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Winter 2008

MSADA’s 5th Year of Association – A Year-End Update Dear Members, As we move closer to the end of another year 2008, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and friendship you have extended towards to Metro South Asian Deaf Association (MSADA) in the past year 2008. On April 12th 2008, we had our 2 nd General Meeting to elect board members and other officers required by our new Bylaws that meet the IRS standards. It took place at Gallaudet University. The two keynote speakers Tissa Peiris and Smitha Hanumantha gave their wonderful presentations. Tissa shared his cultural experiences in Japan and Smitha shared her adventures while traveling in India as part of a group sponsored by Global Reach Out Initiation. Their astounding experiences on their travels left us feeling inspired! Also the good news was that ByLaws was finally reviewed with the formal votes approved. It was done to get tax-exempt under section 503 which we hope to receive by summer 2009. We have good news for you -- The annual dues for membership to MSADA are now only $1 per year. However, all members are encouraged to donate additional money to help MSADA grow. It is requested that payment, whether made by an individual or family, for membership be made in one check or money order, payable to MSADA. Contact Minar Kamdar at to make the payment. All members are required to fill out the contact information as follows: 1, Name: 2. Mailing Address: 3. Email Address: 4. TTY or VP #: 5. Amount of Dues Paid: If you have any questions concerning this membership dues billing, please contact Minar at (

Although, America had faced some distress and challenges with the global warming and financial crisis, about 15 South Asian deaf and hard of hearing people gathered at the International Deaf South Asian Mela organized by Seattle South Asian Group and chaired by Vijay Advani, in Seattle, Washington during the week of July 16th - 19th, 2008. The next 2nd International Mela was voted to be held in Chicago, under the leadership of Ramesh Phadke, in the year 2010. Because of the impending threat of the effects from the Hurricanes Hanna, with consideration for the safety, our 4th Annual Family Picnic that took place on September 6th, 2008 in Virginia was canceled. It is rescheduled to hold next June/July 2009. On the November 15th, 2008, MSADA celebrated the 5th Anniversary in a grand manner. It meant so much to all of us to see you there. It was wonderful to celebrate our special day with you. Our audience was inspired and captivated with our guest speaker, Dr Sanjay Gulati with his in-depth analysis of “Lights: throughout history, and two dancers from NITD with their marvelous performance. They were asked for encores repeatedly, which kept them on the floor most of the evening. The audience was appreciative of the DJ and Sign Interpreters’ services that was provided during the occasion. Please join us to extend our special thanks to our Celebration Committee, Smitha, Karthik, Shilpa for their hard work and to bear witness to our passion was an unexpected perk. And the rest who volunteered to pitch in making it a special evening, it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with them. We were honored to receive a big sponsorship from the Viable Inc. In addition to Viable, we got two sponsors, HOVRS and CSDVRS. The event was co-chaired by Smitha Hanumantha and Karthik Sethuraman. Thank you again for your support. Have a happy holiday season and warm regards, Ramesh Mirchandani President

MSADA Newsletter 5th Year of Association - Winter 2008  

A Newsletter 5th Year of Association - Winter 2008