation with you we will provide an analysis of your current website. From this we will determine your business area and competition and create a personally tailored plan for optimisation. Analyse The Competition Looking at websites competing in your market place can provide valuable insights. For example it can show how difficult or otherwise it's going to be to rank for a particular search phrase. It's also a good way to find places from which to secure links. In short it's always beneficial to understand who your competition are and what they are doing, helping you to stay up to date and in competition. Technical Audit Sometimes websites can't be read and understood by Search Engines, this is obviously a bad thing as it will prevent them from appearing in search results. There are other issues that also need to be addressed such as duplicate pages. A technical review is vital to make sure a website isn't tripping itself up. Keyword Research Keyword research helps us to understand what people who would buy your products and services search for. There are tools that help us with this and we don't have to simply guess and hope. Sometimes keyword research find a search phrase lots of people are using that your competitors haven't optimised for, this can result in some very targeted traffic, which is equal to potential sales! Site Bookmarking We will submit your site to the major web bookmarking web sites, such as,,, and Keyword & Key Phrase Analysis We will research and generate a list of suitable key phrases for your business. We will optimise your web site to the shorlisted keywords. Sitemap & Coding Creation We will complete a sitemap check to identify any broken links in accordance to the search engine policies. We will also check the site to identify any blockages for indexing robots which will include site navigation. All pages would be hand coded for correct HTML tags, Metatags, Description, Alt Tags etc. We will verify or create (if required) a robots.txt file for search engine robots. PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign Analysis We will analyse and suggest a pay per click campaign strategy based on the keywords we have identified in the process earlier. We will manage your pay per click advertising campaign for you, adhering to your pricing limits. Blog Creation & Submissions We will create a blog for your site. This will give you the opportunity to create dynamic content quickly and easily and will have the added effect of being a separate point of entry for the website. Content Analysis We will analyse your current content and provide advice on improvements. We will work with an outsourced copywriter and liaise with them to develop keyword rich and relevant content for the appropriate areas of the website. The copywriter will be an extra fee depending on the amount of content that will need to be worked on. Call us on 1890 345 678

Year Two €999

E-Mail Marketing / HTML Mailing List Send beautiful emails with images and rich text. Add as many articles as you wish and send your email to as many email addresses as you wish. Also create different groups and simply divide up your marketing sectors.

Collect your customers email addresses and send out a special offer, news, new product launch, or just say hello! Simple effortless marketing! Customers can join your mailing list from your website’s mailing list section or you can collect their email from running a draw in your shop or a competition on your website. Send hundreds, thousands of emails to your clients as often as you want to.

Send unlimited emails to as many customers as you want!

â‚Ź890 per annum All prices exclude VAT @ 21% Call us on 1890 345 678

SMS Text Marketing Our text message marketing solution allows you to broadcast your message via a database of customers and mobile phone numbers, and can prove to be extremely effective marketing.

We take the headache out of sms marketing, upload your customer database and begin targeting customers. Have you ever considered sms text message marketing to reach your customers? We provide a complete web based sms marketing application to clients, which empowers them to reach a global customer base via mobile phones.

SMS Text Marketing is low-cost and extremely effective. You can reach customers directly on their mobile phones. Remember 97% of all text messages are opened. Your business will gain more customers using SMS Text Messaging.

We only use Tier One routes for sending our text messages with guaranteed delivery. Our product has been created to provide the best messaging platform on the market. SMS text marketing will quickly become the way to market and stay in touch with your customers.

You can choose from a one off plan or an open system plan

Plan A › €49 per campaign & 6c per text Plan B › €299 per annum & 5c per text All prices exclude VAT @ 21% Call us on 1890 345 678

About Us

The Core Web Team

Splash was established by Stephen O’Sullivan and has

Splash will provide staff members to work on your project

been providing web services since 1996. We have a large

that are fully versed in their area of expertise. We

portfolio, spanning from entry-level brochure websites up

separate web design from web development to ensure

to e-commerce web solutions.

that our clients get the highest standard from the specialists in our team. Our team will cover the following

By hiring Splash, you’ll be in good


company: We have been nominated for a National Website Award on nine occasions.


The Eircom Spider Awards for the ‘best

Stephen O’Sullivan _________________________________________________

retail & shopping website’ on two

Stephen is the founder of Splash and has worked in the

occasions, ‘best professional services

design industry since 1993. He has vast knowledge of

website’ and ‘Retail Excellence’. The Irish Internet Association Net Visionary Awards for “best online trader”. We have been nominated on two occasions for the “Website of the Year” in the Irish Schwarzkopf Business Awards and also the

taking projects to the web and developing online businesses. GRAPHIC DESIGN & VISUAL LAYOUT Ray Foley & Sinead O’Sullivan _________________________________________________ Ray and Sinead are our website designers and will work closely with you to convert the designs created into a

Irish Web Awards for “Best SME Website”

working template. These templates will be tested for cross

and “Best E-commerce Services Website”.

browser compatibility and programmed to the highest industry standards – W3C Standards Compliant, WAI

Our extensive web portfolio includes companies such as:

Compliant and Section 508 Compliant, to ensure your

FEXCO, Kerry Group, Western Union, Paddywagon Tours,

website can be accessed by the widest audience.

Hickeys Homefocus, Failte Ireland, All Kerry Tourism, IT Tralee, Kenmare Chamber and Killarney UDC.


We specialise in providing web solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. How? Our designers work hand-in-hand with our tech-savvy in-house developers to ensure your site works. Our websites look better, load quickly, and are more search engine friendly.

We do not outsource any aspect of your web project as we have in-house developers and designers. Your satisfaction and success is our number one priority.

