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Spitten Writtens LLC is an Artist Collective aimed at creating propaganda for the people.



Art that influences a community towards a cause or position

“Only the mob and the

elite can be attracted by the momentum ..... The masses have to be won by propaganda.� -Hannah Arendt

The S11 lineup is Spitten Writtens introductory to the street wear scene. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana Spitten Writtens is creating propaganda for the people. In our first lineup we give you a taste in contemporary culture, of things to come, and let the scene know where here to play. In the S11lineup every design is unisex, also all work done by Spitten Writtens is exclusive by selling a limited number of shirts to promote a sense of individuality and uniqueness. We want to be the artists that gives you an intimate performance without having to go deep into your pockets to experience it. Spitten Writtens is not just a clothing line, but also a creative professional full-service production firm providing visuals, graphics, and marketing for musical artists.


May 15th 2011

Get Familiar spitt e n w r i t t e n s . c o m f aceb o o k . c o m / s p i t t e n w r i t t e n s @sp i t t e n w r i t t e n s spitt e n w r i t t e n s @ g m a i l . c o m

Spitten Writtens s11 lookbook  

Spitten Writtens s11 lookbook