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MSADA’s Community The Metro South Asian Deaf Association, Issue #8_06

Editor: Thushara T. Wijetilaka

From Thushara Wijetilaka Summer is fast fading as the new school year draws near. We would like to address a couple of things before we all return to the business of MSADA. First, we would like to take a moment to recognize Alok Kejriwal, India. Mr. Alok Kejriwal was appointed as a Co-chairman of India Deaf Expo 2006 which will take place in December 2006 in India. Second, we are proud of our members Madan Vashista who certainly outshines himself being a successful writer. Recently Madan was aired on TV ( We wish Alok and Madan congratulations and best of luck on their success Many things we need to finalize for the fall 2006 activities: 1. General Meeting - Bylaw. 2. Diwali and Eid social party

Dates to remember!

Message from India Hello Folks,

August 14/15 Indian/Pakistan Independence day ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

September 17th 2006

General Meeting 3:00 PM. to 5:00 P.M. Where: TBA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

November 4th 2006

Diwali & Eid Time & Where: TBA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We look forward to have you to join us as well as to participate.

How are you? Hope, you are fine. I am fine by God's Grace and so far I was bit busy with my work. I am extremely happy to tell you that I am appointed as a Co-chairman of India Deaf Expo 2006. It is an International Conference on Innovative Technologies and Education for the Deaf with the purpose of spreading Deaf Awareness in India. We had a Media Conference recently on July 13, 2006 at Hilton Tower (Oberio Hotel) with all media people. Our Brand Ambassador is Singer /Actress Ms.Raageshwari accompanied by Shreyas Talpade, Film Actor of Hindi Movie “IQBAL” For more information, please visit our website Please share and spread this Awareness to deaf community in USA and other Countries, also for the upbuilding of our deaf people in India.

Thank you. See you in September! Best Regards, Alok Kejriwal

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Exotic Bazaar brings bevy of Sri Lanka food and crafts By Thushara T. Wijetilaka Sri Lankan ladies have sat, some of them, contributed their second jewelry, crafts, clothing items, purloined pillows, quilted cushions, delicate embroidery, needlepoint pictures that were donated by families or individuals.

his words were swallowed in as he too was hit by the hot spicy taste! To cool down the spicy flavor, the attendees including Ramesh, Molly, AnaRegina and Thushara enjoyed the Wattalapam and Mango Mousse for $2 per dessert. Wattalapam - a steamed pudding made with coconut milk, eggs and jaggery has become a Sri Lankan

The bazaar has indeed become Sri Lankan’s womenfolk’s treasures, as the members gamely tackled the project of finishing off these myriad items in anticipation of this year's exotic bazaar, nd which took place on Saturday 22 , from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Trinity Church, Bethesda, Maryland. This Bazaar was being held for a very worthy cause. It is to complete a Tsunami Relief Project initiated in 2005 and to complete construction of a pavilion at Bouna Vista Maha Vidyalaya, in Galle Sri Lanka that has many Tsunami affected Children.

dessert. Jaggery is the traditional unrefined sugar of Sri Lanka. Although the word is used for the products of both sugarcane and the date palm tree, technically, jaggery refers solely to sugarcane sugar or a sort of solidified treacle extracted from the kitul palm. It tastes like a chocolate pudding. The best known of the sweets is, perhaps, "Kavun". It is a delicious type of oil cake, made with rice flour and treacle and deep-fried to a golden brown. There is another variety of "Kavun", called "Moong Kavun", which is made from green gram - a type of pulse - which is then ground to a paste and shaped like diamonds before frying. This is equally enjoyable. Many sweets are served during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with "kiribath". Everybody enjoyed themselves in tasting the Sri Lankan food as well as mingling with Sri Lanka folk. "I don't think anyone realizes how much work they really do," said Sura Salgoda, a bazaar volunteer and the group's former treasurer. "The craft group members do almost all of the work toward this

Add to that list of craft and jewelry, there were some Sri Lankan Spicy food for Eat in or Take out– Chicken Buriyani, Yellow Rice, Curries, String Hopper, Plain & Egg Hoppers, Side dishes, Short eats, Kid’s meals, Dessert including Wattalapam, Mango Mouse, and Mango Lassi. Thushara, who missed her home-cooked food, was thrilled to eat the String Hoppers with Coconut Sambol, Chicken and Egg Curries for $6 and some patties, rolls, pastries that were sold $1 per short eat. String hoppers are small spaghetti-like strings of rice-flour dough squeezed through a sieve onto small woven trays, which are steamed one atop the other. Light and lacy, string hoppers make a mouthwatering meal with curry and sambol.

Below is a note of thanks from Sura: th

July 24 , 2006

The most popular breakfast dishes in Sri Lanka are the hoppers (appa). These wafer thin, cup-shaped pancakes are made from a fermented batter of rice flour, coconut milk and a dash of palm toddy. A hopper, crisp on the outside, yet soft and spongy in the centre, is best eaten with curries and sambols while still streaming hot. There are many types of hoppers: plain hoppers, egg hoppers, milk hoppers, and sweeter varieties like vanduappa and paniappa.

Dear Thushara,

Thushara warned Ramesh, Molly and AnaRegina that the curries especially the Coconut Sambol, were SPICY!!! Ramesh teased AnaRegina to caution the exercise in eating the sambol. Unfortunately,

Thanks again for coming with your friends and patronizing the fair.

I was delighted to see you and your friends at the fair, did you get a chance to try the hoppers too? I am glad you enjoyed the food; did you not feel that you got a meal for a reasonable price? The profit from the fair after taking out expenses of church rental, license, and supplies was approximately $ 2,800, which covers our requirement for the cause. To that extent it was a success.

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MSADA Newsletter August 2006  

Issue 08_06

MSADA Newsletter August 2006  

Issue 08_06