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The best attractions know a lot about their visitors People don’t just turn up at visitor attractions. The best attractions know how to get them there. In a competitive market knowledge goes a long way. The best attractions know:    

how to get more people to visit; how to get them to spend more money; how to get them to stay longer; and how to get them to come back.

If you know your visitors you can:      

save money by promoting your attraction to the right people; increase visitor satisfaction; plan future developments to increase visitor numbers; improve service levels; gain recognition with awards; and benchmark your attraction against others.

Our Seasonal Trends Audience Research (STAR) Package is designed for you Now is the time to start asking your visitors the right questions. Our STAR package gets you the information you need. And doing it now gets you the results not just from your busy period but also at off peak times.

How our STAR package transforms your attraction: 

A proven approach used by other attractions;

An easy solution to understand your visitor profile;

Saves you time and money; o No need for you to design a questionnaire; o No need for you to organise field interviewers; o Concentrate on what you do best;

Gets you in depth information on your visitors; o Who they are, where they come from, what they want to see and do; o How you are doing against other attractions; o How satisfied your visitors are; o Where to advertise;

Compares your off peak and peak visitors;

Straightforward to organise;

Gives you easy to understand information; o A written report; o A presentation on the results; o All of the data on your visitors in a format you can use; o A data advice line where your questions are answered at any time;

Tailored to you. The questions are based on your needs.

An all-in-one solution and exceptional value for money - £3,200!

How our STAR package works   

   

Free consultation on your information needs; Comprehensive visitor data; 400 face to face interviews; o 150 face to face interviews at off peak times; o 250 face to face interviews at peak times; Tailored questionnaire to your attraction; Tailored interim presentation; Comprehensive final report; Top quality service; o Tailored research programme organised for you; o Experienced field interviewers represent your attraction and become part of the team; o Access to your information when you need it. It’s just a quick phone call.

STAR in action I knew that Spirul’s approach was both professional and flexible and that they had a good appreciation of the complexities involved in conducting surveys across a 500 acre estate with numerous entry and exit points. Working with Spirul is a bit like having an additional member of the team on hand and it helps that they don’t contract out the fieldwork which allows the YSP front of house team to build a relationship with the interviewers. Whilst providing excellent management information, they are also available to answer ad hoc questions and provide data on an ongoing basis rather than at set times only. To date we have used the results to inform our ongoing marketing strategy development and will start to develop a programme of audience segmentation in order to facilitate visitor growth at YSP. The results are also fed into regular management planning meetings and ongoing business plan developments.

- Victoria Collins – Yorkshire Sculpture Park

STAR step-by-step

Our STAR package is completely flexible. We work around you.

Let us show you how we can help We would love the chance to work with you and help your attraction grow. For some more information or a discussion about what STAR could do for you, get in touch. Write to us:

Spirul Ltd Bridge Mills Holmfirth HD9 3TW

Email: Or call: 01484 686377

The STAR Audience Research Package  

An Introduction to the STAR Package from Spirul...

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