Laurence Dusoswa, Marc Fritsche & Alex Ilarionovas _________________________________________________ Laurence is our Head of Web Development and has supervised small and large-scale projects including e-commerce solutions; database driven and business-tobusiness websites and comprehensive online business applications. Marc and Alex are fully experienced in web technologies and the Internet as a whole. Marc specialises in Search Engine Optimisation and marketing of your web project and Alex specialises in advanced web applications.

It shows in our work as well as our work habits. We are proud of all the websites we design, and you’ll see the result in the time and dedication we give your site. Call us on 1890 345 678

FAST LOADING _________________________________________________

INFORMATION STRUCTURE _________________________________________________

The biggest single reason visitors do not stay at a Website

A clear, crisp view of the information on the site is

is that it takes too long to load. That is the time it takes

paramount in relation to finding specific information on a

for the page to appear on the computer screen. The site

site. At this early stage, we would anticipate the use of

needs to be designed and developed around the premise

databases to store articles and information of interest. To

of 'loading' as quickly as possible.

provide major benefit to the business, the site should have significant amounts of information available to the user.

To achieve this, Splash will ensure a strong text base for

This information must be easily found and presented in

the pages (text loads very quickly). When photographs are

such a way as to encourage use.

used, we will tailor them to be the appropriate size and structure to ensure that they load within an appropriate timeframe. BROWSER COMPATIBILITY _________________________________________________

DATA REFRESHMENT _________________________________________________ Fresh data needs to be added to the website very regularly to aid the repeat visits by interested parties. We can develop some of the site with what is called a web

The site needs to be compatible for viewing across a wide

based content management system (CMS) that you can

range of user platforms and browser software. We will

use to edit content. We can provide training to ensure that

test the site with many different browsers to ensure that

this can be effectively completed or can do this for you on

visitors can see the site quickly and easily on both Mac

a weekly/monthly basis. Please contact us for a quotation.

and PC. LOOK _________________________________________________

IMAGERY _________________________________________________ We have an extensive image library in-house. You may

An Internet site today represents the first contact point for

require a specific image to fit your website project that we

many prospective clients. It is, in a nutshell, showing how

do not have in our library. We will source the image online

professional a company is, and what kind of attitude they

through one of the many stock libraries. Website images

have in selling themselves. In full consultation with you,

that we purchase on your behalf will be invoiced at cost

we will discuss the interface and layout of the site, to

price to you. Typically images are around â‚Ź20+vat per

ensure the site is attractive, appealing and reflects the

image. Needless to say that if you choose an image from

appropriate image.

our library you will not be charged.

PRECISE (RIGHT) INFORMATION _________________________________________________

OPTIONAL EXTRAS _________________________________________________

Along with having an appealing and attractive look and

We can provide a number of optional extra services that

feel to the site, the content of the site must be precisely

you may wish to consider including search engine

what the user needs to see. Additionally, search engine

copyrighting and optimisation, photography, location

positioning must be considered and the site will be

maps and custom graphics, flash design and advanced

developed with keywords and placement of same as a

online marketing.

consideration. Call us on 1890 345 678

TIMEFRAME _________________________________________________

SITE REPORTING _________________________________________________

Although every web project is different, typically a

We provide advanced information via Google Analytics.

medium size website has the following timeline.

These statistics provide reports on where users are coming from, what pages they are visiting, total

1. Initial Consultancy – 2 Days

visitors/pages/hits per day/month, etc.

2. Graphic & Website Design – 7 Days 3. Standards Compliant & Accessibility Coding – 1 Day 4. Website Set Up – 4 Days 5. Staff Training (if required) – 1 Day 6. Standard Search Engine Optimisation – 2 Days 7. Website Testing & Launch – 2 Days 8. Contingency – 3 Days Total: 22 Days MARKETING _________________________________________________ This should include such aspects as identifying and arranging reciprocal links, search engine submissions, providing offline and marketing ideas such as postcard mail out. A key aspect of Internet marketing for many sites is high search engine rankings. The site would be designed in such a way as to maximise its potential for the highest possible rankings. In our experience, we have found submission of the site to multiple search engines as the most successful way to increase visitor numbers. DOMAIN REGISTRATION & HOSTING _________________________________________________ Website and database hosting, backup, management, ongoing technical support and a (.ie or .com) domain. We currently host in excess of 200 websites and email for clients on our two servers which are based in Ireland. We can transfer your existing domain to us for billing and management, thus giving you full control over your website. These costs are included in your annual fees.

TERMS & CONDITIONS _________________________________________________ • Quotations are valid for 30 days • Prices exclude VAT @ 21% • Payment Milestones: o 50% Payable at design approval stage o 50% Payable just prior to Website Launch SUGGESTED NEXT STEP _________________________________________________ The next step is to review other sites, speak with industry sources and generally assess the way our proposal provides the solutions to taking you into the market of tomorrow, today – the Internet. The Internet is sometimes a mystifying and complicated world – we welcome any questions or suggestions you may have regarding this proposal. We would be delighted to provide additional information on how we can make your website the best it can be. WHY USE US? _________________________________________________ We have the expertise to ensure the trouble free and effective management of your Website from conception to ongoing management. Our team is highly professional and committed to the highest standards. We can identify the requirements of the site and develop an appropriate strategy to ensure these needs are met. From expert designers to developers and Internet marketers we have the team to ensure the highest quality site is achieved. We know the pitfalls; We know the shortcuts. Use our team to cut through years of frustrating trial and error. Call us on 1890 345 678 Website Packages  

Website Design packages. Web Design in Kerry.

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